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November 27, 2008

O`Hanlon 2 – Round 20: ‘Womanizer, Pt. 1′

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Patrick O`Hanlon is finally free from University and is starting his life out on the fast track to fame.  Can he keep it all together or will his meddlesome family continue to cause problems?

Everyone who knows Patrick O`Hanlon will agree that he’s quite full of himself.  His new position in the fame industry hasn’t helped that matter any.  He spends much of his time romancing his own reflection.  This isn’t to say he’s stupid, hardly so.  His manipulative and deceptive ways show he’s quite the mastermind.  He just hides it beneath his attractive exterior.

Patrick moved downtown to get away from his family once and for all.  While he loves his mother and father, he tires of their lectures.  He plans to live his life the way he wishes and knows best when it comes down to how to accomplish things.

The privacy certainly helps, of course.  His accomplishments are plenty and diverse, but he can’t deny that one of them is winning the attention of the ladies.  Shang may have lived the rockstar’s life, but Patrick prefers the more refined women and chooses his targets carefully and meticulously.  He won’t just woo any girl, he’s much too good for that.

A favorite of his was the well-traveled Viola Kalson.  She, too, was in the acting business, though she mostly danced on broadway shows.  That was how they had originally met.  She visited frequently, completely fine with their casual arrangement.

Unfortunately, Sade didn’t quite get the hint when Patrick moved downtown.  In fact, she was at his place more than she was on campus.  It was really annoying.  If their parents found out, they’d both be threatened with a lynching.  It was becoming very obvious Sade had every intention of flaking out on college, she just needed a good scapegoat.

“It sucks,” Sade whined, poking her fork violently through a leaf of lettuce.  “There isn’t anything to do there and it’s all about books and stuff.  I don’t care about any of that.”

Patrick rolled his eyes, “What did you think college was, Sade?  It’s the next step in your education.”

“I don’t need an education, Patrick,” she huffed, meeting his eyes.  “Look at me!  I can do anything I want.”

“Then why are you hiding out here and inconveniencing me?”

At this, she paused, her lips moving into a pout, “well, because, our parents don’t really see it that way…”

As if Sade busting in wasn’t enough, his mother, Sara, started doing the same.  She’d heard rumors about his rumors and also Sade staying there, so she came to put her foot down.  Unfortunately, during their visit, Viola also stopped in.  Patrick made quick work of his mother and her conversing.  He sighed.  This was more stressful than he’d ever imagined it’d be.  What happened to his carefree, worry free life?

To make matters even worse it seemed as if his neighbor was never alone.  He’d only seen the woman a few times, but never actually spoken to her.  Whoever she was, she had a gentleman caller quite frequently.  He was privy to the noises, thanks to his kitchen being right next to her bedroom.  He found that one out the hard way.

Just as Patrick was getting into a routine, Viola stopped by and threw a wrench in his plans.  He hadn’t been expecting her and that did not bode well.

“Patrick, I need your help,” she began slowly, her hesitance obvious.  “I, uh, I need somewhere to stay.”

“What happened to your place?”

She sighed, her face dropping, “I… I lost it, Patrick.  I lost everything.  Didn’t you hear?  They sued me, Patrick.  They tried to say I was all drugged up and I fell and… when I took the test, well, I mean.  I’ve had some vicadin, we all have, right?  Well, it showed up and… I’m screwed.  Please, Patrick, only for a little while.  I don’t care what you do, I know our situation… I just, I don’t have anyone else.  At least not anyone who will believe me.  I mean, you know who it was, it was that bitch Carol.  She wanted my part and now she’s got it.  She tripped me during a live show!”

“Calm down, Viola,” Patrick said once he managed to get a word in, “You can stay here.  There’s an extra room.”

Her face lit up and she moved to hug him, “Thank you!  I promise it won’t be for long.”

Now Patrick truly would have to kick Sade to the curb.  Maybe Michael and Fou-lu could deal with her for awhile?


Note from Mao: So I’ve installed ACR and am testing it out, trying to figure out how it works, and basically just trying to see how I want it to work.  I just wish I could turn off couch woohoo, because well, poor Michael’s nearly blind.  Poor guy can’t walk out of his bedroom without seeing, well, you’ll see…  As for Patrick, Sade and Sara literally dropped by every day.  It was a bit ridiculous…

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