043. Prologue – ‘Memory’

Title: Memory
Genre: Undefined
Characters: Abigail Alexander, Antonius Veta
Story Origin: Prologue to Knock it Down, Wings of Steel
Prompt: 043. Memory
Word Count: 2,216
Rating: R
Summary: Abigail and Antonius accept their fate.
Warnings: Sexual References, Covered Sim Nudity

Note: No bodices were ripped in the making/writing of this vignette

Abigail moved through the woods at a leisurely pace, taking in the warm spring air and enjoying the sight of the trees coming to life after a particularly harsh winter.  It had been some time since she’d been away from the grounds–Libitina had made sure that Abigail was always occupied or ‘watched’ and unable to leave.  It was her hope to put distance between Antonius and Abigail.  It worked, but perhaps not in the way she wished.

It had taken Abigail a few tries and falls, but eventually, she managed to shimmy over the wall.

She paused, unable to resist the urge to completely immerse herself in the surrounding fauna and the life it exuded.  It was a beautiful day and she could feel everything as if it were simply an extension of her.  The wind that whispered gently through the trees right down to the roots embedded firmly in the ground were all relaying impulses of energy that she picked up easily.  Her senses were on fire, she was completely open to everything and everyone.  It was dangerous, true, but she knew of no other way.  She could find Antonius this way, use the strand that hung precariously between them as a beacon.

Last night had been a full moon and if she didn’t catch him after his transition, Libitina would see they were separated again.

Antonius, meanwhile, had already resumed his human shape and was enjoying the cool luxury of the pond.  Transforming was dirty business.  The beast in him didn’t care if he got dirty and matted with blood, but Antonius himself did.  He made sure always to throw himself in the pond, unsure as to when he’d get another chance.  Libitina was ever a thorn in his side lately, giving him nary a moment to himself.

He submerged himself in the cool waters, feeling his hair grow several pounds heavier as he did.  He moved up suddenly, bursting through the surface and taking a deep, gasping breath.  His eyes widened.  He sniffed determinedly and found it again.  Abigail.  What the hell was she doing out here?  He didn’t have a chance to ponder it.  She was upon him before he could fully realize it was her.

Faintly, he heard the scuffling of her skirts as she neared him, the soft padding of her shoes against the grass.  She came to a stop, seeming not to notice him completely and called out foolishly:


The sound of him moving towards the end of the pond caught her attention–the sloshing limbs and the low growl in his throat.  He was very naked.  She gasped and turned aside, both to hide her eyes and the fierce coloring of her face that was quickly moving down her neck.  Her chest felt hot and tight all of the sudden.

Antonius tried not to be amused at her reaction.  He was old, very much so, and given quite a long time to grow used to being naked.  He really didn’t care who saw, but he realized that being around her after his transformation, when his blood still boiled with beastial vigor, was not so wise.  He kept his distance, kept his walls up to her smell and the sound of her labored breathing, the image of her dress moved against the rapid rise and fall of her chest.

“How did you escape the grounds?” He asked, but he already knew.  He saw the marks on her dress where her knees had met the bricks of the wall.  She had climbed out, determined to defy Libitina and anger him.  “I am not the only thing that lurks these woods, Abigail.”

He sighed, his hand resting against his forehead.  She just needed to turn around and leave.  He would see her when he was dressed and in a better mindset to deal with her.

Laughter that began as a small, awkward giggle rose in Abigail’s throat.  She couldn’t quell it.  It grew and soon, was uproarious.  She closed her eyes, ignoring the moisture that moved down her cheeks.  Her face burned hot like a fire, but she laughed.  When it finally died down, she spoke:

“I… I think I would be aware of,” she broke in the middle of her sentence, a giggle wriggling free.  She squelched it and resumed speaking, “anything ‘lurking’ in the woods, Antony.  I am hardly an invalid.”

He sighed, “you should return, Abigail.  Before she realizes you’ve gone.  Don’t put me in this position.”

Antonius knew before he said it that it would anger her, but he could see no other way of getting her away.  He was closer now, at the very bank of the pond.  The water lapped at his ankles and he felt himself slowly drying under the heat of the sun.  His hair still hung long and wet from its tail, sending occasional, uncomfortable drips of water down his back.

He kept his eyes from her, again trying to ignore his deeper senses urging him to notice things that he most certainly should not.  She needed to leave, now.

“I am not a child, Antonius Veta!” Abigail raged, dropping her embarassment like a masquerade mask and turning to face him.  She continued, paying no attention to his nakedness, too enraged to care.  “In case you have forgotten, I am the Seer and perhaps privy to some things you are not! So do us both a considerable favor and stop trying to corral me like one would a simple toddler!  I refuse to cower before Libitina, I will not let her master me in such a way…”

Antonius gave her a pointed look, “you mean the way that she has mastered me, little Seer?”  His voice was low, laced with a guttural growl that sent her a step back.

“Do you deny it?” She replied brazenly, regaining her composure.

“I would say that you should not speak of that which you know, truly, nothing of.”

He was completely out of the water now, bare feet against the untamed earth.  The grass was soft, but jagged pine needles lay in wait beneath it.  Antonius felt none of it, his feet numbed to the sensations.  He stared at Abigail, his height towering over her, looking considerably intimidating without trying.  He was waiting for her reply and instead, saw that she had once again remembered his state of undress.

The obvious was no concern of hers, her eyes too caught on his chest and the jagged scars that marked it.  Two were long and particularly nasty looking, one moving over his pectoral and the other looking as if it had been a harsh stab near his kidney.  The others were small and faded, but those two were like glaring beacons in the night, somewhat new, but closed and freshly scarred.  A sudden, shuddering thought came to her mind–what did he do when he was a werewolf?  She had never truly considered it before and now felt immensely foolish.

She had moved closer to him and not realized it until she heard his breathing hitch and recover.  She could smell the water mixing with his own, earthen smell.  Her hand was on his chest, warm against the cooling skin still somewhat moist from the water.  She was unable to take a step back and suddenly, Antonius’ arms came around her like a trap, stealing the breath from her throat.

“You need to leave,” he said, though the movements of his body indicated otherwise.  Already her hair was tumbling down over her shoulders, his hand immersed in the thick of it.  His nose was cool against her cheek, his lips an inch from her own.  His voice sent shivers through her when he spoke again, “you shouldn’t be here.”

Of course, despite his claims, he wasn’t exactly sure if he could let her leave.  His arms made no allowances to her own freedom and his mind was fogged to the point of no return.  She had walked a fine line this time and it seemed as if she’d danced over the edge.  There was only so much control Antonius could exert.  He was not just human, but beast as well, and the two were in full agreement on this matter.

“I… I am not a child,” Abigail said again, feeling his fingers against the laces that held her dress.  She met his eyes, challenging him to say otherwise, to push her back and send her away.  Instead, he freed the last of the bindings and met her gaze fully.

She was so young, so defiant, so completely unwilling to accept that perhaps he was right.  That this was doomed and that they could both feel it in their bones that anything they may build would be quickly torn asunder, along with their souls and bodies.  Perhaps that was not the case, though.  He saw when he looked at her complete acceptance.  So she knew, then.  Of course, she knew the future better than any, better than he could guess.  It confirmed his suspicions and for a moment, he hesitated.  She showed her maturity then, discarding the dress as easily as any, letting it pool at her feet.  Her eyes never left his, making sure he understood the completeness of her acceptance and surrender to this fate, their fate.

“I am not afraid, Antony,” she offered, her voice assured, but her tone waivering at the closeness they now shared.

He smiled then, pulling her closer, feeling the press of her skin against his own.  Of course she wasn’t.  Libitina could beat her blind and dumb, yet still Abigail would defy her.  Meek though she was, there was an immense strength there, one that perhaps rivaled his own.  She bore the weight of the future, of her own fate, perhaps even her own death.  He wished to ask her, to confirm his own nagging suspicions, but did not.  It would ruin the illusion, that life goes on forever and happiness exists longer than a fleeting moment.

Instead, he kissed her fully and felt her acquiesce.  The movements of their bodies were amplified by the growing bond of their separate energies.  Libitina could puppet Antonius no more, for Abigail existed as fully in him, perhaps more so now, than Libitina ever had.  Her tainted blood, her foul energy, all of it seemed moot in comparison to Abigail.  Libitina was a failed Seer, a grotesque embodiment of greed and hatred; Abigail was the opposite.  There was no abuse in her joining with Antony, only the offer of protection and guidance towards a better way, a better side… what he had been meant for before his soul became gnarled and twisted.

Abigail knew more fully than Antonius did the fate that awaited them, the blood that would be spilled, the souls that would shatter and break in its wake.  When she had seen it, pieced it together, tears flooded her eyes and darkened her soul.  Doomed.  It was all she could think, doomed.  And yet her heart grew and she felt no real desire to pull herself from Antonius.  Instead, she dove headfirst into their connection, determined to pull him away, to allow him that peace of mind that perhaps, not all was dark and entirely evil.  She would embrace fate and what it offered.

She would never tell him, could never tell him, she reasoned, meeting his eyes.  The hands that held her with such care and love now would eventually be her end–bathed in her own blood.  She would die to save their daughter… from him.  She could hide that part of her away, lock it up, and never allow him to share it.  It was unnecessary.  She could still love and live knowing the future.  She was the Seer, it was her role to play.  She loved just as deeply and fully as if she had not known, perhaps more so, because she knew the time they had was so precious.

The sun was warm and their bodies tired, their minds exhausted.  Abigail could scarcely form a thought, but still, she kept her guard.  She laid against him, reveling in the warmth of his skin, knowing that she would not know this comfort for some time.  Libitina would be long gone before she and Antonius could rest easily again, and even then, how long would it last?

Antonius knew the same thoughts and shared them fully, not bothering to try and say otherwise.  Before this was over, they would both have changed, made choices, sundered ties, and perhaps made an enemy for life.  It was a small price to pay for the future, for their child.

Oh boy, I was not looking forward to this one!  It’s a beast, isn’t it?  Sorry for the length.  And yes, I copped out on sexual descriptions by instead focusing on what we already know.  Shut up.  I hate writing actual, full-on sex for sims.  It’s just creepy as hell.  Not to mention, me?  Not exactly a romance writer.  I know, such a surprise, right?  So I apologize for the fail here.  Abigail and Antony are really close to my heart, moreso than Beryl and Christian simply because Abigail and Antony follow the path of the two characters they are based on, especially relationship wise.  What’s with me and doomed romance?  Seriously, LOL.  Anyway, this was a memory, so the next piece will resume with Libitina’s beatdown in progress.  Hooray.


6 Responses to “043. Prologue – ‘Memory’”

  1. Veron says:

    EEK! I fell so behind on these, I’m glad I came back when I did. I just had the most wonderful overdose on Abigail, and to have it culminate into this was absolutely spectacular! So perfectly done, really! Using detailed descriptions on love scenes can come off as campy and tacky, and I really adore what you did here. The pictures told a story in and of themselves and your writing, as usual, is so captivating. It was all extremely romantic in my opinion.

    Okay I’m running out of adjectives and adverbs, but this was so not a fail. The farthest thing from a fail. Which would be a win. You win.

    Haha, thanks, Veron! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed getting a better glimpse at Abigail. She’s a character we never really got to see in the main story. Thanks so much, I still feel like a bucket o’ fail, but I’m glad you don’t think so. It’s just such an awkward thing for me. I’m too close to my characters, I guess, haha. I’m so glad you liked it!

  2. Gayl says:

    I really loved this piece Mao. Sometimes less really is more and I think you got the point across quite well. All the love and emotion and physical need jump out here even without the graphic description.

    I am so impressed with Abigail. I have always liked her from what you have shown us but to know what the future held and yet to grasp it so completely and embrace it anyway just shows her strength of character and the depth of love and attachment between them both. I always liked Antony’s character from KiD and they are truly a special pair.

    This was really moving and well done. Beautiful.

    Thank you, Gayl! I’m glad you liked it. I am really glad that Abigail is becoming more clear in her motives and mindset now. Valerie steals a lot from Antony, but her strength? It comes from Abigail. She doesn’t embrace it as readily as Abigail did, though.

  3. goodbye_sun says:

    Awww, I thought this was just the right way to write about these two, its kind of sweet and pure and separate from all the other things that are happening and what Abigail knows will happen because of this. And I quite like the pivot point that sets it all in motion is not based around something bad, but rather something good.

    Thanks, goodbye_sun! You know this isn’t my thing, but sometimes, you have to do what you gotta do. I mean, this was necessary to show Abigail’s complete surrender to her eventual sacrifice. I just really wanted to grasp the whole ‘love in the face of inevitability’. That it’s still possible to love when you know it’s doomed.

  4. Janet says:

    *Note: No bodices were ripped in the making/writing of this vignette*

    Damn. (snaps fingers) Bodice ripping is the best part!

    Not a big fan of them, myself. ;) That comment was a joke for my fiance, hehe.

  5. ruby says:

    That was intense, Mao. She knew her fate and embraced it. She truly was a powerful seer. You gave me chills!

    It’s not an easy thing to do, but Abigail and Antony both stared Death in the face for their daughter.

  6. Emily says:

    Wow! Is all I can say here! Just got caught up on the Prologue prompts and I’m glad there is more to come! This is such a great way to really show what we already know…well to an extent, some of this has been surprising but I have to say this prompt was so awesome by itself. The last few paragraphs were so poignant, and very bittersweet for me. Very beautiful, well done!

    Thanks, Emily! I had every intention of continuing, but it got pushed by the wayside when I started AoL. Eventually, maybe…? LOL

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