044. Prologue – ‘Slave’

Title: Slave
Genre: Undefined
Characters: Libitina Aurelia, Antonius Veta
Story Origin: Prologue to Knock it Down, Wings of Steel
Prompt: 044. Slave
Word Count: 671
Rating: PG
Summary: The Demon Queen awakens again thanks to Antonius.
Warnings: None.

Libitina awoke with a jerk, her soul quickly filling the body with newfound life. Disorientation overwhelmed her as her vision was bathed in hues of red. Oh how she hungered. It throbbed in her head and made heavy her tongue. With considerable effort, she pushed herself upward, the red tapering off and replaced by the flickering light of the scant few candles.

“Again, you have awakened,” a heavy voice said from a distant corner. She knew it well, the same voice she woke to for decades.

“An…Antonius,” she began, her tongue heavy and her lips unbelievably dry. The thirst she felt made her mouth feel like a desert. “Again… you do not disappoint.”

“I am afraid that I must, though, meus regina. I was unable to bring forth another so that you might regain your strength.”

Libitina waved him off, throwing her legs over the heavy stone altar. “This is fine, for I shall find my own meal soon enough.”

She moved closer to him, her lithe hand resting on his strong shoulder. She smoothed the fabric of his doublet and pursed her full, pretty lips. Eyes red as newly drawn blood stared out from beneath thick, exotic lashes. She laughed, low and sensual, echoing off the walls of the small stone room.

“You are never changing, my pet,” she purred, her cheek brushing his as she moved her lips to her ear, speaking low. “And yet time is always moving forward… tell me of this time, Antonius. What has changed? What secrets await me in this changed world?”

She was surprised when he gently pushed her away, putting distance between them. After a moment of silence, he said, “that will have to wait, meus regina. There are more important matters at hand.”

“I do hope you mean my Rex Regis. Surely you’ve found him, why is he not here, aiding you in my awakening?”

Antonius faltered for an answer, trying to find a way to avoid an outburst, “there are some unexpected complications, meus regina.”

“Complications, Antonius? Surely there is better reasoning behind your negligence than that!” Her tone lowered, anger showing in her eyes, yet her lips remained pursed, neutral.

Antonius regarded her silently for a moment. No matter what body she took, he always saw Libitina standing there, looking the very same as the day they first met. It mattered not the race or age of the body she inhabited, he needed to only look into her eyes… those hollow, empty pits of deceit, jealousy, and greed. He had come to hate his position in her life, the constant butler, the obedient puppy, the mindful servant. But what could he do? She had given him eternity and more.

“Do not treat me like a senseless child, Libitina. I have served you faithfully for years, my reluctance is an act of caution and suspicion, I assure you.”

“Do not think me a fool, Antonius!” Libitina boomed, her rage building. “I know well the thoughts in your head, or have you forgotten how it was you came to be here in the first place? Stop this senseless dallying and tell me why my Rex Regis is woefully absent!”

Antonius ignored, to the best of his ability, her remarks and simply said, “as I mentioned prior, there are… complications.”

“And what of these so-named complications? Speak, dog! I demand to know!”

He growled low and long, but kept his tongue. The time for subterfuge was at an end, which was very well, as Antonius had never been very keen on being a snake in the grass. Instead, he went for the old standby that had served him best–brutal honesty.

“The Rex Regis has a most… unfortunate condition, meus regina.”

Libitina glowered, tired of his stalling, “well? What of it? Speak, I say!”

“Your Rex Regis is blind.”

Nothing fancy here, folks.  I took these pictures several days ago, but became ill and couldn’t finish.  I’m not entirely happy with the result, but I’m still feeling ill and focusing on this sort of thing isn’t really within my ability right now.  I just didn’t want the pictures to sit unused forever.


5 Responses to “044. Prologue – ‘Slave’”

  1. goodbye_sun says:

    Libitina is definitely not one you want to to keep waiting no matter how little she might want to hear the answer. Is is bad that I really don’t mind seeing Antony have to squirm a bit here? And lord my brain is like a sieve – I had to do a bit of a refresher to see if you had hinted at when or what had caused Eckhard’s blindness. And a big head smack just happened and the last one makes much more sense now about the heavy weight on all his others senses.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Libitina isn’t known for her patience and Antony is a little past squirming… he’s a bit fed up being Libitina’s lapdog. It’ll be fun when we have Eckhard and Antony in the mix, haha. As for what caused Eckhard’s blindness, it is unknown, as vampires don’t normally suffer from such ailments and it is seen as a weakness in his bloodline.

  2. Anghard says:

    I meant to comment earlier for this.

    This is indeed a different Antonious than we’ve seen. Libitina is the sort of woman I admire, strong, no fool with a very strong personality.

    Ahh, Libitina doesn’t seem so bad… yet. I mean, aside from taking the bodies of unsuspecting women.

  3. cheripye822 says:

    Most definitely Antony is different, yet you seem to have captured a kindness within him. As if he is trying to ammend his wrongs.

    Libitina on the other hand, well I couldnt really say what I would call her… It would take to much time space, and probably cause several sailors to blush, LOL.

    He’s beginning to wake up, but we’ll see some of the old Antony when he’s around Eckhard. ;) LOL! Libitina is a hell bitch.

  4. sandybvv says:

    I’m glad Antonius is getting tired of being Libitina’s dog.! :D

    Hahahaha… o k… I’m just laughing at your answer to Anghard! :D lol

    She wants to control the whole world and she is not that bad! she is like the cerebro with an evil plan! :D I do have to accept she is strong, and has an interesting personality… but she is not that great either… :D lol I mean, there is always something that goes wrong with her plans :D lol

  5. ruby says:

    all lap dogs become weary of their position, providing they have the brain power to see they’re being used… Antonius is many things, stupid is not one of them..
    Did I know that Eckard is Libitina’s Rex Regis? *thinks* I must have…

    Yep. Antonius has become a bit smarter since this all began! You should have, it was mentioned in KiD. ;)

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