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January 11, 2009

Yu 2 – Round 22: ‘Carpe Diem, Baby, Pt. 2′

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Tracey Yu is home alone.  The twins, Shelly and Marcus, at finishing their last two years at University while her late husband, Ryu Yu, shuffled off the mortal coil last round.

Ryu’s death hit Tracey hard.  She had loved him quite dearly, even if they had met late in both their lives.  They had children together and the life they shared had been everything Tracey had always desired.  It may have been tainted by Gordon’s threat, but Tracey was happy.  Losing Ryu was hard, especially when she knew she had so much time to go before she could join him.  At least she’d feel better once Marcus came home.  Shelly had already stated quite clearly she’d be embarking on her own.

Meanwhile, Toph gave birth to a single pup named Roku.  It was a bit comforting to Tracey to have a puppy in the house, with its cute puppy face and puppy whimpers.  It seemed to make Toph happy, too, since Rob had run away.  Thankfully, the police found him shortly after and returned him safe and sound at home.  Ryu dying and the twins leaving had even affected the dogs!

Tracey was very surprised when her stepson, Roman Anderson, stopped by.  It was purely business.  Roman had always been very calculating, Tracey saw little of Ryu there.  Roman was definitely an Anderson.  He had come to question her about Gordon, her first husband and very, very bad subject to mention, especially in her home.

“Why are you asking about Gordon, Roman?  Are you in trouble?”

“No,” Roman answered quickly, “I just thought that you might know a bit about him.  You were married for several years, you have a son together, don’t you?  Michael Saunders.  I thought that perhaps you might know a weakness, a penchant, anything–”

“Roman, what’s this about?  What have you done?  I know I’m not your mother, I know… that she’s died.  And I’m sorry, but… I don’t think she’d want you messed up in this.  I don’t think Ryu would, either.  As your stepmother, I’m worried.  Gordon is… he’s not a man you want to mess with.”

“I’m a big boy, Tracey and my father has nothing to do with this,” his remark was a bit harsh and Tracey saw that he still bore the scars of the breakup.  “This was a mistake.  I shouldn’t have come.”

“Roman, please, wait a minute,” Tracey pleaded as he rose to leave.  “Gordon is… you shouldn’t mess with him, Roman.  I know he seems harmless, I know you think he’s just some pushover… but I was married to him.  I know him… what he’s capable of.”  Suddenly, a thought came to her, something she’d heard from Shelly… Claude.  “Roman, you didn’t.”

He saw the look on her face and was instantly defensive, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh, Roman, you idiot,” Tracey said, near tears.  Roman was Ryu’s son, he looked so similar to him and now he was surely marked for death.  “Gordon is not the pushover you think he is.  He had your father, myself, even Thomas.. everyone in a vice grip, he still does.  There’s nothing any of us can do for fear of what he’ll do… and now you’ve gone and messed with his family, his son.  Oh, Roman!  You need to leave, right now.  Now.  He probably already knows you’ve come…”

Roman was defintiely startled when she started hurrying him out the door, “I don’t see why you’re so scared.”

“And that’s what makes you so blind, Roman Anderson.  Go home and get out of here, if you value your life.  You’ve just made the wrong man your enemy.”

Tracey wasn’t surprised when the phone rang shortly after Roman’s forced departure.  Her hand shook as she lifted it off the receiver and brought it to her ear.  A baratone she hadn’t heard in years filtered through, marred only slightly by the fangs hidden behind the lips.

‘You shouldn’t talk to Roman, Tracey.  It isn’t safe.’

“Gordon,” Tracey took a breath, her anger bubbling to the surface, “you have a lot of nerve, calling my home!  Don’t you dare threaten me.  I’ve kept our deal and now you should keep yours.  I said nothing to Roman, I simply warned him.”

‘It’s a bit late for that.  I didn’t want it to come to this.  Roman threw the first stone.’

“Why are you telling me this?  Why should I care?”

‘I just wanted you to know the truth, so you don’t overreact when I retaliate and go do something stupid that might endanger your own family…’

Goodbye, Gordon.”

She hung up the phone abruptly, trying to stop the rapid beating of her heart in her chest.  Roman… how could he have been so foolish?!


Note from Mao: Tracey didn’t do much gameplay-wise, but Roman did randomly visit and Gordon DID call after he left, LOL.  Which I thought was hilarious.  This was just my own interpretation of the events.  It fits in with the story!

January 8, 2009

Yu – Round 22: ‘Still Waiting, Pt. 2′

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Tsung and Lilith Yu have been married a long time.  They’ve survived their youngest son getting his girlfriend pregnant during university, but aren’t sure they can survive going without an heir.  Zhou and River seem a bit too easy-going to really care much for traditional values.

Lilith had heard about the mishap at the Anderson manor firsthand from her friend and protege, Isolde Anderson.  Isolde was off at Uni now and she called Lilith frequently to try and get a handle on her new… abilities.  Lilith was doing her best to keep her from going entirely over to the dark side.

“Just be careful, don’t do anything hasty,” Lilith said into the receiver in a low voice, “especially anything involving dead people.  Trust me… it’s more trouble than it’s worth.”

Tsung overheard the conversation and confronted his wife.  Lilith was about as receptive as ever.

“I know what I’m doing, Tsung.”

“Do you really?” He insisted.  “The last time you messed with this stuff, someone dead was suddenly alive and my best friend grew fangs.”

Lilith rolled her eyes, “technicalities!  I’ve got this under control.”

River, meanwhile, was spending a lot of time in bed.  At first, she thought that she might have the flu that had been going around.  It soon seemed apparent that wasn’t the case.  Vaguely, she thought that she might be pregnant.  It seemed weird to think about–pregnancy.  Was she ready to be a mother, would she ever be?  She would certainly be older than most mothers of young children.

She thought of her own mother, who was now dead, and felt a little guilty.  She loved her mom, but she’d always grew up knowing she was unhappy caring for them and so… she wasn’t sure she could be a good mom, either.

As she began feeling worse, she decided to go to the doctor, without telling anyone why, past the simple fact she felt sick.  It was set in stone there–River was pregnant.  She came home and waited for Zhou to get back from work to tell him.  She wasn’t entirely sure how he’d take the news, especially since she sprung it on him in the midst of their time together.  But when she had to run to the bathroom and throw up, she decided he needed to know.

“I kind of figured,” he said casually.  “Mom, actually, was the first one to mention it.  I was just waiting for you to say something.  I wasn’t sure how you’d feel about it.”

“I’m happy, just a little scared.”

“It’ll be fine, River.  You’re not your brother or your mother.  We can handle this.”

Thanks to the flu epidemic that was quickly spreading, Fou-Lu brought Elena and Emma over for some chicken soup.  It was also a good time for everyone to see how much Emma had grown.  Lilith was glad to see her granddaughter and hoped, that finally, her other son would be able to not screw up this time.

Emma wasn’t shy, despite being surrounded by virtual strangers.  She’d always seen her mother’s side as her family, but meeting her father’s side was fun, too.  She saw that her personality was more geared towards them than her grandma and grandpa Saunders.

It was also a good time to announce, officially that River was pregnant.  Not that there was much announcement required–she was already showing.

Tsung hadn’t been present for the dinner, but when he arrived home for work, he was sure to speak with Emma privately.  He wanted to be sure she wasn’t going to be another Lilith.  He loved his eccentric wife dearly, but what she did was dangerous.

“Don’t worry, grandpa.  I’m not really into that stuff.  Besides, you’re a little late.  You know my grandpa Gordon, right?”

Tsung sighed, nodding his head.  He’d nearly forgotten.  Now they shared a relation.  “Yes, Emma, he’s a–”

“Vampire!” She added enthusiastically, turning on her heel and heading off to find her mother.

Tsung didn’t have long to let it sink in that his little granddaughter already had the concept of vampires down.  Fou-Lu found him in the kitchen and cornered him.  Of course, he should have known the visit didn’t come without strings.  Fou-Lu wanted his part of the estate, in cash.  Not for anything shady, but for Elena and Emma.

“Wouldn’t you rather wait?  It will be there when you retire and you have a good job, Fou-Lu,” Tsung advised.

“Working nights and going out of town all the time–it’s okay now, but not forever.  Dad, please?  Let me worry about the future.”

Tsung sighed, “I don’t know, Fou-Lu.  It’s never been one of your strongsuits…”

The snow really started coming down, so Fou-Lu, Elena, and Emma had to leave before the roads got bad.  It was a long drive back to Aperture.  Lilith walked them out the door and gave her son and embarassingly close hug.

“Don’t worry, sweetie.  You’ll get your money–just don’t screw up this time, okay?”

Lilith had such a way with maternal endearments…

Meanwhile, River’s stomach continued to grow and so did the baby inside.  The more she thought about it, the more comfortable she became with the idea.  It was just one baby.  She could handle that.  Her job involved more thought than most normal people were capable of–surely she could care for a little infant.  And, she had the support of Zhou and her in-laws.  Lilith was quirky, but she knew her stuff, and Tsung was plenty level-headed.  It was Zhou she had to worry about.

“Remember, Zhou, it’s not a bird,” she said everytime he insisted on talking to her stomach.

“Why do you keep thinking I’m going to teach it to swear?” He said, mock-offended, before adding, “That’s a few years away!”

Finally, little Fujin Yu entered the world.  Another baby boy–the Yu tradition still kept going strong, complete with the skintone and the almond brown eyes.


Note from Mao: Whew!  Long update.  Sorry about that and for the wait.  GTA IV kind of absorbed my soul, but that’s been going on awhile now.  ;)   I’m planning on doing some simming today, so hopefully I’ll have some updates throughout the weekend.

I’m so glad their child has the Yu traits!  I was worried they’d have an alien baby, LOL.  I should note that while I say that skintone is Yu, it isn’t.  But it’s what all the friggin’ Yus end up with because of Eileen O`Hanlon marrying into the brood way-back-when. ;)

December 19, 2008

Yu 3 – Round 21: ‘Addicted to Love, Pt. 2′

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Shang and Katarina’s open relationship has served them well, but James is looking for a more closed type of love.

James was seriously getting tired of hearing all the news of University.  Supposedly, Kit was with Claude, but not with Claude.  Claude freakin’ Saunders.  Seriously?  James could barely contain himself.  It seemed futile, his hopes and dreams threatening to be flushed with just the simple utterance of a name.  Not just any name, though, Claude freakin’ Saunders.  Michael and Claude won out on the genetic lottery and while Michael was a recluse, Claude was not.  Every woman knew his name, even the married ones and especially the cougars.

Claude freakin’ Saunders had Kit.  That just was not right.

James was a smart kid, incredibly so, actually.  He excelled in most things he did.  Unfortunately, those small victories meant little.  He couldn’t take his mind off Claude freakin’ Saunders.  He wasn’t a chick, yet his moments of thought were occupied with images he’d sooner forget.  Kit was the same as him–a smart, driven, and with a good head on her shoulders.  Why in the heck was she with Claude freakin’ Saunders?  He was like Patrick O`Hanlon, sans the intelligence.

Did Claude even know what a brain was?  Probably not.  It isn’t like he used his that often.  Grrr, Claude freakin’ Saunders.  Couldn’t it have been anyone else?  James could scarcely wait for his early admission.

Katarina was oblivious to her son’s love woes, for her own love life was blossoming as good as ever.  It was unfortunate that James hadn’t inherited either of his parent’s finesse or ways with the opposite gender.  Katarina was getting up there as far as age was concerned, yet the men kept coming.  They always would, Katarina was magnetic.

Unfortunately, her love train was derailed one evening when she received a call from her mother.  She had know her father had passed and while she was sad, Katarina wasn’t one for mourning.  Alyssa wanted to come over, immediately.  Katarina was worried.  What on Earth did she want?  Was she going to croak, too?

Alyssa was concerned about her own remaining days and so she felt the need to pass on her business, Distinguished Designs, to Katarina.  Katarina was hardly impressed.

“What am I going to do with a business?”

“Whatever you want,” Alyssa replied, adamant.  “I’m giving this to you, Katarina, whether you want it or not.  The boys will get their own things, but I wanted you to have something, too.  I think you’ll do well with it.”

“You’re crazy,” Katarina snapped.  “Does it look like I have time for this?”

Alyssa gave her a stern look, “Don’t be impish, Katarina.  I know full well you’ve got too much time on your hands.  Maybe this will occupy you.”

Katarina went to Distinguished Designs as soon as she could.  It was obvious Alyssa wasn’t taking no for an answer and so she decided to give it a try.  Her first impression was that she was never meant to run a business.  It was already established and made quite a bit of money, it even had a capable manager.  Still, Katarina found herself falling terribly short of her mother.  She wasn’t like her or Roman, she didn’t have any natural business finesse.  Besides, that cash register is pure evil.

Unfortunately, James wouldn’t be around to help Katarina.  He was off to University finally.  He was going to confront the whole Claude freakin’ Saunders and Kit Knight situation head on.  Maggie O`Hanlon was there to see him off, she had tagged along with her brother, Timothy.  It was obvious she has a small crush, but she was too young and not Kit.  James had tunnel vision when it came to this sort of thing.


Note from Mao: Poor James!  Claude and Kit have two bolts.  Lets see if Kit and James hit it off better.  We’ll have to wait until the end of this round, though.  ;)   As for Katarina, Alyssa had to give her business to someone and the other two are boys.  Not really into the whole ‘clothing scene’, I’d wager.  Plus, Nevio with a business?  No thanks!  If you’re wondering where Shang was during all of this, he was chilling and avoiding my camera, apparently.

December 11, 2008

Yu 2 – Round 21: ‘Turn Me Loose, Pt. 7′

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Ryu and Tracey Yu have both come a long way.  Ryu’s days are quickly coming to an end and he only hopes that Tracey will be able to manage once he’s gone.  Marcus and Shelly, meanwhile, are finding their own bits of trouble to get in.

Marcus was sick of being trapped in his sister’s unnecessary web of intrigue.  He decided it was time to branch out and find his own sort of fun.  He met Valerie at school and they seemed to hit it off so well that she even got off the bus with him.  While Marcus hadn’t yet perfected his skills with women–thus frightening poor Valerie with tales of cops and robbers–he and Valerie had enough in common that they went on a date that ended dreamily.

Shelly, meanwhile, decided to put her frustrations into cooking.  Mostly, it was prove that she still had something on Maggie O`Hanlon.  Shelly sure was glad she was off to University, because Maggie was really stealing her thunder at school.  To think, a freshman, of all things!  To say that Shelly was appalled was an understatement.

Ryu and Tracey enjoyed quiet time together, ignoring their children’s teenage plights and focusing on their last moments.  It was no secret that Ryu was quite a bit older than Tracey and so he could feel his time coming to an end.  He didn’t outright say anything, but the way he acted was enough of a hint.  They were both intent on enjoying every moment they could.

Unfortunately, such a blind focus left them ignorant of what mischief their kids were up to…

Marcus and Valerie got along so well that they decided that perhaps it was time to see what television and movies were talking about when it came to behind-the-doors action.  It wasn’t quite what either of them expected, unfortunately, and was certainly nothing like the movies!  After it was all said and done they both felt kind of disappointed and confused.

Of course, Shelly knew what her brother had been up to and she certainly wasn’t impressed.  He had taken to lecturing her on her devious plot to wrest Timothy O`Hanlon from Isolde Anderson.

“Don’t even get all moralistic on me,” Shelly snapped, knocking over one of his pieces with her rook.  “I’m not the one trying to get myself stuck with a teen pregnancy!

Marcus was mortified, “don’t be so loud!  Our parents are in the kitchen.”  He lowered his voice to a whisper, “It was a mistake, okay?  Things happen.”

“Sure they do,” she sniffed, taking his piece.  “Don’t bother me again about it or I’ll tell them.”

When Shelly wasn’t tormenting her brother or trying to get Cole to take action, she was blogging about her woes on the internet.  She was beginning to think that it was never going to happen.  She’d be leaving for University soon, as the school year was nearly over, and as such, leaving Timothy behind.  They were all a year behind her.  It was a sad loss and not one she was happy taking, but what more could she do?  That darn freak show had him hook, line, and sinker…

Marcus, meanwhile, was on damage control.  Things with Valerie just weren’t the same.  They could barely speak to one another now, everything was awkward and confusing.  He was heading to University, too.  They decided to end it.  Valerie was sad to see it end, but Marcus just didn’t want the guilt anymore.  He just wanted to leave it all behind and start college with a fresh, clean slate.  Silly teenage hormones…

Shelly seemed to have the same idea.  She called Cole over and told him that the plan was done.  He tried to hide his disappointment, but he had trouble hiding his sadness.

“What’s wrong with you?  You looked like someone just kicked your puppy,” Shelly laughed, eying him.  “You’re not the only one who lost something here.”

“Yeah, okay,” Cole relented, not really paying attention.  “I guess I’ll see you next year, then?”

“Maybe.  If you can even get in,” she offered, turning on her heel and heading back inside.  She really didn’t think it had meant that much.  It had all been a ruse, anyway.  Her focus was Timothy, she really hadn’t given Cole much notice.

Just as the twins were ready to head off to Boreal Summit University, Ryu’s time ran out.  He died peacefully and happily in his home, though the same can’t be said for those he left behind.  Poor Tracey is all alone in the house now.


Note from Mao: Looks like Alyssa gets the final word!  She outlived Ryu, lol.  Poor dude, I didn’t realize his time was up.  I can’t believe so much time has passed!  Also, sorry if the shots are ‘weird’.  I’m still trying to get used to my new 22″ widescreen monitor.  It’s insane.

Anyway, onto more interesting things.  Did you know teens could woohoo in ACR without any hacks/etc?  I sure as heck didn’t!  Imagine my complete horror and surprise when Marcus phoned his new girlfriend Valerie up for a booty call.  WTF???  I let it go through just to see what would happen.  I kept thinking it was a bug or something and they wouldn’t actually woohoo.  Uh, yeah.  They did.  You can see it via my lovely madden-esque screenshots…

So, uh, yeah…keep an eye on your teens.  Sorry, but I do NOT like teen woohoo.  I will have to find a way to prevent this in the future, lol.  Ewwwww.

December 8, 2008

Yu – Round 21: ‘Still Waiting, Pt. 1′

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Tsung and Lilith Yu continue to be happily married, but are beginning to worry about the prospects of their son and new daughter-in-law’s future children.  With not even a hint of a possibility on the horizon, they are beginning to worry that Fou-Lu’s illegitimate daughter, Emma Davis, will be the only blood tie they have left.

Secure in their careers, Zhou and River head off for a belated honeymoon to the islands.  It’s mostly so they can spend some time together, away from work, but also to get away from the nagging stares of Zhou’s parents.  If he’d known being the heir would be filled with this much pressure, he would have given it over to Fou-Lu readily.

While it was meant to be a romantic getaway, Zhou couldn’t help himself and indulged his prankster side.  Unfortunately, it resulted in River getting a nasty burn on her hand.  After seeking medical attention and finding out it wasn’t nearly as bad as they thought, they resumed their vacation.  River made sure to stay far away from any fountains, however.

All was quickly forgiven and forgotten once they found the wrecked, old pirate ship on the coast.  River had to admit, playing captain was quite fun.  It fulfilled her inner-need to dominate.  She gave a hearty laugh and inhaled deeply only to nearly choke on the salty air.

During their little pirate adventure, they happened upon a ghost of the former captain.  Zhou was beginning to think he’d never escape his mother’s penchant for the paranormal.  He mused that perhaps they should have brought them along after all.  River just thought it was a joke and played along.  Ignorance is bliss, as they say…

While they were away on their trip, Chairman Mao gave birth to four kittens named Gaius, Gaeta, Six, and Apollo.  The addition of the kittens certainly kept Tsung and Lilith busy.  They were also trying to find them homes, as there was no way their house could possibly contain them all once they were fully grown.

When she wasn’t cleaning up after the kittens, Lilith was trying her best to lecture her wayward son, Fou-Lu.  She had hoped that he would settle down after University, but was quite surprised to find he had done the opposite.  His girlfriend at that time, Elena, had ended up pregnant and now he was a father.  It was a difficult situation.  Lilith insisted that he find a way for Elena to take him back so he could do the right thing and take care of them, but Fou-Lu knew better.  Elena was far too independent and stubborn for that.

Fou-Lu didn’t just come to listen to his mother’s lecture, he also came to pick up a cat.  He ended up taking Six back with him.  He wasn’t quite sure how Michael would react, or Sade, for that matter… but he wanted to help his parents out and he also really liked cats.  His original intent was to give Six to Emma, but that would have to wait.


Note from Mao: River and Zhou are driving me insane.  Still no babies.  ARGH!  Bad sims!  ACR makes it worse because their chance to try for a baby is only like 30%.  Buh. Fou-Lu visited all by himself and bonded quickly with Six, so I let him take her.

December 1, 2008

O`Hanlon Round 21 Outakes

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I just had to post these because they are HILARIOUS and they fit nowhere else.  While I was playing O`Hanlon round 21, I sent Timothy and Isolde on a date to the park.  That’s all we need to know about them… Shang and Zhou stole the show.  Those Yu men are such divas.

I’m not really sure how or why the Unsavory Charlatan is in Boreal Springs.  I thought he was Vacation lot only?  Guess he got bored and decided to harass the suburb.  Shang is clearly not cool with this creepy pervert getting all up in his business.  He just came for the hot dogs!

Shang’s face cracks me up.  He looks like a little kid.  I was half expecting him to yell, “bad touch!” and run away, LOL.

Again with the face, LOL.  Now you know how all those women felt, Shang!  Though I will give it to you, this guy is super creepy…  Shang did eventually escape and had his hot dogs.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if the Unsavory Charlatan swindled him or not.

The next set of images involve Zhou Yu.  He walked by shortly afterwards.  The rain stopped and suddenly, this ridiculous sparkly light emerged from the background and was just vomitting sparklies everywhere.  Zhou decided to bask in the radiance of the sparkles.

“Worry not, for your sim savior has arrived!”

WTF, Apartment Life, seriously?  There was NO good witch around, either.

Okay, Zhou, really… that’s enough basking.  You’re freaking me out.  I seriously want to know what’s up with the random shimmery light and sparkles.  It was a bit ridiculous, even if it did look cool against the lighthouse, LOL.

And those are my random shots.  Expect an actual update tomorrow.  I have off until the weekend, woo.

November 29, 2008

Saunders 3 – Round 20: ‘You Turn the Screws, Pt. 5′

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Michael Saunders is happy to be out of University, but is a little unsure about dealing with Fou-Lu and Elena’s messy situation.

Michael found an apartment quickly in Aperture.  It wasn’t hard, it seemed as if they were going up all over the place.  Fou-Lu came with him.  He felt bad about the whole thing between him and Elena and he knew that Fou-Lu deserved to know the truth, even if he was a bit immature.  So Michael took it upon himself to make things right.

Elena had called him not too long after they moved in and said she was willing to come over.

Michael passed the news onto Fou-Lu, warning him against any of his silliness.  Fou-Lu simply laughed him off, wondering what Michael was talking about.

“I’m only telling you because I don’t want you to die of shock,” Michael began, his voice taciturn, “Elena left because she was pregnant.  You have a daughter, Fou-Lu.”

Fou-Lu’s only reaction was uproarious laughter.  When he finally finished, the look he gave Michael bordered on ridiculous.  He obviously thought this was all a big joke, “very funny, Michael.  She couldn’t keep that a secret for years!”

“And yet she did,” Michael replied, not sharing in his friend’s amusement, “She’ll be over soon.  Compose yourself.  If you mess this up, I’m kicking you out.”

Just as Michael expected, Elena arrived an hour or so later with little Emma in her arms.  Michael had already seen his niece several times and so wasn’t surprised by how much she had grown.  He made sure to warn Elena, though.

“This is going to be a shock, so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t react well.”

Elena sighed, “I don’t even know why I’m doing this.”

“Because it’s the right thing to do.  Come in, you can’t delay the inevitable any longer…”

Fou-Lu wasn’t nearly as shocked as Elena had anticipated, leading her to believe that her brother may have betrayed her confidences.  She let it slide and instead introduced Fou-Lu to Emma.  The resemblance was remarkable, there was no denying she was his daughter.  Elena was a little upset that little Emma didn’t seem to look anything at all like her, except for her thick hair.

Instead of being angry or upset, Fou-Lu took Emma and began to play with her.  He joked around and was casual, it put Elena at ease.  She was sure he would demand to know where they stood.  Instead, he focused on Emma.  Visits would become a common occurence.  Michael had been right, Emma needed to know her father, even if he was a child himself.

As if dealing with that situation wasn’t enough, Michael was surprised to answer his door one afternoon only to find Patrick O`Hanlon outside.  He said little to Michael before shoudlering his way in, forcing Michael to close the door and follow him, apprehension written on his face.  Patrick and Michael had always been friends… but tense ones.  Sade was a major factor in this.

“Michael, you’ve got to help me,” Patrick said, his voice low and conspiratorial.  “Sade is driving me crazy! She’s flaking out on University and staying at my place and now I’ve got a guest, and well, I need her to get lost.  She’s my sister and all, but she’s driving me insane!”

Was Patrick kidding?  Michael hoped his surprise didn’t show on his face.  He certainly didn’t want Sade here, not for all the money in the world.  That was dangerous.

“I really don’t think that’s a good idea–”

“Why not?” Patrick interrupted, clapping him on the arm, “I’ve always trusted you, Michael.  You’re the only one who can do this for me.  You and Fou-Lu can keep an eye on her while I regain my sanity.  Come on, how can you turn me down?”

He was right, how could he?  With a heavy sigh, Michael relented.

It took a weekend for Sade to pop up.  Michael had returned from running some errands to find the house empty–Fou-Lu had been spending a lot of time with Elena and Emma lately.  He walked into his room only to find Sade.  It was hard not to notice that she definitely wasn’t a teenager and while she was still a little younger than him, the gap was a lot smaller now.  She smiled, as if she was completely oblivious to the fact she was missing most of her clothes.  What had happened to him and what was she doing?

“Sade, what are you doing?” He demanded, looking past her and out the window.

She laughed and patted the bed, “Patrick told me to come here.  So I made myself comfortable!”

Michael said nothing.  He simply turned around and exited the room.  Sade watched him go, frowning.  Well, that obviously didn’t work.

Sade continued to drop in uninvited, but kept her clothes on for the most part.  Michael avoided her as often as he could, which wasn’t hard.  His job had him traveling a lot.  He spent a lot of time going to Universities and lecturing on physics and aiding with certain research.  It was pretty much nerd work, but he made quite a bit at it, which was how he could afford housing two other people who didn’t pay a single bit of rent.

He would have to call Patrick and let him know that this wasn’t going to work out.  He’d have to take care of Sade himself.  Did Patrick truly have no idea what he had done by putting her here?


Note from Mao: Oh my GOD, ACR has made my sims go crazy.  Sade on the bed?  ACR DID IT, LOL!  ACR has decreed that Michael and Sade are each one’s One True Sim… which equals hilarity and awkwardness.  Fortunately, Michael is a more shy person and so it’s usually Sade chasing him around and trying to flirt/etc.  Oh geeze.  ACR has made my sims into horny teenagers, LOL.  Don’t even ask me what happened when Elena and Fou-Lu were left alone in the apartment…

November 4, 2008

Yu 3 – Round 20: ‘Addicted to Love, Pt. 1′

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Shang and Katarina have a happy, open relationship.  What will this mean for their teenage son, James and his own future with the ladies?

Shang, who had always had incredible luck with the ladies, was finding that his mojo was failing him.  A hot young co-ed usually would go crazy just to be in his presence, but this little lady was a cold fish.  No matter what he tried, she refused him.  It wasn’t as if they were strangers, either!

Poor Shang felt defeated by the very love that had fueled him all these years.  Were his grays showing?

Luckily, Katarina was there to comfort him.  She tried to tell him that everyone had ‘off’ days, though she had yet to actually experience one.  It didn’t exactly work until they went to the hot tub, but Shang still found himself doubting his abilities.  Was he actually losing it?

James, meanwhile, was far more interested in his academics than his love life.  He happily greeted the headmaster and after a night of staring at Katarina, the headmaster allowed him into their prestigious academy.  For once, James was thankful for his mother’s ways with men.  He was smart, sure, but most people would look down on the fact he didn’t live in a huge mansion and was born out of wedlock.

Shang, on the other hand, was beginning to feel his age.  He was a retired rocker now, not wanting to be like the Stones who just didn’t know when to quit.  He looked at his reflection in the mirror.  He’d had a long life of womanizing, could it really be coming to an end?  He sighed.

With his academics in check, James began to work on his own love life.  He definitely had a thing for Kit Knight, even if she was in college.  He was younger, sure, but if he worked hard… maybe he could get an early entrance into college.  Maybe that would impress her.  Until then, he’d have to hit the books hard.

Katarina’s abilities hadn’t cooled at all.  She was still young and enjoying her femininely wiles.  The addition of the hot tub in the basement had definitely made things a bit more interesting.  She felt bad for Shang’s plight, but worried that it would soon happen to her, as well.  So until then, she was going to live it up like never before.  Watch out, guys!


Note from Mao: I’m updating for Elecy.  Today is her birthday, happy birthday, Elecy!  :D   Thanks for being such a fervent supporter of Boreal Springs.  Hopefully you enjoy this little visit with the Yus.  Now, back to my NaNoWriMo writing.

September 24, 2008

Yu 2 – Round 20: ‘Turn Me Loose, Pt. 3′

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Ryu and Tracey Yu are happy, despite the rocky road they’ve ventured on to get here.  Marcus and Shelly are teens now and just starting to figure out what they want out of life.

Shelly Yu was not happy to hear about Timothy O’Hanlon and Isolde Anderson being together.  She had hoped the rumors were false, but when she saw them together at school, it was too obvious to ignore.  If she didn’t act soon, they’d be official.  That just couldn’t be.  Timothy was supposed to be hers!  They had been picking on one another since childhood, surely that meant something.

That little social reject was not making a fool out of her by stealing her would-be boyfriend.  Sure, they were related, but that didn’t mean Shelly had to like her.

Meanwhile, Ryu was trying to talk some sense into his son.  In a surprising act, Alyssa had phoned him and told him of Nevio’s behavior.  Ryu had hoped that perhaps he could make Nevio see reason, but it seemed fruitless.  He was spoiled and set in his ways.  Ryu was definitely regretting all that time he spent trying to nail down Gordon Saunders… he had almost had him, but well, he couldn’t act now.  Gordon had them right where he wanted them.

“It’s raining, Shelly,” Timothy said, giving her a look.  “Aren’t you worried about your hair?”

Shelly laughed and tried to pretend his was kidding, “Oh, you’re hilarious!  Now, don’t avoid the question…”

Timothy looked uncomfortable, “I was actually going to ask Isolde to the dance, Shelly… sorry.”

“That’s fine, I was only asking because I didn’t want you to be dateless.  That’s what friends do.” Shelly replied, trying not to look as angry as she felt.

Tracey fulfilled her dreams and became the head of the SCIA.  Unfortunately, it meant little.  In fact, it made her feel guilty because she’d never be able to do anything.  Gordon had her firmly in his grasp, any action against him threatened her family.  She sighed and carried the groceries in, as if it were any other night.  She was as much in his pocket as the corrupt officers and city officials.

Shelly was still sore over Timothy’s rejection, but what could she do?  And then, one day at school, Marcus introduced her to his friend, Cole Anderson.  He had the same last name as Isolde, but they weren’t related.  How weird is that?  Anyway, they got to talking and it seemed Cole had a thing for Isolde and was surprised when he saw her with Timothy O`Hanlon, who he assumed to be Shelly’s boyfriend.

Together, they schemed.  They would pretend to be a couple in the hopes of making the other two jealous… and perhaps inadvertantly try to break them up in the process, too.

“I don’t think you should do this, Shel,” Marcus reasoned, giving his sister a look.  “It isn’t right.  Just let them be.  It won’t work anyway, Timothy doesn’t like you like that.”

Shelly rolled her eyes, “For being a boy, Marcus, you sure are clueless.  He’ll care once I’m taken!  Just make sure you keep your mouth shut about it, all right?”

“Fine, whatever, but I still think it’s stupid.”

Marcus and Shelly would often walk to the park and hangout.  Usually they’d be joined by their friends, but with this whole mess, that had stopped.  Marcus missed hanging out with Timothy, but he couldn’t reason with himself that lying was okay, so he avoided his old friend.  Even Cole, too, seemed too busy with Shelly.

At least they still had family time.  Tracey and Ryu had recently added a deck onto the house and with it, a hot tub.  Everyone enjoyed clustering to it after a long day’s work or homework.  It was definitely a place of ‘family bonding’, though Shelly and Marcus didn’t want to venture a guess as to the real reason their parents had purchased it…


Note from Mao: Cole and Shelly have THREE bolts without any trying from me.  Wow.  I was definitely shocked, lol.  Poor Marcus, he’s losing his friends to Shelly!

September 21, 2008

Yu – Round 20: ‘Crushcrushcrush, End’

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Tsung and Lilith Yu have been happily married for many years, now they welcome their eldest son Zhou and his love, River, into their home.

Zhou and River were married in an intimate ceremony held in their backyard near the pond and trees that Sun-Tzu had ordered many years before.  Family and friends were in attendance and the day was clear with not a cloud nor a even the slightest hint of rain.

A childhood crush and a troublesome courtship had ended in happy nupituals.

River was understandably nervous, she had never really seen herself as the “marrying type”, especially not with Zhou, but what they had was beyond denial.  Why should she deny happiness, even if it was a little odd?  Being around Tsung and Lilith had shown her that such odd couples truly can work.

They were oblivious to the dissension amongst the wedding guests.  In bringing together family and friends, they brought tension.  But they were too busy being newlyweds to pay attention.

Elena and Fou-Lu weren’t officially ‘back together’, but it was hard to say otherwise with the way they acted after the wedding.  Elena was living back home until she got onto her feet while Fou-Lu and the other men were looking into apartments that were being built in Aperture.

Zhou took the time to advise his brother to tread softly, so not to scare Elena away.  He knew his brother wasn’t the most reliable and steady of men, but he knew how much he loved Elena.  He just hoped Fou-Lu could pull his act together long enough to become a respectable adult.  Responsibility had never been something the younger sibling wore very well.

The newlyweds weren’t the only ones in love, Tsung and Lilith were still very much aware of one another.  They enjoyed their quiet years as elders and looked forward to the possibility of grandchildren.  Her advancing age hadn’t stopped Lilith from pursuing her paranormal interests and Tsung hadn’t yet retired, either.  He was in charge of the apartment and town house plans.

Lilith was pleased to have an apprentice to pass on all her knowledge to.  Isolde Anderson had come to her sheepish, but adamant and so Lilith took her in.  It would take awhile for Isolde to truly grasp the very nature of what she believed in, but Lilith was sure she would reach the same level as she, if not even higher.

She just hoped the girl was prepared for the ridicule and everything that came with being such an ‘odd’ character.


Note from Mao: Zhou and River are finally married, yay.  And Inteen needs to hurry up, I need Apartments for my recently graduated young adults!

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