042. Prologue – ‘Deception’

Title: Deception
Genre: Undefined
Characters: Antonius Veta, Tanith
Story Origin: Prologue to Knock it Down, Wings of Steel
Prompt: 42. Deception
Word Count: 773
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The ‘beginning’ of the Prologue vignettes.
Warnings: Suggestive Themes

It was easy to pick her out, there were only a few of the normally massive gypcian group. They were likely spread out stealing money or finding some other way to ‘earn’ their ‘bread’. He’d been watching her for awhile, stalking the alleyways and dancing in the firelight. The time for watching had come to an end.

Before he could approach her, however, he would have to wait until she left her small group and the safety of the fire light. Antonius wasn’t fool enough to think himself completely human when the moon was nearly full in the sky. It would have to be tonight–for tomorrow, she would be prey in a different sense of the word.

Finally, she moved away from the fire, seeking the comfort of the roaring ocean. Small waves crested and broke against the sandy beach, but she did not shrink away. Instead, she let the water flow over her sandaled feet, closing her eyes.

Antonius approached quietly.

“You are following me,” she said suddenly, but he did not let his surprise show. “But I cannot understand why. Would you be so kind as to enlighten this silly one?”

Antonius found it hard to hold back his annoyance. She knew, it showed in her playful tone, her smirking, full lips. How he hated the damned gypcians and their innate ability to know things others would not. Finding his charm again, he spoke.

“I would much rather you venture a guess, since you seem to know so much already.”

“I do not fear you,” she replied brazenly, golden eyes catching the distant fire’s brand and seeming to be on fire themselves. She was facing him now, her beautiful, exotic face gently graced by the night sky’s own light. “Instead, I am… curious. There are so few of your kind left, it is rare to meet one and not be torn apart at that moment.”

“Perhaps you should be more cautious,” Antonius said, his voice warning. Women were such simple creatures, always the same. The more dangerous and horrible the man, the more they swooned and the easier they fell. “I could very well tear you apart right now.”

She smiled, clearly amused, “and if I should cry out?”

“I would dare you to try,” Antonius replied firmly, reaching out and taking hold of her shapely waist. He pulled her hard against him, not bothering to be gentle. Women were beasts themselves, more interested in the carnalities of life than the most vicious of werewolves

She did not cry out, instead she laughed as the waves roared behind her and allowed the embrace to continue. It was lewd and lascivious behavior, but gypcians weren’t known for their morality. It made Antonius’ job all the easier and for that, he would not complain.

There was a time when he had enjoyed this little game; a few brazen words, a roaming hand, the touch of skin, the eventual surrender of the woman… but now, it was tired, he was tired. How long had he been doing this? He could scarcely remember. He thought of this absently as he caressed her face and spoke the words he knew would sway her.

He hardly needed to try anymore, it was such a practiced routine. For the women, though, it was always a new and exciting experience. At least there was that… for were they to wizen to his game, his life would be much harder.

“And if I were to agree?” She said coquettishly.

Antonius snapped back to attention and smiled his own rueful smirk, “what fool of a woman would come willingly with one she knows to be a beast into the darkness?”

“One who knows the moon’s cycle,” she replied quickly. “I told you I am unafraid.”

“…and I told you that you ought to be.”

The waves continued to crash behind them as they walked away. Antonius was mentally planning what would happen next while Tanith marched into the unknown with vigor. She would soon find that Antonius had not lied when he told her she was a fool, for he was not just a werewolf, but the servant of a demon who fancied herself a queen.

So, instead of doing the Prologue to KiD and WoS as an actual full-length series, I’m opting for vignettes. This is mostly to sate my fiance and for me to have some fun, and maybe for those few who were interested. ;)


7 Responses to “042. Prologue – ‘Deception’”

  1. Fini says:

    I was interested! I always wondered about Tanith more than any of the other women Libitina possessed, probably because you could see her obvious anger toward Antony more than any of the others back in that chapter of KiD. I think this is a good idea. I’m glad you didn’t just leave the idea to rot in the sun.

    Hey Fini! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I can’t promise chronology… my brain doesn’t work that way unless pre-planned extensively, but hopefully some answers and insight. :) As for Tanith, she was just one of the more… excitable females.

  2. goodbye_sun says:

    Antony being his sleazy best – he always had this undertone of lothario about him, and its all seen so clearly here in the mechanical way he sees the conquest of Tanith.

    And I’m glad you are doing these, even as vignettes. Its such a great way to see how this world fills out outside of the two main storylines.

    Hey, thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying them, too. :D Ahh, Antony. I am so glad to get to write him a bit… he’s so different from how we later see him.

  3. Anghard says:

    Oooooh! This so great. I’ve been curious about Antonius and he’s so sure of himself, so arrogant, yet has this dangerous charm about him.

    I really hated having to kill Antonius… sigh. But it’s nice to write about these folks again.

  4. Veron says:

    UHM! TOTALLY INTERESTED! Antonius was probably one of my favorites, so it will be awesome to really get some more depth to his story through his past.

    Haha, hooray! I really enjoy Antonius because he really, really resembles one of my original characters. So I’m glad to be writing him again!

  5. Tanya says:

    Ahh, the ‘real’ Antonius! It’s good to see him in his early form, as I’d got used to him as a protective character and it was sometimes easy to forget that he wasn’t always a good guy.

    Writing this Antonius is so much fun! Hehe.

  6. ruby says:

    such an intriguing side of the man… this is going to be fun… he was always too nice for me, so this will be much more entertaining for me *giggles*

    Antonius was not always so nice. He is a werewolf, after all!

  7. Emily says:

    So I decided to check this out, now that I’ve read a bit more, glad I did! I am SO attached to your characters, this will be so awesome to see them like this.

    I love the banter between them, I always did like Antony, hell I love all your characters, good or bad! I can’t wait to read more of these!

    Hey there, Emily! Glad you’re enjoying it. I had a lot of fun doing these. I’m also happy that you’re connecting with the characters!

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