010. Prologue – ‘Dark’

Title: Dark
Genre: Undefined
Characters: Abigail Alexander, Eckhard Koenig
Story Origin: Prologue to Knock it Down, Wings of Steel
Prompt: 010. Dark
Word Count: 768
Rating: PG
Summary: Eckhard hunts Abigail.
Warnings: None.

Sodden and soaked considerably, I trudged through the wood, following her not by sight, but by scent, by sound. I felt more like a beast than I was comfortable with, slinking around in the darkness like a wolf stalking a deer who had fallen too far behind. I wasn’t suited for this–I could hide, I could track anyone, true… but this? This was a beast’s work, not mine.

I had my looks and my charm, I didn’t need to skulk around like some base mammal. That was the dog’s work, not mine… yet here I am. It is obvious my place on this supposed ‘totem’ of power.

There’s no way that she knows I’m back here–to think such a thing is preposterous. Perhaps that is why I was sent for this delicate mission… I am much better at being… subdued than that unhinged beast. He’d likely grab her and tear her in half, while I can wait and watch and listen for hours.

She stops and I hear her take a short breath. Her heart beat quickens, echoing through my skull. I couldn’t indulge my growing hunger and so I shut it out, ignoring the rhythmic beats until they faded off, no longer my mind’s focus.

Stupid creature, so much like a simple-minded deer. You would think that someone of her higher nature would be able to feel my presence… but ignorance is truly bliss in these mortal beings. It is their own undoing–it only makes my feeding so much easier.

She’s gasping, breathing hard, frantic. I didn’t make a sound, what has caused this sudden change? There’s nothing nearby, nothing but us… but her and that beating heart and mine own neglected thirst.

What would the beast do? Would he panic? Likely. He was a daft fool, the only reason he had survived so long was by the Queen’s unholy grace. Hmph. His end would come soon enough–hopefully by my hand. Until then, I’d have to deal with this scared little fawn…

I heard a sudden cry of pain and the sound of her falling. I focused everything I could, trying not to approach, but unable to quite grasp what was going on. There was no one else present, that was impossible… so what had happened? Was she injured prior? But I had been watching her since nightfall–her every movement and breath was privy to my immaculate hearing.

She whimpered a little, like a wounded animal. I had no choice, I had to approach. If I was to take her, it would have to be now…

She let out a little gasp once she felt me towering over her. I’m sure she tried to crane her neck to see me, but I’ve been told the weight of my empty gaze is a bit much for a mortal to handle. She was frozen stiff and unable to move. I couldn’t tell what part of her was injured, nor did I necessarily care. It wasn’t by my hand and therefore was none of my concern.

“V-vampire…” she said through a strangled gasp, teeth clenching as the pain intensified.

I did not speak, but simply stood there, trying to decide what to do. The smell of blood was absent from the air and so I was certain it would be safe to transport her.

Her breathing was becoming erratic, her heart beat slowing. She would be unconscious soon and for that, I was thankful.

I pulled her up by the waist, the contact startling me. I had only come across a few others whose power could affect me and it was incredibly shameful that this little creature was able to stun me, even if only for a brief second.

I knew immediately what had happened, what part of her was injured. In fact, I knew everything, more than any other ever had. In that single moment, the little child’s life was splayed out before me like vivid retelling with moving pictures. I lifted her up, minding her arm, and disappeared back into the shadows.

The Queen would be impressed with this one… her power was considerable.

Okay, so I’ve basically thrown chronology out the window at this point. I’ll try to keep it so that I don’t bounce all over the place, but I make no promises. I’m writing this on a whim, not timelines, so it makes things a little more… unpredictable. Also, I didn’t intend for the shots to be quite so dark–at least it adds to the prompt!


6 Responses to “010. Prologue – ‘Dark’”

  1. goodbye_sun says:

    Eckhard seems so young here, he has a spark, a wonderment about what he is doing and has discovered. Such a contrast to the cool exterior he shows later.

    Oh, Eckhard! Back when he had a soul. It’s fun, and it’s about to get more fun.

  2. Anghard says:

    Ah .. Eckhard. Man, is he as aristocratic as I imagined. Despite his intentions, that he stepped forward to help her when she was in pain says a lot about his character.

    And don’t worry about chronological order. Write it as you feel like it. It’s still great to see these glimpses.

    Eckhard wasn’t the same Eckhard we know now. He had a tiny bit of a heart, not much of one, but there, nonetheless! Thanks!

  3. Veron says:

    You have a gift of being able to express sentiment and suspense seemlessly.

    That one shot of Eckhard… oh…man…
    And he’s so much less… bitter?

    Really? Well, thanks! I always think I fall hard on my face when I try. And yes, Eckhard is quite different.

  4. sandybvv says:

    :o He helped her when she was in pain… that’s so unlike Eckhard… but maybe he just did it because he had to take her with him….

    I really love the writing in this one (but I always do) it goes perfectly with the very dark pictures :D lol :P

    Great job

  5. Tanya says:

    Eckhard really didn’t like Antonius did he, even before Abigail appeared? It’s interesting that he can know so much about her from just a small amount of contact, and it’s making me keen to know exactly what he knows (other than how powerful she is).

    Hehe, Eckhard and Antonius never saw eye-to-eye. Vampires and werewolves usually don’t get along and it doesn’t help they have opposing personalities!

  6. ruby says:

    Hmmm and what did my sexly wicked Eckhard learn from that brief touch… interesting twists..
    and hearing his thoughts like this was totally cool

    I’m glad you’re enjoying this alternative glimpse at Eckhard. ;)

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