007. Prologue – ‘Enemies’

Title: Enemies
Genre: Undefined
Characters: Antonius Veta, Eckhard Koenig, Larina & Clemente
Story Origin: Prologue to Knock it Down, Wings of Steel
Prompt: 007. Enemies
Word Count: 1104
Rating: PG
Summary: Antonius seeks out Eckhard.
Warnings: None.

Antonius had been searching for what seemed like whenever when he finally came upon a small clearing in the forest.  His senses had not mislead him, for there, carved out of the very mountain itself, was a small, sturdy door.  There was no question as to where it led, as only vampires built such tombs to hide in.  The lesser vampires would steal the tombs of mortals, but true vampires made their own.  He was certainly in the right place.

Seated outside against the mountain was a female vampire, seemingly oblivious to his approach.  He drew near her and stopped close enough for her to see him.  Surprisingly, she was not hostile.

“Bonsoir, loup,” she purred, looking up at him no sense of surprise or shock at what he was.  Instead, he was the one rendered wordless.  “Do not look so surprised, it is so very obvious.  You wear it on your face, beau!”

Vampires were tricky devils, something he had learned fast and hard in his time with Libitina.  He watched with a sense of increasing awareness of the danger as she ran her tongue over her lips, rising slowly and elegantly from her seated position against the hard stone.

Taking a step back, Antonius spat out angrily, “I care not for your insincere pleasantries, vampire.  I am here–”

“Because of the meus regina, no?  Of course, of course,” she smiled, dark eyes narrowing, full lips pursing tightly.  “But it is a shame… for I have many ‘sincere’ pleasantries yet to show you.”

She drew nearer to him, her eyes staring holes into his own.  He was unable to look away.  A vampire’s most cunning weapon was its charm.

“Do not think it so inconspicuous to see a werewolf running amongst the vampires!” She laughed, then licked her lips, her slender, pale hand moving towards his shoulder.  He flinched away, growling at her.  She was hardly daunted.  Instead she snickered and bit down on her lower lip, “So… very rare is such an occasion as this.  Surely… it must be made… memorable.”

Antonius took another step back, glaring at her all the while.  Unfortunately, he realized too late his error and felt the hand on his shoulder, gripping down hard.  He could easily spin and tear the limb off, but it would be wise to gauge the situation first.

As if sensing Antonius’ first thought, the male vampire drew back slowly, “do not be so hasty, loup!”

“Do not be so foolish as to touch me again,vampire,” Antonius warned, eyes narrow slits of angry blue.  “You may flank me, but know that if you try anything you will find yourself in pieces.  There are few of you here, are there not?  It would take more than two simple vampires to conquer me.”

“There is no need for such… hostility, beau!” The woman purred, undaunted by her mate joining the game.  “And do not be so rude, Clemente.  This is the Queen’s… pet.  This is Antonius.  He has come seeking Eckhard, as we both anticipated.”

Antonius was unable to hide his shock.  Was this woman more than she appeared?  It was as if she had read his very mind.  The thought unnerved him, and he felt the mental walls building themselves quickly, protecting what he felt was yet unknown.

“I am not daft, Larina,” the male groused, but his anger dissipated quickly into careful thought.  “It would seem that there is no other way than to simply… show you what you’ve come for.  So come, loup, and mind yourself.  You may think yourself an army, but we vampires are resourceful.  The Queen’s dog or not, you’ve no jurisdiction here.”

Antonius said nothing as they led him into the narrow halls of the underground lair.

He waited while they went to fetch Eckhard, trying to calm his mind and keep it from thoughts of all four walls closing in.  Antonius hated being underground; to him, there was nothing more abhorrent.  Werewolves were made to be free, not closed in and smothered by endless dirt and rock.

His thoughts were interrupted when the large doors behind him opened and closed.  He could feel the presence, the one his senses had been leading him to.  The next rex regis.”

Antonius was not pleased by what he saw.  He couldn’t help but to voice his rage at this little rouse the vampires had pulled on him.  This was not a game!

“What is the matter with you?  I have come as asked and you insult me?” Eckhard replied bitterly, knowing full well what was wrong.  He didn’t need eyes to see the obvious.

“You’re blind! Her servant would never be so… horribly disfigured, so rudely weakened!  I am not amused by this, and I hardly doubt she will be, either.”

“It is a good thing I am not here to amuse you, then,” Eckhard snapped back, watching Antonius turn to walk away.  “Where are you going?”

“I am leaving.  This is ridiculous and you’ve wasted my valuable time!  I must seek out the true rex regis.”

“I am him, you stupid dog!” Eckhard roared, causing the werewolf to take pause.

He shook his head, feeling foolish, “no!  No you are not!  Such a grievous disability would never happen upon one such as the rex regis!  The Queen needs true blood, not that of a half breed.”

Eckhard shouted after him, fully angered now, “insult me again, I dare you!  Stupid hound, I do not fear you.  I will show you good and well that eye sight is not needed to kill one as stupid and lowly as the likes of you!”

Antonius ceased his exit and turned to face the vampire.  He wasn’t intimidated by the threats, but he could sense the power, it was overwhelming.  This was, by all truths, the rex regis.  This blind and young vampire so full of venom and vinegar.  Antonius groaned inwardly.  He hoped Libitina would make short work of him, for to tolerate such exuberant youth would cause him to go mad and have him as his own dinner.

“Fine, it is as you say, then… vampire.  Come and do not think I will compensate for you shortcomings.  Follow as any other would, for I shall not wait for you.”

Eckhard and Antonius = bestest buddies forever.  HA, RIGHT!  Did you recognize the two vampires?  I omitted their last name, but it should be blatantly obvious who they are, anyway.  I just added that in for fun.  Hehe.  I am also sure fiance will correct any of the bad French. :P


8 Responses to “007. Prologue – ‘Enemies’”

  1. Veron says:

    Mao, I just need you to know how unbelievable happy I am that you are doing these little KiD prequel snippets. Seeing Eckhard and Antonius in their younger forms is the icing on my cake. I’ve always found it so cool, thinking about how heightened Eckhards vampiric senses are to make his blindness such a non-issue.

    Melissande and Nicholas? How different they look. And how amusing.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying them! As for the vampires, no, but close. It is their parents.

  2. goodbye_sun says:

    Just a wee bit of testosterone in that room…

    Young Eckhard is so much fun, just so much more excitable about things and if at all possible more cocky. You can see how he would get in a mindset that he always gets his way and brood over anything he didn’t. And a look at Melissande and Nicolas’ parents is interesting too, I love the little hints at where their personalities come from as well as their looks.

    Just a tad. ;) Eckhard really is a reckless youth. It’s quite different from his composed nature. It’ll only get worse as we get deeper into the Abigail conflict. Glad you enjoyed the peek of Nicolas and Melissande’s parents!

  3. Eva says:

    Ohh…Nicolas’ and Melissande’s parents! But um…so I was basically not too eager to read a prologue…but I must say, I reaaally like the way this is going. The fact that you don’t really have a timeline also makes it more interesting. Everything just keeps becoming more and more clear.

    Haha, thanks, Eva. I think it works a bit better like this, too. It’s still filling in the gaps, but I’m free to show what I want.

  4. Gayl says:

    What an intriguing look at these two. Best friends forever…ya! My guess is those two are the ancestors of Nicholas and Melissande! Clemente look exactly like Nicholas to me (ok it’s the other way around but still)

    I really love these glimpses in the history of these characters and how things came to be.

    Thanks, Gayl! Yep, it’s Melissande and Nicolas’ parents. Hehe.

  5. sandybvv says:

    :D Melissande and Nicolas!!! Larina is cuter than Melissande though, maybe is the lighting, all the dark light and the longer hair gives her a very exotic look :D lol lol and Clemente looks exactly like Nicolas to drops of water :D

    Eckhard and Antonius BFF?!!! hahahah yeah right! :D I’m so happy you are doing this prologues, they are the missing reels!! Fantastic… I’m so jealous of all the description you use in your writings, like the way she bites her lower lip, or the way his eyes narrowed! Great job!

    Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Haha, Larina is definitely exotic looking. The messy, curly hair fits her! And yeah, there’s mention in WoS as to how much Nicolas looks like his father. ;)

  6. theseventhmuse/Ysbal says:

    I’ve always liked Eckhard and I think he is incredibly handsome. That smooth pale face framed by that hair of his.

    Their first meeting didn’t go so well did it. First he insults Eckhard then barely manages civility towards the end there. Tsk Tsk. Already you can feel such enmity between them. Does not bode well.

    Eckhard is classically handsome, it’s how he gets the ladies. ;) Antonius isn’t known for his civility, he is a werewolf, after all.

  7. cheripye822 says:

    OOOh, looks like Mel and Nic, but not quite. Possibly relatives, parents?

    Great telling of Eckard and Antony’s meeting, the powerful emotion and disregard at first meeting was truly palpable. As usual you shots are magnificent.

    Thanks! My prologue shots always seem to be woefully dark. Drives me nuts.

  8. ruby says:

    omg i’m getting no work done! LOL I’m really enjoying all of these
    What can i say that hasnt’ been said? The parents are just as fun as their offspring and *swoons* Eckhard is shmexy of course, I didnt think i’d like him with his hair down but mercy me he is even sexier if thats possible.

    Haha, sorry! ;) I’m glad you’re enjoying them, though. That definitely makes me happy!

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