011. Prologue – ‘Betrayal’

Title: Betrayal
Genre: Undefined
Characters: Libitina Aurelia, Eckhard Koenig
Story Origin: Prologue to Knock it Down, Wings of Steel
Prompt: 011. Betrayal
Word Count: 1,324
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Libitina makes her move.
Warnings: Suggestive Themes

Libitina entered the library, closing the door quietly behind her.  She knew that she would find him here, slumped over on a chair, lost in thought.  It was in Eckhard’s nature to be constantly in turmoil.  With her abilities, Libitina could see the truth of his soul as keenly as Abigail.  The black, endless abyss that had frightened the young Seer, however, was understood by Libitina.  They were kindred spirits in this, born of darkness and thrust constantly in its hold.  Both embraced it, though Eckhard sometimes felt tempted by the light.  It was a mild amusement, quickly to pass and replaced with the rewards of the darker nature.

Neither of them would ever walk amongst those of the light, but who said that they wanted to?  To be what they were was a gift in and of itself.  Completely free of guilt and emotion that barred others from acting on their desires.  Libitina licked her red lips, preparing herself.  Dealing with the blind was a challenge in and of itself.

“And so the veil finally falls,” Libitina said softly, breaking the silence, causing Eckhard’s head to rise.  “…you should have listened to me.”

“What do you want?” Eckhard snapped, unrepentant defiance obvious in his tone.

Libitina smiled, a small shiver running through her.  She wondered if he was aware how much energy he was giving off in this little fit of his?  He would exhaust himself if he weren’t careful.  Thankfully, Libitina knew just how to make this work to her benefit.

“I have simply come to you in your time of need,” Libitina offered softly, moving to the front of him.  “It seems our pain is shared…”

At this, Eckhard gave a gruff laugh, “you don’t feel pain, Libitina.”

“This is true,” Libitina grinned, fangs showing.  It was a shame he couldn’t see, for this body suited her so well.  It didn’t match her own beauty, but it was close.  “But neither do you, not the way they do.  You’re angry, like a child whose toy is stolen away.  Is innocence really worth such a display?”

“If you’ve simply come to chide or mock me, you may leave,” Eckhard snapped again.  It was obvious he disliked how easily Libitina read him.

She leaned towards him, her face hovering mere inches from his own.  She looked into his pale, sightless eyes and said, “I told you, Eckhard… we have mutual interest in this.”

He surprised her then, moving to completely mirror her, as if his eyes could see her from beyond their clouded depths.  Libitina started, unable to hide her surprise.  His lips quirked in a satisfied smirk and he said, “do not think me foolish nor incapable simply because I am blind.  What interest could we possibly share?”

She drew back, allowing him to enjoy his win.  She placed a hand on her hip and looked thoughtful a moment, “Antonius, of course.  He’s become… problematic.  He’s too strong, too powerful to simply let go.  That little Seer seems to have work her magic on him, stolen him away by trickery.  He was useful, beyond so… but… I cannot shoulder a betrayal so deep, so strong.  He must be… taken care of.”

“So do away with him,” Eckhard said with a sweeping gesture of his hand.  “It is no concern of mine.”

“Is that so?” Libitina shot back.  “He is the one who stole what you would claim to be yours.  You cannot tell me that you do not wish him dead?  Never were you friends and now, surely, you’ve found an enemy in him.  Surely you… know something.  Surely your meeting with the Seer has… benefitted you, given you… knowledge that I am not privy to?”

“And so it comes to this, you want what I know.  Why should I give it to you?” He rose from the chair, standing tall against Libitina’s smaller figure.

She smiled, moving toward him like a cat stalking its prey.  So close was she that he could smell the essence of her, truly her–death, darkness, everything that he embodied, as well.  She used that familiarity to break past his boundaries, to move her cold skin against his own.  They were the same, carnivores by nature, their souls as black as death itself.  Her cheek rested against his for a moment, before she moved back, dragging her lips across his pale skin, breathing against him in small puffs of air that caused him to stir.

“I have let you live, Eckhard, and not because I have kindness within me… but simply because I would prefer to keep you,” Libitina said, her voice husky and sensual.  Her hands instinctively moved to his chest, fingers gently tracing the lines of the tunic her wore.  “Antonius, however, is a danger to us both now.  Do not underestimate him… so long has he taken my blood that he is ageless as I am.”

Eckhard found his voice, thick and deep from all the contact, “If what you say is true, then I cannot possibly hope to stop him.”

Libitina grinned knowingly, her triumph now obvious.  She moved in again, this time allowing her lips to just gently brush across his own.  There was a bit of a shock there, their similarities so obvious that it was almost painful.  Never before had she run across someone so deeply dark as herself.  It was intoxicating.  She had to be careful, to tread lightly and just along the lines, lest she find herself victim in her own game.

“A plan, Eckhard.  I have formulated one, but cannot hope to act, for Antonius knows me.  You know his places, where he hides, where he stalks… the village, it is not far from here and I happen to have an entire cache of silver weapons.” She paused a moment, breathing deeply and pressed herself firmly against him.  “If… they were to somehow find their way to the villagers… and those villagers, to perchance come upon the werewolf that has plagued them… well, you and I can surely see the resolution in such a… circumstance.”

She moved away, breaking the contact slowly, allowing his hand to follow the line of her arm, all the way down to her hand.  After watching him a moment, it was obvious he was considering the proposition.  She waited quietly.

“It… is a possibility.”

Libitina turned away in a flourish of skirts and moved towards the door.  She couldn’t stop herself from smiling, too lost in her win and the euphoria of another dark deed.  Eckhard would do as she asked, this she knew, for their thoughts were so alike that were he capable, he would have come up with it himself.  Everything was in motion.  She needed only wait for the dominoes to fall.  Losing Antonius would be a painful loss, but perhaps Eckhard could prove even more useful.  Antonius was a trained dog, but his altruistic nature had always laid dormant beneath everything.  Eckhard, on the other hand, well… Libitina knew he would never turn tail for the greater good.

And so it begins!  I love writing Libitina.  She is just so… unrepently evil.  I mean, she even makes Eckhard look kind of… cuddly in comparison.  It’s a good thing those two didn’t end up joining forces or well, the folks in Knock it Down and so on would have been in trouble.  Even Sanctus Unus would have found them trialsome.  I mean, look how much of a pain Eckhard is on his own!  This scene was hinted at in Wings of Steel, when Eckhard was telling Valerie about what really happened.  Only, Eckhard told it differently because, well, he’s Eckhard.  He tells things how he wants them to be seen by that particular person!


5 Responses to “011. Prologue – ‘Betrayal’”

  1. goodbye_sun says:

    She is marvelously wicked and does know how to play a man, even if he can’t see, its just a matter of waiting to find out if Eckhard is as willing as Antonius to join in her games. I know he does want some revenge, but he also seems the to proud to just be talked into doing everything her way.

    Libitina really is. There’s a reason she’s the essential ‘mother’ of vampires, LOL. That woman is pure evil. You’re right, Eckhard is no one’s ‘patsy’, but he’s a little blinded by anger at the moment. He’ll come out of it soon enough.

  2. JMW says:

    “An angry mob, you idiot! Werewolves hate angry mobs with silver pitchforks!” (LOL, sorry I amused myself after I was able to collect my thoughts over how AWESOME this is!)

    Oh Libitina is sooo.. Mwahahahaha! and Eckhard is all I want my dolly! LMAO. So, the enticing of Lib is intoxicating, and Eckhard’s disposition is humorous, but he’s a bit thickheaded, too. I mean, come on man… You’re not a sissy boy! LOL LOVED IT, Mao!

    Thanks, JMW! Haha, I was thinking that, too. But hey, my werewolves still aren’t completely fond of silver things. It isn’t fatal if they touch it… but well, it’s kind of different when you’re being poked with it. xn

  3. jarasing says:

    Using someone else’s misfortune to her own advantage defiantely falls into her arena doesn’t it? I wonder if Eckhard knows he’s being played, not that this particular game would trouble him much if it was successful.

    Oh, yes. Libitina will definitely take advantage of anyone’s weakness! Eckhard knows, but he’s too angry to care at the moment. Everyone knows how Libitina works at this point.

  4. E. Black says:

    *is late to the party oh so late* Eckhard is like a cuddly happy bunny compared to Libitina. She even scares me where as Eckhard just made me want to pinch him. She’s just evil. Deliciously so though.

    Hahaha! Yes, Libitina is the real deal. The complete, whole package of dark, black evil. The woman has no true soul, LOL.

  5. ruby says:

    “she even makes Eckhard look kind of… cuddly in comparison.”
    Bite your tongue! He is many things, cuddly is not one of them *giggles*
    Yes Libitina is truly dark and evil and its what i adore about her.
    She and Eckhard are two peas in a pod.

    /grins! Libitina is a literal man eater. She will definitely eat you up and leave nothing to spit out!

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