030. Angel

Title: Angel
Genre: Paranormal/Horror
Characters: Octavian Bathurst, Belle, Lady Lilian, Angel
Story Origin: Untitled, Codenamed ‘Octavian’
Prompt: 30. Angel
Word Count: 946
Rating: R
Summary: Octavian and Belle meet ‘Angel’.
Warnings: Violence, Language, Sexual References, Ghosts

Belle moved towards the floor lamp, her blue eyes darting around the darkened room. While it wasn’t customary to turn on the lights during a break-in, Belle couldn’t see a thing. With a gesture of her hands, the light bulb snapped to life and a soft glow illuminated the room. She heard Octavian sigh and simply shrugged.

“I’m not like you,” she said, her thick drawl marring her words. “I can’t see a damned thing!”

“Now where are we gonna look?”

“From behind fucking bars if you touch another damned light,” Octavian groused, his entire body tensing. “Did you hear that? There’s someone upstairs.”

Belle made a face, “now that just ain’t possible, ‘tavi! Who would be in a creepy ole house like this? The owners are waitin’ til the priest comes and exorcises this creaky box…”

“And we need to find the amulet before they do.”

“Well, if you’re so smart, why don’t you conjure up one of your ghosty pals and find it, then?” Belle taunted, growing bored with the scenery.

“If you had done as I asked, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” Octavian replied, still trying to focus on the noises he was hearing. Were they footsteps?

“Hey, it ain’t my fault I couldn’t find the house!”

“You barely even looked,” he shot back, taking a step forward. The footsteps were moving towards the large staircase that occupied a considerable part of the room.

“Well, y’know, ‘Tavi… you could always give me some incentive to–”

“Stop fucking calling me that,” Octavian snapped, cringing at the sound of Belle’s favorite little ‘pet name’. “And be silent. Something’s coming.”

Belle rolled her eyes, but remained silent. Octavian had a notoriously short temper and while he couldn’t hurt many, he could definitely hurt Belle. The body she inhabited was gifted to her by him and he could just as easily remove her from it and force her into life as a bodyless entity once again. She tried to listen, too, but heard nothing.

Feeling an eerie chill up her spine, Belle looked ahead and saw a little girl in her bed clothes standing at the foot of the stairs. Belle knew immediately that this must be ‘Angel’, the most active apparition at the house. She was referred to as ‘angel’ simply because her appearance–beguiling azure eyes; pale, flawless skin. She certainly looked the part, this much Belle could agree on. Unfortunately, she couldn’t push away the odd vibe that seemed to emanate from the small little girl.

Her large, innocent eyes fixated on the two figures before her, freckled dimpling as she smiled, “she said you’d come… for the amulet. You want it, don’t you? You want to take it away…”

Octavian remained quiet and the gesture he made with his hand signaled Belle to do the same. They waited for her to continue speaking.

She frowned, as if suddenly saddened, “it’s cursed–I touched it and mommy cried…”

Her eyes met with Octavian’s and suddenly, he felt the connection. It shot through him, sending pain rippling throughout his body, crippling him. He tried to break it, but the little girl was too strong. A voice called out in his head, distorted and filled with malice.

‘Will anyone cry if you touch it, Octavian?’

It sneered and Octavian felt the room spinning around him. He hadn’t fed in days, unable to find a suitable source. His fatigue moved towards hunger and he found himself envisioning the small body as a mass of broken bones and bloodied limbs. He groaned, willing it away, his hunger growing.

‘We are one in the same.’

Unbeknowst to Octavian, the little girl was talking with Belle the entire time he was in a trance. Her charming face and her angelic voice wittled away Belle’s initial apprehension.

“You can touch the amulet,” the girl assured, smiling. “It won’t hurt you–you’re just a soul…”

Belle laughed, “clever one, ain’t ya? Well, let’s see this amulet then. Will ya show me were it is, sweetie?”

The girl nodded, her giggle echoing off the walls of the large room, “it’s upstairs… I hid it real good.”

‘Octavian…’ a woman’s voice called to him, pulling him out of the trance. ‘Wake up, Octavian.’

He grimaced, covering his ears in an attempt to stop the noise. A cacophony of voices echoed through his skull, causing him immense pain. He could smell the blood building in his nose, threatening to escape. Taking a deep breath, he did his best to tune out the voices and focused only on the one closest to him.

‘Angel is the amulet’s twisted guardian, her soul is bound to it. The amulet feeds on souls… your companion is in trouble.’

“You couldn’t have told me that before?” Octavian hissed, slowly regaining his composure. “Damn it, how am I supposed to help you if you lie to me?”

‘I didn’t think you’d come if you knew!’ Lilian yelled after him as he quickly ascended the staircase.

Octavian ignored her, focusing on getting up the stairs without falling flat on his face. Under normal circumstances, he’d be a lot quicker, but with his hunger growling with need, he could barely lift his feet. He moved through the narrow hall, heading towards the only open door. There was no sound from Belle, definitely not a promising sign.

‘Goddamn it, Belle,’ Octavian muttered below his breath, approaching the doorway.

The next thing Octavian knew, he was on the ground and the girl was on him, her mouth lined with fresh blood. She laughed–a horrific cackle that echoed off the walls–her voice hardly matching the soft one he’d heard earlier.

“You’re too late!”

Buh, this took forever because of my crappy internet. I hope it gets better soon, because I need to work on Wings of Steel. If you’re unfamiliar with Belle, please click here. This one was heavily disjointed and I realized all too late that it was a bad idea to use for the Sims 2. Oh well, it’s done, so there you have it. I didn’t want to do the atypical angel thing and this was the only pre-existing story that involved an anti-angel. I didn’t feel like making one up. Angel the sim is actually my original character Celeste’s simmified self as a child (with blue eyes). Very cute. I used her because irony would have it that a nickname used against her wishes is ‘Angel’. Harhar.

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5 Responses to “030. Angel”

  1. goodbye_sun says:

    Actually I do think this works as a sim story, and where you see disjointed I see natural breaks that show how events are happening at a different pace for the different characters. Angel is definitely a sly one, and just as vicious (if not more) than Elena.

    Hehe, don’t let Elena hear you say that. ;) I’m glad it worked for you. I’ve read over it again. I keep reminding myself these are just exercises.

  2. Veron says:

    So awesome. I’m on my way to get Belle’s backstory.

    And another spooky child character to freak me out!

    It’s not at all disjointed, you make the changes in the point of veiw very clear. If anythign is disjointed, its this post.

    Belle is an interesting sort–I’m glad you’re going for the backstory! I hadn’t really intended to put another child character out there, but that’s how it went. There’s only two, so don’t worry. I wouldn’t want to be terribly redundant. ;) Thanks… I have such a random thought pattern, I always fear my stuff is disjointed and crazy.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Wow Mao, that was amazing. I’m going to be up for a bit longer now reading the rest. :)

    Aw, thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Anghard says:

    Chilling. Very very chilling. You have such a knack for writing very disturbed young girls who could scare the pants of anyone.

    Thanks! I still haven’t decided what that says about me as a person yet…

  5. ruby says:

    okay how did i know that kid was going to be trouble? whew didnt realize she was that much trouble… so i reckon this means Belle is no longer a thorn in his side…

    The cute ones are always trouble!

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