I really need a break from Wings of Steel writing and Boreal Springs (which really isn’t writing, but still), so I’m doing this fancy little SimFic50 thing.  You can find details about it on the ‘about’ page.

This’ll be a chance to write all kinds of different things, to take lots of weird pictures, and to mess with various editing techniques.  It’s all purely experimental, so nothing will likely be a constant.  I’ll update when I feel like it, because you really can’t put a schedule to prompts!

So sit back and enjoy the randomness.

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  1. anghard says:

    Yay! More things for me to read from you. Prompts are a great thing aren’t they? I’m in the process of hunting a layout to do sim prompts over at my blogger account but I’m being slow and lazy about it :-)

    I will definitely be keeping an eye out for it! Prompts are quite entertaining. :D

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