Boreal Springs

July 24, 2008

Yu – Round 16: ‘Crushcrushcrush, Pt. 1′

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Tsung Yu and Lilith have somehow found a way to be in love despite their very different personalities. Zhou takes mostly after his mother, but denies it vehemently, while little Fou-Lu has yet to really show his true personality.

One night, at dinner, the family found themselves discussing the possibility of a new pet. Fou-Lu had been campaigning, in his own quiet way, for several days. After some serious consideration, Tsung and Lilith decided to grant his request.

“Just know that it’ll die,” Lilith said bluntly, looking up from her porkchops. “Everything does.”

“Lilith!” Tsung cried, mouth agape. “Don’t say things like that, for goodness sake, he’s just a boy.”

“He needs to know, regardless.”

Fou-Lu nodded fervently, desperate to get the kitten he so desired. Zhou just rolled his eyes, muttering beneath his breath how nuts his family was.

And so it was that ‘Chairman Mao’ joined the family. When questioned about the name, Fou-Lu simply said he found it appropriate. Where a child of his age had learned the word ‘appropriate’, it was hard to say. But he was perfectly content to play with Chairman Mao every chance he got and that was enough. He certainly was a dedicated little pet owner.

Zhou walked into the living room after a long day at school only to see his parents engaged in unnecessary PDA. With a groan, he tried to ignore them, smiling and remembering how he had managed to somehow ace that geometry test he never studied for. All thanks to River, mind, as she hadn’t spoken to him since that impromptu kiss. It wasn’t like he’d initiated it, what was she so upset at him for?

Of course, Zhou was too much a bullheaded teenager to realize that girls are strange. He was also too much so to see that he was deeply hurt by her slight and that beneath it all, he had a crush on her since they were children, in all her awkward, ungainly glory.

Lilith was having her own sort of trouble. The phone rang while she was home alone with Fou-Lu and the voice on the other end was one she had hardly expected.

“What do you want?” She spat, her fingers clutching the receiver tightly. “Just because my husband is your best friend doesn’t mean I have to talk to you.”

“Even if I have interest in your little tricks?”

“Tricks? Ha! I know all about you, Gordon… who, no what, you are and you’re damn lucky I haven’t told Tsung. Look, pal, your little charm won’t work here. So step off.”

“Now, Lilith, honestly,” Gordon continued, unrelenting. “You’d think you’d be more hospitable in someone who actually believes all that stuff you dabble in.”

She faltered, unable to think of a comeback. His voice sounded sincere enough… why would he be interested though? What would a criminal want with the paranormal?

“I don’t like where this is going, Saunders.”

“Oh, but you will, Lilith, you will.”

Meanwhile, Fou-Lu made friends with Elena Davis. She was headstrong and independent, but Fou-Lu was amiable and easy-going. They really enjoyed playing active games like tag or catch and on the odd occasion, they’d have a water balloon war.

Elena enjoyed the scenery of Boreal Springs. It was so much different than her place in the city.

Zhou finally managed to corner River, only for her to ignore him. He sighed and looked down at her.

“River, seriously, what’s your problem? You’re the one that kissed me.”

River focused intently on the logic ball in her hands, trying to avert her eyes away from Zhou’s, “just… forget about that, okay? I need… I need to focus on college and stuff. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“That’s fine, but why can’t be friends again? This is stupid.”

“Sorry, Zhou.” She said, moving down the street, never once gazing up from her logic ball.

Chairman Mao grew up into quite an adorable cat. Lilith, despite herself, was smitten. She’d never replace Fou-Lu has Chairman Mao’s number one person, but she came in a very close second.

Zhou let go of the whole River ordeal and just focused on his scholarships. He found a love for fitness he hadn’t known existed and poured all his excess energy into it. School was a lot less fun now, but he was quickly gaining a reputation without River hanging around him. He was a bit of a brute, bullyish even, and his excessive need to be fit only heightened the fear he enstilled.

He’d enjoy his few years of power left before High School ended.


Note from Mao: Poor Zhou! Neither River nor Zhou have ANY wants regarding one another at all, so there you go. Maybe that’ll change in college. I wasn’t necessarily surprised to find that Zhou’s beloved hobby was fitness. Chairman Mao turned out seriously adorable. Also, Gordon autonomously called Lilith and by the time she hung up, they were friends. Seriously, Gordon, what’s the deal? He’s pooling his resources for sure.

June 13, 2008

Yu – Round 15: ‘To River, From Zhou’

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Tsung Yu is content with his life, but worried about his business. Lilith enjoys prodding at all things supernatural while her eldest son, Zhou, denies he’s related to such a crazy person. Poor Fou-Lu is just finding his way in his bizarre family.

Zhou: River,

Things have been crazy here. Zhou was a toddler, now he’s a kid. But he was an insane toddler. I blame mom, because anything involving her is insane. Dad says I shouldn’t say that, because I act just like her… which is total crap. I’m sane!

It all started when dad got his big promotion. He’s in charge of a bunch of big building projects down in Aperture and that’s apparently something to write home about. Whatever. Anyway, with the new influx of money, he had this brilliant idea. Why don’t we go visit the ‘home country’. What the hell? Home country? Apparently his dad was all up in his culture and it was our turn.

The only culture I need is music television!

All it did when we got there was rain. I’m telling you, it poured for DAYS! It seemed like everything we did revolved around drinking really strong tea and pretending to enjoy it while our knees cramped. What the hell kind of birthday present is that, seriously? I was heavily disappointed. Fou-lu was a bit more into it, but he’s a fruitcake. Little brothers, I mean seriously. You know all about that, though.

Mom is all into that weird and creepy stuff, as you know. She was reading some book she has about ancient secrets of the whatever place we’re at. Something to do with a ritual and a shrine and some sage guy. Whatever. Anyway, she tells me to go throw a coin in the shrine and see what happens. You know where this is going, don’t you? Why do I have to be her lab monkey? I swear, that’s the only reason she gave birth to me…

BEES, RIVER! FRICKIN’ BEES EVERYWHERE! THERE WAS NO END! And while I was running away from the KILLER BEES my mum just shrugged and tossed the book into the garbage. NEVERMIND THE FACT I WAS BEING TERRORIZED BY HUGE BEES! I hate my family. Seriously.

The trip wasn’t a total bust. I learned how to gamble! Of course, my parents weren’t intending that. It was dad who did it, actually. There’s this game with tablets and symbols drawn on them. You can win a lot of money if you’ve got an eye for the game and boy do I ever. I even kicked dad’s butt. I waited around and swindled some stupid tourists out of their goods, too. Awesome stuff, seriously. Who needs a job?

I can totally relate about the whole ‘staying with the younger bro’. The place we’re staying is real swank and fancy, but the rooms are set up funny. We have a little condo split into an upper and lower floor. Bro and I on top, parents on bottom. It’s cool to have the freedom, but with Fou-Lu, yeah. It sucks. How can a man breathe with a little boy watching his every move?

Dad decided to teach me a lesson when mom caught me gambling. She ratted me out! I’ve seen her do worse. Anyway, dad thought that raking through gravel would do something for me. Seriously, what? That’s like the most useless task I can think of! Who does that?! Our culture sucks.

It wasn’t all bad, though. Hot springs are fantastic! I mean, I’m not all into that relaxing stuff, but wow. Seriously. Everyone should get in one at least once in their life. Lucky for me, mom stayed home a lot towards the end of the trip. She was feelin’ bad. Who knows, maybe she has something against hot springs. It wasn’t so bad spending more time with dad, even if he is totally boring.

For the last stretch, we mostly hung around the condo and swam in the pool. Dad sucks at Marco Polo, but I think he cheats! I totally wouldn’t put it past him. Mom lounged around the pool. She wasn’t much into the swimming. She looked a bit green. Maybe she’s sick after all. Probably some funky tropical virus! That’ll teach her to stick her nose where it don’t belong.

See you soon,



Note from Mao: Lilith’s needs were acting funky towards the end. She shouldn’t be pregnant, but who knows! Sorry if things are slow right now… I am in PA with DSL… but I am just. I don’t know. In a funk, fed up, RL is kind of crazy right now. Don’t mean to act rude/etc, just bleed-through from stuff. No offense to anyone intended. Things might be slow, who knows.

May 24, 2008

Yu – Round 14: ‘Lilith’s Choice, End’

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Tsung Yu is quite the successful architect and thanks to Gordon Saunders, work is rolling in. Lilith is having her own kind of success while Zhou finds himself enjoying the freedoms allowed to him.

“Okay, one last time… are you sure you want to do this? Bringing the dead back can be pretty risky.”

“The court date is set and she’s our star witness, of course I’m sure.”

“Ha, okay, let’s do this then. No promises, remember. This is my first time…”

Much to Lilith’s surprise, her contraption actually worked. She spoke to death directly and after offering up some personal affects of Katy’s and the enveloped filled with 10k from Ryu, Katy appeared. It took her a moment or two to realize she was alive and after that, she was walking on cloud nine.

“Welcome back, Katy.” Lilith said, beaming with pride. It worked, it really worked!

Lilith excused herself. Tsung would be home soon and she’d need to distract him while Ryu and Katy tiptoed out the back.

“I’m really back, wow,” Katy said, baffled. “And you, you’re… my age.. how much time?”

“Derek is an elder and married to Mary O`Hanlon with three children, Chuck is dead, and Damien has a wife and two children.” Ryu explained quickly. “I’m sorry to do this to you, Katy, but we have to leave.”


“We’re relocating you to Aperture until the trial. I’ll have to explain everything there. We can’t remain here for much longer, if Tsung finds us, he might tell Gordon.”


“Later,” Ryu said, leading Katy out of the room. “Lets go.”

Tsung was completely oblivious to his wife’s extracurricular activities. He had absolutely no idea that Katy Saunders had returned and with her, information on her death and the truth behind Janine Saunders. He also had no idea that it would likely affect his business dealings with his best friend Gordon. Instead, he was too busy scolding his son for cheating at chess.

“Did you just cheat?”

“No,” Zhou replied without a hint of guilt. “I didn’t.”

“You did!” Tsung replied, his eyes wide. “You cheated!”

“I did not! You can’t prove it!”

“Yes you did and I can; your piece was there and now it’s over here and that’s an illegal move, Zhou!” Tsung sighed, exasperated. “What has Lilith been teaching you?”

Not only was his son learning the early ways of being a conman, but his brother was readying himself for a political scandal. Shang stopped by to visit his older brother and to boast about his recent ‘conquest’. Tsung was hardly impressed.

“You did what?!” Tsung nearly yelled, quickly lowering his voice so Lilith wouldn’t hear. “Are you insane? Do you realize how twisted that is, Shang? Ryu is a Yu, he’s related to us, albeit distantly…but still! And she’s the mayor! What’s wrong with you?”

Shang shrugged, “don’t hate, Tsung! You’re killing my high.”

“I’m going to kill you if you keep insisting on sleeping with every woman in Boreal Springs!”

“Nah, don’t worry,” Shang replied easily, a smile on his face. “I’m not gonna do anything to Lilith.”

Tsung’s face dropped–he couldn’t believe the ignorance of his own brother. Were they even related?

Lilith found out she was pregnant again. As with the last time, she had to take off work and spend her days waddling around the house. Of course, when Tsung and Zhou were fast asleep, she would steal out into the night and travel to Aperture to talk to Katy. It was her discovery, after all! She had to monitor her progress and everything. She couldn’t just leave it to Ryu, goodness only knows how he’d mess it up…

“Are you eating cake… for breakfast?” Tsung asked skeptically, giving Lilith an odd look. “Is that even healthy?”

“Don’t be stupid, Tsung,” Lilith shot back. “I’m pregnant, healthy isn’t a concern. As long as it’s chocolate, we’re good.”

He sighed, “the baby is going to come out a diabetic.”

Lilith shrugged, “at least it got to live large in the womb!”

When Zhou wasn’t getting scolded for cheating at chess, he was playing video games with River. Of course, being beat by a girl was simply unacceptable and he made this fact clear. River, however, was adamant that girls could be just as good, if not better, than boys. Their rivalry at the game became heated and both their competitive natures finally had a chance to shine.

In the end, it came out a tie, much to both children’s chagrin.

Mr. Miyagi was an old cat, a really really old cat. So it wasn’t any surprise when his time came. He had been around for the birth of both Tsung and Shang, so Tsung was reasonably saddened by the loss. Mr. Miyagi just seemed happy to get out of this crazy voodoo house.

Lilith eventually gave birth to another healthy, baby boy named Fou-Lu. He looked almost identical to Zhou when he had been that age, but he had Eileen’s blue eyes. Lilith was thankful none of her children inherited her skin. She didn’t need any extra attention on the house with the whole Katy resurrection thing happening. Tsung was bound to find out eventually and boy he wouldn’t be happy…


Note from Mao: Whew, getting Katy back was a pain, but I couldn’t drop it from the storyline as the sims had spent too much time developing it.  If you don’t recognize the Fou-Lu name, then you’ve never played Breath of Fire 4. ;)   I’ll miss Mr. Miyagi, sniff.

May 6, 2008

Yu – Round 13: ‘Lilith’s Choice, Pt. 4′

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Tsung Yu has finally convinced Lilith to marry him. Somehow, they ended up with a child. Can Lilith step up to motherhood or will she falter and become obsessed with the unknown?

Being a father wasn’t terribly hard for Tsung, he had always been the responsible type and he had helped with Shang a little in his youth, too. However, he was concerned about Lilith. She was extremely busy working on whatever it was she did in her little ‘secret’ room she had made him build. He was worried that whatever it was, it was highly dangerous and needed to stop.

Lilith tried to assure him that it wasn’t. It was simply her own little device to make the unknown suddenly become known. This made no sense to Tsung, but Lilith wasn’t about to elaborate and blow her entire secret.

“Just trust me, okay? It isn’t anything crazy.”

“That’s like saying a bomb is a child’s toy!” Tsung replied, a little flustered. “Why is this so important to you and why are you refusing to tell me the whole story?”

Lilith rolled her eyes, attempting to feign disgust, “because you wouldn’t understand. Just let it go. It’s not some all-consuming obsession. I’ve already finished it. It’s done and over with. Just drop it.”

What she hadn’t told Tsung was that it was that Ryu Anderson had emailed her and would be dropping by while he was at work. It was purely a business-related visit. He had heard of her dabbling in the paranormal and decided that she could help them find out what happened to Katy Saunders.

“I can’t just summon her,” Lilith said, making a face. “What do I look like? A nutjob?”

“What do you need, then?”

“Items, personal affects, something… oh, and money.”

Ryu shrugged, “that isn’t an issue. We have some of her things and well, yes, money isn’t a problem at all.”

“Good. Get ‘em, let me know, and then we’ll arrange it, all right? But it won’t be instantaneous. This stuff takes time.”

Lilith may not win any ‘mother of the year’ awards, but she did her job fairly well. She cared for Zhou when he cried and cuddled him. He was the deciding factor when it came to whether or not she would help Ryu. She had every intention of bringing Chuck back, but now it seemed moot. She didn’t want to be like Shaniqua or Shang. The machine could only handle one resurrection and that would be the one of Katy Saunders.

If anything, she’d have oodles of fun watching the drama storm that would surely follow.

Zhou’s birthday followed not long after Ryu called to confirm he had the personal affects. Tsung was oblivious to his wife’s deeds and happily enjoyed his son. He was fine with Zhou being their only child. He had goals and personal wants, too, and while he loved children… he had no desire to have oodles of them.

Little Zhou seemed to agree. He enjoyed having the entirety of his parent’s attentions.

Lilith tried in vain to teach him nursery rhymes, but he seemed less-than-interested. It was something that Florence had done with her, so she was adamant. Tsung laughed and asked what she was trying to do to their son–boys didn’t need that kind of influence. She threw a toy at him, causing him to make a hasty exit.

Amusingly enough, Lilith could already see a lot of herself in Zhou. She wondered what exactly what would mean in the years to come.

One afternoon, Lilith came in from the backyard to find Tsung home from work and Mary O`Hanlon in their living room. They had been remodeling the house, but Lilith was sure they had a permit. Tsung was an architect, after all, they didn’t forget those kinds of things!

As soon as she entered, Mary turned and left, a grave look on her face. Tsung looked abashed.

“What was the DA doing in our living room, Tsung?” Lilith demanded, feeling worried.

“Nothing,” Tsung shrugged it off. “She just had some questions about recent developments.”

Lilith’s eyes narrowed, “the ones for Gordon, right? She was here about him, wasn’t she?”

“Just let it go, Lilith.” Tsung said, heading for Zhou’s room. “He’s awake, I’ll get him.”

To further exacerbate Lilith, Kate dropped by later that evening. Lilith wasn’t pleased to see her. She had heard about the whole University debacle and was quite angry.

“You look like you’re smuggling goods, Kate!” Lilith growled. “What were you thinking?”

“Why are you so mad? The lamp worked!”

Lilith’s eyes widened, “are you insane? You’re pregnant, Kate! To a perma-cheat! What did you do to the lamp? Don’t you know anything about consequences.”

Kate ignored her, instead she smiled happily, “we’re getting married, too.”

“Kate, please, listen to me,” Lilith’s anger calmed and her tone became serious, “you need to give me the lamp back. You can’t go around irresponsibly making wishes. Don’t you see?”

“Don’t worry, Lilith. I won’t use it again, I promise.”

Zhou’s move into childhood had been a swift one. Lilith could hardly believe it–she was the mother of a child. She felt old and crotchety. Tsung told her to stop being so melodramatic.

As it turned out, Zhou was a lot like Lilith in many ways. How he chose to channel that, however, would shape his eventual future. For now, he was content with fishing.


Note from Mao: For there being no drama in the actual house, this house sure is tied to a lot of other dramas! Zhou is adorable, he looks like Tsung. I almost wish they’d have another kid, but that’s up to them.

April 28, 2008

Anderson 3 – Round 12: ‘Something Different, End’

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Nathaniel Anderson and Sara O`Hanlon are finally together, but have no plans to jump into marriage. Can Sara keep her head amidst all the chaos that’s come up in regards to her father, Derek O`Hanlon, and Janine Saunders?

Sara walked into the livingroom, grumbling loudly. She kicked off her heels and looked over at her boyfriend, who was typing hurriedly on the computer. A few minutes of silence passed between them until Sara sighed heavily and Nathaniel took that as his cue to say something.

“Everything okay?”

“No!” Sara huffed angrily. “Have you heard, about Derek? Can you believe that? And my mom! What is she thinking?!”

“C’mon, Sara, what do you expect? The evidence is there.”

“So you believe it?! My dad would never do that!”

Nathaniel sighed, pushing away from the computer, “I didn’t say he did, just that, well… your mom is the DA. She has to do her job.”

“That doesn’t mean she has to expect me to help her!” Sara cried out in frustration, balling her fists. She had been working at her mother’s old law firm and was on her way to a government position, but she wasn’t sure if she still wanted it. “He’s my father!

“Stop thinking about it,” Nathaniel said, standing up and pulling her close. “There’s nothing you can do right now. If he’s innocent, then his lawyer will get him off, okay?”

Sara frowned, biting her lip, “it just… it sucks. I didn’t have my dad for half my life… now I have him and they want to take him away.”

“C’mon, babe, don’t depress yourself. It’ll be okay.”

After a weekend off, Sara was beginning to feel a little better. Nathaniel was busy with work, so she spent a lot of time at home by herself. When he finally got the day off to spend with her, he absently mentioned he would be leaving for a trip to the islands for a week or so to do some research on whales for his job.

“Without me? You’re going to leave me here while you go to the beach?!”

“It’s not a vacation,” Nathaniel explained carefully. “I’ll be busy all week.”

“So? At least I’ll be able to enjoy it! You weren’t even going to ask?”

“…Er, so you want to go, then? I’m serious, you’ll be alone in the hotel all day, Sara. I can’t be with you–I have to work.”

“I’m a big girl, Nathaniel.” She said, glaring. “I can take care of myself!”

Sara, determined to get away from all this propaganda involving her father, decided to phone work and tell them she was taking a week’s vacation. Sure, she hardly gave any notice, but who cared? She didn’t even really want to be in law, she only did it because he mother offered after she graduated. Sara wasn’t sure what she was passionate about yet, but it certainly wasn’t a law that pegged her father a murderer.

While Sara was on the phone, Tsung dropped by to visit with Nathaniel. He had come with a strange question for the other half of his alien wife.

“Are you kidding, Tsung? Seriously?” Nathaniel laughed. “‘Is Lilith really that strange?’ That’s a loaded question!”

“I’m serious, Nathaniel.” Tsung replied gravely. “She’s worrying me. She’s acting strange and building some… weird phone thing.”

“Oh come on, you knew she was crazy when you married her. It’ll pass. She’s a mom now, she’s got responsibility. Don’t worry too much about it, all right?”

“Can you at least tell Sara to talk to her?”

“I’ll try.”

April 22, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 12: ‘Every Me, Every You, Pt. 5′

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Florence Anderson and Shaniqua Saunders have been together since college. So far, Florence is unaware of Shaniqua’s infidelity. Will she find out or is she destined to remain oblivious?

Florence had a lot to say about Kate’s relationship with a certain Shang Yu. He was no good and he’d never be faithful. Kate was Florence’s heir, and as such, she expected her to find a respectable mate. Shang had no respect for anything and was just plain lazy. Little did Florence know that her own situation mirrored her daughter’s quite a bit.

It was unfortunate, but Florence’s hatred of Shang caused a rift between her and Kate.

Shaniqua, of course, was a bit more understanding. She had a guilty conscience, it wasn’t like she could talk Shang down. Instead, she simply reasoned with Kate. Florence was just still upset over the death of her mother. This was made worse by all the propaganda being spouted off about Janine being the true leader of the crime syndicate. While it was true that the activity had died down since Janine’s death, no one who knew Janine could believe it.

Gina stopped by often to visit her twin, having finished her novel. She was happy that the Dramatica series had come to an end, but it also left her feeling a little empty. Thankfully, her sister had more than enough drama to fill the hole.

“Look, Shaniqua, I won’t pretend to know your situation… but you can’t keep doing this.”

“I haven’t been seeing him as much,” Shaniqua protested. “In fact, I’m planning on ending it. She’ll never have to know.”

Gina shook her head, “you’re walking a dangerous path…”

The house was empty with all the children gone, so Florence and Shaniqua made an effort to have them over often. Their spouses usually tagged along, although Sara often stayed behind. She took over babysitting duty for Zhou, letting Lilith drag Tsung along to help her through her misery. She loved her family, but they asked way too many questions.

Shaniqua’s supposed ‘final goodbye’ to Ravi turned out to be more than she had anticipated. Florence came home from work early and caught them. Ravi excused himself and Shaniqua was left to deal with a very angry Florence. Surprisingly, she didn’t go off or shout. She simply gave Shaniqua a terrible look and walked out of the room.

Shaniqua would have preferred to be yelled at than ignored. Florence gave her the cold shoulder, ignoring her when she spoke. Eventually, she’d crack, but Shaniqua would likely go crazy with anticipation.

Alyssa dropped by during her lunch break to visit with her older sister. Their mother’s funeral had brought them together after having grown apart over the years. They were both sad over her death and extremely displeased with all the rumors flying around.

Florence had called Alyssa’s cell phone and told her what happened with Shaniqua, bringing her younger sister to her door, her breathing labored. She had not overemphasized her ‘rushing right over’.

“I’m sorry, Florence,” Alyssa said, pulling her older sister into a hug. “This is just a really awful time.”

“It’s probably worse for you,” Florence reasoned. “With the slander going around about mother and election time approaching…”

“Meh, let’s not talk about that. Dad grills me enough as it is.”

“Have you spoken to Ryu yet?”

“No,” Alyssa growled, her eyes narrowed. “He’ll be lucky if I ever talk to him again! How can he say those things about mother? She helped raise him!”

They took a seat at the table, Alyssa removing her coat and settling into the chair. She sighed heavily, looking forlorn. Florence didn’t have to ask why.

“He’s just doing his job, Alyssa.”

“How can you not be angry, too? Our mom wasn’t the best, but I won’t have all this crazy talk. Mom wouldn’t do that!”

Florence sighed, “I know, but maybe someone set her up?”

“Maybe,” Alyssa said, calming down. “I still can’t believe Ryu would do something so stupid. I hate him right now. I thought he loved me… but all he cares about is that stupid job of his. If he cared about me he wouldn’t say all those things about my–our–mom! It just makes me so angry!”

“Derek, too, did you hear? Things are going crazy, Alyssa. I don’t know what to think… both our lives feel like they’re falling apart at the seams…”

Alyssa frowned, “I wish I had signed a prenup like daddy advised. Now what am I going to do?”


Note from Mao: And, as you can see, the crap is already hitting the fan! Wee! Things are getting interesting around here. This round was boring, though. I hate playing just elders!

April 21, 2008

Yu – Round 12: ‘Lilith’s Choice, Pt. 3′

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Tsung Yu has always held a torch for the extremely difficult Lilith Anderson; will she finally give in or will Tsung find his hopes misguided?

Lilith: Okay, so yeah, I know this is ‘Yu’ and all… but technically, that’s what I am now. What a weird name… Lilith Yu. Oh well. I guess it really doesn’t matter. That’s right, I married Tsung. Why? Well… um… how about we talk about something else? Like the fact that I’m wearing black. What? You think I’d actually wear white? Please. Even I’m not that presumptious–I’ve got no business in white.

After the whole ceremony shindig, Gordon Anderson, Tsung’s best friend since forever, pulled him aside. Tsung is big into architecture and all that. What? I’m not kidding–he’s making some serious cash… not that money has anything to do with my reasoning. Please. Do I look like a Fortune minded girl to you? Anyway, Gordon was talking about his house or something. I guess Tsung built it for him and now he’s got some other things for Tsung to work on.

Now, I get that Gordon is Tsung’s buddy for life or whatever… but I don’t get it. Gordon is… I don’t know. I can’t put my finger on him and that’s what bugs me. Even Sara likes him, but she’s related to him. I guess I am, too… in a weird way. Whatever. I think he’s up to something. Takes one to know one.

Tsung is really good at what he does, I’ll give him that. I’ve got him drafting a plan for me. I’m no good with that stuff–I’m an idea person, not an executor (not the one with the axe!) I’ve got this idea for a device that will let me settle the score with Death once and for all. Of course, I haven’t told Tsung this. I think he’d be a little upset over the fact that I’m still sore over that whole thing with Chuck. I just can’t let it go, you know? I was there, I saw it all… kinda hard to just pretend it didn’t happen.

I guess I should answer the whole ‘why did you suddenly agree to marry Tsung’ question already. Well, you remember that time? It turned out it was enough and I was pregnant. I’m finally showing and of course, instead of telling Tsung first, I had to tell Nathaniel and Sara. What? Don’t look at me like that!

Sara just laughed and asked if I was serious. Nathaniel was horrified. He said that me giving birth should be illegal. I take heavy offense to that! I can be nurturing and caring, that jerk! I hit him real good for that. He’ll be sore for days!

When I finally told Tsung, his reaction mirrored Sara’s. What’s so odd about me being pregnant? I am female you know. I may be half-alien, but I’ve still got all the right plumbing, sheesh. He of all people should realize that!

“It’s just… well,” I could tell he was trying to find a ‘nice’ way of putting it, but he failed. “You’re not, well, nurturing, Lilith… have you ever even held a baby?”

“Oh, that’s great, Tsung,” I had every reason to be upset! People were calling me an unfit mother before I was even technically a mother! “I tell you I’m not ‘marriage material’ and that’s bull, but now you can tell me I’m not mother material? Surely your logical brain can see a flaw in that.”

“I didn’t mean to sound cruel,” he said quickly, looking genuinely apologetic. “It’s just… well, I’m not sure. I’m happy, but worried. Are you sure you’re all right with this?”

“Not like I have much of a choice now.”

April 13, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 11: ‘Lilith’s Choice, Pt. 2′

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Florence Anderson is feeling her age and her lover, Shaniqua Saunders, isn’t far behind her. Kate can’t see Shang because he’s off at University, so she feel’s idle and restless. Lilith rejoined the house to collect her thoughts, not wanting to stay with her twin.

Lilith: So, I’m back home. Mom got… old. I wasn’t expecting that, but I was really glad to see her. I wasn’t really ready to ‘strike out on my own’, so I asked if I could hang out for a little while. At least, until I get my feet on solid ground and all that other boring adult talk.

I didn’t say anything about what I had seen way back before I left. It just… wasn’t worth mentioning. Mom probably wouldn’t even believe me.

Lilith ignores Shaniqua

That doesn’t mean I want to sit down and have a ‘pow-wow’ with the cheating liar, though. I know she helped raise me and has always kinda been like my second mom, but what she did is just unforgivable, you know? I don’t bother making nice with her. I just give her one of those ‘I-know-what-you-did’ looks and eat quietly. Ha! See how she likes that, the cheating bag.

Lilith plays a game

I don’t spend all my time hating on my supposed ‘other mom’. I have a job. What? No, seriously! It’s just at night, so I have to find something to do during the day. I don’t just sit around playing video games all day. C’mon, give me some more credit than that. I’m not completely useless.

Truth be told, I’m trying to avoid Tsung. I’m not quite sure how, what, or why… but things got real complicated real fast there. I’d rather not deal with it right now. I’ve got plans–goals!

Tsung talks to Shaniqua

That doesn’t stop him from ‘dropping by’. Right, okay. It’s like being trailed by the mafia for owing them some money or something–I just can’t get rid of him. When he does come over and I’m busy with something else (or trying to pretend I didn’t notice he’s there), Shaniqua talks to him. That’s… not cool. I mean, I know she was with a guy and she’s totally having an affair. So, she likes guys.

I mean, they talk way too much. She acts like everything he says is revolutionary and vital information. Yeah, right! She’s such a kiss-up. She just needs to back off. What’s her deal, anyway? Can’t she see he isn’t into older women? Geeze.

Lilith talks to Nathaniel and Sara

When I’m not busy trying to keep Shaniqua’s tentacles off of Tsung, I’m on the phone with either Nathaniel or Sara. I didn’t move in with my brother because he had this huge sports career ahead of him… only to have a very bad accident after their first brilliantly won season. It really messed him up and now he can’t be in athlete. He got an amazing settlement, though, and a fantastic house. It’s just… I don’t want to intrude, you know? Even twins need their space.

The whole accident humbled him considerably, so I’m hoping he stops being an ass. Sara, too. What’s up with those two? They’re ridiculous. They just need to make up their minds already and stop putting me in the middle. Can’t they see I have my own problems?

Lilith goes to work

See, I told you I had a job–it’s just at night. It’s really great, I’m learning a lot. I bet I know even more than Tsung now. Not that he was ever a ‘paranormal whiz kid’ or anything to begin with. I’ve seen all kinds of crazy stuff that I know no one would ever believe. I’m almost certain my plan will work. See, this is why I can’t get all homemakery with Tsung. I’ve got things to do, you know?

Florence and Kate spend time together

Mom and Kate have been hanging out a lot. I think Kate finally forgave her for the whole ‘Shang’ thing. He’s a cheating liar, too. I haven’t said anything, though. He’s off at University and Kate is safe here with us. She says she’s leaving soon. It’s a big campus, though. What are the chances they’ll run into one another? Besides, would she really be stupid enough to get messed up with him again?

Lilith talks to Tsung alone

The only quiet place in the house when everyone is home is my room, so I decided to talk to Tsung. I was going to tell him why this whole little marriage thing couldn’t happen, but I felt really sick. I almost fell over. What the hell is up with that? Tsung made me sit down and then I couldn’t really say it.

I mean, he wouldn’t understand. He’s all logical and living in the now. He’d never understand my obsession with death. So I just told him he needed to back off. Which was moot, as he never listens.

Shaniqua is an elder

I didn’t have to worry about Shaniqua harassing Tsung. She was too busy celebrating her birthday. Maybe now she’ll realize younger guys aren’t her style. Sheesh. When I asked her about it, she said she was just being friendly. Right! What a bunch of crap.

Oh well. I guess I have to go to work… once the world stops spinning. What is up with that? Buh. I feel like I’m going to puke…


Note from Mao: And so we have another Lilith chapter. I know the others weren’t focused on much this time around, but we’ll see Kate after Nathaniel’s house and Shaniqua and Florence really haven’t done anything new. ;)

April 10, 2008

Yu – Round 11: ‘Returning Home’

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Eileen Yu is nearing the end of her days. Tsung is home to take over, but Shang is proving to be a difficult task to manage.

Eileen greets Tsung

Tsung was thrilled to finally be home, both because he knew his mother’s time was nearing an end and because he was looking forward to starting work. Unfortunately, architects and engineers weren’t being sought after and he found it was difficult to land his dream job.

Eileen was thrilled to have her eldest son home. Perhaps he could talk some sense into Shang?

Lilith confronts Tsung

Of course, Tsung had some unfinished business waiting for him when he arrived home in the form of a scowling Lilith at his door. She certainly wasn’t pleased with the stunt he pulled before they had all boarded their appropriate cabs for the haul home. Tsung was nonplussed by her anger.

“What’s your deal, Tsung?” Lilith began angrily, her signature glare at its highest intensity. “What the hell was that?”

He sighed and shrugged, as if it were nothing, “I like you, Lilith. I always have… even before… before Chuck. I guess it just took me awhile to act on it.”

She blinked, clearly not expecting that, but quickly regained her composure, “you’re full of it, Tsung. That isn’t even funny.”

“I’m not joking.”

Lilith witnesses Shang cheating

Tsung insisted that Lilith come inside so they could talk, unfortunately, Shang was in the middle of ‘entertaining’ one of his guests. Lilith was mortified. It was the second time she’d caught someone cheating on one of her family! She really didn’t need to deal with this. Tsung missed it, having excused himself to the rest room, and so he was surprised when he heard all the commotion.

Tsung sees Lilith angry

“…stay away from him! He has a girlfriend, you skank!” Lilith hissed, giving the girl a hard slap across the face. It wasn’t the girl’s fault, but no one ever blames the one actually cheating. That would make sense.

“Lilith! What are you doing?” Tsung demanded, stepping in the middle. He shooed the girl off and shook his head at the enraged alien. “She’s just a kid and you hit her! Her parents could sue.”

“Let them try, see if I care,” Lilith snarled, her brown eyes narrowed. “That’s what they get for raising a little skank.”

Tsung fell quiet, knowing better than to argue with Lilith over this. Even if she was wrong, she would fight to the very end, insisting that she was right. Tsung, meanwhile, made a note to have a little chat with his brother.

Tsung tries to talk to Shang

Unfortunately, getting through to Shang wasn’t as easy as Tsung had hoped. While he went on about the necessities of being a decent human being, Shang concentrated on beating his latest high score. That wasn’t the only score he was contemplating while his brother droned on.

“Shang, are you even listening? You can’t treat people like that,” Tsung was growing aggravated with his brother’s absolute disregard. “Shang!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Shang replied, rolling his blue eyes. “They’re just high school chicks, dude. Chill. I never made a commitment to anyone. That alien chick is just bonkers.”

“Lilith is a bit extreme, yes, but she has a point… have you been seeing Kate?”

“No more than any other chick,” Shang replied, pausing the game and turning to his brother. “Look, this is kinda important, so yeah. I need to focus. Right? Great. Nice talkin’ to ya, bro.”

Tsung sighed, defeated.

Tsung and Lilith kiss

Tsung was quite surprised when, a few days later, Lilith stopped by. Somehow they had gone from talking, to arguing, to well… not talking or arguing. Mouths were involved, yes, but certainly not for talking. It was an odd situation, but Tsung wasn’t going to question it. Lilith was an oddity, an unknown variable. Trying to figure her out would give even the most renowned scholars a massive headache. She was a contradiction wrapped up in impossibility.

April 6, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 10: ‘Something Different, Pt. 3′

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Damien has Aiyana to keep his mind off Chuck’s death, but Lilith’s still struggling. This isn’t helped by Tsung’s bizarre behavior, Nathaniel’s flock of female followers, and her best friend’s sudden change of personality. Gordon’s arrived, but he’s keeping quiet and well away from the drama.


Sara greets Nathaniel

Sara had decided that she was going to shock everyone when she arrived at Boreal Summit University. She let her hair down, bought a dress, and squeezed her feet into a pair of casual heels. The result was an unimpressed Lilith, a shocked Damien, and a receptive Nathaniel. Gordon, who she had traveled the long distance with, just sat down with the paper.

“I heard you’re doing really well on the team, Nathaniel.”

Nathaniel shrugged, “I guess. We’ll see how it goes when I’m a senior. What happened to you?”

“What are you talking about?” She smiled, taking her leave. “I’m not any different than before.”

Gordon rigs the computer

When he was sure no one was watching, Gordon crept into the room with the computer. Pulling out a tool kit his mother had gifted him, he began modifying the computer. He was too busy to bother with term papers and all that. It would be much easier just to hack his grades. He also had to drive the length between Boreal Springs and Boreal Summit University to see Thomas for his ‘mental training’. There was no time for studying.

Four in a hot tub

While Gordon was scheming, Lilith, Tsung, Nathaniel, and Sara hung out in the hot tub. It was a cool autumn night, perfect for lounging in the hot water and talking about nothing in particular. Lilith was slowly coming out of her shell, though it wasn’t for a good reason. She kept staring at Sara, her eyes squinted in distaste. She couldn’t believe Sara had actually done it. Even worse, she couldn’t believe it was actually working.

Tsung noticed her preoccupation with her best friend and realized that while it may bring Lilith out, it wouldn’t be a good thing.

Gordon and Tsung chat

Despite their glaring differences and the distance that had been between them, Tsung Yu and Gordon Saunders were still best friends. Tsung was studying early into the morning when Gordon woke up for breakfast.

“It’s always been obvious, you know,” Gordon said suddenly, grinning. “So what’s holding you back?”

Tsung didn’t bother looking up from his book, “I’ve been meaning to ask, Gordon… where did you get all that hair?”

“I’ll tell you when you finally confront Lilith,” Gordon replied, taking a bite of his cereal.

Tsung talks to Lilith

Tsung tried to take Gordon’s advice, he really did, but it was difficult. He approached her later that afternoon to no effect.

“What do you want, Tsung?” Lilith snapped, glaring at him. “Can’t you see I’m busy trying to save Sara from the pod people that stole her brain?”

Tsung sighed, muttering under his breath as she breezed past, “yes, but who will save you from that stick you’ve got rammed so far up your–”

“What?!” She snapped, turning to face him again.

“Nothing,” he replied, walking off. “Go save Sara from herself.”

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