001. Beginnings – ‘Collision’

Title: Collision
Genre: Undefined
Characters: V. M. & E. K.
Prompt: 01. Beginnings
Word Count: 810
Rating: PG-13
Summary: I am the uncertain future upon which this world hinged.
Warnings: Language

He leaned against the tree, his lungs burning with every desperate and labored breath. How long had he ran? Better yet, how had they found him? He was so tired of running, why did he have to be one of those few who couldn’t hide their… ‘unique’ plight? He grimaced, thinking back on that moment where his entire life changed and forced him into this life of solitary confinement.

He had been a freshman at a decent college, with decent grades. His parents had died in the earthquake that shook the entire world for a full day, but he was okay. Grief comes and goes–one can’t mourn forever. Unfortunately, his peace wasn’t to last. One day, one fateful day in a lab like any other lab in any other place, it happened.

And from then on, he was hunted.

He looked up, the sun hiding behind thick clouds that forced the soft, wintry flakes down upon his head. He sighed. It was cold and getting colder by the minute. Soon, the snow would pile up and he’d have to trudge through it, his sneakers collecting the moisture.

The world had turned on its ass when the quake came. Entire cities were destroyed, hundreds of thousands dead, everything was chaos. People freaked out, lost their minds. They clung desperately to any rationalization they could think up. Eventually, someone rose above the rest and pinpointed the cause of it all–the paranormal. After the quake, certain talents that had once been dormant awoke within even the most basest of mortals. He was one of those people, one of those unfortunates ostracized from society for his plight.

He moved away from the tree and into the clearing. He didn’t recognize this place at all, but he had run for a long time. They caught him trying to take a shortcut through a forest bordering dangerously close to ‘their society’. He knew that if he were captured, he’d be dead. They were ruthless and cruel. They didn’t try to understand, nor did they see the wrong in what they were doing.

At least his parents had escaped this hell, that was a solace. He’d been running only a few months, but it felt like forever.

He stopped amidst the rubble laid about carelessly on the ground. Full columns stood in solid stone, dotting the weathered path here and there. Where the hell was he? This was unlike anything he’d ever seen before. He had heard tales of strange things popping up after the quake, but this was unreal.

Suddenly, a hint of color caught his eye. In the distance, near a pond that had not yet frozen, laid a figure. Great. A dead body. They’d probably try to pin that on him somehow, too.

He moved forward cautiously, pushing aside the branches that hindered his progress. It was a female and she looked young. Fantastic. He could see the headlines now, ‘crazy person kills poor, innocent teen in a violent rage of crazy.’

Taking a few more steps, he approached the body. She wasn’t dressed for the weather, that much was certain. What was she doing all the way out here? He leaned over her, getting a closer look.

Gently, he moved his foot against her shoulder, trying to stir her. A soft sigh escaped her lips and he jumped back, nearly falling to the ground. He shouted an expletive, watching as she awoke from her stupor.

Well, there was one more day he could go unlabeled as a murderer.

“…Vater?” She moaned, sitting up. Her hand moved to her thick hair, fingers lost amidst the tendrils. “Wo bin ich?”

Unable to move, he simply stared. What was she speaking? Was she a foreigner? He wasn’t sure what to say so he just remained quiet, watching… waiting.

She scrambled to her feet in a mess of awkward, long limbs. It was obvious she hadn’t moved for awhile.

She stood up and faced him, her eyes curious and confused. The snow collected on the ground around them, finally cold enough for it to linger. She spoke again, this time in English as well-pronounced as his own.

“W-where… is this…?”

“I don’t know. Who are you, what’s your name?”

Everything was unearthly quiet, the snow causing everything to be soundless and still. She looked even more confused at his question, her face twisting, her lips opening and closing several times, as if to speak, but unable to find the words.

Finally, she said with such a desperation that it shocked him, “I… I don’t know.”

Finally did one after all this time. Not going to say anything about this one. It just is. I forgot to resize the last two pictures, so yeah. They are wonky.


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  1. goodbye_sun says:

    You don’t know how hard it is not to speculate too much about this. And you have to go and give me a glimmer into a world just into its post-apocalypse, so on top of wondering how much of this is linked I have to contend with you delving into one of my favourite genres. You are such a tease Mao!

    Well, I plead I the fifth on the genre thing. I actually hadn’t even thought of it that way yet, haha! Yes, it would be very easy to speculate… and you are the only one outside of my fiance who knows what it is linked to. ;)

  2. Tanya says:

    Ahhh …. Well I’m hooked and trying not to jump out of my chair! Extremely well written and great screen shots as always, and enough subtle hints to make me think of a ton of questions – you know how much I like trying to solve a mystery :D They’re very interesting characters, and I like the fact that you haven’t told us their names (just their initials at the top). And the setting … I have a few thoughts, but like goodbye-sun I’m trying not to speculate. Bravo! :)

    Haha, thanks, Tanya! Plenty of mystery for you to try and solve, but there’s also plenty of time. ;)

  3. Anghard says:

    Oooooh fantastic. This has such a post apocalyptic feel to it. Will you be doing more on this one?

    This is actually… tied to something else, but there won’t be anymore of it here.

  4. Veron says:

    Gorgeous. That man is beautiful. What skin is that?

    It’s one of Enayla’s skins, with the scar on the lip. LOL! I don’t remember the actual name, d’oh. I hadn’t meant for him to be attractive, I wanted him to be young and awkward.

  5. Veron says:

    Oh, ha! I totally have that skin. I’m silly.

  6. Gayl says:

    I don’t know if I am reading something into this that is not there but there seems to be a familiar trinket that I see which makes me wonder who this girl is. Or maybe it’s nothing at all…

    Loved those last two shots, especially that second to last one.

    A great quake that lasted a full day, and people’s lives changed forever. Sounds like some sort of apocalypse…

    Oh, no, Gayl, you’ve got it pretty much. Hehe. I was wondering if anyone would catch that and so far, a few of you have. ;) Definitely. Things didn’t go as planned.

  7. Janet says:

    the nose gives it away, really.

    Haha, so it does. ;) Yet no one noticed that on Sanctus Unus!

  8. Janet says:

    I think on Sanctus Unus we were distracted by her markings. At least, I was.

    As you were supposed to be. To reveal it that early would have ruined too much!

  9. SimGoddess1 says:

    I know who that is now. That’s Christian’s daughter.
    Isn’t it Mao?

    Indeed it is!

  10. Dragongirl says:

    I’m very confused …. No one from the last stories survived?? To me the whole thing is muddled but I’m pretty sure that’s just me =P Very pretty pictures =D

    It’s intentionally vague. I didn’t want to give anything away. Thanks!

  11. SimGoddess1 says:

    That’s Beryl’s daughter too. The one she died giving birth too. Excuse me I need a moment to cry. . . . . . okay I’m better now.

    Aww, yup, that’s her daughter!

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  13. sandybvv says:

    What a great new beginning!! I’m completely hook already!!!

    Happy New year Mao!!!!

    This was just a fantastic preview!!! I can’t wait to go to the intro… so Bravo!!!! once again, your pictures are fantastic!!! lovely colors and very interesting characters!!! and preview to the story is just amazing!!!

    Thank you, Sandy! It’s great to have you back. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

  14. ruby says:

    how did i miss all this?? o.O must read.. must catch up! Ack!
    okay so i know who these two are cause of Angel of Lies… *bounces* I got something good to read! woot

    Haha! Glad to have you Ruby. Sorry it’s taken me so long to edit your comments!

  15. Carla says:

    Finally getting around to AoL and am starting with this, as advised! ;)

    Anyway…I’m so curious about this girl, so I’m just going to keep reading!

    Hey there, Carla! Glad you’re enjoying. :D

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