024. Memoria – Secret

Title: Secret
Genre: Undefined
Characters: Valerie Vega, Christian Koenig, Evangeline Koenig
Story Origin: Vignettes prior to Angel of Lies
Prompt: 024. Secret
Word Count: 1,128
Rating: R
Summary: Valerie has a secret…
Warnings: Covered Sim Nudity

Valerie sat on the mossy rocks, staring down at the still water.  Fish swam through the shallow blue pool, completely mindless of her plight.  The hot afternoon sun caused a small sweat to break out on her forehead and the back of her neck.  She knew that she didn’t have much time, that she needed to hurry.  They were on the run and tarrying in any one spot for too long could end in disaster.

She sighed, trying to will the tears that pooled in her eyes away.  Guilt swept over her, threatening to break her small back.  She was The Seer, powerful and entwined with the very energy of Sanctus Unus itself… yet even she was powerless against human emotion.  As much as she tried to deny it, it lingered, welling up inside her and threatening to burst.

Her pale hand swept over the surface of one of the rocks, the soft moss tickling her skin.  How long had it been since they’d stopped?  She felt the dirt clinging to her beneath the loose clothing she wore, her pale skin scorched by the seemingly endless sun.  She should be thankful.  Her own clothes had been torn to shreds and she’d nearly been killed, helpless and hopeless against such a criminal.  Still, these clothes felt wrong against her skin, huge and loose.  She had cuff the jeans several times before they fit.  He was much taller, much broader than she was.

Tears moved down her cheeks unchecked and she sniffled.  She needed to stop, to stop thinking.  The less she thought about it the more it seemed distant and unattainable.  Her hand clenched into a fist and she quickly scrambled to her feet, careful not to slip.  She’d left her shoes somewhere near the edge of the pond.

She inhaled the air around her deeply, feeling it move through her lungs, enlightening her with every sensation.  She already knew what her surroundings held, her extrasensory abilities beyond that of someone who was simply blind.  She could see the tendrils of energy flowing through everything, the basis for every form that surrounded her–the trees, the earth, the rocks, even the water.  But to inhale the smell of it all was a human thing, one that rekindled her human desires and needs.  She shuddered.

Slowly, but steadily, she removed the clothing and cast it aside.  She watched as it flopped against the scraggy grass at the edge of the pond.  Her shoes lie some distance away, kicked off and ignored.

The wind felt amazing against her naked skin and she stood for a moment, simply reveling in it.  Touch, taste, scent, and sound… all things she was still privy too and perhaps more so now that she could not see.  Valerie closed her useless eyes and simply took it all in, her hands covering what they could of her nakedness.  Being on the run had stripped away a lot of her shyness.  She’d fought battles, been covered in others’ blood, and even taken a life or two… all to protect Evangeline.

Thoughts of Evangeline forced her mind back to where it had began.  She shoved it aside, moving towards the water.  It was cool and refreshing.

Valerie swam mindlessly about the small pool, enjoying the feel of the cool waters against her skin.  She’d felt so dirty, so encrusted with earth and blood and whatever else she’d picked up along the way.  It was rare they had a moment to simply stop and be clean.  A simple, human comfort they had long been denied.  No one complained.  It was a necessary sacrifice.  Even now, Sesana scouted ahead, to make sure the way was safe and to give Valerie and Christian some time to rest.  When Valerie had left the small camp, Evangeline had been sleeping and Christian had been staring vacantly.

He was channeling.  Valerie was sometimes startled by how much power he’d picked up and even more terrified by how much it changed him.

Suddenly, she felt a small tendril of energy pressing at her guarded mind.  She hesitated before lowering her walls and allowing it inside.  She was met with the familiar childishness of Evangeline’s mind.  She held so much power and yet was so very young.  When she spoke with Sanctus Unus preternatural voice it caused Valerie to tremble.  No child should have to shoulder such a responsibility.


Valerie sighed, ‘Bathing, Eva.  Shh.  Go back to sleep.  You need to rest.’

‘I want to swim!  I’m coming, too!’

‘Stay there, Evangeline!  This pond is too deep for you.’

At this, Valerie heard Evangeline’s small laughter, ‘then I will walk on it!’

‘Evangeline, stay with your father.  Don’t wander off.  Sesana isn’t there to watch you.’

‘Grandma never lets me go anywhere… I’m coming swimming!’

Valerie tried not to be startled when she felt Evangeline’s aura near her.  She had toddled over, but her abilities had helped her along.  Had Christian not noticed she was gone?  Valerie worriedly moved towards the edge of the pond only to hear the harsh crunching of the ground echoing through her ears.  She felt Christian’s aura like a hot, burning star right next to her face.  She put up her walls again, protecting herself from its possessive strength.  Evangeline simply giggled.

‘You’re swimming naked!’

Valerie sighed, trying not to feel the flush of red moving from her collarbone up to her cheeks.

‘She wandered off,’ Christian’s voice echoed through Valerie’s mind.  She was always unnerved how easily he could break through her walls.  He refused to use his voice anymore.  ‘Hurry up.  Sesana is coming back.’

‘Keep an eye on her.  Sesana can handle checking for trouble until we get to Melissande.’

He said nothing, but she could feel his derision at being ordered around.  Before Valerie could say anything else, he closed himself off and moved to fetch Evangeline.

Christian pulled her to him, chiding Evangeline in their own, secret conversation while Evangeline giggled and tugged at his necklace.  Valerie couldn’t see them, but she could feel their emotions, their energy.  Her chest tightened as she felt something inside her stir to life.  She shoved it back down, deep in the depths of her mind, until she once again was sure she had control.  She needed to get out and dry herself off.  They had to keep moving.

She needed clothes that didn’t cause her to think such traitorous thoughts.

Yep, I blew the dust off Simfic50, hooray!  For more information on Memoria and all that, please check my blog entry about it by clicking here! Also, what’s with me and naked sim swimming?  Seriously.


8 Responses to “024. Memoria – Secret”

  1. Beth says:

    I just love this. The contrast between the purity of the water and the terror Valerie has been through. And the physical presence of both Christian and Eva — stunningly powerful.

    and that last line….

    Thanks, Beth! That last line carries a lot of weight. I wanted to leave it open and vague, but also give a bit of a hint, too.

  2. ruby says:

    You know that line: that didn’t cause her to think such traitorous thoughts
    totally got my attention! Whoa baby… Val is growing up. Mmmhmmm…
    Although, I ‘think’ Christian will always view Val as a little sister type. *shrugs* Of course I’ve been wrong before.
    Sesana… yup, when you mentioned the white hair on the woman with the cross necklace in AoL I knew then it had to be her. Yet in that photograph her hair looked anything but white.

    I’m glad! Hehe, I figured the intent would be picked up easily, but I still wanted to leave some area open to question. Valerie has definitely grown up, she’s been through a lot. Christian is completely and wholly devoted to Beryl. Even though she’s dead, lol. He’s crazy like that! That’s the bad part about my monitor–it is newer and has high contrast, so what I see isn’t always what people see. :(

  3. Gayl says:

    Hmmm…Valerie in Christian’s pants…this was a stunning revelation. Evangeline is adorable! Powerful and childlike which is an interesting contrast. Clearly she is the apple of Christian’s eye.

    I loved the description of Valerie at the pond when she first got there. The terror contrasted with the beauty of the place, the fleeting peacefulness and cleansing in the pond.

    So glad you are doing this with AoL. It opens up so much more of the main story without really giving anything away.

    Evangeline is definitely the center of attention for everyone. It’s hard not to love her. ;) I’m glad you all liked the pond/etc! I spent about half an hour building this little area specifically for this. I am also glad you’re happy I am doing this. I plan on exploring quite a few characters as they transition to what we will soon see in Angel of Lies. Also, I giggled profusely at the “Valerie in Christian’s pants” line, LOL!

  4. goodbye_sun says:

    Oh Valerie, the more you try not to think about it, the more you do. That is a tough one though, he’s anything but attainable and its not like Valerie has anyone else to focus her unused energy on. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come, that she will not have moved on from lusting hard for Christian while he withdraws more and more.

    Very, very true. Poor Valerie has no luck in where she puts her attentions, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, it only gets worse. It goes from childish curiosity/infatuation to love.

  5. Dektora says:

    No, Valerie! Nothing good can come out of lusting after Christian, he’ll never see you that way. What don’t you focus on someone else, like, hum…? There is no other male around now, is it? Then my dear, I guess you’re doomed…

    As for naked swimming sims, well I love clothes… A lot… But there is no fabric that can compare to the sensation of water on naker skin. Especially bathing suit fabric, yuck! So I can understand your sims on this ;) Plus it makes sexy scenes, lol

    And yurray on you writting 50s again! Woot!

    Thanks, Dektora! You’re right, nothing good can come of this. But when you’re around someone a lot, it is easy to grow attached. Unfortunately for Valerie, it’s a bit worse than that for other reasons, too. She’s helping Christian mentally.

  6. sandybvv says:

    everybody else already said what I wanted to say, so I will just say it again, wonderful descriptions of Valerie’s emotions!!! :( Poor Valerie she is in for more heartache!

    Thank you, Sandy!

  7. Veron says:

    Oh, I’m so behind. That was such a treat. I had known that Eva had “awarness” as a child, but I didn’t realize that it was so… developed(?). It’s a bit disconcerting to encounter a child, a toddler at that, with a clear sense of things. And such power!

    Poor Valerie. I feel the same way, :P .

    That was awesome.

    Haha, you and Valerie can commiserate together. Yeah, Evangeline had a very direct tie to Sanctus Unus during her earlier years and before she fulfilled her purpose. It was sort of how it went. Also involved why Beryl had to die. ;)

  8. Em Noir says:

    Ah, I’ve missed this site.

    It was great to see a bit of background on Eva’s childhood. I thought it was so sweet that Christian and his daughter had a secret language. And lovely to see Valerie again.

    Thanks, Noir! :D Christian doesn’t use his voice, he uses his powers to talk. Which is good and bad.

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