Knock it Down: Intro

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Title Lyrics: A Perfect Circle, “Blue”.
Rating: T (Minor Fantasy Violence, Minor Coarse Language)

You know how they say that when you’re about to die, or in the process of dying, your life flashes before your eyes? Like a movie that replays all your great achievements and happiest moments? Well, my life must have sucked worse than I thought, because that sure as hell isn’t what happened to me! My name is Beryl Cross, and my last thought before everything went dark? How everyone at my funeral is going to be laughing at my horrible pink hair.

Wait, are those scratches on my boots?

This horrible, horrible day all started when I went for a noon appointment to get my hair done. You see, I’ve been dyeing and changing my hair since I was a teenager; I don’t even remember what my natural color is. I was tired of brown and decided that blonde would mix things up a little.

I guess my hair just couldn’t handle it anymore, because the results weren’t good. It wasn’t just pink, it was candy floss pink. I looked like some extra from a horrible cartoon! And worse yet, she told me couldn’t fix it right away, that I had to give my hair time to ‘recover’! Forget my traitorous hair! What about me?! I’m the one who has to walk around looking like a Pepto-Girl!

I was already late for work, so I didn’t have much of a chance to chew her out… and looking back, I kinda wish I had stayed. She deserved a good yelling! Look at my hair–look at it! I can’t live like this. I can’t work like this. Oh man, work…

I work for an Ad Agency that deals primarily with animals. That’s right, you know those really annoying ads with talking dogs and stuff? That’s us. The company may be small, but we get all the high profile cases… thanks to me. I’m not a big fan of animals, but I’m pretty good with people.

I managed to sneak into my office before anyone saw. Unfortunately, I forgot all about Quinn. She barged in, as she always does, and nearly died of shock when she saw me. Quinn has been my best friend for years now, and she’s always had a flair for the dramatic. I mean, yeah, it’s pink… but did she really need to act so horrified?

“…I guess I don’t need to ask why you’re late.”

“Gee, thanks.”

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