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March 2, 2009

Yu 2 – Round 24: ‘Karma Chameleon, Pt. 2′

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Tracey Yu is hoping that her son, Marcus, can eventually settle down with a ‘nice’ girl… and stay away from Kit Knight.

Tracey is very concerned for her son’s future.  Sure, he’s gotten away from Kit Knight, but his habitual dating isn’t really something Tracey enjoys enduring.  She wants to see her son prosper and find love.  Marcus is just a bit too easy-going for marriage and commitment, though.  He isn’t like Shelly, who jumped at the chance to join a family with money.  He’d rather sit back and relax, following the general flow of life.

To please his mother, he introduced her to his casual girlfriend, Valerie Alioto.  They had dated briefly as teens, but moved too fast and made things awkward.  They reunited at the end of University and Valerie even went with Marcus to his sister, Shelly’s, wedding to Cole Anderson.  Now she was meeting his mother.  It wasn’t that Marcus didn’t like Valerie, he just liked the slow, plodding pace of their relationship.  No demands, no requirements, just fun and companionship.

Eventually, Valerie ended up moving in, not to put pressure on Marcus… not at all.  She felt the same way about things as he did, but simply to put his mother’s mind at ease.  Marcus wasn’t running around, dating random women, he was just taking it slow with Valerie.

Valerie was thankful, because she wasn’t much of a ‘house frau’.  She burned everything she touched.

It was, however, very nice to be always at one another’s beck and call.  They especially enjoyed the times that Tracey was at work.  Neither felt any pressure to go beyond simply boyfriend and girlfriend.  Marcus worked as a lazy photographer while Valerie was still looking around.  Truth be told, she couldn’t tell Marcus what she really wanted in life.

Instead, she opened a gaming hall that was really a front of illegal betting and gambling.  High-stakes card games were all the rage behind the hidden doors of the neon lights and pinball machines.  The business made good money on its own, but Valerie was hoping to attract some… other attention.  She wanted to meet with the illusive Gordon Saunders and offer her skills to him–she was quite adept at running fronts and even some extortion.

When Sade Saunders dropped by, needing to blow off some steam, Valerie invited her into the private rooms.  It was daylight and nothing was going down.  Still, Sade was Michael’s wife and Michael was Gordon’s eldest… a good way to get in.

Unfortunately, Valerie couldn’t have foreseen what came next.  She began to feel sick and weak, then came the afternoon naps.  She found herself unable to run the night games and instead had one of her trusted people on the job.  She sat down with Marcus and tried to explain what had happened.  That she was expecting an addition to their nonexistant family.  Marcus was quite stunned.

The worst happened after that.  Tracey Yu’s time was up.  Marcus was bereft and Valerie was speechless.  She felt for Marcus, but somehow, it seemed to work in her favor.  Tracey would have been a wedge, a wall in her path to try and get to Gordon.  It was well-known what had happened there.  So, he wouldn’t see her kindly if Tracey were still around…

It was unfortunate Tracey did not know Valerie was expecting.


Note from Mao: Sorry for the impromptu hiatus.  RL is insane right now and I’ve been very ill.  Feeling better now, but I haven’t played since I finished this update.  So they may be sparse.  We’ll see.  Valerie wants to be a criminal, but to do so, must somehow befriend Gordon.  ;)   I think she and Marcus were a victim of ACR’s risky woohoo.

January 30, 2009

Yu 2 – Round 23: ‘Karma Chameleon, Pt. 1′

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Marcus Yu returns to his childhood home after graduating University, where his aging mother awaits him anxiously.

Tracey was beyond happy to have someone else in the house again.  It wasn’t that she feared any retribution for her warning to Roman, but simply that she was lonely.  She knew Gordon wouldn’t pull anything against her and so far, hadn’t even acted against Roman yet.  She simply didn’t want to be alone anymore and she was excited to see Marcus settle down, like Shelly planned to.  She couldn’t wait to have grandbabies.  With Marcus and Shelly, she didn’t have to fight over the ability to see them like she did Michael.  She hated that their relationship was pretty much nonexistent now, but what could she do?

Things fell into a routine and Tracey was disappointed that Marcus didn’t seem to be in any hurry to settle down.  She had heard rumors of him messing around with Kit Knight, but had hoped them to be false.  Since he arrived, she hadn’t seen Kit, so maybe it had ended, whatever ‘it’ had been.  Instead, Marcus vaguely mentioned a girl named Valerie.  That was a nice name, Tracey mused.  When would she get to meet her?

Unfortunately for Tracey, Valerie only came over when Tracey was at work.  It was a little weird living with his mother, even if he was the technical heir and that, in and of itself, was an honor in these parts.  It just didn’t feel right to flaunt Valerie in front of her, so he waited until Tracey was gone to have her over.  They were adults now, doing adult things meant for adults.  It was a lot different, they’d changed, matured.  Marcus liked Valerie, but he wasn’t sure if he loved her.

One thing he was sure of, he didn’t love Kit Knight and he was kind of tired of the drama.  James was a good guy and Marcus was over this little ‘fling’.  When she called him up, he refused her and told her that she shouldn’t call anymore.  He may even have mentioned that he and Valerie were maybe-serious again.  Was that true?  He wasn’t sure, but anything to get Kit off his back.  Why was she so insistent on causing James so much agony?


Note from Mao: It took forever, but Marcus finally spun up a want to go on a date and so he phoned Valerie.  Up until that, he simply wanted to call and chat with Kit and Valerie, that was it.  Agh.  Kit called, as you can see above, but Marcus wasn’t responding well to the conversation.  That fling is definitely over.  Now lets see if he spins up some commitment wants with Valerie.  I was surprised, he didn’t even make any booty calls!  He is really showing Tracey some respect, LOL.  The boy went without for three days!

January 11, 2009

Yu 2 – Round 22: ‘Carpe Diem, Baby, Pt. 2′

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Tracey Yu is home alone.  The twins, Shelly and Marcus, at finishing their last two years at University while her late husband, Ryu Yu, shuffled off the mortal coil last round.

Ryu’s death hit Tracey hard.  She had loved him quite dearly, even if they had met late in both their lives.  They had children together and the life they shared had been everything Tracey had always desired.  It may have been tainted by Gordon’s threat, but Tracey was happy.  Losing Ryu was hard, especially when she knew she had so much time to go before she could join him.  At least she’d feel better once Marcus came home.  Shelly had already stated quite clearly she’d be embarking on her own.

Meanwhile, Toph gave birth to a single pup named Roku.  It was a bit comforting to Tracey to have a puppy in the house, with its cute puppy face and puppy whimpers.  It seemed to make Toph happy, too, since Rob had run away.  Thankfully, the police found him shortly after and returned him safe and sound at home.  Ryu dying and the twins leaving had even affected the dogs!

Tracey was very surprised when her stepson, Roman Anderson, stopped by.  It was purely business.  Roman had always been very calculating, Tracey saw little of Ryu there.  Roman was definitely an Anderson.  He had come to question her about Gordon, her first husband and very, very bad subject to mention, especially in her home.

“Why are you asking about Gordon, Roman?  Are you in trouble?”

“No,” Roman answered quickly, “I just thought that you might know a bit about him.  You were married for several years, you have a son together, don’t you?  Michael Saunders.  I thought that perhaps you might know a weakness, a penchant, anything–”

“Roman, what’s this about?  What have you done?  I know I’m not your mother, I know… that she’s died.  And I’m sorry, but… I don’t think she’d want you messed up in this.  I don’t think Ryu would, either.  As your stepmother, I’m worried.  Gordon is… he’s not a man you want to mess with.”

“I’m a big boy, Tracey and my father has nothing to do with this,” his remark was a bit harsh and Tracey saw that he still bore the scars of the breakup.  “This was a mistake.  I shouldn’t have come.”

“Roman, please, wait a minute,” Tracey pleaded as he rose to leave.  “Gordon is… you shouldn’t mess with him, Roman.  I know he seems harmless, I know you think he’s just some pushover… but I was married to him.  I know him… what he’s capable of.”  Suddenly, a thought came to her, something she’d heard from Shelly… Claude.  “Roman, you didn’t.”

He saw the look on her face and was instantly defensive, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, Roman, you idiot,” Tracey said, near tears.  Roman was Ryu’s son, he looked so similar to him and now he was surely marked for death.  “Gordon is not the pushover you think he is.  He had your father, myself, even Thomas.. everyone in a vice grip, he still does.  There’s nothing any of us can do for fear of what he’ll do… and now you’ve gone and messed with his family, his son.  Oh, Roman!  You need to leave, right now.  Now.  He probably already knows you’ve come…”

Roman was defintiely startled when she started hurrying him out the door, “I don’t see why you’re so scared.”

“And that’s what makes you so blind, Roman Anderson.  Go home and get out of here, if you value your life.  You’ve just made the wrong man your enemy.”

Tracey wasn’t surprised when the phone rang shortly after Roman’s forced departure.  Her hand shook as she lifted it off the receiver and brought it to her ear.  A baratone she hadn’t heard in years filtered through, marred only slightly by the fangs hidden behind the lips.

‘You shouldn’t talk to Roman, Tracey.  It isn’t safe.’

“Gordon,” Tracey took a breath, her anger bubbling to the surface, “you have a lot of nerve, calling my home!  Don’t you dare threaten me.  I’ve kept our deal and now you should keep yours.  I said nothing to Roman, I simply warned him.”

‘It’s a bit late for that.  I didn’t want it to come to this.  Roman threw the first stone.’

“Why are you telling me this?  Why should I care?”

‘I just wanted you to know the truth, so you don’t overreact when I retaliate and go do something stupid that might endanger your own family…’

Goodbye, Gordon.”

She hung up the phone abruptly, trying to stop the rapid beating of her heart in her chest.  Roman… how could he have been so foolish?!


Note from Mao: Tracey didn’t do much gameplay-wise, but Roman did randomly visit and Gordon DID call after he left, LOL.  Which I thought was hilarious.  This was just my own interpretation of the events.  It fits in with the story!

December 11, 2008

Yu 2 – Round 21: ‘Turn Me Loose, Pt. 7′

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Ryu and Tracey Yu have both come a long way.  Ryu’s days are quickly coming to an end and he only hopes that Tracey will be able to manage once he’s gone.  Marcus and Shelly, meanwhile, are finding their own bits of trouble to get in.

Marcus was sick of being trapped in his sister’s unnecessary web of intrigue.  He decided it was time to branch out and find his own sort of fun.  He met Valerie at school and they seemed to hit it off so well that she even got off the bus with him.  While Marcus hadn’t yet perfected his skills with women–thus frightening poor Valerie with tales of cops and robbers–he and Valerie had enough in common that they went on a date that ended dreamily.

Shelly, meanwhile, decided to put her frustrations into cooking.  Mostly, it was prove that she still had something on Maggie O`Hanlon.  Shelly sure was glad she was off to University, because Maggie was really stealing her thunder at school.  To think, a freshman, of all things!  To say that Shelly was appalled was an understatement.

Ryu and Tracey enjoyed quiet time together, ignoring their children’s teenage plights and focusing on their last moments.  It was no secret that Ryu was quite a bit older than Tracey and so he could feel his time coming to an end.  He didn’t outright say anything, but the way he acted was enough of a hint.  They were both intent on enjoying every moment they could.

Unfortunately, such a blind focus left them ignorant of what mischief their kids were up to…

Marcus and Valerie got along so well that they decided that perhaps it was time to see what television and movies were talking about when it came to behind-the-doors action.  It wasn’t quite what either of them expected, unfortunately, and was certainly nothing like the movies!  After it was all said and done they both felt kind of disappointed and confused.

Of course, Shelly knew what her brother had been up to and she certainly wasn’t impressed.  He had taken to lecturing her on her devious plot to wrest Timothy O`Hanlon from Isolde Anderson.

“Don’t even get all moralistic on me,” Shelly snapped, knocking over one of his pieces with her rook.  “I’m not the one trying to get myself stuck with a teen pregnancy!

Marcus was mortified, “don’t be so loud!  Our parents are in the kitchen.”  He lowered his voice to a whisper, “It was a mistake, okay?  Things happen.”

“Sure they do,” she sniffed, taking his piece.  “Don’t bother me again about it or I’ll tell them.”

When Shelly wasn’t tormenting her brother or trying to get Cole to take action, she was blogging about her woes on the internet.  She was beginning to think that it was never going to happen.  She’d be leaving for University soon, as the school year was nearly over, and as such, leaving Timothy behind.  They were all a year behind her.  It was a sad loss and not one she was happy taking, but what more could she do?  That darn freak show had him hook, line, and sinker…

Marcus, meanwhile, was on damage control.  Things with Valerie just weren’t the same.  They could barely speak to one another now, everything was awkward and confusing.  He was heading to University, too.  They decided to end it.  Valerie was sad to see it end, but Marcus just didn’t want the guilt anymore.  He just wanted to leave it all behind and start college with a fresh, clean slate.  Silly teenage hormones…

Shelly seemed to have the same idea.  She called Cole over and told him that the plan was done.  He tried to hide his disappointment, but he had trouble hiding his sadness.

“What’s wrong with you?  You looked like someone just kicked your puppy,” Shelly laughed, eying him.  “You’re not the only one who lost something here.”

“Yeah, okay,” Cole relented, not really paying attention.  “I guess I’ll see you next year, then?”

“Maybe.  If you can even get in,” she offered, turning on her heel and heading back inside.  She really didn’t think it had meant that much.  It had all been a ruse, anyway.  Her focus was Timothy, she really hadn’t given Cole much notice.

Just as the twins were ready to head off to Boreal Summit University, Ryu’s time ran out.  He died peacefully and happily in his home, though the same can’t be said for those he left behind.  Poor Tracey is all alone in the house now.


Note from Mao: Looks like Alyssa gets the final word!  She outlived Ryu, lol.  Poor dude, I didn’t realize his time was up.  I can’t believe so much time has passed!  Also, sorry if the shots are ‘weird’.  I’m still trying to get used to my new 22″ widescreen monitor.  It’s insane.

Anyway, onto more interesting things.  Did you know teens could woohoo in ACR without any hacks/etc?  I sure as heck didn’t!  Imagine my complete horror and surprise when Marcus phoned his new girlfriend Valerie up for a booty call.  WTF???  I let it go through just to see what would happen.  I kept thinking it was a bug or something and they wouldn’t actually woohoo.  Uh, yeah.  They did.  You can see it via my lovely madden-esque screenshots…

So, uh, yeah…keep an eye on your teens.  Sorry, but I do NOT like teen woohoo.  I will have to find a way to prevent this in the future, lol.  Ewwwww.

September 24, 2008

Yu 2 – Round 20: ‘Turn Me Loose, Pt. 3′

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Ryu and Tracey Yu are happy, despite the rocky road they’ve ventured on to get here.  Marcus and Shelly are teens now and just starting to figure out what they want out of life.

Shelly Yu was not happy to hear about Timothy O’Hanlon and Isolde Anderson being together.  She had hoped the rumors were false, but when she saw them together at school, it was too obvious to ignore.  If she didn’t act soon, they’d be official.  That just couldn’t be.  Timothy was supposed to be hers!  They had been picking on one another since childhood, surely that meant something.

That little social reject was not making a fool out of her by stealing her would-be boyfriend.  Sure, they were related, but that didn’t mean Shelly had to like her.

Meanwhile, Ryu was trying to talk some sense into his son.  In a surprising act, Alyssa had phoned him and told him of Nevio’s behavior.  Ryu had hoped that perhaps he could make Nevio see reason, but it seemed fruitless.  He was spoiled and set in his ways.  Ryu was definitely regretting all that time he spent trying to nail down Gordon Saunders… he had almost had him, but well, he couldn’t act now.  Gordon had them right where he wanted them.

“It’s raining, Shelly,” Timothy said, giving her a look.  “Aren’t you worried about your hair?”

Shelly laughed and tried to pretend his was kidding, “Oh, you’re hilarious!  Now, don’t avoid the question…”

Timothy looked uncomfortable, “I was actually going to ask Isolde to the dance, Shelly… sorry.”

“That’s fine, I was only asking because I didn’t want you to be dateless.  That’s what friends do.” Shelly replied, trying not to look as angry as she felt.

Tracey fulfilled her dreams and became the head of the SCIA.  Unfortunately, it meant little.  In fact, it made her feel guilty because she’d never be able to do anything.  Gordon had her firmly in his grasp, any action against him threatened her family.  She sighed and carried the groceries in, as if it were any other night.  She was as much in his pocket as the corrupt officers and city officials.

Shelly was still sore over Timothy’s rejection, but what could she do?  And then, one day at school, Marcus introduced her to his friend, Cole Anderson.  He had the same last name as Isolde, but they weren’t related.  How weird is that?  Anyway, they got to talking and it seemed Cole had a thing for Isolde and was surprised when he saw her with Timothy O`Hanlon, who he assumed to be Shelly’s boyfriend.

Together, they schemed.  They would pretend to be a couple in the hopes of making the other two jealous… and perhaps inadvertantly try to break them up in the process, too.

“I don’t think you should do this, Shel,” Marcus reasoned, giving his sister a look.  “It isn’t right.  Just let them be.  It won’t work anyway, Timothy doesn’t like you like that.”

Shelly rolled her eyes, “For being a boy, Marcus, you sure are clueless.  He’ll care once I’m taken!  Just make sure you keep your mouth shut about it, all right?”

“Fine, whatever, but I still think it’s stupid.”

Marcus and Shelly would often walk to the park and hangout.  Usually they’d be joined by their friends, but with this whole mess, that had stopped.  Marcus missed hanging out with Timothy, but he couldn’t reason with himself that lying was okay, so he avoided his old friend.  Even Cole, too, seemed too busy with Shelly.

At least they still had family time.  Tracey and Ryu had recently added a deck onto the house and with it, a hot tub.  Everyone enjoyed clustering to it after a long day’s work or homework.  It was definitely a place of ‘family bonding’, though Shelly and Marcus didn’t want to venture a guess as to the real reason their parents had purchased it…


Note from Mao: Cole and Shelly have THREE bolts without any trying from me.  Wow.  I was definitely shocked, lol.  Poor Marcus, he’s losing his friends to Shelly!

August 31, 2008

Yu 2 – Round 19: ‘Moving On, End’

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Ryu and Tracey Yu are happy with their twins and thankful that they are now old enough to take care of themselves.  Will the twins prosper or join the rest of the current generation in chaos?

As with most twins at a young age, Shelly and Marcus enjoyed doing things together.  Unfortunately for Marcus, Shelly knew her twin well enough to cheat at most of the things she did.  She didn’t mean any harm by it, but she wasn’t about to lose to a boy.  Marcus was none-the-wiser.

Tracey, meanwhile, was feeling her age.  She looked into the mirror and tried to pinpoint the wrinkles and lines.  She was surprisingly youthful, but her inability to stop dyeing her hair helped with that.  At least she hadn’t changed too much.  From a distance, she still looked like her old self.  Unfortunately, her body felt differently about that fact.  She just hoped she could keep it together long enough to fulfill her dream.

Shelly was trying to make friends, but her inherent nature for pointing out the obvious made it difficult.  Cole O`Hanlon wasn’t very happy when she began teasing him about being an alien.  The two got into quite the little tiff, with Shelly feeling badly as Cole stormed off.  He was proud of his uniqueness and he wasn’t going to have anyone tell him otherwise.

Especially not a girl whose family was clearly deranged.

August 18, 2008

Yu 2 – Round 18: ‘Moving On, Pt. 3′

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Ryu and Tracey have come a long way, leaving their former spouses behind.  With their hectic work schedules, can they ensure that the twins, Marcus and Shelly, make it to childhood?

Even after so long, Ryu was the primary caregiver.  It was quite the role reversal, as Alyssa had taken care of most of the ‘rearing’ as far as children were concerned before.  Now it was up to him.  It wasn’t particularly hard and his increasing age gave him more and more patience.

It was hard to be patient with certain things, though, like Katarina.  She held no grudges at all and would visit now and again.  She was shacked up with Shang and Ryu wasn’t quite sure how he felt about that.  He still couldn’t imagine her as a mother, though Alyssa had said she was doing surprisingly well.

Katarina only visited during the afternoon and evening, while Tracey was off at work.  She had no problem with her new siblings, but she really didn’t care to meet Tracey.

The twins’ birthday came and went, and despite being children, old habits die hard.  They still spent a lot of time at the little drawing table, having competitions as to who could ‘draw better’.  Neither one came out on top of the other, Ryu wasn’t sure if his creativity had passed on to either of them.

They saw their mother late in the evening, when they usually had dinner.  She always made sure to inquire about their day, school, and everything that would happen while she was away.  It wasn’t easy leaving them behind and going to work, but she was nearly at the top and it wouldn’t be much longer until she needn’t worry about it any longer.

Of course, by then, they’d be teens caring for themselves, but sims don’t usually plan that far ahead…

Despite Tracey being gone a lot, life was good for the twins.  Of course, not everyone was kind about it.  Timothy and Marcus were friends, but Timothy always gave poor Shelly such a hard time.  Kids would be kids and what goes on in their mind when they tease girls is always the same…


Note from Mao: Katarina is as bad as Shang!  She stops over autonomously constantly–it’s crazy.  Timothy teased Shelly on his own, which made me laugh…

August 8, 2008

Anderson 4 – Round 17: ‘Blood Money, Pt. 1′

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Roman Anderson is determined to make his family rue the day he wasn’t chosen as Heir. Cara is just happy to be rid of grass skirts and steel drum music.

Roman and Cara had quite a large wedding, one of the larger ones that’s occurred in all of Boreal Springs. Regardless, Lacie Anderson wasn’t impressed. She was beginning to realize that perhaps she had chosen the wrong sibling to seduce. Roman may think himself impenetrable to her charms, but only time would tell.

Roman’s parents, meanwhile, were more than pleased with the union. At least one of their son’s had the foresight to pick a suitable wife and not manage to knock her up prior to getting her to the altar. Despite the tensions swirling around the hood, the wedding went off without a hitch. The newlyweds decided to postpone their honeymoon until it was more appropriate. Right now, they had jobs to get to.

Roman was more than pleased with his choice. Cara cleaned up very well, just as he knew she would. She was humble, too, and dressed appropriately. She had a keen mind and seemingly no desire to overindulge herself in the wealth that was to be theirs. This was all very well. He wouldn’t have to worry about her interfering at all.

In fact, she helped him achieve his goals and was more than supportive. She did her best to aid him with his business endeavors and was a quick study. Soon she was bossing employees around like a natural and keeping track of every little green and red mark on the books. She had her own desires, though. She wanted desperately to take Gina Saunders’ position as the face of Boreal Spring’s media. Only, Cara wanted to be a news anchor. She certainly had the looks, she just needed to work on her charisma.

This gave Roman plenty of freedom to build up his… other contacts. He was related to Gordon Saunders, but it wasn’t a relation that was really recognized by either side. Janine Saunders was Roman’s grandmother, but she was Gordon’s mother. Roman was an Anderson and therefore, Gordon didn’t really care much to talk to him. So Roman had to go through the lower echelons. He was surprised when one of the contacts turned out to be a very pale woman prone to dramatic, sweeping gesticulations and a bit of a lisp.

She wasn’t very helpful, but Roman wasn’t about to give up. Gordon was the answer to his biggest problem and he was determined to reach him.

Cara took no notice to her husband’s odd habits and instead enjoyed the friendship of another islander turned resident, Tracey Yu. While Tracey kept the part about being married to a criminal, she couldn’t hide the fact that she was married to Cara’s technical father-in-law. They didn’t bother acknowledging the legal relation, though, instead becoming jogging buddies and just casual friends.

It was nice to have another islander, but Cara was a little too serious for Tracey.

Roman wasted no time reaching his goal. He was keen to take over Boreal Spring’s real estate matters. The government had been handling it, but now with Aperture and Boreal Springs growing in size, it required a more closely invested handler. Roman was more than happy to take the responsibility. He was also working on getting his second business off the ground.

He continued looking for Gordon, but he figured that with all the wealth he was amassing, he was sure to run into him somehow. He had heard Gordon didn’t like it when people not under his thumb started getting filthy rich…


Note from Mao: Okay, Cara is gorgeous. Wow. I had no idea she was that pretty. She is like, the perfect trophy wife LOL. Roman is insane. He reached his LTW faster than anyone else in Boreal Springs ever has. Sheesh! Also, Roman wanting to talk to Gordon comes from him stalking him on a community lot. I saw him doing this while I was playing another family. Makes sense, given Roman’s ambitions…

Also, Cara’s formalwear was messed up for some reason. She couldn’t choose any of the dresses I bought for her. Weird.

August 5, 2008

Yu 2 – Round 17: ‘Moving On, Pt. 1′

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Ryu and Tracey Yu may have come together under… questionable circumstances, but they are happy nonetheless. The twins, however, are still quite a handful.

Tracey was elated to have more children, though she did miss Michael terribly. She put all her attention towards the twins, trying to push away her saddness. She was sure once Michael was more readily able to make his own decisions, she’d see him.

Just as long as Tracey didn’t have to see Gordon, that is. His threat had chilled her to the core. The less she saw or heard of him, the better. He was terrifying to her now.

Surprisingly, there had been little drama due to the result of their mutual break-ups and sudden marriage. Ryu’s children had been a little… baffled, but they were older and too busy with their own lives to really care too much. Tracey was well-aware of the fact that Ryu had been married to the mayor and made sure not to give Alyssa any opportunities to make her pay for it.

Even with the twins keeping them busy at all hours, Tracey and Ryu were quite happy.

Of course, once the twins became toddlers, their alone time pretty much stopped. Shelly and Marcus weren’t bad, they were just insanely curious, as all toddlers tend to be. Tracey solved this by putting a little table for them to play on in the living room. It kept them occupied and far, far away from the toliet and other dirty things they loved putting their hands into.

Ryu and Tracey took care of the twins in shifts. Ryu was at the top of his career, so he had more flex time. He mostly took care of the children during the day, though his phone rang off the hook and he spent a considerable amount of time hunched over his computer. He was more than happy to support Tracey’s dream of reaching the top of her field. After all, it had been Ryu himself who recruited her.

Tracey took over at night, right after she got home from work. She was defintiely busy at work, but always happy to come home and play with the twins. She wasn’t tired, she was exhausted, but having children was tiring work and it was just something you learned to deal with. She really didn’t want to miss out on anything… especially given how much of Michael’s life she was being forced to miss.


Note from Mao: This round FLEW by, seriously. I barely got these pictures. It was like clockwork and before I knew it, it was over. Sheesh! Twins keep them busy, that’s for sure. And how funny is it that this lot is “yu 2″? /snickers

Note about the Site: Perhaps you noticed that BS was down/blank for the past 15 hours. Issue with WP. Now fixed. Also, I used an online genealogy thing to make an interactive hood family tree. It is very, very cool. You can see it here.

August 1, 2008

Saunders – Round 17: ‘Hard to Handle, Pt. 1′

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Damien and Aiyana Saunders are finally both happy in their situation. Unfortunately, River isn’t quite so happy and buries herself in knowledge in an effort to make up for all the confusion she feels. Basil prefers to grab life by the horns and take breaks to enjoy a good grilled cheese.

Aiyana found herself extremely busy. There were a lot of stresses hanging around in the air of Boreal Springs. A frequent customer of hers was her best friend, Tracey Yu. She had survived a bizarre divorce and now was raising two twins and feeling the strain. Aiyana was always happy to help her work out the stress and give her someone to talk to.

Basil was an extremely active teen. He enjoyed video games, messing around, and avoiding his schoolwork. When asked about his college ambitions, he simply laughed. Both Damien and Aiyana were concerned… Basil was to be their heir and he certainly didn’t seem responsible enough. Perhaps he’d grow into it? Until then, they’d just have to wait and hope for the best.

River, meanwhile, buried herself in books and studies. She was determined to get as many scholarships as she could to pay her way through Boreal Summit University. She was certainly doing a good job at it, too. She kept her grades up, worked hard, and didn’t let anything distract her. It was a little worrying, her unending dedication to her books, but what could anyone do? Aiyana had only inquired once about what had caused the change and the look River gave her in response was enough for her to never ask again.

Basil was a lot better at helping Aiyana out than River was, anyway. He was charming and all his words seemed to be etched in gold. Aiyana worried about how easily he got along with her female customers, though. He seemed to be particularly interest in one reoccuring customer. She was a freshman in college and worked as a DJ part-time in Aperture. Aiyana tried to keep Basil away from her, but she didn’t have eyes in the back of her head.

She didn’t need to worry about River. Any boys that showed interest in her eccentric daughter were quickly rebuffed by a very horrified River. She wasn’t entirely sure why she was horrified, just that she was. It only made her dive further into her books.

Basil enjoyed hanging out at the newly opened pool until the late hours. It was the final days of warmth and soon the pool would be closed. He often found himself marveling at Shang Yu’s animal-magnetism. Anytime he went, Shang was in the hot tub, surrounded by women. It was a little ridiculous.

After River left for Boreal Summit University, Bosco was considerably saddened. Damien brought home a kitten that soon grew into a very lovely cat named Daenerys. Bosco and Daenerys got along famously and Aiyana hinted that maybe there would be some kittens on the way and that Damien was in charge of finding a home for them!


Note from Mao: Basil cracks me up! He’s Pleasure/Grilled Cheese. He looks so much like Chuck, it isn’t even funny. Poor River. I don’t know what to do with her, all she wants to do is studystudystudy. Yawwwn. Daenerys is the prettiest cat I have ever had in the game and I didn’t even make her!

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