038. Prologue – ‘Touch’

Title: Touch
Genre: Undefined
Characters: Abigail Alexander, Eckhard Koenig
Story Origin: Prologue to Knock it Down, Wings of Steel
Prompt: 038. Touch
Word Count: 897
Rating: PG
Summary: Abigail learns more than she wanted to about Eckhard.

Abigail stepped into the room, not bothering to knock. She had known it was rumored that Eckhard lurked about this part of the castle, but she truly hadn’t expected to find him. She was just peeking in before she headed off to bed. Much to her surprise, he was seated on one of the chairs, staring blindly forward. Her footsteps on the hard wood floors caused him to stir. She suddenly felt sheepish for intruding.

“I’m sorry,” she called out, moving to the side of the chair. “Did I startle you?”

“I am rarely startled.” He bristled in response.

She ignored his hostility and looked around the room at the walls lined with books. It was a makeshift library of sorts and it was very odd to find a blind person amongst books he could never hope to read. Foolishly, she voiced the absurdity of this.

“Is it not a bit odd for you to be here?” She said without thinking, instantly regretting her words. She tried to make up for it, but failed miserably. “I-I didn’t mean… to insult you, just that, well, you’re blind–”

“I am not here for the books, but for the solitude,” he said, emphasizing the last part of his sentence. “Unfortunately, it seems I have misread the barren nature of this particular room.”

Eckhard listened as she crossed the room, nearing the fire. She had no intention of leaving and he could sense no fear from her. What was the meaning of this? He had been the one to capture her and she had certainly been terrified then. What had brought about this change?

“You don’t fear me, do you?”

Once again, Abigail ignored him, “you’ve got a fire in here, too. Do you get cold?”

“No,” he sighed, wondering why he bothered answering her petty questions. Her voice was like a soft chime in the wind, gently tinkling in the softest of breeze. He shook his head, trying to escape its charm. “I rather like the sound of the fire crackling.”

“It’s very warm,” she said, smiling. She warmed her hands a moment before approaching him.

“Would you like to see?” It was a simple question, one that had never been put to him in such a careful and light way. He could imagine her smiling impishly, the inflection of her words filled with merriment.

“I did, at one time,” he replied, finding his lips moving into a smile. Why? He quickly regained his senses and said harshly, “but that was a long time ago. I cannot see and I do not wish for what cannot be. It is senseless.”

He heard her skirts move and he felt something close to him. It was her hand. She was offering it to him.

“Take my hand, Eckhard.”

Eckhard wasn’t sure what compelled him to oblige her, perhaps it was the promise of the touch of her small hands or simply to keep her there longer. He had tried his best to avoid her simply because she overwrought his senses with things he had never thought possible. Now, the smooth caress of her tiny hands in his own was almost too much to bear. Their fingers intertwined and he felt her mind pushing against his own.

“Relax,” she said softly, her voice sounding as if it were his own mind’s echo. Were her lips even moving? “This won’t hurt.”

It was like a wave that crashed over him, threatening to force him backwards. He stood his ground, resisting the urge to fight against it. It washed over him, a warmth spreading throughout his body. He could feel her influence, he could hear her urging him to open his eyes… and so he did.

He saw her then and she was exactly as he imaged, perhaps even better. The smooth contours of her face, the small lips, the large, innocent eyes. Her head was framed in a halo blonde that cascaded and fell past her shoulders in sweeping motions. She spoke, but he did not hear her, he simply focused on the way her lips parted and how her eyebrows rose.

Could she feel what he felt at that moment? His head was swimming and while he knew he should remain guarded, he found it impossible. He was just too overwhelmed. Her influence, her energy, it was so pure and whole. It consumed him.

Abigail, meanwhile, was straining. She had only meant to give Eckhard sight, but she couldn’t keep from probing deeper. His guard was gone and she found herself inundated within his darkness. There was no conceivable end to it and the more time Abigail spent, the more she felt as if she would drown and never return. Her lungs burned in her chest and her eyes watered in distress.

Forcibly, she removed her hands and before Eckhard could catch himself, she was gone. She had fled out of the room, barely able to close the doors behind her. Her body shook with tremors that night and her mind was filled with terrors of which she had never thought imaginable.

Finally, we see some interaction between Eckhard and Abigail! Sorry the text for this one sucks. Maybe next time.

11 Responses to “038. Prologue – ‘Touch’”

  1. JMW says:

    Oh man… it makes me so terribly sad since I know the outcome of Abby and Eckhard. No wonder he hates Antonius so much. I can only imagine what Abby felt/saw within Eckhard, but she was sneaky and that can never result in good things. ;) Poor Eckhard. <3

    Abigail didn’t mean to sneak, but it’s the Seer’s nature that lets her see those things. It’s for the best, though, as Antony and Abigail have to be together for Valerie to come about!

  2. goodbye_sun says:

    Oooh, this has to be the very start of his obsession and exactly why Abigail was never going to love him. After this, she probably does not think him ever capable of anything good, although I have to imagine what she saw may possibly have been the nature of what he is, not necessarily who he is?

    You’ve got it on both counts. It is Eckhard’s nature, so while it may not be who he is (though as we see, it is), he cannot fight it.

  3. cheripye822 says:

    I dont think the text sucks at all I think it was very powerfully and emotionally written. So glad to finally understand Abby and Eckard’s beginning, seems like she was the only one that could break through his usual countenance. No wonder he is so stuck on her.

    Thanks. I often struggle with the inability to write what I see and hear so clearly in my head. It is a constant frustration. Argh.

  4. ysbal says:

    Eckhard reminds me so much of an aristocrat. The way he talks and the way he interacts with people.

    Abigail should not have offered what she did if she hadn’t been prepared to see what was inside of Eckhard. Someone with her ability couldn’t resist such a siren call to probe deeper into someone else. It’s too tempting.

    She has certainly offended Eckhard or at least I can sense some form of hostility arising from this – possibly Eckhard reacting to his losing control of shielding his mind from her and allowing her to see too much.

    And she because of feeling ashamed of going uninvited into someone else’s mind.

    All speculation of course.

    I’m glad you see him as that because that’s exactly how I see and hear him! He’s got a very haughty air about him. As for offended, Eckhard isn’t offended. He didn’t even notice she saw what she did because it is a Seer’s nature to delve into one without them knowing. He is joyous at what he found in her and he will find her horror and fright not offensive but hurtful.

  5. tiffyt11206 says:

    I love all of these little tidbits you’re giving us. I hope we get to find out more about Eckhard. He’s such a mystery.

    Thanks! Eckhard isn’t too much of a mystery if you take into consideration what others have said about him. ;)

  6. Gayl says:

    It certainly is apparent why Eckhard became obsessed with Abigail. Imagine all that positive energy and light, giving himself over to someone he probably had not done in ages. It was foolish of him not to realize what she would find and I can see why it would be hurtful to him when she rejects him. And as it is a Seer’s nature to delve into someone, it is also a vampire’s nature to have darkness and evil. It makes you wonder what would have been had she not done that.

    That’s a really good observation. Unfortunately, Abigail and Eckhard were never really compatible. Eckhard is mostly in love with Abigail because he never got her and so he idolized her. What he sees in his head isn’t what necessarily is true, which Sesana tries again and again to make him realize.

  7. Veron says:

    What do you mean the text sucks? If this is sucky text, I wish my text sucked on a regular basis.

    Holy… well, hell I’d be obsessed with the woman too, but what surprises me is how easily his guard was overcome. I know that Abigail was insanely powerful, but somehow, I always thought that Eckhard was something of any equal, in his own way. Or at least able to hold his own. She was really able to dig in deep.

    Aww, you are too kind. Thanks! Eckhard wasn’t as strong willed as a youth as he’d like us to believe. He was actually pretty stupid and careless. How else would Xavier have come about? Speaking of which, Xavier is already born at this point. Oh, and I guess I should elaborate and say that it really wasn’t that hidden. A person’s nature is usually something pretty obvious toa Seer.

  8. sandybvv says:

    :o WOW…. I wish my text sucked like yours… lol

    I’m glad we got to see Abigail and Eckhard alone this time…

    I really liked the comment Gayl left, and I have to agree with her. All that positive energy and light, it is something Eckhard never knew. And when Abigail comes to his life, then he is overwhelmed by the purity of her soul… she is completely different from everyone in that corrupted world of his.

    But then your answer to Gayl, it also makes a lot of sense… he idolized her, he is in love with the image he created of her… it doesn’t mean Abigail was that way, he just created her as he wanted to see her.. as he wanted to lover her…

    Great writing..

    Poor Abigail, all she saw was darkness, but that was expected right? :D

    Thanks, Sandy! You guys are definitely right, it was a whole new world for Eckhard, LOL. Of course, it also meant that if he touched Abigail in anyway that wasn’t friendly… he’d bring her into his evil world.

  9. E. Black says:

    Late to the party for this one but this was great. Sucky text? Where?

    I wonder exactly what Abigail saw when she touched him. Also I never noticed how much Valerie looks just like her.

    Hey there, Enchanted Black! Thanks! :D

  10. Fini says:

    Damn! Now I feel bad for having said he should burn and die less than thirty minutes ago. At least we all see now what happened. She was the one that got away, and that is why he’s obsessed. However, had anything been able to develop, it probably would’ve put the light in her out, so to speak. At least that’s what I think. He has shown throughout his lifetime that he’s not a nice guy, by any means. And Abigail seems to be the type to want to at least try to help. It was so doomed that I feel for him, at least temporarily. It will probably fade by next week, but until then… :(

    Haha, aww, Fini! Well, I’m really glad this gave you a better insight into his character. Abigail and Eckhard could never be together. She was meant to redeem and well, Eckhard was never meant for redemption. Plus, Eckhard and Abigail wouldn’t have resulted in Valerie!

  11. ruby says:

    All her light and all his darkness… it would never work. They’re too opposite for that. they would have hurt each other rather than reach any kind of middle ground.
    That was a fun one too… I kinda wanted to smack Abigail for what she did.. it wasn’t kindness to help him see, that was actually very cruel

    Oh, completely. Way too opposite. Eckhard is not used to not getting his way, though. Abigail was trying to be nice, but she’s very young yet.

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