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December 5, 2009

Anderson 3 – Round 27: ‘Miss Independent’

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Cole Anderson feels overwhelmed and unappreciated by his career-oriented wife and his two very active daughters.  Will Shelly’s recent campaign win give her an attitude adjustment?

“This is a very important day for me,” Shelly began, checking her appearance for the fiftieth time in the mirror.  “Try not to ruin it.”

Cole wasn’t really sure how to respond to that.  As far as he knew, he hadn’t ruined anything yet.  Shelly was on such a tear lately, even winning the election hadn’t calmed her down any.  In fact, it made her worse, the pressure and spotlight pointed solely on her now.

“I’m not a child.”

She rolled her eyes, still watching her reflection, “really?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell.”

Shelly’s campaign manager, Jared, was the first one to arrive.  Shelly was surprised when he hadn’t come alone.  As the guests filtered in, she cornered Jared and decided to get to the bottom of this ‘mystery girl’.  She looked terribly familiar.

“Oh, that’s Sage,” he said, turning to watch as she walked towards them.  “We met awhile back.”

“You’re dating her?  Really, Jared, don’t you have any love for my campaign at all?”

He laughed, “plenty of love, Shelly… but Sage is nice.  Don’t be mean.”

Shelly and nice weren’t exactly something that went hand-in-hand, but she plastered on her fake smile and approached Sage Saunders with a cool, in control attitude.

“Sage Saunders?  My campaign manager speaks highly of you.”

“Really?  There’s a surprise,” she replied easily, laughing.  “Congratulations on your win.”

“Thank you,” she said, sizing her up.  “Enjoy the party.”

“Sure,” Sage said, watching her walk away and move into the crowd.

Jared watched the exchange with keen interest, thankful when Sage made it out alive.  She rejoined him and they moved to mingle.

“You know, Kit, if Shelly were me and she had my Awesome Tan, there’d be no reason to campaign at all,” Sade began, her perfectly bronzed skin out for all to see in her tight, but somewhat modest dress.  “She’d win by default.”

Kit sighed,” good thing you didn’t go into politics then, Sade.”

“I know!  Just think of it!  There’d be no competition, just me as mayor… year after year…” She looked past Kit and towards the door.  “Oh, hey, that’s James… and Maggie… and she’s pregnant.  Wow.”


“Keep ‘em coming,” Cole said, fetching a glass from the serving man’s tray.  “It’s going to be a long day…”

The man watched him walk away, “dude…”

Of course, his second drink didn’t go unnoticed by Shelly.  She quickly cornered him.

“Getting drunk, Cole?  That’s your answer to making me look good?”

Cole gave an exasperated sigh, “me?  I’m the one making you look bad?  Give me a break, Shelly.  Your campaign manager has had so many already that he’s behind you acting like FAME is casting.  Get off my back.”

“W-what?” she spun around, horrified to see Jared dancing drunkenly amongst a crowd.  “Damn him!”

Cole watched as she stormed off, grabbing another glass from the tray.

“How are you doing?” Isolde asked, on her second drink.  She only came because she wanted to check in on them and Timothy liked parties.  “You don’t look so good.”

“I’m fine, really,” he replied, emptying his glass and setting it down on the counter nearby.  “Everything is just great.”

Isolde frowned, “it’ll get better, Cole.  It’s just all the stress.”

“Yeah, sure.  I’m gonna go get another drink.”

“So… nice party,” Kit said, also on her fourth drink and starting to feel a little tipsy.  James and Maggie were here and James had made it a point to glare at her everytime they were in the same room.

“Not really,” Cole said flatly.  “At least there’s an open bar.”

Kit nodded, taking a sip, “yeah, open bars are good.”

“What’s taking so long?” Viola demanded, literally breathing down Valerie’s neck.  “There are people in need of a drink!”

“Yeah, really, come on,” Emma said, sidling up to the bar.  “I’m not buzzed enough to deal with all of this yet…”

“Hold on, ladies, hold on!  I’m preparing my specialty… guaranteed to knock you out of your heels and make you forget all about your philandering husband, your morally ambiguous lover, and my smokin hot, way older vampire boss!”

“What?” Viola and Emma said simultaneously.

“Huh?  I didn’t say anything…”

The party went on well into the evening, Catelyn and Renee tucked in bed and Cole drunkenly stuck cleaning up the mess.  Shelly glanced into her hand mirror, pleased with how the evening went.  Everyone was pretty hammered, but it was a good time.

“That went well, but maybe we shouldn’t have an open bar next time.”

Cole tried to focus on balancing all the dishes despite his lack of equilibrium, “yeah, wonderful…”

Cole awoke in the morning with a hangover that could kill.  Of course, to make matters worse, Shelly was hovering over him before he was even able to brush the sleep out of his eyes.

“Look, you lush, the headmaster for the Academy is coming and I need you to clean up and look respectable.  I’ll be late, but I should be here in time to schmooze him a bit.  I need you to do the rest.”

He groaned, “…that’s today?”

“Yes, it’s today.  Don’t mess it up.”

Cole didn’t mess it up, he never messed anything up.  He was the perfect husband, father, and host.  That went unnoticed, of course, and Shelly jumped in just in time to grab all the glory.  The girls were accepted and the headmaster even mentioned that he was ‘honored’ to have the newly elected mayor’s children in his institution.

Cole felt like putting his head in the microwave and pushing ‘start’.  Shame it wouldn’t close with his neck in the way.

Despite his lingering depression and temptation to just give up entirely, Cole decided to give it one more try.  He thought that maybe a night out on their own would loosen Shelly up and she’d return to being her normal, pushy self instead of the super wench she’d been lately.

“We need to figure something out, Shelly,” Cole began earnestly.  “The girls are getting older, they’re going to start noticing something is up.  We’re getting older, too…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?  Now you want a divorce?”

“That’s not what I said at all.  I’m trying to build a bridge, here.”

“Go build it off a cliff, Cole.  I’m really sick of dealing with your sniveling.  Why can’t you just accept that I’m an empowered woman?  Why do you have to be so jealous of my achievements?” Shelly said, staring at her menu, unwilling to face him.  “It isn’t my fault you lost your job.”

He sighed, this was going nowhere.  “It’s not about that at all!  It’s about you being a huge, mega bitch.  At first, I thought maybe you and your campaign manager were hooking up on the side, but now I know that’s ridiculous.  There’s no way someone having illicit sex could possibly have a bigger stick up their–”

“Cole!” Shelly snapped, cutting him off.  “What’s wrong with you?  Keep your voice down, we’re in a public place.”

“You can just funnel more of my money into making your image better,” he shot back.  “You know, like you did your campaign.”

Your money?”

“Yes, my money.  Did you forget about that?  It didn’t magically appear because of your job… in fact, your job has cost us way more than it’s earned.  But, you knew that, didn’t you?  It’s the only reason you wanted this.”

Shelly fell silent, looking at him, “I…”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.  You should have just told me.  I would’ve just given you the money instead of wasting my time all these years.”

The night ended on that note, tense silence falling between them.  They both went home, unsure of where things were headed.  Whatever lied ahead certainly wasn’t going to be pretty.


Note from Mao: The next time I decide that it would be “cool” to throw a party and invite almost all of BS, slap me.  Please.  As soon as I hit ‘play’… all hell broke loose!  Seriously.  I have a ton of pictures, but I’m only going to show the ones I particularly liked.

Also, Shelly and Cole refuse to get along.  All they want to do is argue and woohoo, which is pretty hilarious.  Cole drinks quite a bit, too… probably shouldn’t have installed that bar.

Anyway, onto the pictures!

Kit and James got into it several times throughout the party.

Roman spontaneously decided to torment Patrick about his alien heritage! SO MEAN!

Michael does not approve of Francis dancing so closely to Sade...

Emma and Francis being cute in the foreground with Patrick getting slapped by Viola because Katarina flirted with him.

July 24, 2009

Anderson 3 – Round 26: ‘Heart and Soul’

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Cole and Shelly Anderson are an unlikely match-up, but so far, it works.  They’ve got twins to contend with now, though.  Can they manage their respective careers while also juggling the duties of parenthood?

Renee and Catelyn were walking and trying to talk before Cole or Shelly could fathom it.  Of course, having two is a lot more hectic than just one and being new parents without the help of their own parents, well, that didn’t help.  Shelly’s political career took up a lot of her time, so Cole shouldered most of the burden.  It wasn’t that his career wasn’t important, it was just that Shelly’s was a bit bigger and had time restraints.  So Cole tried to juggle his own job with caring for the girls almost exclusively on his own.

Of course, a situation like that is guaranteed not to work out.  Cole’s boss wasn’t very happy about his sudden slacking and canned him.  When Cole tried to get his job back, his boss laughed and told him that maybe, when he grew a spine, he could come back.  Until then, he was blacklisted.  Cole, of course, was upset.

Shelly’s career, meanwhile, was taking off.  She had her campaign manager attached to her hip at almost every second of the day, whether he was physically there or on the cellphone, Shelly didn’t go an hour without speaking to him.  She was getting close, so close, to becoming Mayor she could almost taste it.  It fueled her narrow-minded ambition and she found it hard to really focus on anything else.  So when Cole expressed his sorrow over losing his job, she was a little shocked.  What was she supposed to do about it?  It wasn’t her fault he was inept at his career.

Instead of being supportive, Shelly found herself being rather cruel.  It was the stress talking, she was sitting on pins and needles, watching the polls with trepidation.  Every morning, she woke up, convinced it was hers only to find out that the competitor had somehow managed to one-up her.

“It isn’t my fault you lost your job, what do you want me to do about?”

Cole was a little shocked by her callous reply, “I was just letting you know.”

“Well, thanks, but you better figure something else.  The fact that you look alien is hurting my campaign.  Thank goodness the girls look normal.”

“You’re kidding, right?  That had better have been a very cruel joke, Shelly.”

She rolled her eyes, turning on her heels.  She left the room, but not before offering one last jab, “unlike you, I’m dead serious about my work.  Figure it out.”

Cole decided that it was kind of moot to go searching through jobs he didn’t really want.  The only other option was to become a stay-at-home dad.  It wasn’t like they needed the income, Cole’s parents had left him a hefty inheritance.  How else was Shelly able to funnel so much money into her overblown campaign?  He fired the hired help and took on the care of the girls full-time.  He knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but he didn’t expect it to be as hard as it turned out to be…

For the most part, the girls were good.  Catelyn enjoy being tickled and Renee loved being tossed in the air.  Unfortunately, the girls were fussy toddlers and demanded attention at all times.  Whenever they were awake, they were glued to Cole and he was unable to do anything but give in to their every whim.  He wasn’t quite sure when this cycle of women stomping all over him had started, but it was getting a bit ridiculous now.

Shelly spent the majority of her days on the campaign trail and at her office.  She had no idea what went on while she was away.  She saw the girls, but only for short periods of time, and never long enough for them to throw a tantrum or start screaming and wailing for no reason.  Needless to say, but the end of the day, Cole was exhausted.  Shelly complained that he had no reason to be grumpy and tired, he was home all day while she was out working.  It wasn’t like the girls were up all hours of the day.

Cole usually ignored her, waiting until she left him alone to finally go to sleep.  Sometimes, he was tempted to just go in his parents’ old room and have his peace and quiet.

When Shelly was home, she was glued to her cellphone, usually talking to her flashy campaign manager or someone equally as winded.  She never seemed to get off the phone, she would even eat and talk at the same time.  It was a little bit ridiculous.  Cole eventually gave up on trying to talk to her.  What was the point?  She was usually mean and scathing anyway.

Renee and Catelyn were soon old enough for school and quite excited about it, too.  Cole was thankful for the break, being alone from seven am to three pm would be a blessing.  Maybe then he could actually get something done or unwind from all the stress.  Things between him and Shelly were becoming increasingly tense and he was hoping to alleviate some of it by not arguing with her.  If he could just get some time to himself, he’d be more pliable in conversation, instead of just leaving the room or ignoring her.

The girls weren’t about to make it easy on him, though.  They were just as rambunctious and demanding as ever, maybe even more so now.  They were constantly teasing and tormenting each other.  One particular fight had them running around the house.  Catelyn gave Renee a shove, knocking her into an expensive vase that was on display.  Cole entered the room only to find the vase in pieces on the floor, Renee in the middle of it, Catelyn looking dumbfounded.

They were suitably punished, of course, but it didn’t seem to do a thing.  They would just fight again.

When they weren’t fighting, they were joining forces to terrorize something–or someone–else.  They’d been tasked to rake leaves only to start throwing the piles all over the yard, kicking and screaming.  Sure, it looked like good natured fun to passerbys, but to them, they knew exactly what they were doing.  It was almost as if their goal in life was to cause chaos.  Cole sighed, he was close to just throwing in the towel and letting them begin their descent into the realm of spoiled brats.

Shelly didn’t help matters at all.  She fueled their demanding nature by buying them expensive things while she was gone.  The election was coming to a close and she was winning by a longshot.  She was just waiting for the day her victory was announced.  Until then, she showered her girls with gifts and bought a few nice things for herself.  Cole was unphased.  He had given up on trying to mediate the income a long time ago.  It was techncially his inheritance, but when you’re married, well, what’s yours becomes theirs.


Note from Mao: I feel so bad for poor Cole!  He is surrounded by evil women, I swear.  The girls have three nice points between them (and maxed active) and Shelly, well, she was never very nice to begin with.  Cole lost his job the first day due to a stupid chance card and when he tried to plead for it back, his boss laughed in his face!  Since the girls were such a handful, I had him stay home.  His aspiration bar has dipped low red since and his motives are always yellow.  I just can’t seem to make him happy.  Poor Cole!

May 20, 2009

Anderson 3 – Round 25: ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger, End’

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Nathaniel is still mourning the loss of his wife, Sara, while Cole and Shelly are settling into their married life together.

Shelly wasn’t really surprised when she found out she was pregnant.  It was a little inconvenient, given that her campaign was going strong, but life has a way of sneaking up on you.  She could still rally the polls, she’d just do so with a little extra weight.  Maybe being in ‘a family way’ would even bolster her popularity a bit.

Nathaniel was quite pleased to learn about the new addition coming to the house, but he wasn’t sure if he’d actually get to see it.  He was older than Sara and his time was quickly coming to an end.  It was hard to believe he’d been around so long already… it seemed like only yesterday he was a teenager, with his twin sister Lilith, living in their house across the street.

Despite her pregnant belly, Shelly was as aggressive as ever.  Her determination to become mayor was increased by the fact that soon, she’d have a child.  She wanted that child to feel entitled to greatness and power.  Being mayor was, of course, quite prestigious… so it was time to step it up a notch.  She didn’t care if she had to give birth at the debate podium, she was going to be mayor.

Unfortunately, Nathaniel’s calculation of his own lifespan had been correct.  He had his last drink at the bar and death came calling.  He was saddened that he wouldn’t get to see his grandchild, but happy to be joining his sister, wife, and friends.

Not long after, Shelly gave birth to twin girls, Catelyn and Renee.  They resembled Cole’s mother Sara and Shelly’s father Ryu quite a bit, though they had the O`Hanlon green eyes.  It was easy to tell the twins apart, especially, since Renee had black hair and Catelyn’s was brown.

Of course, because Cole and Shelly were very busy with their careers and their parents were both dead, they had to hire extra help for the babies while they were away at work.  Shelly didn’t mind, but Cole found it a bit strange.  He wasn’t sure he could trust a nanny that insisted on wearing a hairstyle suited only for a teen.


Note from Mao: NO MORE TWINS!  Seriously.  No more, game.  I’m telling you right now… this is not rare.  I have way too many twins!  Agh.  Also, I may have mixed up Catelyn and Renee, so if next update, Catelyn is the one with black hair and Renee with brown, uh… you saw nothing.  ;)

February 24, 2009

Anderson 3 – Round 24: ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger, Pt. 2′

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Nathaniel and Sara Anderson are happy to welcome their youngest son and heir, Cole, back home.  Shelly Yu also awaits him.

“You haven’t been engaged that long,” Nathaniel Anderson reasoned as he sat with his son at the table, “I don’t see what the rush is.”

Sara scoffed at him, “not everyone wants to wait forever, Nathaniel.  Leave him be.  At least he won’t be another Patrick!”

Nathaniel sighed, his displeasure evident on his face, “that’s true.  Have you talked to him yet?”

Cole winced, awaiting his mother’s response.  Instead, she simply shrugged, any animosity she had for her eldest was veiled to them both.  Regardless, they both felt a pang of sympathy for Patrick when his mother confronted him about his transgressions against his wife and child.

Cole and Shelly were married one a warm spring day.  Despite Shelly’s high position and political power, they had a small wedding that included only their closest relatives and friends.  Of course, it was hard to miss that Patrick and his family were absent.  Viola had wanted to come, but Patrick was avoiding his mother as assiduously as a one does when they know what’s coming to them.

Despite that, Cole and Shelly made the best of the day.

The aggressor was obvious from the start, Shelly always had a bit more fire in her than Cole did.  She reached out and took what she wanted… well, except Timothy O`Hanlon.  But she was young and naive.  That didn’t matter now.  Cole was much more pliable to her will and Shelly had grown fond of him.

Living with one’s parents isn’t exactly conductive to the newly web vibe, so Cole and Shelly went on a honeymoon to the faraway place known only as ‘The Orient’.  It seemed an odd name, but the place was such a mish-mash of obscure cultures, neither questioned it.  Shelly vaguely recalled that her father’s side of the family came from this place.

They bought a small rental house and stayed there, enjoying the open, but private backyard and it’s natural hot spring.

It was a relaxing type of honeymoon, one filled with sipping dark, bitter tea that seemed to energize and discussing the odd culture they were surrounded by.  Neither really understood why grown (perhaps, a bit too grown) men would wear diapers and wrestle one another out of a circle.

C0le found considerable luck at one of the shrines that littered the area.  Unfortunately, he had hardly expected the rain of actual coins that followed his little bit of luck.

Shelly usually slept quite fitfully, but Cole was an early-riser.  He would often be up and dressed, ready for the day and simply waiting for Shelly to roll out of bed.  It was a funny notion, that the ambitious and driven one of the two could be so lazy in the mornings…

Shelly soon embraced the culture that surrounded her and indulged in a little play of dress-up.  She enjoyed the elaborate nature of their dress and tried to encourage Cole to do the same.  He managed to decline politely, in his own way.  There was no way he was wearing a dress, no way.

Of course, not all of their vacation was spent embracing the culture and the vivid landscapes… they made plenty of use of their private time together.  Once they returned home, they’d be thrust into their individual careers and under the constant eye of Cole’s parents.  He loved his parents, but perhaps inheriting the house wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

He needn’t have worried about his mother’s prying ways, for no sooner did they return from their trip did Sara pass on.  She had been on the phone with Patrick.  None could say what transpired spare those two, and Patrick wasn’t talking.  Mostly because his family wasn’t talking to him.  Both Sade and Cole were quite grieved over their mother’s loss and blamed Patrick for putting so much stress on her old heart.  Nathaniel was older than Sara and yet she was the first to go…


Note from Mao: I was totally not expecting Sara to die!  And yes, she was on the phone with Patrick.  Good bye, Sara!  You will be missed…

February 10, 2009

B.S.U. Campus – Round 23: ‘Love Hurts’

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Timothy O`Hanlon, Isolde Anderson, and Cole Anderson are all on their final years of University and eager to begin their adult lives.  Maggie O`Hanlon has just joined her older brother, Timothy, at University.

Timothy wasn’t quite sure how he felt about his little sister joining him at University.  On one hand, he had missed her, they had always been close… but on the other hand, he wasn’t really ready for her to show an interest in boys yet.  When Maggie arrived, that’s all she seemed to talk about.  Who could blame her?  It was no secret that poor Maggie, despite her looks, had been terribly unlucky in love and romance during her teen years.  Would being a young adult change her luck any?

Having family join him at University gave Timothy the push he needed.  He had always known that Isolde was a one-of-a-kind type of girl and while most people thought she was odd, he thought she was amazing.  He had wanted to propose immediately, as soon as they had gotten out of the cab and before they laid eyes on the house, but thought better of it.  He was glad he had waited.  There was no apprehension and he wasn’t scared–he knew what she’d say.

Maggie, meanwhile, was stuck fixing things.  She wondered if Timothy had heard about the whole ‘shocking’ incident involving the trash compactor at home.  Obviously not, or he wouldn’t have her fixing things!  She sighed.  It wasn’t fair.  Timothy had Isolde, Cole had Shelly, what did Maggie have?  A soaked shirt, because the stupid shower sprayed water all over her when she turned it wrong!

Cole was rarely seen by the others.  When he wasn’t at class or working on a term paper, he was with Shelly.  She would come to campus now and again, but with her new job, it was becoming impossible to travel.  More often than not, Cole ended up driving back to Boreal Springs to visit her on weekends.

Maggie tried her luck with a fireman that came to put out a fire she had caused while trying to cook.  It was moot.  He responded, at first, and then realized he wasn’t into attractive brunettes.  Maggie grumbled and wallowed in her defeat.  Was there no one out there for Maggie?

Before Isolde, Timothy, and Cole all left for graduation, Maggie tried to get Isolde to help her with her love woes.

“Can’t you just wiggle your fingers or something?  What about a love potion?”

Isolde tried to hide her amusement, “that’s not how it works, Maggie!  Besides, haven’t you heard of Kate Anderson?  She tried that stuff on Shang Yu and well, I think we can all see how that worked.  I don’t see what the rush is.  You’re acting like you’re forty and single!”

“What’s the rush?  You and Timothy have been together since puberty.  I haven’t even dated.  I just want to see what it’s like.”

“All right, but I can’t help you.  Why not try a matchmaking service?”

Maggie sighed, “because that’s for forty-year-olds who are still single!”


Note from Mao: Poor Maggie!  She has negative chemistry with that fireman from her many, many fires as a teen.  What a bummer.  She’s all alone at Uni now, too.

January 28, 2009

Anderson 3 – Round 23: ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger, Pt. 1′

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Nathaniel and Sara Anderson are holding out hope that Cole will be their ‘normal’ child.  His fiance, Shelly Yu, seems pretty normal…

Shelly moved in with her future in-laws, hoping to secure a job in politics.  She managed to get as high as a Judge, but to be a Senator, she’d need to gain some public appeal and campaign a bit.  That was fine, she had plenty of time.  Her true goal was to eventually become mayor.  Until then, she’d cool her heels and wait for Cole to graduate University, so they could marry and legitimize their relationship in the public eye.

Sara thought Shelly seemed normal enough, maybe a little pushy and aggressive, but normal.  They talked about random things, sometimes movies, which eventually led to Patrick.  Sara could only sigh when Patrick was mentioned.  He had married Viola, yes, and they had an adorable son… but her son was a lout and if he thought he was being sneaky, he was wrong.  Nathaniel was the only thing keeping him from a good, old-fashioned mother-to-son beat down.  That boy needed some sense smacked into him!

Fortunately for Patrick, Sara also realized a lot of her anger stemmed from the loss of Lilith Yu.  It just seemed wrong for her to no longer be around…

Nathaniel was equally as affected.  He was a lot more quiet now, a bit more somber, thoughtful, even.  Lilith would have laughed at that!  Nathaniel, being thoughtful.  He missed his twin, in all her abrasive, brash glory.  Sara spent most of her time online, working on things for Gordon, while Shelly was building her contact base.  She was good at schmoozing and was slowly, but surely, getting a foothold on a lot of potentially rewarding friendships.

When she wasn’t busy smooth talking fellow politicians, Shelly was with Cole.  He had a lot of free time, what with his classes slowly tapering off as the semesters came to a close.  He was on his last two years and fairly intelligent, so it wasn’t as if he struggled.  They often met up in Aperture, which served as a midway point between Boreal Springs and Boreal Summit University.  No one was quite sure what the town council was thinking when they named the places.

Of course, when you’re young, topics tend to move towards the obvious… but being a pillar of the people’s law, Shelly couldn’t indulge such things in public.

No one said anything about not indulging them privately, though!  Cole could rarely stay the night, he usually left around ten, taking the long drive back to Boreal Summit University.  It was a pain, to go back and forth, but he was determined to make sure Shelly didn’t question his fidelity.  Not that she would, she already knew that he was securely wrapped around her finger.  It was the first step for any future woman entering politics.


Note from Mao: Shelly is a real ball-buster!  And Cole is a little puppy dog, following at her heels.  Cracks me up.  Shelly is well on her way to becoming Mayor.  Poor Sara and Nathaniel were so depressed this round…

January 20, 2009

B.S.U. Campus – Round 22: ‘Turn Me Loose, End’

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There’s plenty of people and drama to go around at Boreal Summit University the next two years…

The next two years at Boreal Summit University proved to be… awkward ones.  James, Marcus, and Shelly were all finishing their final years.  That was well and good, aside from the fact Marcus was sleeping with James’ girlfriend.  Of course, Marcus felt awful about it, especially because he was really interested in starting up a relationship with his former high school flame.  It was kind of hard when he kept randomly running into Kit and sleeping with her, though.

“Don’t even talk to her, don’t kiss her, just avoid her,” James suggested, surprisingly calm.

“You are handling this way too well, dude,” Marcus replied, stunned.

“You’re not the problem, Marcus, you’re a distraction.  Claude freakin’ Saunders is the problem.  Damn vampire.”

Cole wasted no time approaching Shelly.  She hadn’t really spent time trying to find romance in college.  Instead, she found herself kind of missing Cole.  She had always wanted Timothy O`Hanlon, but she was beginning to realize that may have been a shallow, teenaged girl fantasy.  She and Cole had a lot more in common and he would also cow-down and do whatever she said.  He was a bit of a pushover, the kind of person Shelly needed if she was going to make her dreams come true and become the next mayor of Boreal Springs.

So she accepted his advances and they started a true, non-fake relationship.  If anything, the Anderson name would certainly give her a leg-up in the political world.

Isolde, meanwhile, was still studying her ‘art’.  She’d had many talks with Lilith Yu and when she finally arrived at University, she couldn’t keep herself away from Timothy.  Together, they both brought her out of her negative spiral.  She stopped sulking and brooding and went back to what she loved.

“What are you doing?” Timothy asked one evening as Isolde tested her cauldron for the first time.

“Trying to make something for Lilith,” Isolde said, trying to concentrate.

“Screw potions,” Timothy replied, giving the globe in his hand a pained look, “use magic on this damn thing.  How did anyone ever manage to figure this thing out?”

Isolde sighed, “I don’t think it works like that.”

There were some definite perks to being a witch.  Isolde had the best transportation to class and anywhere else–a broom!  A real, flying broom.  Sure it was a gaudy blue, complete with a weird crystal at the end of it’s stick, but what could beat a flying broom?  Absolutely nothing.  She couldn’t wait until she’d studied enough to have a spectral assistant.  Timothy tried, but he really wasn’t very good at handling the reagents.

Poor Cole, meanwhile, was finding that tinkering was not exactly his thing.  The computer broke in the midst of him working hard on his term paper.  He tried to fix it only to get quite a jolt.  Thankfully, Isolde was around and she quickly hit him with a rejuvination spell.  He wasn’t enamored with her anymore, but he was certainly thankful for her helpful, witchy ways.

Shelly had different ideas of ‘healing wounds’.  Not that Cole particularly disagreed with her methods.  Perhaps it wasn’t smart to leave a bunch of unattended, young adults in a house all by themselves.  It would seem that none of their parents even considered they would do anything questionable.  Well, okay, Cole’s had.  Sara called constantly, reminding him that he was their last hope.  No pressure or anything.

Of course, you can’t have two family sims without a little trouble, either.  Sure, Isolde was knowledge-minded first and foremost, but her second inclination was family.  Perhaps that’s why she and Timothy got along so well.  They had plenty of chemistry, though it probably wasn’t wise to explore the chemistry right before an important final exam.

But then again, most guys don’t have girlfriends with witchy ways.  Timothy heads off to his final exam feeling completely rejuvenated and safe in the knowledge that he’s totally got college in the bag.

James, Marcus, and Shelly all graduated with honors, much to the delight of their parents.  Cole wasn’t about to let Shelly run off into the sunset.  He proposed to her rather spontaneously, right before she was preparing to leave with Marcus.  Of course, she accepted.  Instead of staying in a cramped little apartment, she’d go make nice with her future in-laws.  It would be awkward, but they had a nice house.  James seemed shocked by the display, wondering if Cole knew exactly what he was getting into.  Not that he was one to talk, really.

Meanwhile, outside, Marcus was chatting up his old flame, Valerie.  She was surprisingly also on campus and they had met a few times through classes and just random campus things.  She’d grown up quite well, he couldn’t deny it.  There was still an attraction there and maybe, since they were both adults now, a chance at something more.  They passed numbers and Marcus moved to leave with Shelly.  James would leave in the morning.


Note from Mao: Isolde really wants Timothy to be a warlock, LOL.  Poor Timothy, I don’t think he has it in him to do witchy things.  He’s too confused by that silly game ball, he brings it out constantly and makes pained faces.  Cole immediately walked up to Shelly and planted one on her.  I was too shocked for a picture.  Seems he took the Tsung way of confrontation!  Either way, he wanted to get engaged and so they did.  Marcus kept having wants to talk to Valerie, so there she is.  She’s a pretty sim, despite her over-painted, pudgy-faced teen years.

December 28, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – ‘Carpe Diem, Baby, Pt. 1′

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Claude Saunders and Kit Knight have been at University two years now and have developed a sort of ‘understanding.’  Now joined by Marcus and Shelly Yu, they’re forced to be a bit more discrete.  Worse yet, James Yu has also come trailing along, his sights set on Kit.

James didn’t waste any time tracking down Kit.  He found her eating some burned grilled cheese–she had never been much of a culinary master, despite her mother’s skill.  He took a seat next to her and immediately launched into his anti-Claude propaganda.

“What are you doing with Claude, Kit?”

She gave him a look, “does everyone know about it?  Stupid Sade and her big mouth…”

“Forget Sade,” James interrupted, “Claude Saunders, Kit?  You’re smarter than that.”

“So what?  What’s it matter to you, James?  If you think insulting me is going to win me over, you’re wrong.”

Shelly and Marcus arrived sometime later, also greeted by the burnt grilled cheese sandwiches.  It had been a long drive and they were both hungry, so they didn’t complain.  Shelly wasn’t really sure what she was going to do now that she was University.  She knew she wanted to make lots of money, but now the how or the why.  She kind of missed her rivalry with Isolde and maybe Cole, too.

Marcus was just thankful to be away from their grieving mother.  Grief wasn’t really his thing.  He missed his father, true, but he was a guy, and guys really aren’t into tears.

Claude, meanwhile, found himself catching up with an all-too-familiar face.  The strange woman from the bar turned out to be an exotic blonde who was suddenly in his age range.  He wasn’t entirely sure how that worked, she didn’t look a day older than when they had first met years prior.  She contacted him suddenly, and he hadn’t bothered to ask how she got his number.  She was hot, what else mattered?

The funny accent certainly helped, too.

Kit, however, wasn’t nearly as impressed with the supposed ‘Countess’.  While the thing between her and Claude wasn’t serious, she refused to believe his involvement with this mysterious blonde was a good idea.  Common sense wasn’t exactly Claude’s forte and he missed the obvious signs.  As the Countess slunk away, Kit glared at her and then leveled her gaze on Claude.

“Geeze, Kit, don’t be so jealous,” was all he could manage.

“Don’t be such an idiot, Claude!” She roared, wanting to hit him, but restraining herself.  “There’s something wrong with her.  Can’t see it?”

“Not from here,” he said, watching her leave a little too closely.

Kit sighed.

At least she had some repose with James.  He was younger, yes, but it was so nice to have someone around that seemed to be from the same planet as she was.  He had always been intelligent, perhaps even more so than she, but his age had always been a deterrent.  Not to mention that Kit really never paid much attention to boys in school, either.  She left that mostly to Sade.  Now free of her best friend’s nattering, she found herself falling under James’ sway.  It was just as well, as Claude was overly preoccupied with his crazy blonde.

Claude didn’t think there was anything off about Emily.  Sure, she was pale, she had a funny accent, and she only came around in the dark… but everyone had their quirks, right?  Maybe he was just desensitized because of his father.  Of course, Claude knew exactly what his father was… maybe that’s why he had such a hard time realizing what Emily was.  It didn’t matter.  He liked her a lot more than he liked all the other girls he’d found.  She seemed to feel the same and so all was well in Claude’s mind.

It didn’t take long for Kit to educate James to the way of college.  She liked him enough, sure, but she wasn’t completely serious.  He was, of course, but Kit couldn’t have known that or maybe she wouldn’t have been as aggressive.  She simply thought they were friends with a mutual arrangement.  Kit wasn’t entirely sure why she wasn’t really into commitment, only that she wasn’t.  Poor James.

Claude got the awakening of his life late one night while he was on the balcony with Emily.  It had been like every other visit, they talked, spent time together, and went outside a lot.  This time, however, she led him purpousfully to the balcony.  When she was sure they were alone, she began to act strangely.  Claude couldn’t really remember much of what happened next, only that he woke up a few days later feeling really funny and Emily was gone.  He tried contacting her several times to no avail.  It was almost as if she had completely disappeared.

It was close to graduation and while Claude tried to hide the changes he now recongnized as vampirism, he couldn’t hide from Kit.  She snuck into the unused upstairs bedroom to find a coffin.  Her suspicions were confirmed.  She drug James up there, much to his chagrin.

“What is this supposed to prove, Kit?”

“Claude’s been turned into a vampire, obviously,” she said, as if James had been suddenly struck dumb.  “That idiot, I told him not to mess with that blonde weirdo…”

James sighed, “Why do you care, Kit?  It isn’t your problem anymore.  You’re graduating soon.  Come on, let’s go downstairs.”

When the time came to leave University, Kit would leave alone.  She planned to leave in the afternoon the next day, while Claude made separate arrangements.  He really didn’t look forward to the phone call, but knew he didn’t have a choice.

“I’m fine dad, really.  I don’t see why you’re so worried, it’s just University… what’s the worst that could happen?  No, I’m sure.  Nothing’s wrong.  I just have some things to do.  I’ll see you in the morning.  Tell mom not to worry.  Okay, yeah, I know.  Bye.  See you then.”

Claude was not looking forward to his homecoming, but he had no idea what else to do.  Only his father would know anything about what he’d become and even if he had to face his wrath, it’d be better than going through it blind and ignorant.


Note from Mao: Shelly and Marcus will have a bigger part in the next round of Uni, no worries.  As for Claude and Kit and James… ugh.  Three bolt love triangle.  HOW?  I do not know, so don’t ask.  Claude is obsessed with Emily, though, much to Gordon’s chagrin.  It’s the reason he’s a danged vampire.  Revenge plot or stupid luck?  We’ll see.  Sorry it’s taken me so long to update… holidays, sickness, work… you get the picture.

December 11, 2008

Yu 2 – Round 21: ‘Turn Me Loose, Pt. 7′

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Ryu and Tracey Yu have both come a long way.  Ryu’s days are quickly coming to an end and he only hopes that Tracey will be able to manage once he’s gone.  Marcus and Shelly, meanwhile, are finding their own bits of trouble to get in.

Marcus was sick of being trapped in his sister’s unnecessary web of intrigue.  He decided it was time to branch out and find his own sort of fun.  He met Valerie at school and they seemed to hit it off so well that she even got off the bus with him.  While Marcus hadn’t yet perfected his skills with women–thus frightening poor Valerie with tales of cops and robbers–he and Valerie had enough in common that they went on a date that ended dreamily.

Shelly, meanwhile, decided to put her frustrations into cooking.  Mostly, it was prove that she still had something on Maggie O`Hanlon.  Shelly sure was glad she was off to University, because Maggie was really stealing her thunder at school.  To think, a freshman, of all things!  To say that Shelly was appalled was an understatement.

Ryu and Tracey enjoyed quiet time together, ignoring their children’s teenage plights and focusing on their last moments.  It was no secret that Ryu was quite a bit older than Tracey and so he could feel his time coming to an end.  He didn’t outright say anything, but the way he acted was enough of a hint.  They were both intent on enjoying every moment they could.

Unfortunately, such a blind focus left them ignorant of what mischief their kids were up to…

Marcus and Valerie got along so well that they decided that perhaps it was time to see what television and movies were talking about when it came to behind-the-doors action.  It wasn’t quite what either of them expected, unfortunately, and was certainly nothing like the movies!  After it was all said and done they both felt kind of disappointed and confused.

Of course, Shelly knew what her brother had been up to and she certainly wasn’t impressed.  He had taken to lecturing her on her devious plot to wrest Timothy O`Hanlon from Isolde Anderson.

“Don’t even get all moralistic on me,” Shelly snapped, knocking over one of his pieces with her rook.  “I’m not the one trying to get myself stuck with a teen pregnancy!

Marcus was mortified, “don’t be so loud!  Our parents are in the kitchen.”  He lowered his voice to a whisper, “It was a mistake, okay?  Things happen.”

“Sure they do,” she sniffed, taking his piece.  “Don’t bother me again about it or I’ll tell them.”

When Shelly wasn’t tormenting her brother or trying to get Cole to take action, she was blogging about her woes on the internet.  She was beginning to think that it was never going to happen.  She’d be leaving for University soon, as the school year was nearly over, and as such, leaving Timothy behind.  They were all a year behind her.  It was a sad loss and not one she was happy taking, but what more could she do?  That darn freak show had him hook, line, and sinker…

Marcus, meanwhile, was on damage control.  Things with Valerie just weren’t the same.  They could barely speak to one another now, everything was awkward and confusing.  He was heading to University, too.  They decided to end it.  Valerie was sad to see it end, but Marcus just didn’t want the guilt anymore.  He just wanted to leave it all behind and start college with a fresh, clean slate.  Silly teenage hormones…

Shelly seemed to have the same idea.  She called Cole over and told him that the plan was done.  He tried to hide his disappointment, but he had trouble hiding his sadness.

“What’s wrong with you?  You looked like someone just kicked your puppy,” Shelly laughed, eying him.  “You’re not the only one who lost something here.”

“Yeah, okay,” Cole relented, not really paying attention.  “I guess I’ll see you next year, then?”

“Maybe.  If you can even get in,” she offered, turning on her heel and heading back inside.  She really didn’t think it had meant that much.  It had all been a ruse, anyway.  Her focus was Timothy, she really hadn’t given Cole much notice.

Just as the twins were ready to head off to Boreal Summit University, Ryu’s time ran out.  He died peacefully and happily in his home, though the same can’t be said for those he left behind.  Poor Tracey is all alone in the house now.


Note from Mao: Looks like Alyssa gets the final word!  She outlived Ryu, lol.  Poor dude, I didn’t realize his time was up.  I can’t believe so much time has passed!  Also, sorry if the shots are ‘weird’.  I’m still trying to get used to my new 22″ widescreen monitor.  It’s insane.

Anyway, onto more interesting things.  Did you know teens could woohoo in ACR without any hacks/etc?  I sure as heck didn’t!  Imagine my complete horror and surprise when Marcus phoned his new girlfriend Valerie up for a booty call.  WTF???  I let it go through just to see what would happen.  I kept thinking it was a bug or something and they wouldn’t actually woohoo.  Uh, yeah.  They did.  You can see it via my lovely madden-esque screenshots…

So, uh, yeah…keep an eye on your teens.  Sorry, but I do NOT like teen woohoo.  I will have to find a way to prevent this in the future, lol.  Ewwwww.

December 10, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 21: ‘Turn Me Loose, Pt. 6′

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Nathaniel and Sara are enjoying their quiet years, but still find themselves concerned for their children… all of which have seemed to gone down questionable paths.

Cole Anderson had thought wrong when he assumed he and Maggie O`Hanlon couldn’t get caught sneaking out past curfew. Maggie managed to escape, but Cole was caught red handed. They weren’t even doing anything wrong! Curfews were stupid.

Even worse, the cop didn’t just drop him off. She went in and ratted him out. Sara came flying out in her pajamas, not bothering to care who saw, and read him the riot act. Cole was both incredibly abashed and embarassed. He just wanted to slink off to his room and forget the world. This would be the last time he snuck out… both because he was grounded until college and because it just wasn’t worth the trouble!

Of course, it didn’t end there. No way. Cole awoke only to be drug out into the livingroom and forced to face both his mother and his Aunt Julie.

“You told Aunt Julie?!” He cried out, completely mortified now. Maggie was going to be grounded for life.

“Maggie was with you,” Sara countered. “She needed to know.”

Julie sighed, moving to leave, “and I’m going to deal with her right now.”

“Oh man…” Cole sunk back against the couch, wanting to get away from his mother’s piercing gaze.

To make matters even worse, Shelly came over a few days later to ask why Cole hadn’t been sticking to his part of the deal. She hadn’t seen him outside of school at all and they were supposed to be trying to separate Isolde and Timothy!

“I’m grounded, Shelly,” Cole tried to explain. “My mom caught Maggie and I sneaking out.”

At this, Shelly rolled her eyes, “It isn’t my fault you were stupid. Who sneaks out, anyway? And you’re supposed to be getting Timothy away from Isolde… not hanging out with his little sister.” She was remembering Maggie O`Hanlon now, she’d grown up pretty, a threat to Shelly.

“She’s my cousin,” Cole reasoned, reading her expression easily. “Don’t be gross.”

“Oh, right… because your family isn’t into the whole cousin thing.” Her brown brows rose accusingly. “Or maybe you haven’t seen Sade lately?”

Low blow. With that, Shelly turned on her heel and left.

Despite her scathing comment, Shelly came by again, only this time at night. She was taking a walk with her mother while Cole happened to be taking out the trash. They stopped and spoke for a moment and Cole was sure to apologize and assure her that he would do his best to fulfill his part of the deal. For some reason, Cole was finding himself somewhat drawn to Shelly. She was oftentimes cold and downright mean, but she had her moments. Isolde was still a mystery to him, but he was beginning to figure Shelly out.

This may have been why, when Timothy came over to bring something to his aunt Sara, Cole was not so quick to dismiss the relationship between the two. Sure, he questioned Isolde’s weird hobbies, but Timothy was unphazed. The boy just seemed… so peaceful. It was ridiculous.

“Everyone has a hobby, Cole,” Timothy said easily, then gave his cousin a look. “I’d like it if your hobbies didn’t get Maggie in any more trouble though.”

Cole sighed, “It wasn’t my fault! She wanted to sneak out.”

“I know, she tried to con me into it, too. I said no. You should, too, next time. She’s just trying to act out and get noticed. sShe gets bored and then she has to do something. It’s just Maggie’s way. Steer clear or you’ll get burned.”

That he had already found out the hard way.


Note from Mao: Cole didn’t have a good round, LOL! Poor guy. Both he and Maggie really did have wants to sneak out. I assumed it would end badly, heh, and it did. Poor Cole. And yes, Shelly is quite mean, isn’t she? LOL

ETA – I have no idea why comments were disabled. It’s been fixed. Sorry!

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