013. Memoria – Passion

Title: Passion
Genre: Undefined
Characters: Melissande Blanc, Marcus Van Arden
Story Origin: Vignettes prior to Angel of Lies
Prompt: 013. Passion
Word Count: 1,456
Rating: R
Summary: Marcus does not play games.
Warnings: Sexual Content, Covered Sim Nudity

Walking into Melissande’s chambers was the equivalent of stepping blindly into a pit viper’s lair. She had a flair for the dramatic, red and black all over, complete with a reflective marble wall behind the bed. It was a bit overdone, but such was Melissande. Everything she did was over-the-top, including her style of dress. It hadn’t taken Marcus long to figure out that she had decorated the entire place and that Christian was rarely here. It was pretty much Melissande’s little circus, complete with half-naked women running around.

She laid on the bed, hand on her thigh, dressed in a slip of a dress. Her hair was longer than he remembered, but she was prone to wearing wigs and extensions at will. To any other male, she would have exuded sensuality. She was like a candle that burned too hot, too quickly. The men she had eventually grew tired of her and went on to their next conquest. Marcus had no intention of doing any such thing. She was a rare specimen of female vampire–completely and totally electric in her nature to the point where it shone from her pores. She could be nothing else but what she was and the power she held was more than she would ever know.

To use and abuse such beauty was wrong and incredibly ignorant.

“You wanted something?” Marcus said, his voice the very measure of calm and sedate calculation.

“There’s no reason to be guarded,” she said, smiling, her hand slowly traveling up her white leg, snagging on her dress and pulling it up a bit before it came to rest on her hip. “Relax. I just wanted to talk.”

Melissande didn’t talk and Marcus knew that fact well. He’d discovered her past from the bits she had told him, plus what her brother, and Christian had filled in. Melissande liked power, it was a drug, she was drawn to it almost as if she could draw it in through her skin. Perhaps her most important little foray was Eckhard Koenig. It was incredibly disappointing to hear. Marcus bore the same ancestral power as Eckhard, perhaps a bit more, but he certainly did not run around sleeping with everything and anything he could. He was always guarded, always observing. The old ways were strong in his mind.

Marcus watched as she slid off the bed, not at all careful of her modest coverage. She moved toward him, her face and her body leaving but a tiny inch between them. Her arms hung useless at her sides, but her eyes looked up at him through lashes, intent written all over those dark gray irises.

“I don’t like to play games, Marcus,” she said, her voice like a low melody in his ear. She truly didn’t know, that much was obvious to him now. He remained silent, letting her speak, “we both know what’s going on here. You’re avoiding me.”

Marcus found it difficult to talk and cursed himself for it. He was aware of it, but it still affected him, still moved through his veins like a careless drug. Her fingers touched the lapel of his jacket, moving down it in a slow and torturous motion. He did his best to ignore it and said:

“I have done no such thing.”

“I know when I’m being avoided,” Melissande said, turning and walking away.

He watched as she moved, each step she took graceful and sensual. They were perfected, she knew how her body moved, how it looked when she walked away. It was an intoxicating dance, the small dress moving up half an inch each time her leg moved against it, the curvature of her back revealed each time her long, black hair swayed with her motions.

“There’s no reason to avoid me,” her voice pulled him out of his reverie and once again forced him to focus. Focusing while trapped in a room with a veritable vampire siren was nigh impossible. There’s a reason he’d been distant. He had no intention of being another throw-away mark on her belt, but it seemed inevitable now. Her hands were moving under her hair, exposing her long, smooth back. He heard a slight click and watched in both horror and pleasure as the dress dropped, hanging at her hips.

She slipped out of it effortlessly, kicking it aside along with her shoes. She was naked from the waist up, her hair covering what little modesty she had left.

She didn’t walk towards him, what she did couldn’t be considered walking. It was predatory, like a large cat circling its fallen prey. He moved to speak only for her to silence him with a finger.

“Shh, there’s no need for talking. We’re both adults here,” Melissande purred. “I am well-versed in these sort of exchanges.”

Her finger slid down, taking his lower lip with it before pulling away. She pressed herself against him, her arms moving to his jacket, removing the single button. She was flame personified, burning hot even with layers of clothing between them. It was undeniable, this thing that she was, this power she had. For so long, it had gone unchecked. He wished he had the ability to stop it, but beneath his vampire exterior, he was still a man.

One who had slept for a very, very long time.

She undressed him with an alacrity that was uncommon, but her hands were skilled with such things. She was thankful he was the normal sort when it came to clothing–no unnecessary buckles or zippers. It disappeared almost as quickly as if it had never been there at all. Melissande felt her own self-satisfaction build at bringing yet another mighty ‘ancient’ vampire down to her level. She wasn’t sure what she gained, physically, from sleeping with them, only that she enjoyed it. Men were allowed to collect trophies, why not women, too?

The distance between them was closed in an instant. Melissande was a little caught off-guard. For being so hesitant to succumb at first, Marcus had stepped up and taken the reins. She didn’t mind, it was always fun when they switched it up on her. Sometimes she tired of being the aggressor.

She hadn’t expected him to feel so warm against her skin. It was almost unbearable, an incredible heat that seemed to increase with every kiss and movement of hands. Just as she felt she might faint, something brought her back. His lips were against her own, not kissing, but resting. His eyes were watching her carefully from behind a few stray hairs that had come loose from the rest. She felt strangely compelled to stare back, despite the closeness of their bodies and the urgency of the moment. It was almost as if everything had frozen entirely and nothing moved but their lips.

“I have no intention of using you, Melisssande,” he said, his voice unnatural. She felt a strange force move throughout her body, like ice in her veins. Despite the sensation, she couldn’t take her eyes away from his.

She found it difficult to speak, her voice sounding small and foreign to her own ears, “we’ll see about that.” It was stripped of its sensuality, of its allure. It sounded like any other voice, lost in the crowd. Melissande suddenly felt incredibly naked, her layers peeling away, her walls being forced down. Her fright willed her to move her arms, her legs, anything, but she could not.

“There is no need of your power here,” Marcus said, his voice unchanged. Everything he said her mind and body took as a command, but his inflection never changed. It was gentle and assuring, his hands still holding her against him gently. His final words before breaking eye contact were, “I also do not play games.”

He kissed her fully and intensely, Melissande’s control of her body returning. She felt vulnerable and exposed, her true nature laid out for all to see.

Okay, so we know Nicolas has some ability, but we’ve never really explored Melissande’s. It’s been there, all this time, but never obviously mentioned. So, you get a two-for-two deal. Marcus’ is up for vague intepretation, but it should be pretty obvious where Melissande’s skills lie… as if there were ever any doubt! This was also a desensitizing experiment as far as naked sims, writing about naked sims, and trying to imagine that sims can be sensual things. Still not working, I’d much rather write it without pictures, but I needed to do this for a scene later in Angel of Lies. There’s a few more Memorias to go and while it may seem like I’m rushing them, I’m not. I’ve had a creative burst and am taking advantage of it. Once these are out of the way, I can work on AoL!


10 Responses to “013. Memoria – Passion”

  1. S.B. says:

    There’s more between a man and a woman than in all your philosophy….

    I am laughing and cheering and I really do not know who I am cheering on but OMFG this is damned good!

    Melissande is scared of Marcus? You did say ‘fright’? As in scared? Interesting. Why? Because being stripped down means really stripping the paint off the walls?

    Marcus is drugged yeah but with what? His own desire? What Mel is throwing at him?

    You are bad!!! I love this!

    It’s easier to understand what’s happening if you think of it, from Melissande’s POV, as a power play. Melissande has ALWAYS been good with men, she can make them putty in her hand just by wiggling a little bit and making a pouty face. It’s part of her power… her allure. It’s not so much that’s she’s beautiful, it’s that she has an ability that intensifies her sensuality times 100. Which Marcus is sort of TRYING to fight, but men are men, in the end. He turns the tables on her by stripping her, momentarily, of that ability. He has his own abilities up his sleeve, but he’s subtle about what he can do. He prefers for people to NOT expect the backhand he can deliver. He’s very sneaky, but with Melissande, he had bigger plans for her that went past just hitting it and quitting it.

    Thank you! I am always so apprehensive about my ability to write certain things, this is one of them. Still working at it.

  2. E. Black says:

    Oh damnit. Poor Melissande. It is hard when a man cuts through those well-placed defenses and makes the predator into the prey. I always wondered what her powers were and I’m not surprised. She’d be extremely dangerous if she knew how to check that power. The havoc that she could wreck.

    Marcus held out for as long as his desire would allow him. I give him kudos for that and the fact that he turned the tables on her the way that he did.

    Did I mention that I loved this? :D

    It’s about time someone beat Melissande at her own game, though Marcus’ intent wasn’t malicious at all. It was simply his way of going “you don’t need this for this end”. Yes, if only she knew about it and controlled it… she’d be pretty formidable! LOL Thanks!!

  3. laura says:

    But it is working! That was hot! :)

    Well she got called out, didn’t she? I like Melissande, she’s fierce!

    As far as the naked sims thing, maybe it might help to consider them more like actors in a movie you’re directing. Whenever you hear actors talking about a sexy movie scene, they always say it’s very mechanical and non-sexy. So the sensuality doesn’t exist in the sims, but in the illusion you’re creating in the story. It works, you’re doing it!

    Thanks! I am always very apprehensive about this stuff. I mean, when you write it yourself, it’s hard to look at it and wonder if it’s executed properly. My husband reads this stuff, but he’s hardly going to say anything about that part, LOL!

    Yeah, I try to do that, but my characters have a tendency to chatter in my head while I’m trying to focus on posing naked sims together… which is like moving mannequins around. I can feel and hear the words I want to express in my head, but it doesn’t seem plausible with these wax figures. I guess it works out in the end, though, so that’s good! And at least none of my characters in this throw fits when I have to write them sexually. My original character Seth always gives me a hard time, lol.

  4. seeing_red says:

    Wow, I know I’ve been skiping the ‘commenting steps’, but it’s just because most of the time I’m speechless, I’m always like :O
    So let’s get to business.. I have to emphasize that it’s quite interesting to see Melissande in this way, thinking she could handle that older vampire Markus, that she could still have control of everything, but instead being seen through her own intentions and charms, exposed and truly ‘naked’.
    I guess there’s still time to change opinions. :D

    Hey there, seeing_red! Aww, thanks. I don’t why you’re speechless though, this is hardly stellar stuff! But I definitely appreciate you taking the time to comment. Melissande has pretty much been skinned and made vulnerable… not something that comes easily to her. Guess she shouldn’t assume all men are the same, hm? ;)

  5. Veron says:

    Okay. That? Was amazing. I was absolutely not expecting for Marcus and Mellisande to have this sort of start. The power play. And I always kind of saw Mellisande as a man-eater and it is so fitting that she wind up with a man who is basically like, cut that shit out. I am SO INCREDIBLY interested in Marcus. He’s become… the anti-Eckhard in my head. He certainly does not play games. I want to know everything about him. ACK! And the role he plays in AoL!

    And I don’t think you need to conduct the desensitizing experiment. When you write, all the feeling comes across there. The jiggly bits aren’t necessary. I know that’s something coming from me, of all people, but you’re writing always tops it. I can think back to the scene between Antonius and Abigail. That was a very romantic scene without needed the flash. And so was this. Just lovely, in a “that’s some powerful mojo” sort of way. :P

    “She was thankful he was the normal sort when it came to clothing–no unnecessary buckles or zippers”

    And. I. Laughed out loud.

    Haha, the “anti-Eckhard”… that’s an interesting perspective. Marcus isn’t completely altruistic, but he’s not a bad sort. There will be more Marcus in the last few Memorias, just to tie up some loose ends. It is mostly just filler, stuff you don’t need to know, but might otherwise be interested in.

    I’m mostly concerned with the writing. I used to have such a terrible time writing anything romantic and to be honest, I still do. It feels awkward. I’m not a terribly romantic person, believe it or not, I really am not. LOL So it’s a learning process for me. Translating my passion for things into something passionate in a ‘love’ sense. Probably makes no sense, but y’know, LOL!

  6. goodbye_sun says:

    Melissande met her match in Marcus, he doesn’t resist, but also isn’t taken. I’m starting to think his power is in knowing how to disarm others…

    And you would be very, very astute in that thought… ;)

  7. Becky says:

    Heh, these two go together so well. She can’t hide from him and that scares her a bit but Marcus seems alright. What was he doing with Eckhard?
    Anyway, Melissande is a very cool vampire I love to hear her point of view!
    Great stuff Mao *drools all over the keyboard*…ack! I’m a sucker for love! =S

    Marcus goes to Eckhard because of Christian’s plan to recover Evangeline. He’s working with Christian. ;) It would take one hell of a person to conquer Melissande, especially given her ego.

  8. s@ndy says:

    That was amazing…
    Really it was! These two are pure flame!!! Perfect match for Melissande!!!
    I too, want to learn everything I can about Marcus, between last AoL chapter and ‘this’, he is my hero, he told off Nicolas and now he is “controlling Melissande” he really is something!!!

    I still have a bunch to catch up in this blog… but I will be back :P

    Haha, thanks, Sandy! We’ll learn more about Marcus, I promise. ;)

  9. Tanya says:

    Phew, where’s the cold water! Don’t think I need to say more than that ;) Not sure that I could anyway, other than let’s have some more of the tall, dark and slightly dangerous!

    Haha, Tanya! Thanks. I am always so hesitant about this stuff.

  10. ~Drew says:

    Wow. And you say Romance is not your thing. Sensuous and hot stuff to be sure. Naked sims always difficult to show visually. Put you pulled it off brilliantly here, by the looks of the positive comments! The words may have felt awkward for you to write, but it works! You closet romantic, you! LOL!
    And you also given me another character to wonder about. Marcus.

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