019. Prologue – ‘Past’

Title: Past
Genre: Undefined
Characters: Antonius Veta, Libitina Aurelia
Story Origin: Prologue to Knock it Down, Wings of Steel
Prompt: 019. Past
Word Count: 960
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Libitina asserts herself.
Warnings: Sexual References

Antonius poked at the fire, the long, metal instrument eliciting an array of sparks. He heard her before he felt her–her skirts brushing against the floor, rustling ever-so-slightly. Despite his notice of her, he did not physically acknowledge her, aside from the slight twitching of his clenched fist. She watched him carefully for a moment, noting the rigid nature of his spine and the deep breaths he was drawing.

“Antonius,” she said simply, guarding her voice from any hint of malice or interest. It was an attempt to gauge his mood.

His grip on the poker tightened and for a single, fleeting moment, he thought of using it. The thought left as quickly as it came and he relinquished it back to its holder.

“Do not think yourself so guarded as to make me ignorant to your thoughts,” Libitina warned, her own posture growing rigid. She watched as he stood his full height, arms lax at his sides. He was angry, but it was the kind she could control and twist to her own use. “Have you grown to hate me so? I see no reason for your wish to injure me, Antonius. I have given you everything and more.”

At this, Antonius was unmoved, “It was convenient for you. I am not as stupid as I once was, Libitina. I can see as clearly as any your reasonings.”

“I, however, do understand what you hope to win by hurting Abigail.” He closed his eyes, lips tightening as the words left his mouth. It was difficult to hold back his rage, to resist the urge to lash out. “The blind vampire might be a fool to miss it, but I am not. It is not the first mark you’ve left.”

“Do you know her so personally now to know all those bruises she hides?” Libitina snapped, unable to keep her composure.

Antonius did not take the bait, “I do not need to, you have just told me all that I needed to know.”

For the first time in a very long time, Libitina found herself startled and at a disadvantage. She quickly moved to his side, watching as he tried to move away from her hands. Revealing her little ‘visits’ with Abigail wasn’t her intention, she simply thought that Antonius had seen them personally.

“I am not such a fool to miss when someone is trying to turn my own against me,” Libitina offered, her pale hand catching his sleeve. Her mouth was close to his shoulder, her voice moving into his ear like a siren’s song. It’s tone, it’s very inflection caused the blood within him to wake. “I am simply trying to protect my interests. I will not lose everything to some simpering little child!”

“She is no threat to you,” Antonius said, trying to fight off the blood’s influence. It was a horrible side-effect of having been with Libitina for so long. She could control the blood within him and twist his strings like a puppetmaster. “If she were, you would never have sought her.”

Antonius turned to face her before realizing his mistake. Her hand moved to his face and he caught it, her pale finger hovering just above his nose. She touched it gently, working against his strength, her full lips caught in a triumphant smile. It was working.

“Stop it,” he demanded, squeezing her hand, causing her to cry out. She did not, however, draw it back. “Stop this right now.”

“You have been loyal to me all this time, Antonius,” Libitina insisted, her voice a purr, a whisper in his ear that sent tremors down his spine. She was moving closer to him, her soft hand moving against his roughness of his chin. “Would you forsake me for such a poor prize? For that little girl?”

“You think it is wrong for me to do this? It is not. I am simply clearing away the clouds from your mind. I am giving you the sight to see what is true and real,” Libitina continued, only for him to catch her hand as she moved to touch his nose again. “Why do you resist? Do you wish to blinded so badly?”

Antonius was still trying to fight off her influence and ignore the false warmth that built within him at her touch. It was a game, a slight of hand. He knew this, but his mind and his body refused him, pushed at him. It moved within him with such a force he feared he would never be free of it.

“She does not control me,” he insisted, his voice strained. He was losing.

Libitina moved closer still, “Do not be a fool, Antonius. She controls you worse than I do. You are sniffing after her innocence like little more than a dog. Do you think she does not know this? Men are such simple-minded creatures.”

She was behind him now, her movement too fast for his muddled mind and eyes to register. He felt her pressing against him, her lips at his ear. Her voice was like a powerful drug, moving his limbs, manipulating his thoughts. He was lost to himself, to her whims. Her hand moved up his back, fingers traveling up his spine like creeping death.

“We have too much history, you and I. It has always worked, always. You have been ever-faithful to me and I know that cannot be replaced so easily. I seek not to do so, I simply wish to add to the equation.” Her lips were brushing against his skin now, sealing his fate. “Nos es eternus, meus vernula…”

His body moved as if propelled by an invisible force, his mind fogged and unable to concentrate. Her voice was still in his ear, though her lips were against his own. There was no warmth in her body, but her skin was as soft as any. It was a primal urging, brought about by her manipulations. The blood within him stirred at her every touch and every brush of his hand against her exposed skin. His hand caught in the tangle of her hair and he was gone.

I had better ideas than the execution of this. Blegh. Mostly because the lighting messed me up. And then the fiance is here and I just can’t write as well. Not to mention I lost my idea for the scene after I took the damn pictures. Ah well. Crap happens. It isn’t the first crappy thing on here and it won’t be the last!


7 Responses to “019. Prologue – ‘Past’”

  1. goodbye_sun says:

    So its pretty definite that Libitina will stop at nothing to maintain her control over everything she touches, quite literally in fact. I thought you did quite a superb job of showing her ability to turn Antonius into her puppet, the slow, quite vicious teasing at first progressing to full control over his mind and body.

    Thanks, I’m glad you think so, LOL! I just get frustrated when I can’t focus or when I have this awesome idea and it just slips away. Argh. Drives me nuts. Libitina isn’t about to let her key piece get taken away. She’ll kill him before she lets someone else use him, he’s much too trained and strong.

  2. Gayl says:

    Good grief there is something about the animal inside Antonius that makes me just love his character. I truly enjoy seeing him in the past. And my goodness Libitina is a master manipulator. Doubt that he could have staved his reaction off no matter how hard he tried to fight it. Interesting to see Libitina not as in control at first though. That must have taken her a bit off guard.

    I am glad you’re enjoying them, Gayl! Antonius is definitely a bit different in the past. I’m sad to say the fire kind of went out of him after Abigail died. :( Libitina is quite tricky. It will not be easy to escape her clutches unscathed.

  3. sandybvv says:

    LOL oh Mao, you have no idea of how much I envy your writing…. it is funny you are always saying something is wrong with this or that… your pictures and your writing are just amazing…. but I think I do understand what you mean, we are our own worst critics…

    I’m really enjoying going back into the past with all your character, the complexity of their stories is so well crafted…

    Some time I like Antonius, sometimes I hate him… lol… I think he thinks too high of himself… I don’t know… but he is just a puppet in Libitina’s hands :D Poor Antonius! :D

    It was another great read, worth every minute of my time like everything else you do! :P

    Haha, Sandy! Thanks, I appreciate it. You are right, we are our own worst critics! Sometimes I think I do a better job putting my stuff down than anyone else could. I’m glad you enjoyed it, though. As for Antonius, well, he’s a difficult character sometimes. He really doesn’t think highly of himself until it comes to another male… and that’s because he’s actually a hell of a lot stronger and wiser (he’s been around a loooong time). ;)

  4. Chari says:

    I disagree. I don’t think this is crappy at all. If this is you at crappy, then you at good must be mind blowing!

    I am slowly starting to understand Antonius a little now. Libitina has such a strong hold on him – she says she doesn’t want what is hers to be taken or controlled by another, that she’s protecting her interests, but is she really? She seems like a woman who enjoys having the power to make others do as she wants and that is highlighted so much in that last bit where she uses it to seduce Antonius. I also wonder if a part of her might not be a wee bit put out that someone like herself, powerful as she is, is being bested by a wee little mortal woman.

    Thanks, Chari! And you’ve hit the nail pretty much on the head there in regards to Libitina and her motives. She doesn’t take well to being slighted one a bit. I’m glad this Prologue stuff is helping you get to know Antony better. We already know Eckhard, but Antony didn’t really get much of a chance. He was quite different. ;)

  5. JMW says:

    Well despite how you feel, this is lovely. You may have lost whatever initial ideas you had when you took the shots, but it doesn’t show. You are very talented with your words, and you’ve set up the scene exactly the way the pictures look. And it gave me goosebumps!! (just thought you should know. I think it’s cause I love Anthony. *giggle*)

    Aww, thanks, JMW! I’m glad it worked, despite all the issues. :D

  6. Dektora says:

    Oh, so I’m guessing from your comment you first take the pics then write the text. I wonder about that when I read sims stories. I’m *trying* to write a story myself and wonder where to start. Computer problems took the choice away, even though it feels more natural to me to start by the words and then take the pics. Funny how the final pics forms in my brain while I write the text though :)

    Anyway, enough about me, myself and I. Anthony is one of those characters I didn’t care much about in KiD, but seeing before the death of Abigail makes me understand him more and I’m starting to really enjoy him. Before, he was not much more than “Valerie’s wolfie dad” to me, but little bits of fiction are giving him the thickness I lacked to see in KiD. Can’t wait to see how all of this will devellop to lead to the events we already know :D

    I’ve mentioned several places that I do pictures before anything else. :) It’s mostly because of how my mind works, it’s a bit ass backwards, honestly. I have an idea, I can hear the dialogue in my head, and the characters giving their input… so while I’m taking pictures, I’m framing/angling them with certain or specific lines of dialogue or feeling in mind. Then, the words just come easily, as I’m setting up the pictures. I’ve tried it the other way and it just never worked for me. I’m glad these prologue pieces are giving you a better idea of Antony. He was a really good character, but a background one, so he didn’t get much time to really develop or show his true colors.

  7. ruby says:

    Oh bugger you silly woman, this was not utter crap. it was intriguing. I find Libitina so enticing and the more you write about her the more i want to know about her.

    “I have an idea, I can hear the dialogue in my head, and the characters giving their input… so while I’m taking pictures, I’m framing/angling them with certain or specific lines of dialogue or feeling in mind. Then, the words just come easily, as I’m setting up the pictures.”

    And here I thought I was the only backwards person around. I think this way too … skeery eh? *winks*

    I am always rather apprehensive when forced to write this kind of stuff. It’s never been my strong suit! But I’m glad you liked it. Hooray! Someone else who works backwards. :D

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