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March 16, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 8: ‘Something Different, Pt. 2′

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Florence Anderson and Shaniqua Saunders have an… interesting relationship. Can their daughter Kate keep Shaniqua from straying? Will the alien twins, Nathaniel and Lilith, find their way amidst the neighborhood drama?


Lilith and Sara play video games

Lilith and Sara sat in the Anderson living room enjoying their daily, after-school gaming session. Sara couldn’t concentrate and it was obvious. She usually put up more of a fight and Lilith was quite disappointed.

“Pay attention, Sara!”

“Sorry,” Sara shifted nervously against the cushion. “Where’s Nathaniel at, anyway?”

Lilith rolled her eyes, “like I care. Hey, HEY! What are you doing? Pay attention!”

“Sorry, maybe we should quit for now. I can’t focus.”

“Fine,” Lilith relented, giving her friend an odd look. “And why do you keep asking about my stupid brother? Do you have a crush on him or something? That’s stupid and gross. He only likes girls who actually look like girls, Sara.”

It was meant as a good-natured barb, but it stung a bit more than Sara could vocalize.

Sara is alone

Nathaniel entered not long after their abandoned game with Damien Saunders in toe. Damien had come to see Lilith, of course. The two were fiercely devoted rivals when it came to video games. They went off to chat, leaving Sara alone. While she pretended not to notice, she knew that Nathaniel had moved from the door and to the couch. He was staring absently at the TV while Sara shut off the game console.

Talking to Nathaniel when they were kids was easy, but now? Sara wanted to run away and hide. She’d say something stupid or not-girly… like always.

Nathaniel challenges Sara

Unfortunately for Sara, Nathaniel had other plans. He approached Sara when she moved to leave and stopped her.

“Lilith says you’re going to try out for the girl’s soccer team,” he began, grinning. “Since when can girls play sports?”

At this, Sara forgot all about her nervousness. Instead, her pride took over and she replied confidently, “excuse me? Women can do anything that a man can, and sometimes better. Maybe I’m better than you at soccer, huh?”

That was a really, really stupid thing to say. Nathaniel was extremely good at sports and in just about every team he had time for amidst his academics. There was absolutely no way Sara was better.

“Hollow threats, hollow threats,” he laughed, waving her off. Just like he would ‘one of the guys’… Sara hated that. She did have boobs… somewhere beneath her clothing. Hidden, quite well, too. But they were there! She was female!

Nathaniel continues to challenge Sara

The conversation continued at dinner the next day. Sara spent a lot of time at Lilith’s house–she hated being around all the baby insanity at her own. Her mother and father finally revealed it wasn’t going to be one baby… but two. The thought made her want to crawl in a hole and disappear. The Saunders twins were visiting, too. Chuck seemed to be coming around a lot lately…

“Hey, sis,” Nathaniel called out as Lilith passed by. “What are you teaching Sara? She says she can beat me at soccer, but she won’t put her money where her mouth is.”

Lilith ignore his charismatic and good-natured grin, countering with a sneer from the depths of the darkest reaches, “leave Sara alone or I’ll smear this spaghetti all over your pretty girl face.”

Sara fidgeted nervously, “no… no… it’s okay. I’ll do it.”

Lilith was shocked, but Nathaniel just smiled: “Good! We’ve got a net outback… tomorrow is Saturday. Come over at lunch.”

Nathaniel beats Sara

Sara did as Nathaniel said and was over at the Anderson house at exactly noon. Unfortunately for her, Nathaniel was ready and they were off to the net. It was simple enough–get a ball past him and he’d accept that maybe a girl could play sports past waving pom-poms around.

He caught everything she kicked. It didn’t even look like he was struggling, really. Which just infuriated her all the more. He smiled the entire time–smug and amused. If he saw her as a real girl, he’d probably be apologetic or mess up on purpose. But no, Sara was ‘one of the guys’. Well, fine then, Sara thought.

Sara summoned all her strength and sent the ball hurdling forward. Nathaniel caught it all right, with his skull. He was knocked out for five minutes. Sara was mortified! She had missed completely and given him a concussion.

Lilith gives Chuck a noogie

Sara looked to Lilith for comfort, but Lilith was too busy abusing Chuck. Sara wasn’t quite sure why her half-brother seemed to be so intent on ‘getting’ Lilith. She wasn’t exactly what you’d called a ‘good catch’ when it came to a womanizer like Chuck. Maybe it was the thrill of the chase? Whatever it was, it meant someone saw Lilith as a real girl… and Sara was still just ‘one of the guys’.

She left quietly and decided not to try out for soccer after all. Maybe basketball would be less dangerous?

Shaniqua cares for Kate

Meanwhile, Shaniqua tried to distract herself by caring for Kate. She’d been having thoughts of giving her new friend a call. Seeing Kate and holding her seemed to make the temptation go away. What would happen to little Kate if Florence caught Shaniqua? She remembered what happened when her mother ran off…

For now, Shaniqua would resist the temptation. She just hoped Florence didn’t suspect anything.

Kaye is a child

Despite the weirdness that surrounded her on a daily basis, Kate’s birthday went by easily. She was a cute and creative toddler. She enjoyed drawing pictures, catching butterflies, and just being a kid. She didn’t really notice any of the tension that surrounded her.

March 13, 2008

Anderson – Round 8: ‘Dirty Dealings, Pt. 1′

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Thomas Anderson has everything in the palm of his hands; his daughter, Jun Yu, and even his ex-wife. What could possibly go wrong?

Thomas and Janine talk

To say Janine was surprised when Thomas called her directly would have been an understatement. Worrying that something had gone awry with their questionable dealings, Janine hurried over only to find Thomas seated smugly behind his desk. The knowing look he gave her was unnerving.

“I never thought you a murderer, Janine.”

Janine was unmoved by his false sincerity, “it isn’t something I take pride in and I’m not about to take it up as a hobby, so if you’re–”

“Oh, no,” Thomas replied quickly. “I have no desire to get my hands dirty with any of that. Which is why I’ve called you here. Don’t do it again, or our deal is off. That’s risky business and it could ruin everything.”

Janine didn’t reply. Instead, she moved to leave the office.

Janine and Thomas

“Not a word, Janine? Not a single tear of remorse?” He said, stopping her. “You’ve become as cold as me.”

Janine rolled her eyes, “I did what was necessary, Thomas. I’m not about to deny it.”

“Necessary for that little family you hold so dear. Why don’t you tell them about what you do, hm? And where you go at night? Perhaps Henry would be interested–”

Janine pushed past him, “you’d best watch what you say to a murderess, Thomas.”

Thomas and Jun

The next morning, Jun was quite interested in knowing why Janine had come over. She was completely oblivious to Thomas’ real schemes and he planned to keep it that way. She was a nice little accessory and her fame definitely helped him pull some necessary strings. If she found out, though, he’d likely have to call in Janine’s little ‘murderess’ expertise.

“It was just about Alyssa,” Thomas lied. “Her University dealings and whatnot. Nothing terribly important.”

Jun quirked an inquisitive brow upward, “is Alyssa coming back here when she graduates? The house will be crowded.”

At this, Thomas’ jaw tightened, “she is my daughter, Jun. She’ll go wherever I go. Perhaps you’d best recheck your standing when it comes to importance.”

Thomas finds out

Unfortunately for Thomas, his little daughter was not being the good girl she was taught to be. When she visited, she brought Ryu Yu with her. Jun was his mother, true, but they hardly had a relationship. Instead, he came with Alyssa and for reasons Thomas did not like.

“I’m not marrying that old guy, daddy,” Alyssa said firmly, though with a smile. She tried to subtly cuff Ryu in the shoulder, but he just silenced the moue of pain and kept quiet. This gave Thomas a moment to speak.

“And why is that, Alyssa? He has more than enough money to fund your political campaign.”

Again, Alyssa hit Ryu. This time in the ankle. He jumped, calling attention to himself. Thomas stared at him, his eyes narrowed. This was a bad, bad idea. Why had he agreed to this? Though, it was better than eloping–Thomas surely would have killed him then.

“Er, because,” Ryu managed, finding his courage. “She’s already engaged–to me.”

Thomas and Alyssa talk

The door slammed so hard it nearly came off its hinges. Thomas had drug poor Alyssa into her old room and had planned a stern talking, but found she was ready for him.

“I don’t care what you’re going to say, daddy. It won’t change anything.”

Thomas was unable to bridle his anger, “how can you do something so stupid, Alyssa? Didn’t I teach you better than this? Ryu is hardly suitable to be your husband! He’s–”

“He does everything I say, daddy.” Alyssa shot back. “He always has and he always will! What could possibly be more suitable? An old man who will likely beat me? I’d sooner die, daddy. I’m marrying Ryu and that’s that.”

She stormed out of the room in a huff, leaving Thomas to wallow in his defeat. He knew letting Ryu near Alyssa was dangerous. Though Alyssa’s reasoning was somewhat good, he had to question if there wasn’t more she was hiding from him.

Jun makes a match

Meanwhile, Jun was making her own matches. She introduced Shaniqua to one of her friends from the studio. He was a nice guy, Shaniqua had to admit, and they got along quite well. Jun knew Shaniqua wasn’t completely happy with just women, so she decided to make her broaden her horizons.

At first, Shaniqua was extremely hesitant. She was with Florence, after all, and she loved her… in her own way. But when she started meeting men, she couldn’t help the way she felt. They were only friends and she hadn’t done anything wrong… yet.

Thomas is an elder

Thomas aged gracefully and couldn’t help but be happy with the way things were going. Sure, the Alyssa and Ryu thing was a setback… but perhaps he could find a way to make it work. Ryu was palpable enough, he guessed. He could be shaped. That’s what Thomas did, after all, he shaped people into greatness.

He shook the ants in their tiny house, grinning. This little suburb was his ant farm and the people were his obedient little ants.


Note from Mao: This was the first lot I played after installing Free Time! Given the drastic changes to the core programming of the game with FT, I figured the hacks would take forever. I replaced InTeen with risky WooHoo and am using the OBJ version of InSim. Supposedly, SimPE works with FT… but we’ll see. I am also now safely in WV/Ohio and all set up. This was a backlogged entry I forgot to write. From here on out, we’re up-to-date with my current playing!

March 7, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 7: ‘Every You, Every Me, Pt. 2′

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Florence Anderson and Shaniqua Saunders are an odd couple, but so far, they’ve made it work. The twins, Nathaniel and Lilith, are quickly approaching teenhood. Can the family keep it together through the end of Florence’s pregnancy?


Nathaniel and Lilith rake leaves

While Nathaniel and Lilith got along, they had their rivalries. Lilith seemed set to prove that she was better than Nathaniel–even if he did have pointed ears and a ‘pretty’ face. While Florence had tasked them with raking up the leaves, it became a heated battle of who could do it faster. It eventually ended in an epic battle of leaves that had the entire lawn covered. Florence was not pleased and neither was Lilith–there was no definitive winner.

Lilith talks to Tsung

Of course, the rivalry wasn’t helped any by Tsung Yu. He and Nathaniel had become friends and so he often visited. He was always quick to shoot Lilith down, too. Nathaniel usually just shrugged her off, but Tsung fought back. They argued about everything and Tsung always seemed to win.

Lilith wasn’t very happy about being beaten by someone younger than her.

Kate Anderson

Florence eventually gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Kate. Shaniqua’s weird moods had lessened some and she seemed happy to receive the little bundle of joy. Of course, that was probably helped by the fact that Kate definitely took after the Saunders side of the family.

While Nathaniel found the baby cute, Lilith was a bit more standoffish. She muttered something resembling, “great, more competition” before wandering off. Florence was becoming worried–the twins’ teen birthdays were fast approaching and Lilith was becoming a troublesome child.

Shaniqua talks to Jun

While Florence was worrying about Lilith, Shaniqua was becoming better friends with Jun Yu. While the kids were at school and Florence was at work, Shaniqua would invite her over. They mostly just gossiped–Jun wasn’t into girls and Shaniqua was just happy to have someone who wasn’t all ‘babies, responsibility, babies, bla, bla’. Jun joking told Shaniqua she picked wrong–girls were awful choices for cash cows. She needed to find a rich man.

Shaniqua didn’t agree–she loved Florence, in her own, special way. But she couldn’t dismiss the unhappiness that welled within her. She listened to jun, but she never took her advice. Men weren’t that great and besides, she was pretty much related to all the ones in the little burb.

Kate is a toddler

Kate grew into a charming little toddler who looked like she might take after Shaniqua. Both of her parents were involved in her learning, though Florence was more adamant about it. Shaniqua wanted to dress her up, but after the fiasco with the twins, Florence quickly shot down that idea. Despite her odd way of coming into the world, Kate was a healthy and normal little girl.

Of course, after Kate’s birthday came the twin’s…

Lilith is a teen

Lilith found being a teenager enabled her to express herself fully. While Florence was dubious about her choice of hair, Shaniqua was a bit more supportive. Lilith’s grades were fine, but the Academy had sent several notices home saying she was disagreeable and had nearly started fights with several people. Very opinionated and open about it, Lilith found not everyone was so easily to intimidate.

At least she could still kick Nathaniel’s butt at video games.

(Her shirt says, “a city built on rock n’ roll is structurally unsound.”)

Nathaniel is a teen

Of course, Nathaniel continued to be Lilith’s polar opposite–easy-going, and good-natured, Nathaniel fit in easily with his peers. He continued to shrug off Lilith’s silly attempts to prove she was ‘better’ (he honestly didn’t get why it mattered), and focused more on his future. He wanted to go to college so he could get a good job and make lots of money.

Until then, he needed to work on his video game skills.


Note from Mao: For those wondering, Lilith is a Pleasure sim and Nathaniel is Fortune. Once again, my fiance named Kate. Not much to say about this update other than… doesn’t Lilith look fantastic? Girl after my own heart, ha! (need to get around to trying silver again…)  Oh, and I will be semi-absent from the web while my fiance is visiting.  Updates should continue, given how much I’ve played, but not as frequent as everday!

March 5, 2008

Yu – Round 7: ‘Another Goodbye’

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Sun-Tzu and Eileen Yu are happily married and now have two sons, Tsung and Shang. Sun-Tzu’s time is running short–will he be around to see the boys grow up?


Tsung befriends Gordon

Tsung was younger than most the kids in the neighborhood, so it was unusually difficult to find friends. Fortunately, Gordon Saunders had just recently joined his class. While Tsung found the other Saunders twins to be a little… off-putting, Gordon was different. Tsung learned that technically, Gordon was their uncle and his mother was Janine.

This certainly explained why Gordon was a bit more laid back and observant. Tsung was sure he had just found his new best friend.

Florence brings the twins

Florence and Eileen had grown very close over the years. Florence often visited and sometimes, she would bring the twins along with her. While they ran off their stored up energy, Florence and Eileen chatted about the recent death that had happened next door.

It was quite mysterious, regardless as to what the cops said. With that many people in the house, how could it have gone unnoticed until morning? Still, they couldn’t say much with the kids milling around and it was rather cold, so they went inside. Shaniqua would be joining them for dinner once she got off work.

Tsung meets Nathaniel and Lilith

While they waited, Tsung was introduced to Nathaniel and Lilith Anderson. They were a little bit older, but he got along quite well with Nathaniel. Lilith, however, well…

“Aliens are smarter. We’re a superior race.” Lilith said proudly.

Tsung made a face, “but you’re only half alien.”

“Ignore her,” Nathaniel sighed. “She thinks she knows everything.”

“Because I do.” Lilith countered, crossing her small arms over her chest.

Tsung shrugged, “no you don’t. If you’re such an alien, why aren’t your ears pointed like Nathaniel’s? Wouldn’t that make you inferior to him?”

Lilith was shocked. Tsung was considerably younger, yet he used big words and spoke a little too articulately for a kid his age. She had met her match, too be sure. A rivalry was formed on this day.

Shaniqua, Florence, Sun-Tzu, and Eileen have dinner

Meanwhile, the adults had dinner. Eileen paid close attention to Shaniqua. Florence had been telling her about the recent issues, but Eileen couldn’t see any sadness or anything in Shaniqua. She was happy, bubbly, and talkative. She responded well to questions and participated in the conversations.

When Eileen looked at Florence, she could see her friend was equally as shocked. Perhaps the young woman had an epiphany? It was hard to tell with someone like Shaniqua. Eileen just hoped it didn’t have anything to do with Jun.

Shang cleans up

Shang’s birthday came not long after. He took mostly after Eileen, except when it came to being playful. While his parents pelted each other with pillows, Shang cleaned up the dishes left behind from dinner. He was a quiet kid, more happy to sit and watch than participate. It was a little disturbing, but Sun-Tzu and Eileen decided it was just his way.

He wasn’t quiet when he wanted something, though, that was for certain.

Sun-Tzu tucks Shang in

While Sun-Tzu made no mention of it, he could feel his time on this world was almost at an end. He tucked in Shang and glanced over at Mr. Miyagi sleeping peacefully. This had once been Risa and Roger’s bed–they’d been gone a long time now, it seemed.

He was sad that he wouldn’t get to see the boys grow up, but his life had been a good one. He felt fulfilled and ready.

Sun-tzu and Eileen

Eileen wasn’t a young thing, either. Her big birthday was fast-approaching, something she didn’t enjoy thinking about. Sun-Tzu worried about her taking care of the boys by herself. Shang was still young and Tsung had a few more years before he’d be a helpful teenager. They were secure financially, so that was hardly a worry.

Of course, he said nothing of this to Eileen. It would only worry her and make her sad and she had enough worry with her daughter.

Sun-Tzu dies

The Grim Reaper waits for no one and he came calling. Eileen, Tsung, and Shang were beside themselves with sorrow. Even Mr. Miyagi yowled loudly. Sun-Tzu passed peacefully, with a serene smile on his face. Dying wasn’t so bad if you had a good life.

Sun-Tzu Yu

Sun-Tzu Yu’s tombstone now resides in the Boreal Springs Cemetery, across the lot from his dearly departed brother and sister. He left boo cu bucks behind from the boys and Eileen–turns out he wasn’t lying when he said he was just ‘humble’.


Note from Mao: I’ll miss you, Sun-Tzu! But you gave me a platinum tombstone, so I’m pretty happy about that. The third death and the last of the elders. Now all my gen 1 adults are set to become elders (in round eight)… whew. Has it been that long already? A month? Dang.

February 29, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 6: ‘Every You, Every Me, Pt. 1′

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Florence Anderson and Shaniqua Saunders are two very different people who somehow found love. Can they maintain their relationship while raising the twins, Nathaniel and Lilith, the result of Florence’s abduction?


Shaniqua cleans the counter

Shaniqua Saunders let out a long sigh as she scrubbed the grime off the counter top. When Florence had originally pitched the idea of moving in together after University, Shaniqua had visions of a carefree life. Unfortunately, that went to the wind when Florence ended up alien pregnant. The twins were adorable and Shaniqua enjoyed them, but the life of a ‘house frau’ wasn’t meant for her.

She was meant for fun and excitement, not figuring out which detergent cuts through grass stains or how to remove scuff marks from hardwood floors. Perhaps if her job were a little more demanding, she wouldn’t be stuck acting the maid, but it was easy-street and Shaniqua had a lot of time on her hands.

Florence cuddles Lilith

Shaniqua’s argument was rather one-sided, as Florence did just as much as she did with a full-time job. Florence had to take care of Alyssa as a youth, so taking care of the twins came naturally to her. The transition wasn’t so easy with Shaniqua. They were walking, talking troublemakers! Florence was away all day, she didn’t have any idea of the kind of carnage the twins could cause in just one afternoon alone!

Lilith is a child

It became even worse when the twins had their birthday and became capable of even more mischief. Lilith was the worst! She was truly an ‘evil mastermind’ and her brother was just a little puppet on her strings. She would grow up to be quite the domineering woman, Shaniqua had no doubt about that. She definitely took after Florence when it came to being ‘moody’, too. She was meaner than a starving lion!

She teased her poor brother mercilessly, calling him a ‘girl’. Lilith was rather plain looking, while Nathaniel seemed to get the best of the genes…

Nathaniel is a child

Nathaniel, unlike his sister, was kind and considerate. He was quiet and shy until he got to know you, then he would talk about obscure things–mostly animals and bugs. He took his twin sister’s ribbing in stride, replying that she was just jealous because she looked like a boy.

Despite their arguments, the twins did everything together. Nathaniel was very easy-going and followed along with Lilith’s schemes.

Shaniqua chats up the headmaster

Florence desperately wanted the twins to enroll in the Academy, but found the entrance dinner a bit too much. A mishap with the pork chops caused them to fall all over the headmaster’s lap. He was hardly impressed. Florence left to sulk in her room while Shaniqua ran damage control. She knew how much it meant to Florence and she hated to see her disappointed.

So, for the first time in years, Shaniqua used her charms on a man. Surprisingly, it was new and exhilarating. She didn’t feel repulsed or confused by it. Instead… it made her feel good in a way only Florence had. It troubled her, but she pushed it to the back of her mind when the headmaster shook her hand and accepted the twins. Shaniqua was hardly surprised he had managed to slip her his number during the handshake.

When Florence inquired how she did it, Shaniqua simply said they had a nice chat and left it at that.

Nathaniel cuddles Lord Frey

“You’re such a girl! Only girls like cats,” Lilith said, giving her brother a nasty look.

“You’re just jealous because he hisses at you,” Nathaniel replied, grinning. “If you’d be nice to him, maybe he’d let you pet him.”

Lilith rolled her eyes, “who says I wanna bother with stupid cats?”

“Suit yourself.”

The Anderson girls have dinner

While the twins were busying themselves, Florence spent her time entertaining her mother and sister. They often gathered at her house to chat, as it was neutral ground and Thomas had no qualms with Alyssa visiting Florence. As they sat chatting over pie, Florence brought up Alyssa’s misuse of poor Ryu Yu to their mother Janine.

“Alyssa, is this true?” Janine said, giving her a look. “Ryu is your step-brother, Alyssa. You… you can’t date him.”

Alyssa rolled her eyes and gave a dramatic sigh, “I’m not dating him, mom. He’s my minion–all ‘it’ girls need minions. The fact that he’s my step-brother makes him perfect, ’cause he’ll never want to date me.”

“What is that man teaching you?” Janine said, shaking her head. “You can’t do that, Alyssa. That’s not right. Other people are not your slaves.”

Florence is busted

“Oh, whatever,” Alyssa replied, sticking out her tongue. “Why are we talking about me, anyway? You should be asking Florence when she was going to tell us she’s pregnant!

“What?” Janine and Florence said in unison. If Shaniqua heard, she didn’t say anything.

“Puh-lease,” Alyssa snorted derisively. “It’s so obvious–you’re all bloated and icky looking. What did you do? Sign up for that fertilization testing stuff?” When they both gave her a look, she quickly added: “daddy made me read it–he says a mayor has to know about that stuff.”

Florence swallowed, watching Shaniqua. Shaniqua said nothing, she finished washing and simply walked away. Janine placed her hand over Florence’s sympathetically and gave Alyssa a terrible look.  Alyssa simply shrugged and said:

“Oh come on, you couldn’t hide it forever!”


Note from Mao: I am in love with the twins. Their personalities just came so easily. Expect to see a lot of them (and Alyssa, too, I adore her even if she’s a total witch). And YES Alyssa really did out Florence. I had no idea she was pregnant NOR did I realize I had the same-sex pregnancy hack! Florence, Janine, and Alyssa were chatting when Alyssa’s bubble popped up that pacifier that only appears when a sim is pregnant. I nearly freaked. Florence’s belly popped that night. Sheesh…

February 23, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 5: ‘It Takes Two’

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Anderson 2 at Round 5

Florence Anderson and Shaniqua Saunders met at University. The definition of a ‘opposites attract’, can these two stick together through Florence’s otherworldly pregnancy?


Shaniqua says 'hi' to the unborn

Shaniqua didn’t waste any time joining Florence after graduation. She moved in and while the idea of Florence being pregnant with aliens was a bit bizarre, she couldn’t help but think it was perfect for their situation. Babies were fun! And these would be purple with pointy ears–even more fun!

Florence worried that Shaniqua really didn’t understand the gravity of the situation, but it was hard to dissuade her. She seemed to happy to talk to Florence’s stomach–she didn’t have the heart to mention her worries.

Florence warns Shaniqua

One day, while they were having lunch, Florence felt it was best to warn Shaniqua of their impending visitors. The neighborhood had been in a whirl lately–what with Thomas and Janine’s divorce, Jun moving in and Janine staying with Henry.

“Our parents are coming over,” Florence said as Shaniqua rose from her seat. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“I still have to tell dad,” Shaniqua said with a sigh. “He thinks we’re just roommates…”

“What? I thought you told him!”

“I meant to, but with all the chaos, I just kinda… forgot. I’ll do it today, though, I promise.”

Shaniqua, Florence, Janine, and Henry

Janine, of course, already knew. She had visited with Florence when she first returned to Boreal Springs and they had a nice, long talk. Janine was a little worried that Florence would be upset about the divorce, but it was quite the opposite. Florence confessed she kinda knew what was up, but could never find any proof.

Shaniqua was true to her word, she confessed to Henry. He took it surprisingly well, laughing, and saying: “Well, I did tell you to stay away from boys…”

It was a pleasant visit and both parents mooned over Florence’s belly.

Ryu talks to Shaniqua

Ryu even stopped by, Shaniqua was his big half-sis, after all. More importantly, she knew a lot about girls. He definitely needed her help. He confided in her about Alyssa Anderson. Shaniqua couldn’t help but wonder how messed up their family tree was going to be when it was all said and done.

She gave him the best advice she could, having dealt with an Anderson woman herself, and sent Ryu on his way. She was worried, of course. Florence had told her about Alyssa–who kept meaning to visit, but was busy–and Shaniqua wasn’t sure Ryu fully realized the dangerous line he was treading. The Saunders and Anderson families had a weird relationship.

Florence is bored

Florence found herself quite bored being pregnant. She couldn’t go to work and sitting down for long periods of time was out of the question, so she couldn’t work on her quest for more knowledge, either. She wandered around the house, tending to the plants and trying to find something productive to do. Knowledge sims just weren’t meant to be pregnant.

Finally, the day came and Florence was surprised when she gave birth to not one, but two, alien babies.

Lilith Anderson

The first was Lilith Anderson. She had her mother’s eyes, but everything else about her was alien.

Nathaniel Anderson

Her twin brother, Nathaniel, followed the same pattern. They were both very cute, though. And very cooperative babies!

Shaniqua feeds Nathaniel

Florence and Shaniqua found that it worked out best if they went in shifts. Florence worked during the day while Shaniqua was home, she cared for them. It was surprisingly easy, the babies were very agreeable. Shaniqua enjoyed their cute little purple faces and tiny pointed ears. They were definitely aliens.

She idly wondered if they’d show any of Florence’s traits–past her eye color–as they grew older.

Florence cares for Lilith

Florence was a natural mother–she had taken care of her younger sister Alyssa. She tended to the babies at night while Shaniqua was working. At first, it was odd waking every few hours, but she got used to it. It was surprisingly comforting to hold the little babies in her arms and cuddle them.

They were aliens, but they were cute and they had a part of her. That was all that mattered.

Shaniqua plays with Lilith

Finally, the twin’s became toddlers and it was much easier to tell them apart. They were still very similar though, and did very similar things. If it weren’t for their different clothes and gender, it would still be very difficult to tell them apart. Lilith was quite fond of giggling, though. She loved to be tickled, much to Shaniqua’s joy. She insisted on fussing with her hair and putting the cute little bow in it… even if Lilith just pulled it right out and started chewing on it.

Nathaniel is a toddler

While the twins were very similar, Nathaniel was a bit more of a loner. He liked to be cuddled, but not nearly as much as his twin sister, Lilith. He much preferred to be off on his own, hammering on the xylophone or getting into trouble. That didn’t stop Shaniqua from dressing him up, though. They later found the cute little yellow scarf clogging the toilet. Florence was not nearly as amused as Shaniqua.

Lord Frey sees a fly

Shaniqua and Florence agreed that maybe the twins would like a little pet and so they adopted Lord Frey. When Shaniqua inquired about the silly name, Florence just laughed and said it was from a book she’d read.


Note from Mao: Yes, twins, AGAIN! Why am I not surprised? This always happens to me… Anyway, it seems weird that the twins are toddlers already, but that was truly four days of playing. They are so cute! I’m disappointed they don’t have alien eyes, but they remind me of my alien hood this way (RIP, sigh)… Oh, and I’ve decided all pet names will be obscure references to books, tv, etc. And again, my fiance named the twins, lol. I don’t think there’s any Matrix reference hidden there this time.

February 18, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 4: ‘Visitation’

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Anderson family 2 at round 4

Florence Anderson just graduated and now has a house of her own. Will she succeed where her parents failed?


Florence gets a pizza

Florence was the first to graduate and the only one to move into a brand new house. She bought a plot next to her parents and quickly began to pursue her dream job. It wasn’t hard to get into the gaming field, but she found that a love for pizza was almost a requirement. Her job certainly helped the time pass while she waited for Shaniqua to graduate.

Florence makes money

Being a gamer had its perks, of course. She found that she could simply make money by just having fun. It was certainly a welcome thing as Florence had hit the books hard in University and was looking forward to some relaxation. She had achieved her flawless 4.0 and proved herself. Now it was time to enjoy life.

Not that she was about to give up her lust for knowledge, just that it wouldn’t consume her every waking hour.

Shaniqua visits

There were certainly other things to pay attention to. Shaniqua visited often and was quite happy with how the place was shaping up. Florence had never thought she’d end up with a girl, but she had never been interested in relationships, so she really had no expectations. At first, Shaniqua had drove her crazy… now being without her felt like a crime. It was strange how opposites could attract.

Florence’s family hadn’t really reacted to the news. Her father wasn’t concerned, he had Alyssa set to inherit everything and Janine had just said, with a vacant look, “as long as you’re happy.” At least they weren’t freaking out–that was a plus.

Florence is abducted

Unfortunately, things aren’t always meant to go smoothly. One night, Florence was perusing the stars while she waited for Shaniqua to arrive. Shaniqua came up to the house just in time to see Florence whisked away by a bright, blue light. She ran back to her car and returned to her house at B.S.U. immediately, gathering up the remaining residents and forcing them to come back with her.

To say it was a frightening experience would have been an understatement.

Florence is okay

By the time they got back, Florence was safely in her house. She looked surprised to see them all gathered outside her doorway, worried expressions on their faces. She let them in and assured them all, especially Shaniqua, that she was fine. They asked what had happened, but Florence couldn’t tell them–she hardly remembered.

After Florence finally managed to shoo them all out of her house and back to college, she decided she wasn’t going to talk about it again. Unfortunately, a sick feeling in her stomach sent her reeling over the toilet not a moment later. It didn’t appear she was going to get the chance to ever forget about it.


Note from Mao: Ahhh… yes, Florence is abducted. Haha, that figures. And I’ve got the equal-opportunity alien pregnancy hack, too. My first abduction in this hood, woo. I’d be excited, but I’ve never had trouble getting sims abducted and it always happens when I don’t want it to. I guess this is one way for lesbians to have kids in The Sims 2…

February 16, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 4: ‘Drama-RAMA!’

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B.S.U. Attendees Round 4

Florence Anderson, Derek Saunders, and Katy Fuchs have had an easy go at campus so far. Will the newest additions–Mary O`Hanlon, Gina Saunders, and Shaniqua Saunders–have the same luck?


Florence meets Shaniqua

Florence made no attempt to hide her distaste for her newest roomies. The house was now very crowded and she was being forced to share her room with none other than Shaniqua Saunders. The very thought of Shaniqua’s lifestyle intruding on her study plans made her vocalize her anger when Shaniqua greeted her.

“Great, nice, that’s fantastic,” Florence said with a glare, dismissing Shaniqua’s offering for a handshake. “Just remember that some of us here actually care about their grades and future.” With that, she stalked off.

Shaniqua was flabbergasted, to say the least.

Shaniqua is confused

Sharing a room with Florence was just plain weird. Not because Florence was so abrasive and standoffish, but because for the first time, Shaniqua was sharing a room with a girl who wasn’t her sister. Florence went to bed early, so she was always asleep when Shaniqua retired to her own bed.

She often caught herself glancing across the room at Florence, who was sleeping soundly and quietly. She was very pretty. Shaniqua shook her head violently and quickly shuffled off into her own bed. Where did that come from?

Derek is nervous, Katy is suspicious

“So, you’re Mary,” Katy said, sizing up the young blonde girl in front of her. “Derek’s told me a lot about you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Katy,” Derek replied quickly, looking like a deer caught in headlights. He rose up from the couch to greet his old friend. “I told you one thing.”

Mary just laughed, missing the tension in the air, “I hope it wasn’t anything bad.”

Katy gave a small, though secretive, smile, “no… nothing bad. Nothing bad at all. Hmm.”

Derek is tempted

Despite the various tensions that existed within the house, life at Boreal Summit University continued normally. Well, as normally as it could. A particularly dysfunctional time was when they were all home for dinner. Mary often cooked and would clean up the dishes, too. Katy took particular notice of Derek’s rigid posture and the way he forced himself to look forward when Mary innocently bent over near him to take his dish.

If Gina noticed, she didn’t say anything and Shaniqua was too lost in her own confusion to notice her brother and friend’s dilemma.

“Is something wrong, Derek?” Mary asked, completely oblivious. “You look like you swallowed something bad.”

“Yes, Derek,” Katy said from the couch, closing her book. “Why don’t you tell us what’s on your mind?”

“N-Nothing.” He said quickly, scooting out of the chair and fleeing. Mary just watched him in confusion while Katy’s eyes narrowed.

Derek approaches Mary

Mary found him an hour later, still hiding in his room. She knocked on the door tentatively before entering. She closed it behind her and approached him.

“Is everything okay? You’ve been acting weird since I got here. Did I upset you or something?”

He shook his head and moved from the bed. A very bad move, he knew, because it forced him closer to Mary. He’d known her since she was a little girl and while it was completely wrong to feel the way he currently did, his brain nor body would hear none of it.

“Nothing’s wrong, Mary,” he assured her, though he was unable to meet her eyes. “I’m sorry, things are… just weird. With Katy. I dunno.”

She laughed, “you know, when I found out Katy was going to University with you… I was a little upset. I had a crush on you when I was a little kid! Creepy, huh?” She laughed again, her face turning red. “Okay, well, I’m gonna go.”

Derek was tempted to grab her arm and keep her from leaving, but his rationality took over and he watched her leave.

Shaniqua and Florence talk

Shaniqua and Florence had been sharing the room for over a semester now. They formed a tenuous friendship, mostly for the sake of peace, though there was a tension there that neither of them could identify. Florence dealt with it by being unnecessarily snappy and Shaniqua just tried to avoid her.

They ran into one another in the kitchen. It was late and they were the only two still awake. Shaniqua spun around only to bump directly into Florence, who had approached her, but not yet spoke.

“Sorry,” Shaniqua managed, her hand accidentally brushing Florence’s. She looked sheepish. “Sorry, again.”

“It’s okay…”

Shaniqua and Florence kiss

A few awkward words later and suddenly, they kissed. It was a bizarre change of events that initially made zero sense to either of them. When the moment ended, they stared at one another, eyes wide as saucers.

“Uh… I need to go.” Florence said quickly, running off to her room.

Shaniqua just stood there, completely shocked. “I’m not gay.” She said in a low voice, shaking her head. “I’m not… so what was that?”

Unbeknown to both of them, someone else had been awake and saw the whole thing.

February 15, 2008

Saunders – Round 4: ‘No Drama?’

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Saunders family Round 4

Henry Saunders was nice enough to let his girlfriend, Jun Yu, move in with him and his twin daughters–Shaniqua and Gina. Jun Yu eventually gave birth to Henry’s son, Ryu Yu. How long can Henry remain ignorant to the fact that Jun is seeing his enemy, Thomas Anderson, behind his back?


Shaniqua can't do it

Things for the Saunders had been going so well, it was only a matter of time before something ‘bad’ happened. To Shaniqua, it was the end of the world. A boy from school had been chatting her up and flirting. It was all in good fun… and then, well, as teens tend to want to do, they kissed–or well, tried.

‘What am I doing?’ Shaniqua’s inner-voice interrupted the moment before their lips touched. She pushed the boy away, “No. Stop.”

Shaniqua is confused

“I’m sorry,” Shaniqua apologized suddenly, seeing the look on his face. “It’s… not you, it’s me.”

He rolled his eyes, muttered something inappropriate under his breath, and quickly stalked out of the Anderson house. It was a good thing he did, as Gina was watching carefully from the kitchen doorway, eyes narrowed on the lecherous young male.

Shaniqua pushed past her and ran to their room, not wanting to see or speak with anyone.

Henry teaches Ryu to walk

Meanwhile, Ryu was growing up by the day. He was learning to walk, albeit it slowly. Henry tried his best to help him, but Ryu was different than his siblings. He was an independent little toddler and he was determined to stand up by himself. It amused Henry to no end.

Jun preoccupied herself with working on her next big promotion at work. She wasn’t much into babies and was thankful Henry was. It meant she really didn’t have to do anything.

Shaniqua cooks

Really, nothing at all. Henry took care of Ryu, Gina kept everyone fed, and when Henry was at work, both the girls took care of Ryu. It was Heaven, as far as Jun was concerned. Everyone was so oblivious–she could sneak off anytime she wished!

Of course, Gina wasn’t thinking about Jun’s happiness or ability to cheat on her beloved father. Instead, as she pounded the hamburger meat a tad too roughly, she was thinking about Shaniqua. She’d been acting so strange lately and Gina couldn’t understand it. College was around the corner! Shaniqua had even abandoned her high-profile lifestyle and started being a loner.

Ryu is a child

Of course, despite her ‘fall from grace’, Shaniqua always had time for her little brother. Ryu was a kid before anyone really knew it–time seemed to go by so fast. He fit in perfectly with the rest of the Saunders household. His last name may have been ‘Yu’, but everything about him screamed ‘Saunders’.

Jun talks to Thomas

Of course, if Henry knew what Jun was doing behind his back, Ryu wouldn’t be the only one ‘screaming’. But he was blissfully oblivious–both due to his refusal to hear gossip and his natural-born ability to be a little… dense. He certainly wasn’t stupid, but his first wife was a perfect example of his inability to see things as they truly were…

Like when everyone is eating, but Jun is sneaking around in the other room, talking into the phone with hushed tones. A little suspicious.

Jun is busted.  Again.

Henry also had no idea that Jun’s parents had stopped by while he was at work and Ryu was at school. They caught Jun with Thomas and it didn’t end well. They had come over to see Ryu, but upon seeing that, Risa read Jun the riot act. That never went over well.

Jun told her parents they’d be lucky if they ever saw Ryu and stormed into the house, dragging Thomas behind her.

Henry just misses Thomas...

Due to all that fuss, Thomas and Jun’s little ‘alone time’ ran longer than usual. Henry got off work before Ryu and twins had left for University. Thomas just barely managed to leave before Henry headed towards the house. It was a close call–they were getting sloppy.

If Henry had seen him… well, there would be more drama than one round could possibly handle. So it’s good he didn’t, because this is where we end. Heh.


Note from Mao: None of these pictures are ‘set up’. This is gameplay as it happens… or wants I am fulfilling at the behest of the silly, drama-lusting sims. That was definitely close… guh.

February 13, 2008

O`Hanlon – Round 4: ‘Finally, a Wedding!’

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O`Hanlon Round 4

Eileen O’Hanlon and her daughter, Mary, have made quite a life for themselves in Boreal Springs. With Mary headed to college, will Eileen finally tie the knot with Sun-Tzu Yu?


Mary chats with Derek about Uni

Mary O`Hanlon graduated High School with high honors and looked forward to spending her summer before University working on her bank account. She didn’t need to worry about her living accommodations–she’d be moving in with Derek, Katy, and Florence. Shaniqua and Gina would join them, as well.

Derek came over to discuss the overall arrangement with her. They knew each other only vaguely, but found a common bond now that they were closer in age. The formed a friendship over their money coveting.

Mary, Shaniqua, and Derek hang out

Shaniqua was weirded out to see Derek around at first, but she eventually got used to it. She missed her big bro and it was nice to see him. Though, she had to admit, she was a bit leery about how close he and Mary were getting. They had way too much in common.

One evening, while hanging out, Shaniqua zoned out and imagined them kissing. She nearly threw up all over the place. Her reaction startled them out of their talk of the SimStreet Market and financing options.

Eileen greets Sun-Tzu while Mary trains Lady

Sun-Tzu, of course, made many visits to the house. He and Eileen had a lot of planning to do. They had decided to change their vacation over to their honeymoon and were going to marry at the end of summer. Instead of moving immediately to the Yu house, they’d remain here until Mary returned from University.

Mary, meanwhile, spent the last bit of summer training Lady up for her next promotion.

Eileen and Jun talk

Jun also took the time to visit and gossip about her latest endeavors. Unfortunately, Eileen knew all about her little triangle with Henry Saunders and Thomas Anderson. It wasn’t much of a triangle–poor Henry. She had tried to urge Jun away from the marriage, but Jun wouldn’t budge. She wasn’t about to let her free-meal ticket slip away.

Jun though it was weird that Eileen was marrying her uncle, but she was too busy talking about herself to say anything.

Eileen and Sun-Tzu's Wedding

Sun-Tzu and Eileen married on the last day of summer. Eileen O`Hanlon become Eileen Yu. It had an odd ring to it, but it didn’t matter. They also did a silly ‘culture reversal’ for their wedding; Eileen wore something ethnic (and even let her hair down) and Sun-Tzu donned a traditional tuxedo. It was a nice, open-air ceremony. They opted out of booking the chapel.

Mary was certainly happy for her mother, even if her dress was a little itchy. It kept slipping, too. Where was double-sided tape when you needed it?

Eileen and Sun-Tzu's Wedding

Eileen and Sun-Tzu's Wedding

Of course, not everyone was thrilled about the union. Off in the background, unnoticed, Roger slipped off. He wasn’t jealous, per say, but he couldn’t help the twinge he felt seeing his brother with a younger woman. Especially when Sun-Tzu has spent all his years jet-setting around the world, never caring about female companionship. He had a bachelor’s beard and Roger thought he meant to kept it forever.

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