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July 26, 2008

Saunders 2 – Round 16: ‘Message in a Bottle, End’

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Now that Tracey has found out about Gordon, what will happen? Poor little Michael is going to be very confused.

Tracey sat on the couch, trying to focus on the paper. Everytime she saw a police report, she couldn’t help but wonder as to what Gordon’s involvement was. She hadn’t meant to find out, but when she pulled the wrong book from the bookcase and it slid aside, her curiosity demanded she search deeper. It was there she found the secret basement, the little ‘room’, everything. She was horrified.

The only thing left to do was… well, Tracey wasn’t sure about it anymore. She was starting to get a little scared.

Of course that fear dissipated when Gordon walked through the door. He had been off in Aperture, working on ‘business’ again. Tracey knew that was a lie, his business was criminal and that’s what he’d been doing.

“Someone has been nosing around,” Gordon said, his voice calm and completely the opposite of Tracey’s frenzied tone. “What are you going to do about it, Tracey? Tell your cop boyfriend?”

“What?” She hissed, trying to push back the sudden rush of embarassment. How… how did he know about that?

“Don’t look so surprised, it makes your nose look crooked,” he said, leaning forward, grinning. In his hands, he held a document. “And this? That’s cute, real cute.”

“Where did you get that?!” It was the evidence she’d gathered from his room beneath the house. She had turned it directly into the police. “You criminal!”

“Ah, ah… clever criminal, Tracey. The police department is mine. Remember that Ryu isn’t a cop, he’s an agent. I can’t claim to have anything on the federal bureau… but when there’s no evidence, why should I worry?”

Tracey narrowed her eyes, “there’s me! I’ll testify!”

“No, you won’t,” Gordon replied, the charm gone from his voice. “I don’t necessarily care that he slept with you… we Saunders men have an indirect way of passing our wives around. No, it’s simply the fact you thought you could get away with it. You’re wrong, Tracey, wrong. You’ll get your divorce… but Michael is mine.”

“I have a reputation to uphold. You can have the house, I’ll give you that much, but everything else is mine. I hope you have some savings, Tracey… or you may just have to sell and move back to those dear islands you so love.”

Tracey walked away from him, trying to restrain her sobs, “y-you can’t take him–”

“I can and I am,” Gordon’s voice was cold as ice. “I have evidence, Tracey. Evidence of adultery. I can take anything I want. Michael is mine and I suggest you say your goodbyes. We’re leaving as soon as my driver arrives.”

“This isn’t right, Gordon!” She wailed into her hands, unable to look up. “He needs a mother!”

“A mother, perhaps… but you? No. Be glad I’m letting you live, Tracey. Be thankful. And remember what I said, should you ever find yourself even thinking of walking into a courthouse.”

Tracey wasted no time. She quickly wiped away her tears and ran into Michael’s room. He was packing his things into a suitcase and the image of such a thing was monstrous to Tracey. She yanked him away and into her arms, hugging him tightly and sobbing.

“Mommy loves you, Michael. Always remember that. I didn’t mean for it to be this way.”

“It’s all right, mom,” Michael said in that same calm voice that Gordon had. “I know.”

“I will see you again, I promise I will. Somehow.”

Michael said nothing. He gave his mother a soft, hesitant smile and picked up his bag. Tracey watched as he left through the door, joining Gordon who had several men moving things out of the house at a rapid pace.

July 22, 2008

Anderson – Round 16: ‘Happy?, End’

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Alyssa and Ryu’s marriage has been on the rocks for awhile now. Can they settle their differences or is it time to call in the lawyers?

Alyssa found herself at a loss. She had confessed to Florence, but she really didn’t feel any better. In fact, she felt worse. Her guilt was transposing itself into anger and she found herself frequently lashing out at the wrong people. She had to bite her tongue when Roman called to report that Nevio was bringing his gold-digging girlfriend Laci to dinner.

“How can you be so sure, Roman? Maybe you are misunderstanding her..”

“No, I’m not, mother. She’s even gone so far as to hit on me. She’s disgusting and she needs ejected as soon as possible.”

Alyssa sighed heavily, “you know we can’t do that, Roman. If Nevio loves her…”

“Grandfather would have. You know it, too, just as well as I do.” There was shuffling on the other end of the line. “I’ve got to go. We’ll see you Sunday.”

Talking to Ryu was as awkward as it had ever been. They mostly kept their distance, though Ryu had made attempts to build bridges, Alyssa always declined. She just couldn’t get over her own guilt. She knew she had to tell him, but it would have to wait until after the kids visited. No need to make things messy for them, too.

“You need to tell me what’s going on, Alyssa.”

“No, not yet. After the kids have come and gone, I’ll tell you. But no sooner than that. It’s for the best.”

And so Sunday came and Alyssa finally met Laci. She had to admit, Laci certainly looked the part. Was Nevio serious about this girl? Alyssa couldn’t help but notice how much makeup Laci wore. That really wasn’t appropriate. She tried her best to make nice, though, for her son’s sake. She also needed to have a talk with Roman. If there was anyway to remove this woman from Nevio’s life, it needed to be done. She wasn’t fit to be an heir’s wife.

Alyssa went downstairs to see where Ryu had gone to only to find him talking to Tracey Saunders. Inwardly, she bristled. The mere sight of Tracey was enough to set her off. She glared angrily at Ryu and walked into the kitchen, ignoring the fact that Tracey seemed frightened.

“Hold on a minute, Tracey. I’ll be right back,” Ryu assured, patting her on the shoulder.

“A…All right…” she replied, visibly shaken.

Ryu entered the kitchen only to be met with a shower of water. He pushed it out of his face and looked at Alyssa, his own anger flaring.

“What the hell is she doing in the house, Ryu? When the children are here, no less!”

Ryu shook off the water, “what are you trying to say, Alyssa? Tracey just came by because of work. She found something–”

“I’m sure she did!”

“That’s it!” Ryu yelled back, getting in her face. “What is your problem? Why don’t you just tell me so we can stop this stupid charade and get it all over with. Just say it, Alyssa.”

“You act like you already know,” she huffed back, crossing her arms over her chest. Inwardly, she felt as if she might faint.

“Maybe I do,” Ryu retorted, not backing down. “Maybe I figured it out myself and despite that, tried to make this work. But you’ve killed that. So just say it!”

“Fine! I slept with Shang,” she shot back, eyes narrowing. “Are you happy now? But it wouldn’t have happened were it not for that stupid wench in the livingroom!”

“Don’t blame Tracey for your own weaknesses, Alyssa.” Ryu replied, his tone low and full of warning. “I don’t think we need to discuss this any further, do you? I tried, I did, and you threw it in my face.”

“I never should have married you!” Alyssa raged, fists forming at her sides. “Father was right! It’s a shame he won’t be here to see the divorce.”

Ryu shook his head and exited, “I should have known you’d go crazy without your puppet master here to rule your every move.”

July 17, 2008

Saunders 2 – Round 15: ‘Message in a Bottle, Pt. 3′

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Gordon Saunders is the new Criminal Mastermind, but he’s also leading a dangerous double-life. Tracey is completely oblivious to her husband’s other woman, too busy with their new son Michael.

Tracey smiled, pushing back the stray hair from Michael’s face. He was a toddler now and his hair was getting out of control. Everytime she tried to cut it, though, he screamed and cried. She blamed Gordon, as his hair was longer than any female’s in Boreal Springs.

For once in her life, Tracey was happy. She finally had the family she so desperately desired. It was too bad she had no idea of who Gordon was and what he did when she and Michael were sleeping. It was also a shame she didn’t realize how the job she loved was a betrayal of that family.

Luckily for Tracey, Gordon was much too busy to put the pieces together. He knew better than to use his home phone to conduct business, though, and so he had many phones and many numbers. One phone he kept on him was a dangerous link to that double life he led down in Aperture. He had been busy working with Tsung on getting a home built. When Tsung inquired if he was moving, Gordon simply said he wanted somewhere to stay when he was doing business downtown.

It wasn’t like he could tell his best friend that it was his mistress’ home. Nevermind the fact that she was the infamous Katy Saunders. That was lost in government tape. She was Lauren Davis now.

Tracey was enjoying Michael so much that she thought it might be nice to have another. Michael wasn’t exactly planned, but now that he was here, she couldn’t see living any other way. She didn’t want a big family, but having a girl or at least a sibling for little Michael would be nice. Unfortunately, bringing this up to Gordon was like regressing back to the age of sixteen when she asked her parents for her first car.

He had much the same reaction as they had, too–”no.”

“What do you mean no?” Tracey was flabbergasted. She had never really questioned Gordon before, but this was one of those times that his response just didn’t make sense. Couldn’t he have at least thought of an excuse? “You can just say ‘no’ and then that be the end–”

“Yes, I can. And I just did.” He replied simply, standing up. He really, really wasn’t in the mood to deal with this right now.

“Hey! You can’t just leave!”

“What more do you need? No means no. And I have to go to work.”

Tracey refused to give up so easily. She just couldn’t understand how he could enjoy Michael so much and yet just say “no”, without even considering it, to having another child. It wasn’t like they were worried about money, or space, or anything logical. And really, what was he losing? She was the one who had to get fat and waddle around for nine months… and then try to squeeze out a baby the size of a water melon!

Michael grew quickly into a quiet and reserved child. His nature wasn’t for a lack of love, both his mother and father paid plenty of attention to him. He simply carried a piece of Gordon with him and expressed it differently. He was an old soul locked up into a tiny body. Sometimes Tracey worried about him and his odd ways. He rarely spoke and when he did, his voice was calm and without emotion. His hair was nearly as long as Gordon’s now and he refused to get more than an inch cut off at a time. He insisted that his hair be neatly tied back and when his mother wasn’t around to do it, he learned how to do it himself.

Gordon dismissed Tracey’s worries, knowing full well how Michael felt. He only hoped that his son wasn’t forced to follow in his footsteps and he hated thinking how perfectly suited Michael was to be his successor.

If all of Gordon’s plans came to fruition, he wouldn’t need a successor…


Note from Mao: Tracey has a want for another baby. They are halfway through adulthood, so we’ll see how Inteen handles that one! Michael is quite literally a little clone of Gordon, only with Henry’s eyes and Janine’s jet black hair. He shares Janine’s love for tinkering, too.

June 2, 2008

Saunders 2 – Round 14: ‘Family Business, Pt. 5′

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Gordon Saunders is secure in his position as the new master of criminals… but will he be able to keep the heat off now that Katy is back?  Tracey has her own news to share with her husband, as well.


Tracey Saunders awoke with an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach.  She ran for the bathroom as quick as her legs could carry her and found herself paying homage to the porcelian throne.  She had always been extremely healthy–one of the perks of living on the tropical island–so it wasn’t that she was sick.  No, it was something Tracey had been hoping would happen for some time now.  She was pregnant.

The only issue would be telling Gordon the news.  They really hadn’t discussed children, not that there was ever a chance.  He was busier than ever now and gone most of the time she was home.

One morning, she tried to sweeten him up with breakfast, but her newfound condition caused her to forget any culinary skills she previously had.  It was then, over charred pancakes, that she informed Gordon that she thought she was pregnant and would be visiting the doctor to make certain her claims.

“That explains this, then,” was his only reply, his eyes cautiously falling on the burnt pancake hardly concealed beneath syrup. 

Tracey wasn’t quite sure how to gauge his reaction and decided that she would just be happy enough for the both of them.

It wasn’t that Gordon wasn’t happy.  Having an heir was very important to him.  It was just that bigger things had arisen and they needed his immediate attention.  Most troubling of all was the fact that Katy Saunders had returned.  Gordon knew what his mother, Janine, had done and he also knew Katy.  He had only been small when she died, but he remembered her.  She wouldn’t hesitate to pin it all on Janine and that would lead to Gordon.  He couldn’t let that happen.

Rousing his contacts in the city of Aperture, Gordon tried to find the freshly risen Katy Saunders.  He glanced idly at his wedding ring as his contact rattled off on the other end of the receiver.  In order to ensure that Katy Saunders didn’t point Janine as her murderer, Gordon would have to make his life very, very complicated.

In preperation for this, he made sure to pay plenty of attention to his pregnant wife.  The less suspicious she was, the better.  He had no intention of disrupting his home life.  He wasn’t necessarily in love with Tracey, but she was about to be the mother of his child and that put her at a higher place in his mind.  He wouldn’t have her worrying about affairs or criminal activity.  He wanted his child to grow up well-adjusted, unlike Nevio Anderson, who was already known for his mental shortcomings.

Thankfully for Gordon, Tracey still spent a lot of time with her good friend Aiyana Saunders.  Tracey was overjoyed to share her news with her friend, though Aiyana was skeptical.

“Are you going to be able to work after it’s born?”

“Sure,” Tracey replied, smiling.  “In fact, I’m set for a promotion!  Big things are working and they really need me now.”

Aiyana couldn’t hide her jealous, “you certainly are lucky, Tracey.  Don’t mess it up.”

Tracey had an effortless birthing with Michael.  He came out easily and caused his mother little trouble.  Already he had endeared himself to his father, who spent a considerable amount of time with him.  Michael had Henry’s eyes and Gordon found that whenever he looked into them, he felt guilty.  He had found Katy and the plan was in action.  Thomas would soon be gone, too.  Everything he had done was necessary, but under the scrutinizing and altrusitic eyes of Henry Saunders, it seemed to be for naught.

Gordon muttered a silent apology to little Michael and set him back down in his crib.  He left Michael with the nanny and headed off to Aperture once again.


Note from Mao: I am loving Gordon so much it isn’t even funny.  How IRONIC is it that Michael has Henry’s eyes?  I LOVE IT!  Poor Gordon.  He’s all over the place now, heh heh.  Internet is still crappy as hell, but I managed to get this one up.  Yay me.

May 28, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 14: ‘Purple Progeny, Pt. 2′

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Nathaniel Anderson and Sara O`Hanlon have their first child who also bears the alien skin tone that Nathaniel inherited from his otherworldly father. Can little Patrick grow up happy and healthy?

For a long time, Sara had desired a pet. It had been difficult to convince Nathaniel that a pet was worth it; all he saw was puddles on the floor and destroyed furniture. With the arrival of Patrick, however, Nathaniel’s resolve softened and Sara was able to adopt a little puppy she named Starbuck*.

Starbuck was meant to be an outdoor dog, but the winter chill hadn’t ended and so Starbuck remained inside until spring finally sprung.

The arrival of spring was a happy occasion for both Nathaniel and Sara. Most of their favorite things in life required them to be outside and the snow only served to hamper them. Spring meant they could once again get into silly shouting matches over games of shootout–where Sara insisted that Nathaniel was obviously cheating.

It also meant that Patrick’s birthday was drawing near and soon he’d be a fully-functional toddler, ready to cause chaos where ever he roamed.

Nathaniel was incredibly pleased to see that his small son had also inherited his unique, pointed ears. Lilith had always been jealous of Nathaniel because hers were normal. It served to make Patrick stand out even more as the unique little guy he truly was.

Of course, he was spoiled. Sara and Nathaniel doted on him and anything he wanted, he received. It likely wasn’t good planning for the future; Patrick was already showing signs of thinking he was overly entitled and he refused to share with anything or anyone. But he always put on an angel face for his parents, so they really didn’t see it.

He adored Starbuck and would spend more time playing with her than his toys. His interest seemed to be science and at a young age, he showed a startling amount of aptitude. Nathaniel attributed it to the alien part of him. Poor Nathaniel never claimed to be incredibly intelligent, but he did know what he knew to a startling degree. Lilith was the same way, though her stubbornness definitely got in the way of her intelligence.

Patrick seemed to be without both of those faults and his intelligence shone through.

After spending a month away from Sara and Patrick, Nathaniel returned happy and fulfilled. He couldn’t exactly explain what he did or what he had saw, all he could say was he answered to nature now and his job was more important than ever. He wanted to relocate near the beach, but Sara didn’t want to move poor little Patrick. So they remained, but Nathaniel did not abandon his plans.

Tracey Saunders stopped by now and again to visit with Sara. She was incredibly thankful for the introduction to Aiyana Saunders, who had quickly become her best friend. Sara had done it only to quiet her husband, but she was finding her vast connections to everyone throughout the neighborhood was an alarmingly good resource. She knew everyone and was good friends with most.

Nathaniel was busy talking over his awards appearance for his work on cleaning up the local ocean.

Time progressed and soon, little Patrick wasn’t so little anymore. He stilled enjoyed Starbuck, but he spent a lot of time on his little ‘experiments’, too. Sara wasn’t as sure about them as Nathaniel. He encouraged Patrick’s curious mind while Sara worried he was going to blow something up.

Note from Mao: Patrick is acting like my fiance as a child. Scary. Oh, and updates may be sporadic or nonexistent for I’m not sure how long. My fiance’s connection is satellite (we’re out in the BOONIES) and we went over our dl/ul limit, so they cut our connection back hardcore. It’s impossible for me to upload ANYTHING, I’m glad I had these uploaded before hand. It’ll expire and we’ll go back to normal speed… just not sure when. Gah.

*Starbuck is a character from Battlestar Galatica.

May 23, 2008

Saunders – Round 14: ‘A Family Way, Pt. 2′

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Damien Saunders is quickly on his way to becoming Education Minister. Unfortunately, he has no idea that his wife, Aiyana, is quickly on her way to going crazy. River ignores her weird parents and prefers to spend time with her ants.

Aiyana gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Basil Saunders and was happy to be home, until she realized she was surrounded by children again. It was impossible to have time for herself with Basil crying late into the night and River needing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Two was more than she can handle–she barely managed to raise one!

It was even worse when River brought home a friend from school.

River and Zhou Yu were about the same age, so they shared a class. While River was seen as a big nerd, Zhao was seen as a bit of smart-mouth. Together, they found unity into their forced obscurity. River helped Zhao with his studies and Zhao tried to help River be more outspoken. She rarely stood up for herself when kids teased her about her glasses.

River did well in school because she had a natural aptitude for logic and scientific thought. She also got a lot of help from Damien when it came to her studies. He was determined that she capitalize on the smarts gifted to her. She could definitely make something of herself, even if she wouldn’t be heir to the house. Of course, River had no desire for that. Everyone that lived here seemed to have babies, babies, and more babies. It wasn’t necessarily something River found herself desiring at the age of eight.

Family dinners were tense enough as it was. Every now and then Aiyana would make a plea that perhaps she could get a job once Basil started school. Damien was adamant. His grandfather had been very family-oriented and this was imprinted on him. He wanted his children to be happy and well-adjusted and they needed a proper mother for that. Aiyana would love to stay home and study, but it was impossible with the children! She needed a break.

Tracey was her only saving grace. She would often come over during the day and visit. She always showed such skill with the kids, especially when they were babies. Aiyana was wowed that she didn’t have any of her own. Whenever she inquired, Tracey simply shrugged and said:

“It just hasn’t happened. I’m happy just being around any child, though. They’re just fantastic.”

“Until they wake you up at 3am…” Aiyana groused.

Eventually, Basil became even more of a handful, growing into a toddler. He definitely had his grandmother Katy’s eyes and he looked quite a bit like Chuck, right down to his curly mop of hair. That was a Saunders trademark for males, though. Damien tried to help out, but with his career on the upswing, a lot of his time was spent at work or focusing on increasing his position.

He wasn’t able to get up at 3am with Basil and hold him and feed him. Damien had to be at work in the morning, after all. Aiyana sighed. She barely got any sleep anymore–she probably looked like the walking dead! She was tempted to chop off her hair, as Basil seemed obsessed with grabbing onto it and pulling as hard as he could. Even their cat, Bosco, could sense her exhaustion.

One night, Aiyana was just too tired and couldn’t bring herself to get out of bed. When she finally managed, she realized that Basil had stopped crying. River’s room was right next to the nursery and she had heard his cries. She got out of bed and let him out of the crib. She was even soothing him with smiles and silly faces when Katy came in.

Perhaps River would be even more help when she became a teenager…


Note from Mao: River interacts a lot with Basil on her own, which I rarely see sim kids do with toddlers! It’s very cute. Anytime I can’t find her, I know to check the nursery. Also, Tracey does visit a lot and the first thing she did was pick up a baby. Everytime. I get it, Tracey, okay? Seriously. Sheesh.

May 22, 2008

Anderson – Round 14: ‘Happy?, Pt. 3′

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Thomas Anderson’s days are coming to an end; will it be a natural end or something more dastardly? Alyssa and Ryu’s marriage is quickly crumbling beneath the weight of his case against the former Janine Anderson and now Derek Saunders. Roman remains quiet and studious, but Nevio finds himself unable to cope with the familial distress.

Thomas Anderson watched as his young grandchild Nevio slept. He would never be ready in time. With all the chaos in the house, it was nearly impossible to teach him anything. Had Thomas mad the wrong choice in an heir to his fortune and notoriety?

His days were numbered and he knew it was only a matter of time before the natural processes of life called him to the other side. What he wasn’t too sure of is whether or not Gordon would have a hand in it. The student outdoing the teacher is a common theme.

Alyssa, meanwhile, found herself bored with her life. She was tired of arguing with Ryu and she was even more tired of all the political backlash. She refused to believe that her mother was a Criminal Mastermind! There was just no possible way. Ryu was creating mountains out of mole hills, as seemed to be his thing now.

She was also bothered by the fact that he was always talking to Tracey Saunders. Tracey was young and exotic, but also very much married to Gordon Saunders. Of course, in this day and age, that really didn’t matter. The more Alyssa thought about it, the angrier she got.

Alyssa had no way of knowing that Tracey was just a part of Ryu’s plan to bring down the entire criminal empire. He had suspected Gordon for sometime, but with what Tracey told him, he was even more sure of it. Of course, he didn’t tell her this. He simply comforted her as a friend would and told her she was doing a good job. He felt bad, but Tracey had dug her own grave, really. She wanted off the island bad enough to marry the first person she came across!

Meanwhile, the twins did their best to stay away from all the familial strife. They built snowmen and spent a lot of time together. Poor Roman lost a bet to his brother and was forced to wear their mother’s old snow clothing. It wasn’t so bad, except for the daisy pockets and the pink scarf. It seemed to cheer Nevio up, though, and so Roman suffered through.

He did take advantage of Nevio walking away to put the carrot nose as something else, though.

Ryu also spent a lot of time communicating with Lilith Yu through the computer. It would be best if their connections in this upcoming trial were left secret until the final revealing. Ryu was certain that with Katy Saunders as his star witness, nothing could go wrong. He felt bad for his brother, but he couldn’t forgive murder. This was his job and it had quickly become his passion, too.

Luckily for Ryu, Lilith came through and was ready to do the ceremony. She just had to know ahead of time so she could make sure Tsung wasn’t home.

The twins grew up into hardy teens. The result of all the dysfunction caused Nevio to have pre-conceived notions of relationships. He found them stifling and frightening. People who ended up in steady relationships were guaranteed to be miserable and he swore that’d never be him. Nevio idealized love, though, and so by not tying himself down, he was free to enjoy it without it shattering his ideal. (Romance Sim)

Nevio ended up looking a lot like his mother, Alyssa.

Roman was a little too serious and introverted for such endeavors. Instead, he found that he enjoyed the life his parents and grandfather had provided for him. He was determined to make as much, if not more, than their family had accumulated. Even if he wasn’t heir, he was going to live a life of luxury. Finding a female that felt the same would truly be ideal. (Fortune sim)

Roman took more after his father’s side of the family.

May 15, 2008

Saunders 2 – Round 13: ‘Family Business, Pt. 4′

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Gordon Saunders married Tracey to cover up his acquisition of his mother’s criminal empire. Tracey married Gordon to escape her island hell, but finds herself caught between falling in love and falling into a trap.

Thanks to Sara O`Hanlon, Tracey was introduced to Aiyana Saunders. Aiyana was also new to Boreal Springs and so they started out with some common ground. It wasn’t long before the two were good friends, calling and visiting as much as possible. Aiyana finally had someone to confide in and Tracey was just happy to have some female company. Her former fling with Shang Yu left a sour taste in most female’s mouths.

Gordon was pleased with the distraction Aiyana provided. He knew that Sara was a good bet and she was already helping him out without even knowing it. Tracey was so caught up in her friendship she failed to notice the odd hours Gordon kept. The less suspicion, the better. He was so close to regaining complete control–there were only a few final steps before he could call himself his mother’s true successor.

He tried not to think about the hassle that Thomas Anderson provided. He’d be taken care of soon enough.

Of course, the distraction didn’t last long. Aiyana began to question Tracey about what she did and the conversation turned to Gordon. Tracey was at a loss–he never specifically stated what he did.

“I… I’m not–”

“You don’t know?” Aiyana was too shocked to mind her manners. “How is that possible?”

Tracey looked sheepish, “I guess I never asked.”

Aiyana quirked an eyebrow at this, “what aren’t you telling me, Tracey? You two are the strangest married couple I’ve ever seen–and I’ve seen some weird things.”

“I guess it won’t hurt to tell you, but you have to keep it quiet, all right?”

“Sure, you have no idea how good I am at the whole secret keeping gambit…”

After her chat with Aiyana, Tracey was determined to not be made a fool of again. She was going to go get a straight answer from Gordon once and for all. At least, that’s what she claimed. As per usual, Gordon had the upper hand and Tracey was easily swayed away from her questions. Any person outside of the situation would see the manipulation easily, but Tracey preferred the ‘ignorance is bliss’ notion and denied any hints she saw.

He was just too nice to be manipulative. Ask anyone! Except Lilith, but Lilith hated everyone…

Gordon was elated when she finally took complete control of his mother’s empire. Every minion was his to boss around, the money from all the laundering operations and crooked businesses was his to spend, and even better… the notoriety and fear was finally at his finger tips.

There was just one nagging little problem–Thomas Anderson. Janine had worked out a deal with Thomas, but Gordon had decided awhile back he preferred to work alone. Thomas had all the politicians in his pocket and were it not for sticking his own neck out there, would have exposed Gordon. If Gordon wanted political power, Thomas had to go.

Tracey was surprised when Gordon suggested a vacation. He hadn’t spoken of any desires to leave Boreal Springs prior, but she wasn’t about to argue. They decided on somewhere far away, even further than the islands. Tracey was definitely thankful for that. Even better, they weren’t staying in a hotel; Gordon had purchased a fully-furnished house for them to occupy. Tracey didn’t bother asking where the money came from.

April 30, 2008

Saunders 2 – Round 12: ‘Message in a Bottle, Pt. 2′

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Gordon Saunders is the next criminal mastermind, but everyone’s too focused on Henry’s confession to realize it. Tracey Royce is just happy to be off the island, unknowing of her part in his criminal workings.

Tracey was incredibly surprised at how pliable Gordon was. They had spoken a little during University, but it was only after graduation that they had dated–very mildly. When the issue of her being chained to the island came up, Gordon offered to help her without so much as a second thought. Tracey was too overjoyed to realize that Gordon had his own agenda for marrying her. He was laying low in the wake of all the controversy his father had stirred up and being married would take even more attention off him.

It was a quick and effortless ceremony, as neither of them were much into show boating.

Tracey did feel bad about not being completely honest with Gordon, but she felt that it was only proper. He would never have agreed if he knew she still hadn’t ‘cut things off’ Shang. In fact, he didn’t even know she had been dating Gordon, as she had been seeing Shang all the while, too. She didn’t really care about Shang like that, though. Why she continued to see him, she wasn’t sure. Maybe guilt?

Either way, it was worth it. She was off that dreadful island and able to embrace her freedom. She tossed out her grass skirt and leaves, trading them for heels and more modern dress.

Gordon had retrieved his dog, Lord Snow, from his nephew Damien. He had missed his pet quite a bit, as it was his only reminder of Janine that wasn’t tied to criminal behavior. Lord Snow was just as happy to see him, thankful to get away from the crazy hippies that now inhabited the Saunders house. Lord Snow didn’t take very kindly to Tracey, though.

Shang stopped by one day while Gordon was at work to confront Tracey. Sure, it was a bit hypocritical… but Gordon was his friend. That just was not cool. It also didn’t help that Shang realized what Tracey had been up to all the while.

“You’re a damned whore,” he hissed, jabbing his finger into the air, threatening Tracey. “You’re using him? That’s low, Tracey, even for you.”

“Shut up, Shang,” Tracey shot back, eyes narrowed. “I actually like Gordon, and I have since I started visiting you at Uni. It was you I was planning to use, but you’re the biggest whore of them all! You use everyone you come into contact with!”

“That’s shit and you know it. I’m telling Gordon.”

“Get out of my house, Shang. Now.”

Tracey actually did care about Gordon and being around him daily made those feelings develop into love. She had been initially attracted to him, of course, but he was very sweet and charismatic, it was difficult not to become attached in a deeper way. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, it made the marriage less of a farce and certainly helped rid of some of the guilt Tracey felt.

Despite her feelings, Tracey couldn’t help but feel like there was some sort of invisible wall there in Gordon’s head. He was very distant, regardless of his smiles or jokes or attempts at being light-hearted. The more time she spent with him, the more she realized how hollow all those things she had grown to love were. It seemed like an act, but why? Was he still saddened over his mother’s death and his relatives raking her over the coals, even in death?

She knew it was best not to question it and just pretended not to notice. She was certain he had some genuine sort of character to him, he just kept it hidden.

What Tracey didn’t know is that Shang was good on his threat and stopped by one day to talk to Gordon. He told Gordon everything, but surprisingly, his friend simply smiled.

“I know.”


“I know, Shang. It’s all right. Tracey is no longer your problem.”

“Uuh, dude, did you hear me? She’s usin–”

Gordon placed one of his large hands on Shang’s shoulder, gently guiding him towards the stairs, “don’t worry about it anymore, all right? Thanks for telling me. Visit when you’ve graduated, won’t you?”

Shang left feeling completely baffled. Something about Gordon’s cool demeanor put him on edge, but he tried to ignore it. Tracey wasn’t his problem anymore, this was true. Let Gordon deal with her…

Tracey had a surprise visitor of her own. Late one night, just as she was finishing up dinner, a knock came at the door. Hesitantly, she peeked out and was surprised to see Gordon’s half-brother, Ryu Anderson, at her door. He was one of the top dogs on the case against Janine Saunders. She opened the door, not wanting any trouble with the law. Gordon was at work.

“Don’t be so afraid, Tracey. I’m not here to interrogate you.” Ryu said, laughing. “We’re family.”

“O-Oh, yes, right… what… what did you need then? If you don’t mind me asking? Gordon is at work–”

“I know, that’s why I came.” Ryu interrupted, his tone suddenly becoming serious. “I have an offer for you, Tracey. You’ve been here a year, haven’t you… and you still haven’t found work? What if I were to say we needed some good people on the force?”

“I… I don’t know what to say… but I’m, well, not qualified.”

“Sure you are. Why don’t you come by tomorrow and we’ll talk? Mrs. O`Hanlon is quite interested in meeting you, too.”

“T-The… district attorney??” Tracey replied, baffled. “but–”

“Shh, just come by, okay? See you tomorrow.” He said, turning towards the door. Before he left, he half turned and put his finger to his lips. “Uh, keep this quiet, won’t you? With everything going on, we need to not cause anymore chaos.”


Note from Mao: Ahh, the plot thickens. I was so happy when Shang KEPT VISITING. It was cracking me up so bad. Silly Shang. I had no idea Uni kids would visit by themselves… as for Ryu visiting Tracey… lets just say Tracey’s LTW is to be head of the SCIA… HOW FITTING, RIGHT? OHNOES GORDON.

For those of you curious, here’s the hood at the end of all the houses of round 12. Next up, Uni.

April 16, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 11: ‘Message in a Bottle, Pt. 1′

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Shang Yu enjoys the ladies, though he’s finding that a little difficult to do with Kate Anderson constantly ‘cramping’ his style. Sara O`Hanlon is back with Nathaniel Anderson and happy. Gordon Saunders is too busy plotting his future to concern himself with the drama in the house.

Kate likes Shang

Time hadn’t caused any of Kate’s feelings for Shang to lessen. As soon as she saw him, she was instantly in love again. Shang, of course, was completely oblivious… more happy to look at himself in the mirror than notice a former flame’s adoring glances. He was used to it. The ladies loved him, and why shouldn’t they? He was all kinds of awesome, this much was true. His awesomeness was sure to aid in his quest to become a supremely famous rock star.

Shang and Kate

Of course, Shang would bid his time while he waited for the fame and fortune. There were plenty of ladies at University ready and will to adore him, as well they should. Kate was always at the front of the line, as usual. While Shang tried to make it clear he wasn’t a ‘one girl kinda guy’, she didn’t seem to buy it. Whatever. He let her know and if she wanted to ride down the river of denial, that was her choice. No one can fault him for reaping the benefits!

Sara and Nathaniel

Sara and Nathaniel, thankfully, were a lot more stable than Shang and his crazy relationships. They didn’t have any big plans–neither of them were necessarily family-oriented. Sara would graduate soon and likely join Nathaniel. Scandalous, to be sure, unwed and not even engaged!

Neither of them really cared. It wasn’t like they wouldn’t do it eventually… maybe. Sara was just happy to be accepted, finally.

Shang and Tracy

Shang wasn’t just messing around with University girls–he also called up some old acquaintances from the distant island. He even had Tracy come and stay as a ‘friend’. Right, a friend. If anything, she was a friend with benefits. Tracy had her own reasons for going along with Shang’s little charade. She knew he was seeing other people, it didn’t concern her. She didn’t necessarily like him all that much.

She just wanted off that miserable, sweltering island. She wanted to wear real clothes instead of ones made with grass! If she had to grin and bare Shang’s ridiculous ego to do it, then so be it.

Kate attacks Tracy

Unfortunately for Tracy, she didn’t know that Kate had her eyes on Shang long before she had. Kate wasn’t giving up her hold, either. She would go down fighting. She let Tracy know this one afternoon after she had come home from her yoga class. Tracy was shocked, to say the least. She knew absolutely nothing about Kate–she thought all of Shang’s women were… well, not exclusive.

This could be a problem.

Tracy meets Gordon

Tracy snuck upstairs to get in the hot tub while everyone else was asleep. She only had a few more days before she had to return to the island and her anxiety was growing. Shang had another two years before he graduated, while Sara and the other mysterious person living there graduated within the next few days. Tracy was shocked to find the hot tub was already occupied.

Shang had mentioned Gordon, Tracy remembered. He was really Tsung’s, Shang’s older brother, best friend, but Shang and Gordon were good buddies as well. Gordon was a little… strange, Tracy would admit that much. But he was certainly more agreeable than Shang… and better looking, too. Definitely. Why hadn’t she seen him before? Did he only come out at night?

Kate attacks Tracy again

After Kate attacked her again, Tracy decided that Shang was out of the question. It was apparent Kate wasn’t going anywhere. So Tracy would need a new plan. She couldn’t help but think back to Gordon–they had gotten along quite well, in fact, they had a lot in common… if she could just convince him to support her visa, she might just have a way out off that darn island.


Note from Mao: You’re probably wondering about Tracy. She appeared in the Yu update ‘Risky Business’. Her story has been slowing evolving in my mind as I watched her interact with everyone. She doesn’t have any chemistry with Shang and when she met Gordon? Two bolts, no tampering. She also spent a lot of time seeking him out, despite his reclusive nature. So, this should be interesting. And yes, Kate kept slapping Tracy around, though Tracy won more than she lost. Another side note… thinking about changing the layout, so don’t panic if things are… weird.

Oh, and apparently this is where the lamp comes from? I keep getting them now, it’s annoying.

the lamp

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