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March 27, 2008

B.S.U. Campus – Round 9: ‘Lilith’s Choice, Pt. 1′

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Damien Saunders is still trying to deal with the death of his twin Chuck. Can his newest love interest, Aiyana Lam, help close the wound? Nathaniel Anderson is the star of B.S.U. University’s soccer team–will all the fame and women go to his head? Lilith Anderson still isn’t talking to anyone but Tsung Yu and the questions she asks him are getting progressively more odd.


Damien meets Aiyana

Lilith: It’s odd for me to be doing this, isn’t it? But here I am. When we first got to University, we realized that the addition of Tsung wasn’t enough to cover rent. Damien put an ad in the paper and Aiyana Lam showed up. She’s a hippie chick–you know the type, totally bohemian and whatever.

I think Damien accepted her into the house just because he thought she was hot. At least we didn’t have to worry about the rent anymore… not that I voiced any concern in the first place.

Lilith watches Tsung play

I thought it would be weird living with a bunch of guys, but it isn’t so bad. Everyone kinda leaves me alone and that’s cool. I can do what I want and not worry about people patting me on the shoulder. I guess Damien has it worse, but he didn’t see it happen, you know? That makes it a different story.

I caught Tsung practicing with his violin thing on the balcony. When Nathaniel told me he was ‘really good’, I brushed it off. Who cares about that stuff? Let’s see him be good at something substantial! But I guess it isn’t so bad. It’s kind of soothing. He didn’t really notice I was sitting there until he finished. I think it embarrassed him, which was completely hilarious.

Damien and Aiyana get closer

Of course, I totally called the whole ‘Damien and Aiyana hook-up’ thing… not aloud, but still. It was me who saw it first. They’re ‘kinda’ dating now. Whatever. They think it’s weird because they’re always around one another and they don’t want to put too much pressure of the ‘blossoming relationship’ or some hippie crap like that. Listening to that girl talk is like cramming flowers down your throat and vomiting up perfume. Blegh.

Lilith talks to Tsung

Tsung is completely obsessed with the hot tub. If you ever want to find him, that’s where you go. Tsung and I were rivals for like, our entire lives, but I guess in the end… he won. I’ll admit it (not aloud, though) that he knows more than me. That’s why I talk to him–he can answer my questions about death and ghosts and stuff. Damien slipped up one time and told me he saw his dead mother before he left for B.S.U…. I wonder if Chuck is lurking around there, too?

Of course, Tsung was hesitant to answer me. I guess he doesn’t think much of the whole paranormal thing. He’s too logical–too constrained by math and science. Whatever. I’ll figure it out myself, then. We’ll see who is right!

Nathaniel shoots hoops

I guess I am a little worried about Nathaniel. In High School, he was a total sports jock and it’s the same thing here, too. But there’s a difference… High School girls… well, they’re not the same carnivorous creatures as University ones! Besides, I scared all the HS girls away by scowling at them. I can’t do that here, they’re like a swarm of hormones. It’s really annoying. I’d feel bad for Nathaniel, but I doubt he minds at all. Men are such pigs.

I just hope he is using the right head or we’re in trouble. Sara will be joining us in a year and even if it’s futile, she has it beyond bad for him. Which is totally gross, but what can you do?

Lilith watches Damien and Aiyana

Damien and the flower child reject are getting really heavy lately. What happened to strangling the burgeoning blossom and all that crap? Seriously, I don’t want to see this stuff. Go somewhere private, why don’t you? Though, I have noticed Aiyana doesn’t stay in her own room anymore. Sheesh. It’s like University charges your hormones and puts them in hyper-drive. At least I’ve still got my head on my shoulders.

Nathaniel has a fan club

Speaking of which, I really wish girls would stop following Nathaniel home. It’s really, really annoying. The house suddenly becomes a party zone and it’s impossible to hear yourself think. What? I know I used to be a bit of a slacker, but I’ve changed and I am really worried about Nathaniel. All these women are vultures.

I hope Sara gets here with some boobs and makeup. I’d rather see my brother with her than any of these vapid chuckle heads! One more cheer from that pom-pom waver and I’m gonna go crazy…


Note from Mao: Sorry this took so long! I haven’t had a chance to really play and Uni was dragging with so many people. Too much to do, so little time. As for Lilith, she did the Uni Reroll and is now Family… haha. Talk about a complete flip-flop. And yes, women are following Nathaniel around and it is creeping me out. He hasn’t had any bolts with them yet, but who knows.

March 23, 2008

Yu – Round 9: ‘Something Different, Pt. 2′

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Eileen Yu was left to raise her two sons, Tsung and Shang, after the death of her husband, Sun-Tzu. Though she hasn’t quite recovered from the loss, she’s tried her best for her boys.


Tsung and Gordon play

Though their interests were quite different, Tsung and Gordon remained good friends. They were both a bit more reserved and quiet than the others in their age group. It was something that helped further the bond between them. Of course, Tsung had no idea about Gordon’s mother or Gordon’s own ambitions, but it was for the best.

“You call that a punch?” Gordon joked, giving Tsung a look. “C’mon, try again, violin boy!”

Tsung rolled his eyes, “we can’t all enjoy jogging every morning, Gordon.”

Tsung talks to Lilith

While Tsung had never really liked Chuck Saunders–especially not after he began dating Lilith Anderson–he was sorry to hear about what happened. Even more painful was the fact that Lilith refused to talk to anyone and basically just hid away in her room. She wouldn’t even talk to her twin Nathaniel. So when she called Tsung, he was quite shocked.

Gordon, who was plunking clumsily away at the piano next to the phone, looked up with interest, “what’s she saying?”

“She’s asking me questions,” Tsung replied, covering the phone receiver. “About… paranormal stuff.”

“Weird,” Gordon said, never abandoning his quest to make quite possibly the most awful noises with a piano ever.

“You suck.” Tsung said absently, hanging up the phone.

Gordon smiled, “thanks!”

Shang charms the headmaster

Meanwhile, Shang found that he was quite the convincing sort and managed to finagle his way into the local private academy. Eileen had done the cooking, sure, but it was Shang who had chatted up the crotchety old headmaster. The man looked like he had swallowed something sour and never recovered. Still, he was no match for Shang’s persuasiveness.

Eileen talks to Tsung

“Instead of allowing Gordon to make that awful racket with the piano, you should try playing it,” Eileen advised to Tsung, whose adeptness with instruments was becoming quite well-known. “You might like it. The strings are just hidden, but they’re there.”

Tsung sighed, “I think I’ll stick to the violin, mom. I have enough trouble tuning the piano everytime Gordon leaves anyway.”

Shang is a teen

Shang’s birthday came surprisingly quick. He realized that his persuasive nature was an asset and decided that he really liked people. In fact, he wouldn’t mind being surrounded by people for the rest of his days. Though, he’d prefer if they were adoring fans who quivered at his every word.

Yes, Shang Yu wanted desperately to be a ‘rock star’.

Shang and Tsung play together

Unlike most rock stars, however, Shang preferred percussion. Beating the hell out of the drums was more fun than strumming or singing. He was quite good at it, too. He even convinced Tsung to help him practice. The guitar was like a big violin, only you didn’t use a bow, you used your fingers. It wasn’t a surprise when Tsung picked it up quickly. It became their way to bond.

Eileen, however, didn’t quite agree that their noise equaled music. It was due to this that she had a small shack built in the back yard to house the instruments.

Tsung leaves for Uni

Tsung managed to get an early admission into college, thanks to his gifted ways with music. He was originally going to wait and attend with Gordon, but he couldn’t help but be worried about Lilith. She had asked him many, many odd questions–some that not even he could answer. There was no telling what was going on in that head of hers. She’d been acting oddly ever since she returned from the institution.

Sara O`Hanlon was passing by as Tsung left. The jealousy was obvious, but Sara wasn’t allowed to go early, as all the spots had filled up. She, too, was worried about Lilith.


Note from Mao: I think the Yu boys turned out well, though they look nothing alike. Tsung looks like Sun-Tzu while Shang is almost a direct copy of Eileen. I sent Tsung to Uni because there was a space left empty by Chuck and he was the closest to admission status. Also, I am currently uploading the DB updates, so those should be live soon enough.

March 15, 2008

Yu – Round 8: ‘Something Different, Pt. 1′

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Eileen Yu was recently widowed by her husband, Sun-Tzu Yu. Can she hold it together for their boys, Tsung and Shang, or will the grief of being alone again be too much?


Eileen tries to cope

Eileen tried her best to cope with the loss of Sun-Tzu, but it hit her hard. Sure, he was old and it was beyond his time… but mourning people never stop to consider that. All Eileen could think about was that Tsung and Shang would grow up never really knowing their father.

She did her best to hide her grief from them, waiting until they were asleep to step out and contemplate the loss. She often found herself staring at the pond for hours. She definitely needed a distraction.

Florence talks to Eileen

Luckily for Eileen, she had Florence to keep her company. Eileen enjoyed walking down memory lane and recalling past events–particularly the wedding. Florence was a good listener, but she was worried about her friend. She suggested that Eileen find some sort of hobby to keep her preoccupied. Maybe she could even do something that Sun-Tzu liked as an outlet? Unfortunately, Eileen couldn’t paint at all, so that was out of the question.

Eileen plays the violin

It wasn’t until her birthday that she found something that worked. Mary had gifted her a beautiful violin and while Eileen hadn’t touched one in her life, Mary had insisted that practicing with it would keep her occupied. Sun-Tzu had always been fond of instrumentals and orchestras, so it was certainly fitting. Eileen spent a lot of time getting to know the instrument. She was a natural.

Tsung plays the violin

Of course, Eileen wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the new instrument. She walked in one evening to find Tsung playing with it. She wasn’t about to yell at him, he was actually sort of good… for being completely inexperienced. From the moment on, Eileen and Tsung practiced together. They both found it incredibly soothing and a way to connect with the one they lost. Eileen was humble enough to admit that Tsung was leagues beyond her own talent and encouraged him to seek out the school program for playing when his birthday came along.

Eileen wakes Shang

Eileen spent plenty of time with her younger son, Shang, as well. She would wake him for school and talk to him over breakfast. He was different than Tsung, though. Eileen and Tsung were similar enough to get along, but Shang’s personality was… bizarre. Eileen couldn’t quite put her finger on it, nor did she know what to expect for the future. She wasn’t sure how much she liked him hanging out with the older Saunders twins, either.

Tsung is a teen

Tsung’s birthday came quickly and Eileen was startled by how much he resembled Sun-Tzu.  His skill with the violin improved astronomically and he was a shoe-in for several scholarships.  His passion in life was knowledge and the pursuit of it.  This didn’t mean he stopped having fun, though.

Tsung plays against Lilith while Nathaniel cheers

Tsung kept up his friendships with the Anderson alien twins. Nathaniel ran in the more popular kid circle and while Tsung was an honor student, he also found himself easily accepted. He was charismatic and friendly enough to appeal to any clique, really. Lilith didn’t dislike him because he palled around with her snooty brother, or because he thought he was Mr. Always Right.

No, Lilith hated him because he actually beat her at video games! That jerk.

Lilith accuses Tsung of cheating

“You’re supposed to suck,” Lilith said brashly, giving her signature sneer. “No one beats me!”

“I’ve beaten you ten times now, Lilith. I’m not cheating. It’s just a matter of–”

Lilith rolled her eyes, “oh, stuff it! You’re cheating and I’ll beat you. Just wait!”

Tsung laughed as she stormed off. Maturity hadn’t quite settled in on Lilith yet, but it would happen… eventually. Hopefully. Tsung wasn’t quite sure why he enjoyed harassing her so much, but he didn’t question it. It was just too much fun and good revenge for all the noogies she gave him as a kid.


Note from Mao: Ahhh, I really enjoy Tsung. He looks like Sun-Tzu before I made him an elder! If only he had the Yu skintone. I forsee a love triangle between Lilith, Chuck, and Tsung. Tsung and Lilith have two bolts without my interfering. Tsung is a Knowledge sim, by the way.

March 14, 2008

Saunders – Round 8: ‘Dirty Dealings, Pt. 2′

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Henry and Janine have reached the end of their adult lives. Can they make the best of their elder years or will the lies and mystery pass down to their son, Gordon? Chuck and Damien remained behind when Derek Saunders left to become Derek O`Hanlon. Will they grow up to be well-adjusted or just plain weird?


Janine plays with Chuck

Janine had to admit that it was a little odd the twins stayed behind. Henry explained that one of the twins would take over the house, so it was important that they stay. Truth be told, he felt more like the twins were his own sons instead of grandchildren. They certainly acted the part!

Chuck shared Janine’s interest in tinkering with electronics, so she brought home an old, unfinished train set. They bonded over fixing it.

Gordon plays with Tsung

Gordon, meanwhile, was too busy with his best friend Tsung Yu. The two were inseparable–especially since Nathaniel Anderson had his birthday and was off to a different school. Tsung wasn’t terribly athletic, but he did have a want to know everything, so Gordon taught him about basketball (which he learned from Henry).

While Tsung’s interest in everything was understandable, one couldn’t help but question his sudden want to know about sports. It was well-known that Lilith was a secret athlete (as was her best friend Sara)… and it was also known that Tsung and Lilith had a bit of a rivalry.

Shang plays with the twins

While his brother Tsung was too serious for the twins, Shang found them to be great company. Damien was especially gifted at video games and Shang had fun trying to keep up. Sure, the twins were older, but they befriended Shang all the same. He was ‘cool, for a little kid’, they said.

Chuck wasn’t nearly as good at the games they played, so he just watched and kept score.

Janine talks to Thomas

Janine may have crossed over to the next part of her life, but she certainly wasn’t too old for her job. In fact, she felt invigorated by her gray hairs and wizened face. She had climbed to the top and even had a task force the local authorities had made dedicated to stopping her operations. That was impossible, as Janine was too good. Her double-life allowed her the comfort of an alternate identity to hide in when the cops came sniffing around. Who would ever suspect a sweet old grandmother?

“It’s fine, Derek, I promise,” Janine assured her step-son. “Stop worrying. I took care of everything. Just keep quiet and it’ll all blow over. Yes, I’m sure. No, I don’t think Mary knows and she won’t if you act normal. Okay, all right. I’ll see you. Bye.”

Henry and Janine

Henry also entered the land of gray hair and was quite happy about it. He could now fully enjoy his status as ‘grandpa’. Unfortunately, he was still worried about Janine. He knew for certain she was hiding something–military training had given him that much sense. He just wasn’t sure how to broach the subject without upsetting her.

“Was that Derek on the phone?”

Janine smiled, taking his hand, “yes. If I had known you were home, I would have given you the phone.”

“He seems to be doing well, despite what happened to Katy.”

“He’s happy with Mary,” Janine replied, giving his hand a squeeze. “It’s what he wanted from the beginning. Katy wasn’t as nice as she let on. But it’s over, so let’s not concern ourselves with it, okay?”

“Yes, I guess you’re right…”

Janine talks to Gordon

Gordon woke up from a late nap to find Janine laying on one of the unoccupied beds. She didn’t seem to notice him at first, so he stood their quietly until she finally said:

“Gordon, you know mommy loves you, right?”

“Yes,” he nodded, a little confused. He was young, but a quiet maturity lurked beneath his innocence. “Are you okay, mommy?”

Janine nodded, a half-smile forming on her lips, “yes, just a little tired. Mommy picked a hectic life and she worries a lot. About you, your sisters, Henry…” she stopped, and looked at him. “Just remember, Gordon… that no matter what, mommy loves you, okay?”

“Yes, mommy.” He said, noting the sad look in her eyes. Instead of saying anything, he changed the subject. “Is it dinnertime yet? I’m hungry.”

“Close enough, sweetie. Come on.” Janine moved from the bed and led him downstairs.

Damien and Chuck are teens

The twins had their birthdays and grew up to be more different than ever. Damien mellowed out a little and decided that knowledge was a pretty cool way to expand on his gaming. If he learned everything there was to learn, than he’d surely be the best! Chuck, meanwhile, decided that his ‘refined’ mind was best suited at wooing the ladies–all the ladies. It was something Chuck and Damien just couldn’t agree on.

“Dude, c’mon, you know aliens are totally hot.”

Damien made a face, “you’re talking about Lilith Anderson? She’s crazy!”

“You’re just mad because she kicked your butt online,” Chuck retorted, rolling his eyes. “Those hard-balling chicks are the thing these days, you know? Like Sara!”

“Oh, gross!” Damien was horrified. “She’s like, our… um… sister? Half-sister–yeah, that–half-sister! Stick to the aliens, you weirdo.”

Chuck made a face, “I didn’t say I wanted to date her, Mr. Uptight. Sheesh. But Lilith? That could be… interesting.”

“Yeah, if you don’t enjoy having balls. Whatever, dude. You’re crazy.”

Janine fulfills her LTW

Finally, for the first time in her life, Janine felt fulfilled. She was literally the top of the top when it came to crime. Not only did the local government want her gone, but the bigger agencies as well. It was a bittersweet victory. Now her double-life was necessary and she could never expose who she really was.

She would live out the lie for the rest of her days. If she were to tell, she’d put her family in danger.

Chuck meets Lilith

Using his charisma (and Sara), Chuck got Lilith to come over. Sara wandered into the living room to play video games with Damien while Chuck kept Lilith out in the kitchen. His charming compliments and ways had no effect on the tough-as-nails Lilith Anderson. She snorted derisively and called him names.

By the end of the visit, Chuck was certain he’d get Lilith–one way or another. Meanwhile, Lilith had to admit she was intrigued by his persistence. Most guys either backed off and ran away crying to their mommies. Chuck had courage.


Note from Mao: All my Gen1 adults are becoming elders! It’s amazing, haha. I’m still having a lot of fun with this, so it’s all good. As for Lilith and Chuck? Chuck’s FIRST convo after becoming a teen was, literally, about aliens. That’s all he talked about and then he brought Lilith Anderson home. Say it with me folks… three bolts. We’ll see how it goes. I had planned on having Lilith reroll in college.

March 7, 2008

Anderson 2 – Round 7: ‘Every You, Every Me, Pt. 2′

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Florence Anderson and Shaniqua Saunders are an odd couple, but so far, they’ve made it work. The twins, Nathaniel and Lilith, are quickly approaching teenhood. Can the family keep it together through the end of Florence’s pregnancy?


Nathaniel and Lilith rake leaves

While Nathaniel and Lilith got along, they had their rivalries. Lilith seemed set to prove that she was better than Nathaniel–even if he did have pointed ears and a ‘pretty’ face. While Florence had tasked them with raking up the leaves, it became a heated battle of who could do it faster. It eventually ended in an epic battle of leaves that had the entire lawn covered. Florence was not pleased and neither was Lilith–there was no definitive winner.

Lilith talks to Tsung

Of course, the rivalry wasn’t helped any by Tsung Yu. He and Nathaniel had become friends and so he often visited. He was always quick to shoot Lilith down, too. Nathaniel usually just shrugged her off, but Tsung fought back. They argued about everything and Tsung always seemed to win.

Lilith wasn’t very happy about being beaten by someone younger than her.

Kate Anderson

Florence eventually gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Kate. Shaniqua’s weird moods had lessened some and she seemed happy to receive the little bundle of joy. Of course, that was probably helped by the fact that Kate definitely took after the Saunders side of the family.

While Nathaniel found the baby cute, Lilith was a bit more standoffish. She muttered something resembling, “great, more competition” before wandering off. Florence was becoming worried–the twins’ teen birthdays were fast approaching and Lilith was becoming a troublesome child.

Shaniqua talks to Jun

While Florence was worrying about Lilith, Shaniqua was becoming better friends with Jun Yu. While the kids were at school and Florence was at work, Shaniqua would invite her over. They mostly just gossiped–Jun wasn’t into girls and Shaniqua was just happy to have someone who wasn’t all ‘babies, responsibility, babies, bla, bla’. Jun joking told Shaniqua she picked wrong–girls were awful choices for cash cows. She needed to find a rich man.

Shaniqua didn’t agree–she loved Florence, in her own, special way. But she couldn’t dismiss the unhappiness that welled within her. She listened to jun, but she never took her advice. Men weren’t that great and besides, she was pretty much related to all the ones in the little burb.

Kate is a toddler

Kate grew into a charming little toddler who looked like she might take after Shaniqua. Both of her parents were involved in her learning, though Florence was more adamant about it. Shaniqua wanted to dress her up, but after the fiasco with the twins, Florence quickly shot down that idea. Despite her odd way of coming into the world, Kate was a healthy and normal little girl.

Of course, after Kate’s birthday came the twin’s…

Lilith is a teen

Lilith found being a teenager enabled her to express herself fully. While Florence was dubious about her choice of hair, Shaniqua was a bit more supportive. Lilith’s grades were fine, but the Academy had sent several notices home saying she was disagreeable and had nearly started fights with several people. Very opinionated and open about it, Lilith found not everyone was so easily to intimidate.

At least she could still kick Nathaniel’s butt at video games.

(Her shirt says, “a city built on rock n’ roll is structurally unsound.”)

Nathaniel is a teen

Of course, Nathaniel continued to be Lilith’s polar opposite–easy-going, and good-natured, Nathaniel fit in easily with his peers. He continued to shrug off Lilith’s silly attempts to prove she was ‘better’ (he honestly didn’t get why it mattered), and focused more on his future. He wanted to go to college so he could get a good job and make lots of money.

Until then, he needed to work on his video game skills.


Note from Mao: For those wondering, Lilith is a Pleasure sim and Nathaniel is Fortune. Once again, my fiance named Kate. Not much to say about this update other than… doesn’t Lilith look fantastic? Girl after my own heart, ha! (need to get around to trying silver again…)  Oh, and I will be semi-absent from the web while my fiance is visiting.  Updates should continue, given how much I’ve played, but not as frequent as everday!

March 5, 2008

Yu – Round 7: ‘Another Goodbye’

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Sun-Tzu and Eileen Yu are happily married and now have two sons, Tsung and Shang. Sun-Tzu’s time is running short–will he be around to see the boys grow up?


Tsung befriends Gordon

Tsung was younger than most the kids in the neighborhood, so it was unusually difficult to find friends. Fortunately, Gordon Saunders had just recently joined his class. While Tsung found the other Saunders twins to be a little… off-putting, Gordon was different. Tsung learned that technically, Gordon was their uncle and his mother was Janine.

This certainly explained why Gordon was a bit more laid back and observant. Tsung was sure he had just found his new best friend.

Florence brings the twins

Florence and Eileen had grown very close over the years. Florence often visited and sometimes, she would bring the twins along with her. While they ran off their stored up energy, Florence and Eileen chatted about the recent death that had happened next door.

It was quite mysterious, regardless as to what the cops said. With that many people in the house, how could it have gone unnoticed until morning? Still, they couldn’t say much with the kids milling around and it was rather cold, so they went inside. Shaniqua would be joining them for dinner once she got off work.

Tsung meets Nathaniel and Lilith

While they waited, Tsung was introduced to Nathaniel and Lilith Anderson. They were a little bit older, but he got along quite well with Nathaniel. Lilith, however, well…

“Aliens are smarter. We’re a superior race.” Lilith said proudly.

Tsung made a face, “but you’re only half alien.”

“Ignore her,” Nathaniel sighed. “She thinks she knows everything.”

“Because I do.” Lilith countered, crossing her small arms over her chest.

Tsung shrugged, “no you don’t. If you’re such an alien, why aren’t your ears pointed like Nathaniel’s? Wouldn’t that make you inferior to him?”

Lilith was shocked. Tsung was considerably younger, yet he used big words and spoke a little too articulately for a kid his age. She had met her match, too be sure. A rivalry was formed on this day.

Shaniqua, Florence, Sun-Tzu, and Eileen have dinner

Meanwhile, the adults had dinner. Eileen paid close attention to Shaniqua. Florence had been telling her about the recent issues, but Eileen couldn’t see any sadness or anything in Shaniqua. She was happy, bubbly, and talkative. She responded well to questions and participated in the conversations.

When Eileen looked at Florence, she could see her friend was equally as shocked. Perhaps the young woman had an epiphany? It was hard to tell with someone like Shaniqua. Eileen just hoped it didn’t have anything to do with Jun.

Shang cleans up

Shang’s birthday came not long after. He took mostly after Eileen, except when it came to being playful. While his parents pelted each other with pillows, Shang cleaned up the dishes left behind from dinner. He was a quiet kid, more happy to sit and watch than participate. It was a little disturbing, but Sun-Tzu and Eileen decided it was just his way.

He wasn’t quiet when he wanted something, though, that was for certain.

Sun-Tzu tucks Shang in

While Sun-Tzu made no mention of it, he could feel his time on this world was almost at an end. He tucked in Shang and glanced over at Mr. Miyagi sleeping peacefully. This had once been Risa and Roger’s bed–they’d been gone a long time now, it seemed.

He was sad that he wouldn’t get to see the boys grow up, but his life had been a good one. He felt fulfilled and ready.

Sun-tzu and Eileen

Eileen wasn’t a young thing, either. Her big birthday was fast-approaching, something she didn’t enjoy thinking about. Sun-Tzu worried about her taking care of the boys by herself. Shang was still young and Tsung had a few more years before he’d be a helpful teenager. They were secure financially, so that was hardly a worry.

Of course, he said nothing of this to Eileen. It would only worry her and make her sad and she had enough worry with her daughter.

Sun-Tzu dies

The Grim Reaper waits for no one and he came calling. Eileen, Tsung, and Shang were beside themselves with sorrow. Even Mr. Miyagi yowled loudly. Sun-Tzu passed peacefully, with a serene smile on his face. Dying wasn’t so bad if you had a good life.

Sun-Tzu Yu

Sun-Tzu Yu’s tombstone now resides in the Boreal Springs Cemetery, across the lot from his dearly departed brother and sister. He left boo cu bucks behind from the boys and Eileen–turns out he wasn’t lying when he said he was just ‘humble’.


Note from Mao: I’ll miss you, Sun-Tzu! But you gave me a platinum tombstone, so I’m pretty happy about that. The third death and the last of the elders. Now all my gen 1 adults are set to become elders (in round eight)… whew. Has it been that long already? A month? Dang.

February 29, 2008

Yu – Round 6: ‘It’s Oh-So Quiet’

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Yu Family Round 6

Sun-Tzu and Eileen Yu have a happy life outside of all the drama. Can they keep their son, Tsung, and the baby Eileen’s expecting away from the drama, as well?


Sun-Tzu feeds Tsung

With Eileen pregnant again, she found herself beyond exhaustion and left the feedings of Tsung to Sun-Tzu. Sun-Tzu didn’t mind one bit. It was nice to get some time with his son–Eileen, despite being a mother once before, was always coddling him. It was likely because of everything that was happening with Mary, the poor girl.

Tsung is a toddler

Tsung eventually become self-sufficient enough to keep himself busy while Sun-Tzu painted and Eileen slept. He was a very curious child and while he wasn’t troublesome, often wanted to go outside and see the ‘big water’. Sun-Tzu told him he could when he was bigger (and not quite able to drown in it).

Eileen and Shang

Sun-Tzu even took care of teaching Tsung his first steps. Eileen felt awful for not being able to join in, but she was just much too tired. She was getting too old to be pregnant! This would definitely be the last baby. It was hard enough worrying over whether or not Sun-Tzu would live long enough to see them grown, much less if she’d survive another pregnancy. It was time for her to settle into the role of grandma.

Shang is born

Thankfully, Shang was born on time and with little trouble early one morning. Eileen was ready to come home surprisingly early and for that, she was thankful. She would finally be able to spend some time with Tsung before his birthday crept up on them. She had also wanted Mary to come over and visit, but she’d always been much too exhausted. She was guaranteed to have more energy now.

Shang took after Eileen again, and he even had her blue eyes. Two sons was a good place to stop.

Mary plays with Tsung

Mary was delighted to meet her new little brothers, though she was sad that she couldn’t bring Sara over. It would be much too obvious and the neighborhood was too small and close-knit. Word would definitely get around. Eileen suggested that perhaps when she visits, she could bring the boys–once they’re old enough.

Things were definitely settling down and it was easy to slip into that ease of no worries of drama. Eileen just hoped that Mary had learned her lesson and would stay well away from the Saunders house.

Shang is a toddler

Shang’s birthday came surprisingly fast and he was soon able to crawl around and make mischief. He looked a bit more like Eileen than Tsung–it was a good mix. He was a bit more troublesome than his brother, though, always getting into things. Once he was able to walk, he started reaching for doorknobs!

They were definitely going to have their hands full.

Tsung is a child

Tsung had his own birthday not long after and was able to help with Shang a little. He was just a kid, but he knew well enough to keep Shang occupied and away from doors and dangerous things. He loved his role as big brother! It had so much power!


Note from Mao: The Yu house is always a nice respite from the other crazier houses and the drama. I was surprised at how quickly Tsung and Shang grew up! Also, my fiance wasn’t thinking and messed up the naming order–it should be ‘Shang’ and then ‘Tsung’. Do you get it now? Har har har. Though, Shang was also the male lead in the Mulan movie, too.

February 22, 2008

Yu – Round 5: ‘Bringing Life’

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Yu Family Round 5

Roger Yu welcomes the company of his younger brother, Sun-Tzu, and his new bride, Eileen Yu (formerly O`Hanlon). Can they help cheer him up before his time comes to an end?


Eileen and Sun-Tzu talk

While Mary had still been away at college, Sun-Tzu had Roger stay at the O`Hanlon house while contractors worked on expanding the Yu residence. When it was done and Mary came home, Sun-Tzu, Eileen, and Roger could all fit more than comfortably in the modified abode.

The extra space was necessary–Eileen was pregnant. She had told Sun-Tzu after she saw the doctor and it was a happy revelation.

Roger tries to fish

Along with expanding the house, Sun-Tzu had Roger’s help in having a small garden built in the backyard. Roger desperately wanted a stocked pond that he could fish in. He spent hours out there, trying in vain to catch something other than an old boot. His skills with a fishing rod had certainly waned over the years.

Eileen wanted to try fishing, too, but as her pregnancy progressed, found she was much too tired.

Sun-Tzu paints Eileen

Despite his pregnant wife’s protests–she claimed she was bloated, tired, and awful looking–Sun-Tzu continued his hobby with painting. Eileen was pleasantly surprised when they came out looking marvelous. She knew the mirror wasn’t lying to her when it showed the bags under her eyes and the exhaustion written all over her face, but the painting was what Sun-Tzu saw. It was quite heart-fluttering.

Eileen meets Florence Anderson

Before she’d taken off on maternity leave, Eileen found a new friend in Florence Anderson. She was only a few years older than Mary, but she was quite mature for her age. Eileen was thankful for the female company in her male-dominated job and also just for the companionship. Ever since Jun had managed to ruin two lives and Eileen told her she was wrong, they hadn’t talked.

Florence was quite different–in more ways than one–and Eileen was surprised to find out that she was pregnant, too. Especially given that her lover was female! Perhaps the most extraordinary part was that it was an alien baby. Eileen wasn’t sure if she believed that, but she liked Florence well enough.

Eileen talks to Roger

While she was on maternity leave, Eileen found herself quite lonely. Roger would sometimes eat with her, but otherwise, he kept his distance. One morning, she caught him and decided to put forth a question she’d been mulling over for days. She inquired if he would mind a pet in the house.

Roger did not refuse, in fact, he agreed and thought a pet might brighten things up.

Mr. Miyagi and Eileen sleep

Roger and Sun-Tzu went out and brought back Mr. Miyagi, a purebred Siamese cat. Eileen was quite pleased with her new furry friend and finally had someone to watch daily Soap Operas with. She swore that Mr. Miyagi watched them just as intently as she did.

Sun-Tzu jokingly said that she simply wanted a cat so she would have someone to nap with. The pregnancy made her quite tired and she spent a lot of her time sleeping.

Eileen talks to Mary

Towards the end of her pregnancy, Eileen was shocked to find Mary at her door. She had tried calling several times only to get the answering machine. Anytime she left a message, she never got a call back. She was starting to get worried when the blonde popped up at her door, looking a little under-the-weather herself. It was then that Mary told her she was pregnant and the father was Derek Saunders.

“Oh, Mary, I’m so sorry. How did this happen?” Eileen saw the look that crossed her daughter’s face and quickly dismissed the question. “I guess it doesn’t matter… if you need anything you know I’m here. Anything at all.”

“I thought you’d be angry…”

At this, Eileen was distraught, “angry? Mary, you’re pregnant and yes…Derek is married, but this was before, wasn’t it? I’m sure you have your reasons, I know you well enough to know this was an accident. Just remember, anything you need, please, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Thanks, mom,” Mary smiled, squeezing her hand. “Gina is being really helpful, but I’m glad you’re behind me too.”

Tsung Yu

Eileen didn’t have much time to mull over her eldest child’s worries–she went into labor a few days later and gave birth to a young boy named Tsung. She was surprised to see her own freckles dotting his cheeks and the rich brown eyes his father had. Tsung’s black hair was proof enough that before Sun-Tzu had gone gray, he had hair black as night.

Tsung was a welcome addition and even Roger spent a lot of time playing with and feeding him. Mary had wanted to come over, but she was showing and didn’t want to be seen around the neighborhood. She promised to visit as soon as she could.

Eileen is sick

Eileen was quite surprised to find herself once against bent over the toilet a year later. She was pregnant again, surely, she felt it. A woman’s instincts don’t lie, they say. It was a pleasant surprise, but she worried, too. Sun-Tzu was older and he had outlived his brother and his sister-in-law. How much time did he have? Would he see Tsung grown and this new baby born?

Roger died

Roger had passed a week before Eileen found out she was pregnant again. It was a sad occasion and Sun-Tzu mourned heavily. He had been there when Roger faded, taking his brother’s hand, looking him in the eye and saying, “it’s time. Risa is waiting for me.”

He went quickly and peacefully and rested beside his wife of many, many years, Risa, in the cemetery.

Roger Yu

Rest in peace, Roger Yu. May you carry Chinese take-out to your wife awaiting you in the pixelated after-life!


Note from Mao: A very peaceful update, but sad, too. Poor Roger! At least he had some good final days, even if I didn’t get a platinum tombstone out of him. It only took ONE WooHoo to get Eileen pregnant again (I’m using Inteen and CANNOT select ‘Try for Baby’… it’s completely random), I was quite surprised. My fiance and I deduced that Sun-Tzu has ‘super’ sperm. Also, did anyone else catch the Karate Kid reference? ‘Wax on… wax off…’

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