005. Door – ‘The Tower Keep’

Title: The Tower Keep
Genre: Fantasy
Characters: Lalaine, Wulfe
Story Origin: No Original Origin
Prompt: 005. Door
Word Count: 566
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A princess finds folly in her chosen hiding spot.
Warnings: Language, Sexual References, Implied Violence

Deeply, she inhaled, her lungs crying out as oxygen filled them. Her shaky hand pressed firmly against the cold, dirty stones that made up the floor, nails raking across the hard surface. The tips of her fingers were caked in blood, chips of nails missing, others torn off entirely. The pain had lingered for some time before falling victim to the numbness that encompassed her bruised body.

She had been clawing and scratching desperately at the door that separated her from the outside. The tiny, circular room was stifling and she found she could scarcely draw a breath. The walls seemed as if they were slowly moving towards her, threatening to crush her.

Cautiously, she raised to her feet, her eyes darting around the darkened room. There were no candles or torches to light the dank cell, only the light from the moon that managed to peek through the shuttered windows. In the distance, she could still hear the battle–the screams, the clang of metal. Her kingdom was falling around her and the only thing she could do was wait. Wait for them to find her… to claim their prize.

She had barely managed to escape them the first time. The invasion began without warning and everyone was caught off-guard. She watched as her family was slaughtered mercilessly in front of her–even her younger siblings who were scarcely children were victims of the blade’s edge. Her mother had suffered the worst fate; she was drug away and used like a common whore.

They had planned the same fate for her, but she fought back, clawing and kicking, biting like a savage. When she managed to wrestle out of the man’s grasp, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Her vision was blurred by the tears that streamed from her eyes and she had no notion of what direction she was headed until she ran headlong into the side of the abandoned tower.

Lalaine collapsed onto the floor, her weakened legs giving out beneath her. She was tired, so very tired. Her chest pained her everytime she breathed–she had likely broken something, or several things, in her fervor to escape. Now she was trapped. The tower door closed behind her and wouldn’t budge. She’d tried everything, but to no avail. Her safe haven had become her death bed. They were looking for her and surely they’d search everywhere… it would only be a matter of time before they discovered her here.

As if reading her very mind, the door creaked open. It was a mockingly effortless motion that caused Lalaine to cry out. Illuminated by the moon and dampened by the hard rain stood the shadow of a man in the doorway. Lalaine could not speak, she couldn’t even scream, her throat dry and parched. All that came from her lips was a strangled gasp. She willed her weary and broken limbs to move her back, further away, desperately seeking some safety from the empty barrels.

He did not speak, he simply stepped further into the room, causing Lalaine to shuffle haphazardly into the barrels. They wobble and fell around her, causing her to fall against the stone floor. The man stood over her, his shadow engulfing her small form. She sucked in a pained breath as he knelt down and met her fearful gaze.

“You should have kept running, Princess.”


3 Responses to “005. Door – ‘The Tower Keep’”

  1. goodbye_sun says:

    Even with her suspecting how it was all going to pan out, it still made for such intense moment of discovery as she tried to push herself away from him and everything else she had seen during that day.

    Writing tension really isn’t something I’m particularly skilled with, so this was an attempt. Making things tense even though you KNOW the end result. This will be a mini-series, though, so it isn’t over yet.

  2. Anghard says:

    I am sorry I have taken so long to catch up. I will hopefully get some reading done this afternoon too.

    Now, this was great. The fear was palpable and I think you did a fantastic job on the tension here. Poor girl. She dug herself into a grave there.

    Haha, hey there, Anghard! No worries. :D

  3. ruby says:

    omg i wanted to scream at the end! You had me holding my breath again Mao!

    Don’t hold it too long! ;)

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