050. Prologue – ‘Paranoia’

Title: Paranoia
Genre: Undefined
Characters: Antonius Veta, Libitina Aurelia, Abigail Alexander
Story Origin: Prologue to Knock it Down, Wings of Steel
Prompt: 050. Paranoia
Word Count: 1,198
Rating: R
Summary: Libitina knows more than she lets on.
Warnings: Sexual References, Covered Sim Nudity, Angry Werewolf

The act of being bitten was not one filled with euphoria or sexual pleasure. It was painful, the fangs piercing the flesh, tongue moving rapidly over the blood which flowed freely from the wound. To kill was to puncture a main artery, to play was to simply bite where one wished. Some would argue that bites could easily be pleasurable, but those were usually the ones who had an understanding of the relationship between pleasure and pain.

To indoctrinated, the act of biting was filled with the promise of power and more. That is where Antonius found his own wellspring of unadulterated pleasure. In his early days, the act would send him over the moon for days, power pumping through his veins, untapped energy lying in wait. It went on as such for decades until Antonius was nearly as changed as Libitina herself. His body that should have perished many ages ago now lived and thrived on the very blood that flowed within the higher beings of another realm.

As Libitina pulled away, gently licking her lips, she said, “I am going to keep Eckhard.”

So quick was his reaction that Libitina found herself dazed and alone. She looked up to see Antony had shot up off the couch and out from beneath her in a matter of seconds. He was undergoing the grueling process of relocating his pants when he finally spoke.

“A blind vampire,” he snarled, yanking the fabric over his legs with such force that had his foot missed the hole, it would have broken through. “This is not the way of things, Libitina!”

“Who are you to tell me the way of things, Antonius?” She snapped back, red eyes narrowed. “Do not forget to who you speak, who it was that made you as you are now!”

Antonius paused in his dressing to respond firmly, “I have not forgotten, but I think you have taken leave of your senses if you think you can control him as easily as you can control me. He is a vampire, Libitina. What need has he of you? He is not like the others.”

“Perhaps that is why I want him, then,” Libitina said haughtily, intent of bruising Antonius with her words. “Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do?”

“Do as you wish, then,” Antonius growled, putting on his shirt and hastily assembling the doublet. “Have him find your Seers and do your dirty work, then. See how loyal he is when this body takes leave of you.”

“Ha! Silly dog, speaking of loyalty…” Libitina laughed, leaning back against the chair, unconcerned with her nakedness. “You are so loyal, are you? Do not think I am ignorant of your thoughts, Antonius. I am not so stupid as to miss the way you look at the Seer… such young innocence, it is intoxicating, isn’t it?”

Antonius did not let his surprise show on his face, “perhaps you should keep such a close eye on your beloved little vampire, then. He spends nearly all his time with her.”

“She has little to offer him,” she laughed again, standing up and moving towards him. “It is the fancy of the unknown, the game of cat and mouse… but in the end, what can such a frail little bird offer either of you? Redemption? Ha!”

Her lips twisted into a rueful smile, her hand moving to his arm, “you seem to have forgotten yourself, werewolf. Or am I mistaken? Do you not run out into the night? Do you not crave blood as I? We are the carnivores of the world, my wolf. We feed on those such as the Seer, we do not lie with them…”

He did not reply, instead he glared at her, a low growl forming in his throat. His instincts were an intoxicating wave and so easy it was to be lost within them. His rage burned hot within his chest, forcing them out, causing them to consume his every waking thought. He could smell the cool night air and taste the barest hint of flesh on his lips.

“How long would it be until you turned on her, Antonius?” She laughed, moving closer, embracing him. It was a guise, she could feel him trembling, his skin hot to the touch, the growl in the back of his throat growing deeper. She moved her lips to his ear and said tauntingly, “you would tear her apart without remorse.”

He pulled away from her, pushing against her body. A normal mortal would have been thrust back against the wall, but Libitina was his equal. She smiled, watching him leave, calling after him.

“Do not tarry too long, Antonius. I would so hate for Eckhard to take your place.”

Antonius said nothing, but he made sure to slam the door hard behind him. It was good they had reinforced doors it would have fallen off its large hinges.

Abigail had been out in the garden when she heard the heavy doors to the castle open and close. She turned to see Antonius stalking out. He neared her without a word of acknowledgment. It was too dark to see his face. She called out, not wanting to be rude.

“You startled me, I wasn’t aware anyone was still awake.”

Antonius vision was dark, he was moving blindly, mechanically. His senses were on high alert and he smelled her before he realized she was even there. It was a clean, fresh smell, like flowers. She was always around them. Always. But it masked what his instincts desired, the smell they sought after so desperately.

Angrily, he snapped out, “don’t you see it is dangerous out here? Go inside!”

She was unable to hide her shock, but said nothing in reply. She watched sullenly as he vaulted the wall effortlessly and disappeared into the darkness of the night. Abigail knew well what he was, but had never any cause to fear it. He did not make any great effort to speak to her, but she did her best to be polite.

Now, however, she could not quell the tremble that built at her legs and climbed up all the way until her whole body shook. Fear rooted itself in her mind as she was unable to look away from the wall. After a moment or two, she could no longer stand it and made her way on shaking legs to the castle.

Okay, first off, Libitina’s missing her ears because for some reason, the ones I had that matched Vampire Grace disappeared and I’m too lazy to go and find them again. So just pretend they are there and all is well. You can tell time has passed because Antonius’ hair is long (though ponytailed). It does that randomly, long, short, long, short. He’s such a diva, unlike Eckhard, whose hair only ever changes to a ponytail in WoS. :P Still feeling sick, so pardon the crappiness.


7 Responses to “050. Prologue – ‘Paranoia’”

  1. JMW says:

    I lurve Antonius. I used to have a small crush on him in KiD, even with my adoration for Christian blooming, but he’s just so very RAWR in these stories. He’s a manly man. And golly gee- Abby is beautiful. No wonder he was drawn to her. <3

    Haha, Antony is definitely my manly-man character. Well, except Christian. He’s shed is semi-girly roots and become a good successor to Antony. But I guess it comes with being a werewolf, you can’t be squishy. It’s funny, because I’m not fond of effeminate males… yet they plague my stories! Abigail is supposed to be plain looking, but no matter what I do, I can’t make her sim plain…

  2. Gayl says:

    I never would have realized Libitina wasn’t wearing her ears; the story and the shots were just too compelling for me to notice!

    Fascinating info about being bitten and its effects. I have to agree that Antonius is…very manly indeed. Clearly Eckhard and Antony competed for everything from the get-go didn’t they?

    I love these glimpses you are giving us and I really look forward to them.

    Aww, thanks, Gayl! I am really having a lot of fun with these. It’s so nice to not have a schedule and just show what I feel like showing!

  3. goodbye_sun says:

    I suppose it comes as part of the power play that accompanies living with Libitina, but who would have guessed he was so into the kinky side of things? Antonius is playing a risky game confirming to Libitina his reaction to Eckhard and feelings about Abigail.

    Hahahaha! My fiance was shocked, he was all, “I didn’t know they were, well, like that.” Of course they are intimately involved, that’s why the betrayal is so much tastier. ;)

  4. sandybvv says:

    In that last picture Abigail looks a lot more like Valerie than I ever imagined!
    Lovely pictures with wonderful lighting effects.
    And the writing, well it just flows so nicely that I don’t have to tell you how much I love it anymore…
    Agree with Gayl it was great to find all those facts about effects after the bite.

    ps. I didn’t know where to start reading, so I started in the last installment! :D I will catch up soon! I also try to figure out how to read your Boreal Spring’s but oh God, it will take me a long time… so I decided to read your bits of fiction and once WoS is over, I will head back to Boreal Springs! :D

    Anyway, this was another great read, but of course it was expected! :D

    Hey Sandy, thanks! There’s no real order here, you can read them as you wish. The prologue stuff is just to shed some light on the past behind KiD and WoS. :)

  5. theseventhmuse/Ysbal says:

    Abigail has such startling eyes. Antonius seems so angsty doesn’t he? First it’s his beef with blind Eckhard and then he almost bites poor Abigail’s head off. Obviously a night of passion didn’t calm him down at all! Interesting to see how these two develop in the early days!

    I love Abigail’s eyes! Poor Antonius has been through the ringer, being stuck serving Libitina and now she’s dragging him through the dirt. Kind of reminds you of Christian. Antonius, calm? Well, maybe his later version, but this one? Haha, never!

  6. Veron says:

    That was amazing. Antonius is insanely hot. Abigail is beautiful. Libitina is devilishly sexy. And you are awesome.

    I also never realized how much of a “pet” Antonius was to Libitina.

    Thanks! Haha, yeah, I figured this would be a bit of an “eye opener”!

  7. ruby says:

    now that was fun! I hadnt realized that part of Antonius’ problem with Eckhard was jealousy. silly me thought it was all about Abigail

    Oh, yes. Men are competitive creatures. Vampires and werewolves rarely get along. ;)

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