032. Prologue – ‘Sunset’

Title: Sunset
Genre: Undefined
Characters: Abigail Alexander, Antonius Veta
Story Origin: Prologue to Knock it Down, Wings of Steel
Prompt: 032. Sunset
Word Count: 1,673
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Abigail treads dangerously.
Warnings: Sexual References/Undertones, Angsty Werewolf

A light snowfall dusted the nearby woodlands, impeding Abigail’s progress. She’d been walking since the sun had set just an hour before, her trail winding and seemingly endless. She was truly in the thick of the forest now, lost amidst the towering pines. Thankfully, the sky was clear despite the snowfall, the moon and stars illuminating her path.

The light did little to stave off the winter chill gnawing at her fingers and ears, however. Slowly and gently, she wiggled her fingers, trying to regain some feeling in them. If only she had brought some gloves…

The trees finally broke off into a small clearing. An iced over pond accented it, though partially lost in the darkness. The thick canopy of the pines cloaked the clearing, denying it the moon’s own light. Still, even in the darkness, she could see the outline of a figure. He was slumped over near the pond, uncaring of the cold or the snow that fell around him.

She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up in protest, a jittery feeling building in her stomach. A slight tremor overtook her body, warning her. She ignored them, daring to take a few steps closer. Abigail was nothing if not bold to a fault. Even the moon hanging high and full in the sky above would not stop her.

The closer she came, the more her mind and body cried out in violent protest. Her head spun and swam as her stomach rolled. She could feel fear creeping its way up her spine, causing her legs to tremble. Her insight and ability to tap into the world’s energy gave her this heightened sense of danger. Antonius was still a man, but his baser instincts were slowly taking control. A werewolf transformation is rarely quick and painless, but instead long and drawn out, full of mental and physical anguish.

“Antony?” She managed, wishing she could steady her voice. It came out as a strangled, quavering whisper.

He was not surprised by the sudden sound of her voice in the otherwise silent clearing. He knew she was coming long before she had reached him, her smell and the sounds that carried through the forest privy to his own preternatural senses. Even if he had not been a werewolf, he would have known her for the way she said his name, completely wrong and shortened with unwanted affection.

Ignoring his prolonged silence and refusal to acknowledge her, Abigail gently and demurely sat near him. Her long, full coat fanned out around her, brushing against the dirt and scattered pine needles. She was an awkward flower in bloom, seated as such. Small flakes of snow caught in her hair and melted instantly, the warmth of her body too much for the cold to withstand.

He could feel it, even at this distance. It had nothing to do with her temperature, but with the energy that gathered around her. All living things were drawn to it, both human and animal. It made it ten times worse for Antonius, then, that he was in fact a bit of both. He was unable to stop himself from turning to face her, from acknowledging that warmth.

“What are you doing out here?” He snapped. At least he had control of his voice. She had no business here. Not now. This wasn’t safe.

“I don’t know,” she replied, gently fingering her lip. “I… I just wanted to see where you go.”

“You should leave, now,” Antonius warned, eyes narrowing. Such an act caused him to meet her gaze, to confront that ridiculous overpowering warmth and soft scent of spring though it was so far into winter. He choked on his next words, trying to regain control of himself. “This is not safe.”

Abigail hadn’t fully seen Antonius’ face since she had been captured. It seemed as if every time they had met, he had made it a point to turn away from her or address her in a way that she was unable to completely see him. Now, though, she saw the heavy weight he carried in his eyes–eyes that seemed not blue nor purple, but mixtures of both and so deep and dark it was unmeasurable. He was young when Libitina had caught him and that youthfulness remained, though every part of him screamed out in anguish and exhaustion. There were no beautiful lips nor graceful eyelashes. Everything Antonius had was hard; the outline of his jaw, his nose, even his lips, though full, were always pressed firmly in a harsh line. Even his eyes, though stunning in color, were primal in nature.

It was bizarre to say, but all one needed to do was look at him to know what he was. He was neither human nor animal; man nor beast. He simply… was. His nature was foreign to Abigail and even as she tried to understand it, she couldn’t.

Antonius knew exactly what she was doing, reading him like an open book. He had allowed it and that fact alone angered him, fueled his bestial nature. He jumped to his feet in protest, breaking the link.

Abigail ignored his sudden movement and slowly rose to her feet. She dusted off her skirts and coat before noticing, with a slight gasp, that the snow had finally stopped. It would be much easier for her to find her way home now. Antonius was baffled, unable to react. Was there no fear in this young girl at all? Did she not know what a dangerous situation she had stepped into?

“You should leave,” he said again, catching her attention. “The snow has stopped, you have no reason to remain.”

He tried in vain not to get caught up in her gaze again. He did his best to shield himself, both mentally and physically, from her prying. It was impossible to ignore her, however, as the transformation continued to slowly occur within him. Her smell was overpowering and that warmth was a beacon, drawing him in deeper and deeper.

He saw her pout, though he wasn’t listening to a word she said. Instead his eyes fixated on her lips, on the sound that her voice made, but not the words they formed. He had to scare her, he had to get her out of here before he did something he would most certainly regret.

Antonius tried again to push aside his instincts and said, “you must leave, Abigail. Now.”

“But I cannot,” Abigail pouted still. “If I return–”

“I do not care what you foolish reasonings are,” he ground out, watching too closely at how her throat moved as she spoke her soft, lovely words. “You have to go.”

She was about to protest, but found that it caught in her throat when she felt his strong grip on her arm. A small, startled gasp rose from her throat and while she tried to smile, fear built up within her. She had known this was foolish, but she couldn’t explain her actions. She was still young, still stupid to the ways of the world, despite her heightened understandings of its energies.

“You will go, now,” he said, his voice a low growl. He did not look her in the eyes, too startled by the soft feel of her skin. His grip was so violent he could feel her through the confines of her clothing and coat. “Do not be a fool! Can you not see me changing before your very eyes? Are you not afraid? There is nothing to prove in remaining here… leave now, before I am unable to stop myself!”

She could see his control was slipping, both in his voice and his actions. He was close to her now, his strong chest threatening to crush her nose. He was tall, much taller than her, even more so than Eckhard. Anytime they stood, her eyes met with his neck and chest.

Before she could react, his hands were at her waist, lifting her. She was level with him now, his nose and lips hovering just an inch from her own. She could feel his breath on her lips as he spoke, his words rigid and forced. His fingers gripped her tightly, hurting her, but she could say nothing, she could scarcely move. Her face was frozen in an uncertain smile, her hand unable to move from her chest, needing the reassurance that her heart was still beating.

“Are you frightened yet?” He snarled, dark eyes narrowed in such a way that they seemed as black as his pupils. “This is not a game!”

Antonius was trying his best to control himself, but it was too close. He could feel a movement in his muscles that was foretelling of the physical change. They shook against her tiny waist, releasing her suddenly. He could not bear the touch of her skin, the closeness of that warmth and smell that fueled the change far worse than anything he’d come across before.

Abigail stumbled to her feet, but was thankful for the distance between them. She could breathe again, though her body was filled with tremors, both of terror and something foreign she did not recognize.

“Get out of this forest!” Antonius demanded as he fled, his steps quick and long. He moved so fast, she scarcely saw him leave. It was like that night when she’d watched him effortlessly vault over the wall that surrounded the castle.

She tried to steady herself from her own outpouring of emotions, from the tremors. Her lips burned, her cheeks hot and flushed. A slight fluttering formed in her stomach, overcoming the nervousness and fear. She was unsure of how she would get home, her legs feeling like jelly and unwilling to move. Even the winter chill could not stave off the heat that pooled at her belly and moved throughout her body.

Apologies again for the sucky writing. I’m a little rusty, heh. I really wanted to get another one of these out, though. Especially since I likely won’t be able to in November. Now I just need to finish that last two Acts of WoS before October ends… I’m also hoping that I’m giving enough insight into how certain ‘types’ of ‘special folks’ (vampires, seers, werewolves, etc) have a greater insight and perception of the energies that make up all humans–mortal or immortal. I also enjoy werewolves. A lot. I’m so thankful to be able to write them.


5 Responses to “032. Prologue – ‘Sunset’”

  1. goodbye_sun says:

    Its quite interesting to see what Abigail is like as a seer. She is more curious than Valerie, and lets herself get drawn into the moment, but is still a bit fragile when she loses that connection. I can see how she is drawn to Antony, he is still quite an enigma to her despite her best efforts (pushing him when he is most likely to let his guard down), whereas Eckhard just let nothing to be discovered.

    There’s actually quite a different spin on her interest than that, but we’ll see that soon enough. It wasn’t that Eckhard let everything be seen, there’s still a lot she doesn’t know. She has no idea he has a child, all she knows is that his soul is black as black can be. Antony drawing her has nothing to do with her being a Seer, but him being a werewolf. I don’t really follow atypical werewolf lore past full moons and wolfy transformations. It’s why Antony has such an easy time sucking women into his trap. :) Animal magnetism!

  2. Gayl says:

    I find it fascinating the way Abigail is drawn to Antony like a moth to flame. Some fear there at one point but mostly it feels like a need to understand and learn…draw closer. Antony pushing her away, and I LOVED that second to last shot, was almost as much a struggle as his transformation was.

    These glimpses into the past just fascinate me! Really brings it all together so nicely. I really hope you continue not only with the Prologue but a continuation as well.

    Aww, thanks, Gayl! There will definitely be more Prologue bits, but I’ll let the continuation rest on public interest. Glad to know you’re interested, though! You’re very right, Abigail is dangerously drawn and Antony is completely resisting. For many reasons. I’m glad you got the vibe I was trying to get with this one!

  3. Beth says:

    this is so beautiful. The contrast between fragility and strength, force and finesse, fear and fearlessness. Although its certainly mixed between the two of them. Wonderful!

    Thank you, Beth! I think you definitely got the gist of it. :D

  4. sandybvv says:

    sucky writing? lol I wish I could write like you do!
    This was incredible Mao!!! Fantastic!!! Wonderful written… the pictures started really dark, but then the last ones were awesome!!! :D

    Aww, thanks, Sandy! I know! Crappy GunMod’s made everything SUPER dark. Thankfully, I have the improved version now!

  5. ruby says:

    LOL now that was interesting, his change, the danger, it totally turned her on .. I love it

    The young love some danger. Werewolves have their own intrigues. ;) Plus, well, Antonius has spent his life getting teh ladies.

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