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August 7, 2008

Knight – Round 17: ‘Paralyzer, End’

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Marla is determined to make her marriage work, despite her husband, Travis’, indiscretion with her former best friend, Katarina Anderson. Little Kit is just trying to grow up.

Travis was constantly apologetic and it was a little sad, but who could blame him? Marla hadn’t lied when she said it wouldn’t be easy. Any kindnesses or nice things she had done beforehand were revoked and as such, Travis was left fixing his own meals and cleaning up his own messes.

At first, Marla could scarcely stand to be in the same room as him, but she kept thinking about Kit and her resolve strengthened.

It was hard not to be completely furious with Travis for what he had done. Poor little Kit, what if she had witnessed something? At such a young age, it would likely warp her mind. Marla was comforted by the fact she hadn’t and was constantly doting on her little girl. Of course, Kit looked a considerable amount like Travis and so Marla found herself becoming slightly less enraged.

Mary stopped by a few times to check in and to see her new granddaughter. She spread the news of Sara’s third pregnancy and lamented on the fact that she still refused to get married. Marla humored her mother and said nothing of what had happened with Travis. She said she wouldn’t and so she kept her word. There was no reasoning for it. With her father’s recent death, poor Mary was still on edge and mourning.

Having plenty of money of her own, Marla decided to start a business venture that would be fueled by her good name. She was becoming a big name in the culinary world and it was only right that she open up a restaurant. It was hard work, first messing with the contractors, getting the deed, having it all built to specification. And then hiring people? That was the worst part. But she got rave reviews and loved doing it so much she worked off nearly all her anger at Travis.

It took a few years, but Marla realized that she did love him, even if he was an idiot. She also realized that if he did that again, he’d find himself with cement shoes in the river. But that went without saying. Kit had become a child and while she was happy her parents were getting along, she was more perplexed by the fact they hadn’t assembled her ‘big girl’ bed yet.

“I’m tired!” She cried in frustration. “Isn’t it done yet?”

Despite her penchant for being boisterous, Kit was a serious child who enjoyed structured activities and neat schedules. She enjoyed the wealth provided to her by her lawyer father and celebrity mother. There was a certain status attached that Kit would never begrudge. She took ballet lessons in an effort to increase her ‘femininity’, but wasn’t quite sure if it was working. She also wasn’t quite sure that pink was “her color”.

Things for Marla kept looking up. She won blue ribbons like no one’s business and there were few who could rival her skill in the kitchen. It was when her pie one its third award that she realized what she had to do. She still worked quite a bit at the restaurant, but she needed something else, too. A bakery? She’d have to wait until Kit was a little older. She wanted to teach her the wonderful feeling one got from doing what they love.


Note from Mao: Marla literally worked off her fury at Travis. She opened the restaurant and went to the lot completely furious and came back from it after it reached Rank 5 not furious at all. Yay. Oh, and a funny aside. Gordon came to the restaurant and had dinner with a vampire buddy before Marla closed. That night, the Knight family was robbed. Is Gordon trying to rustle up a protection money trade? LOL!  Oh, and for those curious… Kit Knight was named “Kit” because my fiance and I are huge dorks and could only think of Nightrider, lol.

July 29, 2008

Knight – Round 16: ‘Paralyzer, Pt. 2′

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Marla is happily married, completely unknowing of her husband, Travis’, transgressions with her best friend Katarina. Katarina is feeling the weight of the guilt, though, and tensions are high in the house.

Marla was happy that little Kit had come along peacefully. Her pregnancy, though her first, had been surprisingly effortless and she was able to come home much sooner than anticipated. She and Travis had converted the spare bedroom into a nursery for the new baby. Kit looked a lot like her father, only having her mother, Marla’s, eyes.

Katarina, unable to handle the guilt any longer, decided she needed a break. Little baby Kit had only made things worse. Katarina had never been a terribly considerate person, but she knew that being with Marla’s husband was a line even she hadn’t truly wanted to cross. Marla had been her only true friend through both thick and thin and it was with a heavy heart Katarina packed up her bags and headed off to the tropics.

Shang was out there with the band and they had intended to meet up for a little impromptu ‘fun’. Katarina never felt guilty about messing around with Shang, even if he was her cousin’s husband.

Of course, going anywhere with Shang meant dealing with his fans, both young and adult. The band was quite popular now and it was impossible to take a step without being interrupted. Katarina ignored them and laid out in the sun while Shang flirted and spoke with his ‘adoring fans’. It went on like this the entire time they were at the beach. At least Katarina had gotten some sun.

The adoring fans didn’t keep them from making full use of their hotel room, though. Katarina really didn’t care about Shang’s flirting and meeting up with his fans. They did the same thing, they were naturally promiscuous and monogamy wasn’t exactly something they understood. As long as she knew that he was her first pick, that’s all that mattered.

It wasn’t easy going home, but Katarina knew she couldn’t stay at the island hotel forever. She was a little surprised, though, when she realized she wasn’t coming home alone. Checking herself in the mirror, trying to see if it was obvious, she found herself unable to come to terms with the reality of the situation. Travis chose that moment to walk in.

Of course, it didn’t take him nearly as long to see what was happening. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head.

July 19, 2008

Anderson-Knight – Round 15: ‘Paralyzer, Pt. 1′

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Marla Knight, formerly O`Hanlon, reveals her secret lover Travis Knight (aka Mr. Big). Katarina Anderson is along for the ride and finds herself in a very awkward situation.

Marla was happy to finally introduce her best friend to her boyfriend. She knew Katarina wouldn’t judge her for going after a slightly older man. Instead, Katarina seemed to approve quite readily. Older men had money and the girls definitely needed some cash to improve their bachelorette pad.

Katarina’s parents had given her some money, but kept the rest locked away for an emergency. They knew she couldn’t be trusted to use it wisely, especially when she was so far away in Aperture.

Shang was more than happy to help Katarina break in her new place. In fact, he was envious. She wasn’t married and she got to live and party in Aperture.

“This is a great place, Kat.”

“Sure,” Katarina said, moving closer, “but I know how we can make it better…”

Travis Knight had met Marla O`Hanlon one night in a bar. His divorce was quite the trying process and he desperately needed a night-cap. Marla was there to listen to him ramble and their friendship grew into more. Travis cared a great deal about Marla, but he couldn’t deny the fact that Katarina was ridiculously attractive. She wasn’t the brightest bulb in the pack, but what she lacked in intellect she more than made up for in beauty, sophistication, and allure.

He did his best to keep his attraction quiet, though something told him Katarina saw right through his attempts.

Eventually, Travis moved in. He did his best to avoid Katarina, instead focusing all his attention on Marla. It wasn’t that she wasn’t just as attractive–she was, just in a different sort of way. Marla was the kind of woman you settled down with. She would care for your children and love you even when you were old and wrinkly. Katarina was like a really fast and expensive sports car–every man’s secret fantasy. It wasn’t easy to deny that, especially since Travis had just gone through a divorce with a woman like Marla.

One night, instead of immediately jumping him, Katarina began to talk to Shang. He was surprised by this interlude, but decided to run with it. Katarina was his favorite person, with or without the sex.

“What do you think about love, Shang? Do you think what we do is right? I mean… I know you don’t mess around with married folks, but still. Don’t you think about the relationships your messing up? The love your abusing?”

“Babe, what’s with this philosophical crap all of the sudden?” He replied, trying his best to ignore the lump in his throat. He had messed with a married woman… Katarina’s own mother. “Do you feel bad for being with me knowing I’m married to Kate?”

“No, but you don’t love Kate, silly,” she retorted, giving him a look. “Everyone knows that.”

“That’s not true… I’m not in love with her, but I’ve got love for her. She’s my kid’s mother, Kat. There’s something to that… but it doesn’t mean I can deny my nature. And neither can you. We’re not monogamous creatures… we’re wild and untamed. And we like it that way.”

Katarina wasn’t completely convinced by Shang’s explanation. He didn’t know the situation, the guilt associated with wanting to do incredibly bad things to your best friend’s boyfriend. But in the end, he was right. Katarina couldn’t deny her nature. She knew Travis was attracted to her and that made it all the more harder to fight.

Meanwhile, Marla was finding herself in her own sort of situation. She and Travis had talked a little about getting married but it wasn’t until Marla woke up and immediately planted her head in the toilet bowl that those talks turned to serious consideration. Marla knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was pregnant and that it was definitely Travis’. She’d never been with anyone else.

Travis had no children to his ex-wife, so the news was quite a shock to him.

Everything seemed to happen in fast forward. All their careful plans went barreling forward. Travis met Derek and Mary and gained their approval. He proposed to Marla with them there, which definitely earned him brownie points. As long as they didn’t figure out that Marla was pregnant, that is.

They had a short and intimate wedding, where Marla’s family gathered to celebrate the event. Mary was definitely relieved that at least one of her children was normal enough to get married. Unfortunately, Nathaniel and Sara couldn’t make it due to baby Sade, but sent their best wishes.

After the ceremony, Travis found that his head was spinning. He could scarcely think. This was made worse by the dress Katarina was wearing and the fact that she was walking up to him. No one else was around. She whispered as she walked by, “I have a wedding present for you…”

Travis followed Katarina into the house and up the stairs. He hardly hesitated when she saw where he was leading him. It wasn’t until it was too late that he realized he was in her room and cornered. There was no way out. It was dangerous, it was risky–Marla was downstairs, along with her entire family… yet what could he do? He was in such a panic, everything had happened so quickly…

“Ready for your present?” Katarina purred, moving closer.

He was only married a few hours and already he was making big, big mistakes.


Note from Mao: This was NOT planned. I realized all too late that Katarina and Travis have THREE full bolts while Travis and Marla only have two. Sheesh! Katarina is a man eater. This can’t end well…

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