041. Sanctuary

Title: Sanctuary
Genre: Paranormal/Horror
Characters: Octavian Bathurst, Elena Bathurst, Adela Hanson (Maid)
Story Origin: Untitled, Codenamed ‘Octavian’
Prompt: 041. Sanctuary
Word Count: 1,175
Rating: R
Summary: Elena visits Octavian at Church.
Warnings:Blood, Violence, Sexual References, Underage Vampire Gone Wild

Octavian blinked languidly, his lids heavy and his head pounding. The pungent smell of death greeted his nose, causing his weary eyes to open. Elena stood before him, no longer hefting the giant cross she had used against the back of his skull.

“You’re awake,” she said, her voice distorted and tinged with an unknown lilt. “It is about time. I’ve been waiting forever.”

He found himself unable to reply, his mouth uncharacteristically dry. Nervously, his tongue flicked across his teeth, only to catch on his fangs. The taste of copper filled his mouth, his own tired blood waking his body’s demonic thirst. The world blurred around him and he could scarcely see Elena turning.

“Hiding in a Church, how did I not know?” Elena said, amused. She was looking at the fallen body that lay balled up against the velvet couch. The woman was still alive, but barely. “You were always one for unnecessary irony.”

“I’ve been looking for you, Elena. What are you doing here?”

She scoffed and then smiled, “isn’t it obvious, dear brother? All this while, you thought you were following me… but it was I who was following you. My question is… how can you deny it? How can you look upon their bodies and not see the blood dancing beneath the surface–taunting you, beguiling you for just the tiniest of bites. How can you deny the thirst and the hunger you feel inside? It is our world now, Octavian, and yet you throw it all away to be a weakened beggar living in a wine cellar!”

Octavian shook his head, “no, Elena. This is not our world–this is the twisted design of another. Someone who was capable of defiling a child! How can you wish for more of this Hell?”

“Easily,” she laughed, moving towards the figure on the couch. Her small, porcelain finger drew a gentle line down the woman’s cheek and to her jaw. “For it is such a glorious and decadent one!”

Octavian interjected, trying to draw her attention away from the woman, “what have you done with the others, Elena? Where are they?”

She smiled, not bothering to turn around. The smell of blood was strong and her own hunger was nowhere near satisfied. She would get pleasure from watching Octavian squirm while she feasted violently on this would-be-corpse.

“I believe you meant to say, ‘where were they’…”

Octavian moved to stop her, only to find himself on the floor. Elena pushed him back and to the floor as easily as any large adult would. She wasn’t using the extent of her strength, this much Octavian knew. When he hit the floor, it barely jarred him. Elena had already sent him against furniture so hard it had broken beneath his weight. Staring up at her, he felt helpless. By depriving himself of the blood that his body and mind so desired, he made himself incredibly weak.

“See what this does to you, dear brother? So easily my child body repels you!” She laughed, making a flourishing motion with her hands. “You can’t stop me, Octavian. Why do you search? If you will not embrace our delicious fate than perhaps I should simply make you suffer!”

“Why not just kill me and be done with it?” Octavian groused, trying to catch her offguard.

Elena shook her head, her curls bouncing, “what good would that do, brother? I want you around. We are bound together–forever!”

“This is wrong, Elena. You’ve got to stop–we have to stop–”

Elena moved toward him, her small hand resting beneath his chin. Forcing his gaze to meet hers, she smiled cruelly, her breath on his lips, “if I die then so shall you, dear brother. Are you prepared to look death in the eye and welcome him with open arms?”

She released him, allowing Octavian’s chin to drop. With his head inclined, Octavian realized he didn’t have an answer. His hesitation was enough for Elena. She laughed triumphantly–emptily–and moved back towards the maid.

“Together we live, together we die,” she said in a sing-song voice, mocking him with her cheery facade. “Together we tear this world apart–”

“Elena, Stop!”

She whirled around, her skirts still moving as she faced him. Her eyes flashed angrily, small lips parted enough to reveal the fangs beneath, “why, Octavian? Why should I stop? What is your reasoning for such stupidity?”

“This is no way to live,” Octavian pleaded, watching her eyes carefully for any sign of the sister he remembered. “Please, Elena. What is the point of all this needless savagery?”

“For my own satisfaction,” Elena replied, eyes narrowed. “You are weak! You have no capability to understand the power that this blood begets! Humans are feckless and foolish things, they have no concept of true immortality. We are gods among men here and not all gods need be benevolent.”

Octavian tried to focus on Elena, but the more time he spent in this closed room, surrounded by the stench of blood and death, the more he desired it. His lips twitched with familiar desire, his eyes blurring and distorting his sight. Everything he saw was bathed in red. He could hear the distant call of his own hunger, demanding him to feed.

“You cannot deny it forever, dear brother. It is always there, laying in wait until your weakest moment. It will spring up and you will tear apart all those you’ve come to care about. I only hope that I am there to watch when it happens…”

She turned away from Octavian and focused her attention once again on the maid. Her small hands moved to the woman’s face, pushing it aside to reveal her neck. Elena could hear her heartbeat steadily in the backs of her ears, the pumping organ becoming a distant echo as she gave in to the thirst.

Octavian cringed, unable to look or move as he heard the violent sound of Elena’s fangs piercing flesh. Her strong embrace cracked the spine of the woman, causing her body to lay at an awkward angle. Her head lolled to the side as Elena drained her completely, chewing further in. Before she had the chance to move through the neck entirely, the blood was gone.

Elena gave Octavian a passing look as she turned to leave through the door, “chase me all you like, Octavian. I will always win. You are mine.”

She exited, allowing the door to close behind her. Octavian kept his eyes closed, not wanting to see the scene splayed out before him. It was truly a grotesque sight, with the woman’s nearly decapitated head slung over the arm of the couch, her arm positioned in such a way that it looked as if she was reaching out for the cross on the far wall. Blood that had somehow found its way to ceiling began to drip down, slowly. A tiny droplet fell on Octavian’s hand, moving through the crease between his fingers. It fell on his lip and he cringed.

I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever write anything that isn’t violent, depressing, or filled with gore. Probably not–that’s usually all I write, ha. Anyway, I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing for Octavian. Not quite there. I need to be in a very specific mindset for goretastic prose and whatnot. Ah well.

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5 Responses to “041. Sanctuary”

  1. goodbye_sun says:

    Elena is such a vicious little thing, but beautifully assured and confident in her position of dominance over humanity and her brother. Octavian might be lucky he has held out as long as he has against her.

    I really enjoy Elena, probably because the idea of a child being so malicious and devoid of innocence is delightfully twisted. Which isn’t entirely true, as her mind has matured, but her body has not.

  2. Elecy says:

    I am really beginning to enjoy these stories. You write so well. D: I am both inspired to do these myself…but also know I can’t compare to you. D: oh well. I shall continue to look forward to updates.

    Aww, thanks! I always think my writing is crap, especially compared to others out there. Glad you enjoy it, though. :D If you don’t mind serious sims 2 story stuff, you should check out my actual serials, Knock it Down and its sequel, Wings of Steel if you haven’t already.

  3. Veron says:

    Mao! I am so thrilled that I stumbled across this! I wish I had found it sooner! You are so talented, and again I am so impressed! Your character development is always so well thought out. You are really talented.

    On a seperate note, Elena is clearly a force to be reckoned with. I love your child characters. It is so unsettling (in a good way) to see so much power and malice held inside such a small being. It completely belies the innocent nature expected of children and makes it all the more… terrifying. I love it.

    Haha, aww! You’re making me blush. Thanks, but it really isn’t much. Octavian and Elena are from a story I’ve been kicking around for awhile. It’s origin isn’t in Sims 2, it’s actually something I semi-write when I get bored. I did also have Octavian and Elena in a vampire contest over at GoS. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the stuff here–hopefully I’ll have more inspiration to work on some more.

  4. Anghard says:

    This made me shudder. I certainly would not like to meet Elena in a dark alley. She’s completely without humanity anymore. I admire Octavian’s resistence but already he weakens from it. Just a matter of time …

    Elena is a very disturbing young lady, that’s for sure. As for Octavian, well… only time will tell.

  5. ruby says:

    so much knowledge, so much evil, so much anger, so much power in such a little girl…
    Octavian is such a wuss in comparison, of course it comes from his hunger… give in Octavian you know you want to!

    Octavian is a big old wimp in Elena’s eyes. ;)

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